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Stevens - (Mrs Al) - cooking accidnet

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday 28 August 1894

What may prove to be a fatal accident occurred last night about four miles south of town on the Danville Road. Mrs. Al Stevens was working over the cook stove when she suddenly took a fit and fell to the floor. At the time she held a tea pot and a tea kettle full of boiling water in her hands, and the contents of these vessels were poured out upon her person. Her face, shoulders, breast, side and back were frightfully scalded. In some places the skin came off entirely and in others huge and unsightly blisters raised. Dr. Ensminger was hastily summoned and gave medical attendance. This morning he reported that there were some chances for her recovery in spite of her accident.

The family has been peculiarly unfortunate in the last few months. In February Mr. Stevens, who is a lumberman, was hurt by the limb of a falling tree and was laid up for several weeks. In June he was almost killed by a log rolling over him while he was loading a wagon and he is not yet recovered from these injuries. Last month the skull of their little daughter was terribly crushed by a mud sled and now comes the accident to Mrs. Stevens. They have four children, the youngest, a fine boy, being born last night after the terrible scalding of the mother. -s

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