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1966 - list of soldiers

Veteran Burials -- 1966 Listing

Montgomery County Soldier and Sailor Dead, 1966
The American Legion

To All Of The Gallant Men And Women Who Have Worn The Uniform Of Our Country In Time Of War This Volume Is Affectionately Dedicated.

Revised List Of Soldier And Sailor Dead
Montgomery County, Indiana
Sponsored By Byron Cox Post, No. 72, The American Legion, And The Following Affiliated Patriotic Organizations:

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List Of Soldier And Sailor Dead
(Revised And Corrected May 15, 1966)

Alamo Cemetery -- (Ripley Twp)

Ammerman, George W., Co. E, 15th Inf.
Baker, George, Mexican War
Bayless, John 0., Co. H, 135th Ind. Inf.
Bell, James C. Co. H, 10th USInf.
Bell, Reuben S., Co. I, Slat Ind.
Bell, William, Co. K, 93rd Inf.
Black, Edward A., Co. H, 120th Inf.
Black, William W., 18th Ind. Bat.
Boleman, William, 9th Ind. Bat.
Bolgar, David, 9th Bat., Ind. Volunteer M.
Brent, James, 3rd Ky. Militia
Clouse, Andrew 1., 2nd Ill. Cavalry
Clouse, A. J., Co. 1, 2nd Ill. Cavalry
Cowan, J. H., Civil War
Craig, James P., Co. K, 5th Ohio Cavalry
Deats, William P., Co. G, 63rd Inf.
Elmore, W. C., Co. 8, 10th Inf.
French, Simeon, Co. K, 60th Inf.
Fruits, Lonnie, Spanish-American War
Gilkey, Chas. T., Sp-Am., 4th USInf.
Gilkey, James H., Co. H. 135th Inf.
Goble, Hiram H., Co. F, 135th Inf.
Ham, Jonathan, Co. 1, IIth Ind.
Ham, Rhoden, Co. K, 154th Ind.
Harwood, Jackson, Co. C, 40th Inf.
Hatt, J. V., Mexican War
Holman, William, 9th Ind. Bat.
Hudson, Jack D., WW II
Jay, Jonathan, Co. B, 120th Ind.
Keller, Wilmer Edmund, WW I
Krout, Zenith L., WW II.
Lawhorn, Robert, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Little, John M., 9th Ind. Batty.
Melvin, Fred Y., USN., Rf. Ww.
McAuley, John, Mexican War
McJunkin, Alfred, Co. 0, 63rd Ind.
Opperman, Los. J., Co. 0, 10th Ind.
Payton, Charles B., WW I
Pickett, Gilbert, WW I
Pickrell, He. L., Co. K, 36th Inf.
Riley, John, Co. C, 40th Ind.
Roundtree, Henry C,. Co. I, 135th Ind.
Smith, James M. Co. H, 135th Inf.
Smith, Merle C., WW I And II
Smith, William W., 9th Lad, Bat.
Sparks, Thomas, Mexican War
Stanford, David 0., 9th Ind, Bat.
Stonebraker, David H., Co. B, 10th Ind.
Stonebraker, James B., 135th Ind.
Truax, Nathan, Mexican War
Wagoner, James P., 9th Ind. Bat.
White, A. P., Co. K, 154th Ind.
White, James, Revolutionary War
White, John A., 3rd Ind. Inf.
Wilkinson, Mervin, Mexican War (Note: a descendant says this is incorrect - War of 1812)
Wineland, Daniel, Co. B 120th Ind,
Young, Ad., Co. B, 42nd Ill.

Blye (Clark Twp)

Carman, Abraham, Co. H, Regt. Inf.

Bowers (Sugar Creek Twp)

Boots, Samuel, Co. 0, IIth Rine
Burkhart, Benedict, Co. D, 44th & 72nd Reg.
Clark, Charles C., WW I
Kious, Isatus, Co. G, 26th Ind. Inf.
Kious, James, Co. If, IIth Reg. & 126th Reg.

Bunker Hill (Ripley Twp)

Fruits, George, Revolutionary War
Gillis, George, Civil War
Huffmire, Win. B., Co. C, 10th Ill
Michael, John, Co. E, 150th Inf.
Smith, William S., Civil War
Stonebraker, George C., Co. L, 1st Ind. Cavalry
Stonebraker, Jacob, Mexican War
Stonebraker, James, Co. B, 58th Inf. Vol.
Stonebraker, Sebastian, Revolutionary War
Titus, Jesse, Mexican War
Vaughn, James, Mexican War
Watson, Samuel, Mexican War

Calvary (Union Twp)

