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The Cemetery database at Crawfordsville District Public Library is BETTER than ours, so we are sending you THERE (see link below poem. However, there are a few cemetery - related things here you'll not find there :) ALSO -- see News - Cemeteries for other articles - several there, as well!
              by: Thelma Greene Reagan
Today we walked where others walked
              On a lonely, windswept hill;
              Today we talked where others cried
              For Loved Ones whose lives are stilled.
Today our hearts were touched
              By graves of tiny babies;
              Snatched from the arms of loving kin,
              In the heartbreak of the ages.
Today we saw where the grandparents lay
              In the last sleep of their time;
              Lying under the trees and clouds-
              Their beds kissed by the sun and wind.
Today we wondered about an unmarked spot;
              Who lies beneath this hollowed ground?
              Was it a babe, child, young or old?
              No indication could be found.

Today we saw where Mom and Dad lay.
              We had been here once before
              On a day we'd all like to forget,
              But will remember forever more.

Today we recorded for kith and kin
              The graves of ancestors past;
              To be preserved for generations hence,
              A record we hope will last.

Cherish it, my friend; preserve it, my friend,
              For stones sometimes crumble to dust
              And generations of folks yet to come
              Will be grateful for your trust.
.....Thanks so much to Ivan for sending this nifty poem
I have been extremely interested in the Poor Farm cemetery entries since I found so many more than were on the listing on the Crawfordsville District Public Library's website (the original 9 indexed by the DAR in the 1960s).  There were none on findagrave, so I took it upon myself to register these "poor folks," as they, too,  deserve to be known!  CLICK HERE  to see how the original NINE HAVE GROWN :)  You'll be amazed, believe me.
Want to thank Kim H. for all the amazing help of finding some newbies, as well as linking ALL the families.  She, too has been hooked by those less fortunate and want to help make them known !!
You'll find on the page those we are positive about but there are many, many more that are highly suspicious and others who were in say the 1870 census at age 96 - no obituary; nothing in the sketchy poor farm information and not in the next census. They're likely there, too :(    - kbz


Most people are now very familiar with this site but if you have not tried it - DO: :


1966 "Soldier and Sailor Dead" -- this might be very helpful to you :)

Old Town Cemetery dug-up in 1894 (thanks to Kim H for this one)

Oak Hill Articles (thanks Kim H)

Poor Farm Cemetery - pretty nifty :)

Showen Cemetery - 1892 - odd happening

STILWELL - -George, John, William - bodies moved 1883

McCORMICK, - AJ & wife - moved to new Waveland cem  

Yountsville Revamped - way to go Kim & Judy

Below are various notations found in the local newspapers about cemeteries of the area :)  Kind of neat reading if you're a history buff!!

Source:  Weekly Argus News July 15, 1899 p 10
Ira McConnell is home from the Meharry neighborhood where he has been putting in cement driveways in the Meharry Cemetery. This cemetery,  which is practically a private one, is kept in the best condition by the children of parents whose memory they thus honor. As a rule  such burying grounds are sadly neglected - kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 22 December 1888              
Headstones Arrived. The headstones for the unmarked soldiers' graves have arrived and Wm. Reprogle and C. D. Huffman are engaged distributing them to the different cemeteries where they will be placed in proper position. - thanks to Kim H

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 August 1896 p 5

“New Market news item” – The people interested in the Indian Creek Hill Cemetery or formerly known as the Presbyterian Cemetery held their annual meeting Aug 9 to elect new officers.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 10-13-1899

In 1842, on a hill above Indian Creek in Brown Township, Mrs. Stone and her sister, Miss Conner, were buried in the burying ground of the Conner family. Recently, their sister, the widow James, decided to remove the bones of these loved ones to the graveyard at Freedom Church and the disinterment was made Monday. To the surprise of those present the skeletons were found in perfect condition and even the smallest bones were saved. The bodies had been buried in a stiff clay and this had prevented decay. The old fashioned coffings, the flesh, and clothes had crumbled into dust during the 57 years they had rested there and this dust was taken up and buried with the bones. The two ladies died within a short time of each other and are well remembered by Mrs. James who was considerably younger than they were. – kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 26 May 1899 p 1

