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Source: The Legend of Dug Hill, by Richard M. Wills - thanks so much for sharing this great tale :)

The following story was told to me (Richard Wills) many years ago. It is considered true. We must also consider the time period - early 1800s, few roads and bridges. The story teller and his friend, who was relating this story to him had many years behind them. The main character of this saga lived in a cabin where County Road 275 East and St. Road 47 North meet. He liked the Indians, so when they were relocated out west, he went with them. As the story goes, he soon returned to this area. Neighbors began noticing that he would be digging here and digging there on the ridge and hillside on which Road 360 E is now located. Upon inquiring what he was doing and looking for, he explained that when the Indians realized they were actually being forced to leave their homeland, they gathered their valuables and trinkets and other personal treasurers and secreted them on said hill. Soon others tried their luck; they dug here and dug there; eventually, the name Dug Hill was established. The old timers claimed the Indians thought they would be able to return and claim their personal effects which they had buried; this never happened.

As owner of part of the aforementioned hill, my son and I (Richard Wills) secured a metal detector and made our plans, with high hopes we become treasure hunters for a day. Our only payoff was a very large logging hook. Not wanting to lug it around, I leaned it against a tree to retrieve the next time I was in the woods; alas, next time was too late; it had disappeared, so ends our story. Hey, I think I'll go dig a hole or two :)

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