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Smith, Myrick - 50
Source: Crawfordsville Journal (Semi-Weekly) January 22, 1887
On Thursday, Myrick S. Smith reached the 50th milestone on his journey of life. His friends planned a neat surprize for him by calling at dinner time in a body, and after a hearty meal, presented him with an elegant silver headed cane and wishing him many more anniversaries of the same interesting event. - Kim H

Sparks, Mahala Copner - 95 - thanks so much to Linda Bakos for this one.   97

Stewart, Frances Lewis  - 70
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 6 December 1895
Francis Lewis was married to John A. Stewart in 1843, and moved to this township, where they fought the battle of life together, raising eight children, seven of whom are still living, four boys and three girls. The father died in May, 1884, leaving the care of the family to the mother. At present the children are all grown and living near here, with the exception of two daughters. Thursday the old lady arrived at her 70th birthday, and for some time her children and friends had been busy planning to give her a surprise or rather have a reunion of old friends.
Her son, James, now lives on the home place and all thought that the most appropriate place to hold the meeting. Accordingly many invitations were issued. All this time mother Stewart was at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Martin, in Darlington, and as she has been in poor health and could not be taken to the country on account of the disagreeable weather, the base of festivities were changed to the home of Ed Mount, where the day was most pleasantly spent. Many from the country failed to attend, but enough came to remind her that old age was creeping on.
Two of the husband’s sisters were present, Mrs. Eliza Carter, of Cyclone, and Mrs. Henry Stewart, of Frankfort, with many friends and neighbors. A good dinner was served and all enjoyed the day. The children presented her with a large willow rocker, and all wish Grandma Stewart may live to enjoy the same for many years.

Stingley, Abraham - 90
Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Friday, 14 February 1896
The well known Stingley family of this and Tippecanoe Counties take considerable pride in Uncle Abraham Stingley who has just celebrated his ninetieth birthday. A grand birthday surprise dinner was given to the old gentleman on the occasion of his anniversary and the affair was a grand success. A feature of the entertainment was the dancing of a “hornpipe” by the old gentleman, who also performed other feats upon the occasion which most men of his years would be totally unable to attempt even.  Mr. Stingley was born in Hardy County, West Virginia, Feb. 5, 1806, and when twenty three years of age started for Ohio on horseback with just twelve dollars in his pocket. He stayed one year in Ohio with his brother, Boston Stingley, and then came to Indiana, which was at that time an unbroken wilderness in this region.  In 1832 he heard at the old Wyandotte Mill on Wild Cat Creek an Indian preach a sermon, the discourse being translated by an apostate French priest. Before finally settling down here, Mr. Stingley journeyed through Illinois and Missouri witnessing a marriage at Sidon’s Grove, Ill., which people came for fifty miles around to attend so rare were nuptial events in those days. In 1833 Mr. Stingley was married to Sarah Anna Hall, she dying in 1854. He was never married again but has lived on their old farm in Lauramie Township ever since. The deed to this farm, by the way, has the signature of Andrew Jackson affixed, Mr. Stingley obtaining it from the government. Eight children were born to him and his wife and but one now survives. He has, however, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren living. At his anniversary dinner Mr. Stingley said in the course of his remarks: “I am proud to tell you that I am ninety years old today and that I have never yet taken a dose of medicine nor consulted a doctor.”

Stout, Wilson - 83; Julia 80
 Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Monday 6 Oct 1890
May, 1830, Wilson Stout and Julia Esther Turner were married in Oxford, Ohio, and moved to Indiana in 1834, settled in Fayette County and then moved in 1848 to the farm where they lived until their home was consumed by fire March 1, 1890. Mrs. Stout reached her 80th birthday October 4, and to honor her, the sons and daughters met at Peter Cowan’s, whose wife is the daughter of this aged couple. They have nine children all living: Thomas Stout, Joel Stout and his wife, Mariah Switzer  and her husband and son: Margaret Swank and her husband, Susan Remley, husband and daughter, Elizabeth Cowan, husband and children, Mary A. Snyder and husband and children were present of the children. John and Benjamin Stout were absent. Dr. Hutchings, a nephew and his wife, Emeline Zuck, a niece, Daniel Remley and his wife who is a granddaughter and their children, sixteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren were present. In all there were more than 60 persons present. An excellent dinner was spread upon the table. This was prepared by the children at their homes and brought together for the occasion. The aged couple, Wilson Stout, 83 years past, Julia Esther Stout, aged 80, and their children sat down at the first table. Their pastor, Rev. E. R. Johnson with his wife also. After a blessing was asked upon the family and thanks returned to our Heavenly Father for his goodness, the refreshments were partaken of.

Swank, Smith - 61 - see VARIOUS BIRTHDAY PARTIES
Source: New Richmond Record 14 Feb 1901 p 5
Smith Swank of Crawfordsville was in Chalmers last Thursday where he and his twin brother Asbury celebrated their birthday. Both gentleman have hosts of friends about New Richmond.

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