The late decision of the supreme court in the Darlington grave yard case, brings to mind the origin of this long litigated controversy. Some 5 or 6 years ago a petition was presented before the town trustees to annex certain territory including the IOOF Cemetery (the petition still exists and has the name of some of the IOOF trustees and other prominent members of the order). Soon after this the IOOF trustees bought about 2 acres of vacant ground lying between the town and the cemetery and began platting it as an extension to the cemetery. At this point a petition signed by such prominent Odd Fellows as Dr. James A. Berryman, WB Lynch, John Hiatt et al, besides all the citizens in the vicinity of the cemetery was presented to the town council, asking them to pass an ordinance prohibiting the burial or any human dead body within the corporate limits of the town, other than the original plat of the IOOF cemetery. TM Campbel, WE Wilson and FW Campbell were the board of trustees for the town and passed the ordinance at a regular meeting without a dissenting vote. Things moved along slowly for awhile and finally under the advice of their attorney, Wiley Ballard, they began selling burial lots in the new addition guaranteeing no trouble to the grantee.

Finally an interment was made in the new addition and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Wilas Hiatt, Albert R. Greene and WW Chambers for violating the above mentioned ordinance. They were taken before Esquire Tom Campbell (who was lenient enough to allow the defendants to sit in court without being shackled. Both sides of the case were ably presented by the very best legal talent. It was right here that Sam Martin made the speech of his life, his eloquent appeals for sympathy in behalf of the defendants still rings in the ears of his hearers. But the stony hearted squire gave them each a cool ten and costs of trial and that they stand committed until paid or stayed. An appeal was at once taken to the circuit court but before the hearing of this case again the trustees of the IOOF lodge had began proceedings against the town to enjoin them from interfering with their rights and privileges, alleging that the town board that annexed the cemetery was not a legal board; that they had failed to file their certificates of election in due time and that two members of the board, FW Campbell and WE Wilson had held over two years, where they were only elected for one year (this came about by both political parties failing to nominate officers until it was so near election time that it could not be done legally). The town here dismissed their case, letting the Odd Fellows be the aggressors in the last mentioned case. This case was tried nearly two years ago the court finding for the defendants (town). An appeal was taken to the supreme court by the Odd Fellows with the following decision:
18,603 – Silas Hiatt, et al, trustees, vs town of Darlington, Montgomery CC Affirmed Dowling, J.

1 -A complaint by several plaintiffs jointly must state a cause of action in favor of all or it will be good as to none. 2) Where notice of a proceeding under section 3389, RS 1881 to annex certain territory to a town was duly served on the land owners therein, the only way by which they could escape being conclusively bound by an order of annexation made therein, was by appealing from it. They could not successfully make a collateral attack upon the order because of errors and irregularities in the proceedings. 3 – Where a petition for the annexation of certain territory to a town, which purports to be signed by the proper town officers is presented to the board of commissioners, such board has jurisdiction to determine whether it is so signed as well as all other preliminary questions and having jurisdiction has the same power to decide wrong with equal binding effects as if it had decided right 4- However insufficient the answer, a demurrer thereto may properly be overruled if the complaint to which it is addressed is not good. A bad answer is good enough for a bad complaint.” There is still another case pending which will probably not be decided by the supreme court for some time yet. This is the case in which Judge Kent of the Clinton County Circuit Court was called to try, he decided in favor of the plaintiffs the IOOF. It is reported that several new suits will be filed against the IOOF trustees soon.


