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Saidla - John

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 9 November 1900

In the year 1833 John Saidla, with his family, settled in Sugar Creek Township, near Bowers’ Station. Among the boys of his family was one Adam, then a boy of some ten years of age. Father, mother, brothers and sisters have died and gone, but Adam is today a resident of said township, known and respected by the majority of the older people of this and Tippecanoe County. He married Rebecca Bowers at an early age and raised a family of children, several of whom live near the old people. Adam, like most of these good Dutch people, has regular birthdays, and thought very little of it. But this time the children planned and carried out a complete surprise, not only on father, but mother on last Friday, Nov. 2nd, Adam’s 78th birthday. Children and grandchildren to the number of twenty were in the house before either of the old people knew of their coming, and the day’s festivities were only marred by the sickness of the grandmother whom they found in bed. Yet while she was unable to enjoy the dinner she greatly enjoyed the social and friendly greeting she received from all. The day was spent as such days always are, enjoyed by all both old and young. While this old couple has passed the allotted time, three score and ten, we all hope to see them enjoy many more such days as this, grandpa’s last birthday.

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