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Gray-Haired Pioneers

"Gray-Haired Pioneers"

This is an article taken from the Crawfordsville Weekly Review, July 9, 1881 Called "Gray-Haired Pioneers .. Of Coalcreek (sic)

Others not so Old, but Frosted by the Winter of Half a Century

Although I have put them alphabetically, ALL information is identical (mistakes and all) to what the article said!! Note: If you read them in their entirety, you will note they are VERY political oriented and NOTE there was an editor's note at the end stating that the correspondent forgot to get some of the biographies (thus, the ones with name/age only)


I.H. Alexander, 54 years. A farmer living near New Richmond, brother of GW Alexander, ex Recorder of this County. An enthusiastic Democrat, outspoken and generous in the extreme

James Ames, 55 years. A blacksmith by trade, but a farmer by occupation. Formerly a Democrat but of late has voted partially independent.

John Dewsy, 58 years.

John Gahean, 60 years. Came to this County from Ireland with his wife in 44 to make his fortune, but his wife soon tired of America and returned with the little ones to the Emerald Isle, he remaining here to gather the coveted fortune and regularly remitting his earnings to wife and little ones across the "dape, dape seas." John is a deft hand with the spade and clippers, and has done more to reclaim the waste lands of Coalcreek than any other man in it. He had no equal in the art of sheep shearing, but last winter fell down the stairs at Dr. D.M. Washburn's of New Richmond, breaking his collar bone and dislocating his solder, since which time he has not been able to do anything.

A.H. Gilky, (sic) 57 years. Native Hoosier, formerly a Whig, but when whigdom ceased to exist, Aaron adopted the democratic persuasion, and was elected Trustee of Coalcreek when it took but one vote to decide between Democrat and republican, which position he retained for 23 successive years, and left with a Democratic majority of 80. Gilkey (sic) is a tanner by trade, but several years since left off the business of tanning cow's hides and devoted his energies to the tanning of Republicans which he did most successfuly. Of late he has turned farmer, and in that as in everything else is a most successful one.

Simeon Grenard, 57 years. Born in Ky, but came to this state when quite small, made his start in this world's goods with a dog and sled, and in the winter would harness his dog to the sled and with a grist of corn would go 5 or 6 miles to mill. A good trader, he soon became rich, but surety and misplaced confidence nearly ruined him financially. Yet of late years he has recuperated and is worth 10 or 15,000.

N. Jones, 57 years.

Azariah Julian, 60 years. The well known wool carder, who for a number of years carded the wool for the farmers far and near in a little mill near the road between Yountsville and Alamo. He has turned his attention to farming, and is reclaiming an old swamp near Hicant(?) Hill, known as the Squire Baile farm. THis year he has put in rods of ? and has growing corn where formerly stood two or three feet of water the year round. Thus doing more in a short time to rid the vicinity of malaria fever than all the nostrum doctors of a decade. Certainly such a man should be a Democrat, but he is a radical of the radicals.

William Keister, 56 years.

J. Mathis, 55 years.

G. Mathew, 60 years.

Michael Miller, 57 years. A German. A shoemaker by trade, farmer by occupation and a Democrat.

J.K. Myers, 58 years. Came from Ky. to this state in 1851; is an old bachelor with marriageable provicities but a faint heart. John is a most remarkable man in many respects. Tall and angular, and just such a man as we imagine Pres. Jackson to have been. He is the Jacksonian of the township and "by the Eternal, he has the grit."

David Patton, 56 years.

J.B. Pierce, 54 years.

Nicholas Pittinger, 60 years. A Republican and Bos-Ting's model farmer. He came to this County in 1830.

Andrew Swank, 57 years. Born in Butler Co, Ohio, came here with his parents in 1833 and is a Democrat of the pure blood.

Thomas Taylor, 60 years. Came here in 1823; a liberal Republican and a well-to-do-farmer.

Vesse Tracy, 50 years. A Kentuckian and a Democrat. Vesse is a first class farmer. At one time a most inveterate drunkard, but for a number of years has been a teetotaler, thus proving that where there is a will there is a way.

James Wainscott, 55 years. Came to this County in 1830.

Clinton Wilkinson, 51 years. Settled in Madison Twp in the winter of 1851-2, but soon came over the line; was almost penniless, but by hard, honest labor and economically saving his earnings, is today worth in realty, $15,000 besides some three or four thousand personal.

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