Source: Crawfordsville Review, 27 March 1858
We understand that this (Crawfordsville) Cemetery is sadly in need of repairs. Some few years ago a sum of money was raised by subscription among our citizens to defray the expense of enclosing the grouids with a suitable fence. The amount raised being more than sufficient  for the improvements made, the surplus, some fifty dollars was loaned with interest to Andrew P. Linn,at that time, Clerk of the Montgomery County Court. This, loan was made by committee, consisting of Messrs Joseph Earl, Andrew Mitchell and Benjamin Galey, (the latter since deceased,) who were appointed by the citizens and authorized to loan the surplus funds. On the decease of Mr. Linn, the funds passed into the hands of his administrator,.James W. Linn, who we understand is anxious to place the money  into the hands of the committee— trust that these gentlemen Messrs Earl Mitchell will attend to this matter immediately, and if necessary, call a meeting of the citizens to instruct  them in the future use of the funds, which, with its accumulated interest is amply sufficient to keep the Cemetery in excellent repair. - thanks to Kim H

Source: Crawfordsville Review 1 Oct 1892 p 4

GAR marks graves - McPherson Post NO 7 GAR through its committee, Chas. M. Travis, Samuel D. Ensminger and Joseph McDaniel, have procured headstones for the following unmarked soldiers’ graves: John W. Barr; Thomas Baldwin; John W. Blair; Robert Bracket; Robert Bratton; William Bratton; SH Crowder; DS Hartshorn; Elkanah Jackson; GG Johnson; JW Miller; C. Marshall; DW McElwee; JH Oxley; Thomas C. Smith; JW Slaves; JB Straight; TL Straight; MH Suman; WM. S.F.A. Wright. These stones are now at the freight depot at the Big Four Railroad and the relatives and friends of the deceased are requested to take them and set them up at the graves as soon as possible. It will be necessary to call on Chas. M. Travis, chairman of the committee and get an order for the stones before going to the agent. The following headstones were received several years ago and are still on hands: G. Nasler; HM Murray; JH Vanarsdall; JM Barcus; Wm. McElliott; WC Endicott; JC Munfort; AE Newell; James Shevelin; AT Blair; George Galloway. If these stones are not taken and set at the grave soon they will be returned to the government. If they are not wanted for any reason the persons knowing that fact should advise Mr. Travis at once.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 22 October 1892 --

George Britton has discovered an old Indiana cemetery in his gravel pit two miles west of town. He has already taken out a dozen skeletons and from the size of their bones it was evident there were giants in those days. Some of the bodies were buried in the sitting position and the teeth of one were worn almost to the jaw bone proving that their owner died at a great age. - thanks to Kim H - wonder if it's below?

Source: Crawfordsville Daily News-Review Sept 24, 1902 p 1 --

A 30’ granite shaft has been received for a monument that is being erected for the late J. Maurice Thompson at the family lot at Oak Hill. Two wagons and several teams were required to transfer the heavy shaft to the cemetery – kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 15 April 1893 p 5

TURKEY RUN - history -- More than 60 years ago before the red man had hardly disappeared and while the wild deer went leaping through the forest, a company of pioneers with religious intent, mTurkeyet to worship in a school house which stood on the bank of a babbling brook called Turkey Run in the southwestern part of Coal Creek Township on a piece of land Vezey Tracey bought from the government. Probably as early as 1830 Grandmother Tracey was buried at this place which was the commencement of Turkey Run burying ground. Mr. Tracey sold the farm, except this plot of ground to George Westfall. The school house gave way to a log house of worship and the church was known as Turkey Run Christian Church. The church was afterward moved to Pleasant Hill Christian Church. For many years the pioneers from afar and near were buried at Turkey Run, until nearly every family in the county was represented in this consecrated place. For some years, however, the cemetery has been neglected. Recently an effort is being made to erect a substantial iron post fence around it. Last fall trustees were elected and a subscription circulated. The effort is commendable and should be encouraged.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily JOunral 27 Dec 1894 p3

Fred Bandel is unloading a car of granite monuments. Three go to Oak Hill and one to Wingate. One of them is for Grandfather Krug, who was over one hundred and two years old at his death. Mr. Bandel says that he is selling more granite work than in any previous year.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 7 Jan 1899 p 8

