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SAIDLA, Martha (Mrs. Joshua)

SEITS, Harry & dad - attacked by vicious boar -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 6 Nov 1896 p 3
A vicious boar raised a great deal of excitement near Wingate Monday and came near causing the death of two. The animal was loose in a field and Grandfather Suits, aged 78 years started to cross it, when the wild hog came rushing at him.  The old gentleman was unable to get out of the way and was knocked down and fearfully bitten.  He was unsensible when rescused and now lies in a precarious condition.  His son, Harry Suits, was also bitten by the hog in attempting to get into a pen.  He was also badly hurt.  Note: Fairly sure this name is Seits

SERING, George - falls in well -- Source: Indianapolis Star 16 June 1932, Thursday p 4
Crawfordsville – While watching his son working at the bottom of a 15’ well, George Sering, 65, became dizzy and plunged into the shaft. He landed on his son, which probably saved his life, although his condition still is serious.   Article #2 -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 March 1902 p 1
Wednesday afternoon Col. Nig Sering went out in the east end to clean out a dry well and after dropping a lighted paper in the same and seeing that no explosion followed, dropped a piece of dynamite in to open up the well. The dynamite was ignited by the paper which was still burning and when the Colonel leaned over and looked into the well the rush of fire burned the left side of his face in a serious manner.  

SMITH, Annie -- burned -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 25 Feb 1893 p 1
Miss Fannie Smith, aged 19 years who resides with her widowed mother at  602 Binford met with a very painful and serious accident Wednesday morning. Miss Smith suffers with a peculiar nervous complaint and frequently falls in swoon. Wednesday morning while standing before the fire, she suddenly fainted and fell against the hot gas stove. Her screams quickly brought her mother who found her head resting against the red hot stone. She was quickly rescued and Dr. Chamber’s summoned. The left side of the girl’s face was burned in a frightful manner and the hair burned from one side of her head. It was a sickening sight and should the girl recover she will be badly scarred for life.

- Source: Crawfordsville Star Oct 15, 1885 p2
Ed Straight, Jr. fell from a swing at the VanCleave Springs on Sunday, dislocating both elbows, one leg and hip. His injuries are serious.

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