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Showen Cemetery - 1892

SHOWEN - Desecrated badly

Source: Crawfordsville (Montgomery County, Indiana) 23 July 1892 p 3

Three miles north of Waynetown is a beautiful mound in the center of what is known as the Old Showen farm. Upon this mound in the early settling of the country the Showens opened up a family burial gorund. Since then the place has become a public cemetery, but like all country cemeteries, has been neglected, there being only a spasmodic effort at intervals to make the place respectable. A Waynetown citizen having occasion to visit the ground this week was horrified to find scattered about pieces of a coffin and the handles of a casket, the bones from the arm and the thigh and to see a skull grinning from the grass. A pair of slippers nearly 100' away were picked up. Although horrified at the ghastly find, this gentleman is no skeptic nor does he believe in hobgoblins or spooks, but set about at once to find the cause of the desecration and soon discovered that some animal had dug into the grave and carried bones together with parts of the coffin to the surface. The finding of the skull and slippers with bones from both extremities proves the naimal had denuded the whole skeleton of its flesh. In years past other graves have been disturbed, but, how many graves have been robbed is hard to tell, and whose they are can never be known, as there are no head marks by which they can be identiified - Waynetown Hornet - transcribed by kbz

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