I noticed the Mt. Zion grave yard is in a dilapidated condition. The fence is down, the gate is broken and cattle roam over the graves, many of which are overgrown with brambles. The darn men seem to take no pride in keeping this place in repair and us women will have to go to work and fix up the fence and paint or whitewash it. This little city of the dead is sacred to the memory of many Hog Heaveners as well as Black Creekers. Here reposes the “dreamless dust” of Samuel Cope. His is one of the oldest graves in the county (died 1837). Seno Cope and his good wife, Aunt Katie are also buried here. It was on this spot that the old log school house stood and there were only three farms then, I am told, under cultivation in this part of the county. The arms were those of John Remley, Edmund Nutt and Samuel Cope. By all means let us beautify this spot. Sandy says he will give a quarter towards repairing the fence. Polly Pacer …

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 13 April 1900

The finding of a skeleton in clearing the site of the Masonic temple in Crawfordsville was regarded as strange, and now Ladoga comes to the front with a similar experience. A special from that place says: "In making the excavation on the contract for the Masonic temple in this place, the bones of a human being were found in an old well." Great interest was manifested as to who it might be, and many are the conjectures by the older citizens here as to their stories of identity, each tracing back to years ago as to their knowledge of certain ones that were missing and were never heard of again. -- kim h

Note: Crawfordsville's Masonic Cemetery is now named (stupid, I KNOW) Oak Hill Grant Avenue Cemetery


Cemetery Locator - Note - some of these places are really not correct - for example, Maple Ridge is NOT even near Alamo but right outside of Waveland as is Old Union but I'm putting this as it was done by ?  Sorry, not sure
Includes: Name of Cemetery; Cemetery Location; Elevation; Latitude; Longitude       NOTE 2 -- There is also what I feel is a better (although I'd still like to do one in complete alphabetical listing :) below                                         

Maple Ridge Alamo 774 feet 39.885ºN 87.048ºW
Old Union Alamo 810 feet 39.898ºN 87.037ºW
Sparks Alamo 787 feet 39.968ºN 87.049ºW
Stonebraker Alamo 705 feet 39.982ºN 87.021ºW
Bowers Colfax 800 feet 40.196ºN 86.743ºW
Clouser Colfax 804 feet 40.146ºN 86.721ºW
Ben Hur Crawfordsville 761 feet 40.025ºN 86.910ºW
Breaks Crawfordsville 781 feet 40.083ºN 86.958ºW
Calvary Crawfordsville 741 feet 40.056ºN 86.905ºW
Harshbarger Crawfordsville 718 feet 40.051ºN 86.962ºW
IOOF (Odd Fellows) Crawfordsville 758 feet 40.032ºN 86.906ºW
Michael Crawfordsville 741 feet 40.003ºN 86.974ºW
Nutt Crawfordsville 751 feet 40.013ºN 86.963ºW
O'Neal Crawfordsville 722 feet 40.018ºN 86.978ºW
Oak Hill Crawfordsville 754 feet 40.058ºN 86.914ºW
Oldtown Crawfordsville 695 feet 40.047ºN 86.908ºW
Potts Crawfordsville 813 feet 40.111ºN 86.998ºW
Sidener Crawfordsville 764 feet 40.004ºN 86.920ºW
Stover Crawfordsville 735 feet 40.068ºN 86.887ºW
Thompson Crawfordsville 738 feet 40.039ºN 86.998ºW
Greenlawn Darlington 781 feet 40.112ºN 86.768ºW
Hutton Darlington 764 feet 40.076ºN 86.866ºW
Peterson Kirkpatrick 790 feet 40.179ºN 86.799ºW
Rice Kirkpatrick 790 feet 40.135ºN 86.791ºW
Harshbarger Ladoga 853 feet 39.945ºN 86.807ºW
Inlow Ladoga 833 feet 39.932ºN 86.771ºW
Stoner Ladoga 853 feet 39.908ºN 86.771ºW
Mount Pleasant Linden 850 feet 40.143ºN 86.926ºW
Coons New Market 761 feet 39.985ºN 86.954ºW
Finley Chapel New Market 810 feet 39.967ºN 86.880ºW
Galey New Market 751 feet 39.988ºN 86.946ºW
Indian Creek New Market 823 feet 39.924ºN 86.928ºW
Indian Creek Hill New Market 817 feet 39.934ºN 86.968ºW
Jones New Market 840 feet 39.886ºN 86.964ºW
Lutheran New Market 800 feet 39.982ºN 86.889ºW
Lydick New Market 800 feet 39.903ºN 86.997ºW
Old Hickory New Market 784 feet 39.938ºN 86.978ºW
Old Pottinger New Market 830 feet 39.916ºN 86.921ºW
Wasson New Market 820 feet 39.910ºN 86.983ºW
Wasson New Market 902 feet 39.886ºN 86.901ºW
Hicks New Ross 905 feet 39.890ºN 86.713ºW
Mount Pleasant New Ross 899 feet 39.917ºN 86.709ºW
New Ross New Ross 876 feet 39.953ºN 86.716ºW
James Russellville 843 feet 39.868ºN 86.904ºW
Pisgah Shannondale 889 feet 40.012ºN 86.717ºW
Fruits [AKA: Snyder, Fruits, McCormick] Waynetown 768 feet 40.012ºN 87.063ºW
Meharry Wingate 731 feet 40.204ºN 87.073ºW
Oakland Wingate 853 feet 40.149ºN 87.017ºW
Old Turkey Run Wingate 768 feet 40.156ºN 87.074ºW
Pleasant Hill Wingate 781 feet 40.167ºN 87.074ºW

