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BARKER, Amanda - attempted abortion death - see Rhodes, JH

BOGAR, Sally - sells liquor -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 23 Feb 1895 p 1
Aunt Sally Bogar was fined in the Mayor’s court on Wednesda for seeling liquor to minors on a charge preferred by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Nettie Bogar. - see also Sarah Bogart below

BOYLAND, Jeptha - hurt --
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 7 Jan 1888 p1 On Monday, Chas. E. Hays assaulted and damaged Jeptha G. Boyland in Francis’ saloon, while the said Boyland was therein collecting a bill. Charley was arrested, fined an spent the night in jail. Boyland was not hurt, but the Justice thought the peace and dignity of the state had been damaged one dollar’s worth. The fine has been paid and Hays is again free.

BROWN, John D.
Source: Crawfordsville Star, Nov 2, 1875 p 1 John D. Brown, whose wife was shot at his home March 9th last, in this county was arrested by Officer Compton last Friday morning and taken before Esq. Ramsay for preliminary examination on a charge of murder. The examination commended in the afternoon and was not concluded till yesterday morning, resulting in the commitment of the accused. We learn however, that a new hearing is to be granted him, and that the case will come up today before his Honor Judge Thomas.  

BROWNE, Tommy - bad boy from the orphanage

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