CrislerWavelandBrownunknownSec 31 T18N R5W
Maple RidgeWavelandBrown39.885ºN
Old UnionWavelandBrown39.898ºN
Waveland Methodist Waveland Brown39.879ºN
Waveland PresbyterianWavelandBrown39.878ºN
DeereWaveland BrownunknownSec 15 T17N R6W
WassonBrowns ValleyBrown39.910ºN
SparksAlamoRipley 39.968ºN
AlamoAlamoRipley 39.982ºN
DenmanAlamoRipleyunknownSec 24 T18N R6W
Stonebraker (Bunker Hill) AlamoRipley39.982ºN
Weir AlamoSouth Union39.994ºN
WillisAlamoRipleyunknownSec 15 T18N R6W
WrightAlamoRipleyunknownSec25 T18N R6W
BowersBowersSugar Creek 40.196ºN
ClouserColfax RRSugar Creek40.146ºN
BinfordGarfieldNorth Union40.083ºN
Ben HurCrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.025ºN
BreaksCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.083ºN
BrittonCrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.037ºN
Canine - Smith CrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.044ºN
CalvaryCrawfordsville North Union40.056ºN
CoonsCrawfordsvilleSouth Union39.985ºN
C'vile Masonic *CrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.030ºN
GaleyCrawfordsvilleSouth Union39.985ºN
HardestyCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.081ºN
HarshbargerCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.051ºN
HuttonCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.076ºN
IOOF (Odd Fellows)CrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.032ºN
LibertyCrawfordsvilleNorth Union
LutheranCrawfordsville South Union39.982ºN
McClureCrawfordsvilleNorth Union

Mt. TaborCrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.018ºN
Mt. ZionCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.054ºN
Montgomery County HomeCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.057ºN

MichaelCrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.003ºN
NuttYountsvilleSouth Union40.013ºN
Oak HillCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.058ºN
Old townCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.047ºN
ShilohCrawfordsvilleSouth Union40.111ºN
SidenerCrawfordsvilleSouth Union 40.004ºN
SmithCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.040ºN
StoverCrawfordsvilleNorth Union 40.068ºN
ThompsonCrawfordsvilleNorth Union40.039ºN
WilhiteCrawfordsvilleSouth Union39.992ºN
WilsonYountsvilleSouth Union40.009ºN
Youngs ChapelCrawfordsvilleNorth Union 40.104ºN
YountsvlleYountsville Ripley40.253ºN
Deck DarlingtonFranklin40.122ºN
ClouserBowersSugar Creek40.146ºN
IrwinKirkpatrickSugar Creek 40.179ºN
McBeeBowersSugar Creek40.190ºN
PetersonKirkpatrickSugar Creek 40.179ºN
RiceKirkpatrickSugar Creek 40.135ºN
WyantBowersSugar Creek40.189ºN
BlyLadoga Clark39.890ºN
Davis LadogaClark39.942ºN
FordLadogaClarkunknownSec 32 T 17N R3W
Harshbarger * Note according to Pauline Walter's Clark Twp history this cemetery was originally called Myers (Henry - family there) LadogaClark - began about 1841 as Myers39.945ºN
JonesBrowns ValleyBrown39.885ºN
LadogaLadogaClark 39.908ºN
McMurrayLadogaScott unknownunknown
Old HarshbargerParkersburgScottunknownunknown

FraleyLindenMadison -unknown Sec 4; T 20N; R4W
Mount PleasantLindenMadison40.143ºN
ArmstrongNew MarketScottunknownSec 7, T17N, R4W
CoonsNew MarketSouth Union39.985ºN
Finley ChapelNew MarketSouth Union39.967ºN
GaleyNew Market
HarrisonLadogaClarkunknownSec 28 T17N R3W
Indian CreekNew MarketBrown39.924ºN
Indian Creek HillBrowns Valley Brown39.934ºN
Inlow LadogaClark39.932ºN
JonesParkersburgScott 39.886ºN
Lutheran New MarketSouth Union 39.982ºN
LydickNew Market
Old HickoryNew MarketBrown 39.938ºN
PottingerNew MarketScott 39.916ºN86.921ºW
RedenbaughNew MarketScott39.951ºN
Wassons ParkersburgScott39.886ºN
DavisNew RossWalnut39.942ºN
HicksNew RossWalnut39.890ºN  
LockridgeNew RossWalnutunknownSec 15 Twp 8 N R 5W
Mace Old TownMaceWalnut40.012ºN
Mount PleasantNew RossWalnut39.917ºN
New RossNew RossWalnut 39.953ºN
JessieNew RossWalnut39.957ºN
SpryNew RossWalnutunknownSec 26 T 18 N R3W
Union HillMaceWalnut 39.996ºN86.766ºW
LeeSmartsburgNorth Union40.040ºN
FruitsAlamoRipley 40.012ºN87.063ºW
Green LawnWingateCoal Creek40.176ºN
MeharryWingateCoal Creek 40.204ºN
MoudyWingateCoal Creek40.162ºN
Oakland WingateCoal Creek 40.149ºN
Old Turkey RunWingateCooaCCEkk 40.149ºN
Pleasant HilWingateCoal Creek40.167ºN
New RichmondNew RichmondCoal Creek 40.156ºN
ParkCherry GroveCoal CreekunknownSec 10; T 20N R5W
PioneerCherry GroveCoal Creek40.142ºN
Round HillRound HillCoal Creek40.161ºN
WillhiteElmdaleCoal Creek40.153ºN
ByrdParkersburgScotunknownSec 26 T 17N R4W
CornstalkParkersburg Scott39.880ºN
GraybillLadogaScottunknownSec 14 T 17N R4W
Waynetown MasonicWaynetownWayne 40.087ºN
Waynetown PioneerWaynetownWayne 40.088ºN
WesleyWesleyWayne 40.067ºN
SwitzerWesleyWayne 40.062ºN
Welch-ParkersburgParkersburgScott 39.873ºN  
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