Bachelder, Clay, WW I
Bannigan, John, Civil War
Barcus, Lawrence D., Korean War
Barrett, James B., Co. E. 15th Regt. Ind. Volunteer
Barry, John M., Co. D, 42nd Bat,
Barry, William P., WW I
Berrigar, John, Co. G, 150th Inf. Bat.
Brennan, Robert WW I & It
Britton, Charles Aloysius, WW I
Broderick, Dennis, Civil War
Broderick, Patrick, Co. D, 63rd Inf. Inf.
Burkart, Perry A., WW I
Calhan, John H., WW I
Carroll, Paul Raymond, II01 Aero Rep. Sq.
Casey, Jerre B., Spanish American War
Curtin, Charles F., WW I
Devitt, James E., Spanish-American
Dinnen, James P., Co. M. 158th Ind. Inf.
Ehrie, John Thomas, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Everett, Harry Jonathan, WW I
Fell, John, World War
Fell, Timothy, Co. K, 4th Ohio Vol. Inf.
Griest, Hugh 3., WW I
Hastaday, John L., 16th Ind. Bat.
Holmes, William, Co. 0, IIth Ind. Inf.
Hughes, Thos. A., Co. D, 149th Ind. Lnf.
Johnson, Michael F., Civil War
Johnson, John, Signal Corps, Ohio Reg.
Johnson, William, Co. M, 158th Intl. Inf.
Kelley, John, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Kelley, Michael, Co. E, 150th Inf.
Kelly, Walter X., Spanish-American
Kremer, Lawrence II., WW I
Lee, Walter, Co. M. 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Lynch, Michael, Co. B. 47th Ind. Inf.
Maher, Thomas E., Sr., Spanish American War
Mason, Minter C., WW I
Marges, Netordius, WW I
Michaels, Floyd, Spanish-American
Molony, Justin J., WW I
Morgan, James C., Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Murphy, Charles, WW II
Murphy, James, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Murphy, William L., WW I
Muse, John C., Sp-Am., 6th USArt.
Myers, Benjamin H., WW I
Myers, Leon J., Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
McCabe, Peter, Co. E, 150th Ind. Inf.
McCarthy, Daniel Bernard, WW II
McCarthy, John A., Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol.
Nolan, John, Co. K, 150th Ind. Vol.
O'Connor, Jack, Civil War
O'Connor, James M., Bat. E. 36th
O'Connor, John W., WW I
O'Connor, Maurice, Co. C, 138th Inf.
O'Neall, John, Co. E, 72nd Regt.
O'Sullivan, Timothy, Co. K, 86th Ind.
Pendergast, James, Civil War
Pishaw, Eugene Louis, WW II
Purdue, William, Spanish-American
Ruddle, Pvt. Patrick, Spanish-American, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer
Shields, Vernon, Inf. C. 0. T. S.
Sullivan, James Francis, WW I
Tobin, Leo M., WW I
Ward, Dennis, Co. K, 86th Ind.

Clouser (Sugar Creek Twp)

Allen, James, Co. I, 135th Inf.
Fishers, Samuel, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Harshbarger, Abraham, Civil War, Ind. Vol.
Mitchell, Frederick, Civil War
Moody, J. F., Co. F, IIth Ind. Inf.
Sprong, William G., Civil War

Cornstalk (Scott Twp)

Claypool, Thomas B., Co. F, 54th Ind. Inf.
Payne, Thomas, Civil War

Deck (Franklin Twp)

Booher, Jacob, Civil War
Reedy, John, Co. C, 86th Ind. Inf.
Smith, Jake, Co. H, 10th Ind. Inf.

Ermentrout (Madison Twp)

Conrad, William H., Co. I, 86th Regt.
Shobe, Abraham I., IIth Cav.

Finley Chapel (Union Twp)

Ball, Isaiah H., Co. L, 90th Regt., 5th Cav.
Chenault, David T., Co. E, 150th Inf.
Chenault, Daniel T., Co. D, 120th Ind.
Davidson, Fleming, War Of 1812
Edwards, William, Co. K, 15th Ind.
Elrod, J. W., Co. A, 4th Iowa Cav.
Finch, John, Co. E, 16th Ohio Inf.
Goble, Thomas, Co. B, 72nd Regt.
McGillard, Geo. W., Co. H, 59th Ind. Inf.
Ruffner, John, Co. F, 135th Inf.
Thompson, William, Co. G, IIth Inf.
Watkins, Daniel, Co. K, IIth Cav.
White, Benjamin F., Co. F, 27th Ind. Volunteer M.
Wilkinson, Thomas J., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Wilson, George W., Co. K, II1th Inf.

Freedom (Brown Twp)

Bayless, John M., Co. H, 135th Ind.
Bayless, Roy W., Base Hosp. No. 59ww
Bayless, William, Civil War
Blye, William Campbell, Co. D, 63rd, 128th
Butchre, William M., Co. E, 41st Ind.
Carrington, Milton, Co. B, 43rd Ind. Inf.
Connor, Caleb W., Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Davis, Josiah, Co. E, 10th Ind.
Durham, Henry North, WW I
Galey, James, Civil War
Galey, Samuel F., Co. M, 4lth Regt. Ind. Volunteer
Galey, William B., Co. C, 40th Ind. Vol.
Glenn, William, Co. K, II1th Inf.
Hanna, James M., Lt., Co. C, 40th Ind. Vol.
Hanna, Robt. H. G., Co. C, 40th Ind. Vol.
Hannah, Russell P., WW II
Harrington, Milton, Co. B, 34th Ind. Vol.
Hesler, Guy Lexington, WW I
Hillabold, Charles, WW I
James, Frederick Ernest, WW I
James, Peter, Co. C, 40th Ind. Hosp. Steward
Murphy, Ellsworth C., WW I
Neeley, John A., Co. E, 72nd Ind.
Oswalt, Ralph V., WW II
Rice, Alvin 0., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Rice, Jonathan, Co. C, 40th Ind.
Rice, William, Co. K, II1th Inf.
Stewart, John, Civil War
Stump, Willie Alva, WW I

Grady (Wayne)

Harriman, Moses, Civil War
Lawson, B. H., Co. K, 86th Regt. Ind.

Greenlawn (Darlington, Franklin Twp)

Beck, Preston, Civil War
Bonwell, William W., WW I
Booker, William, Civil War
Boohults, Grant B., WW I
Boston, Harry S., WW I
Bowers, Fred H., 8th Co. Bn. 159th Depot
Boyland, Geo. M., 120th Ind. Inf.
Caldwell, Joseph, Co. C, 158th Ind. Inf.
Carroll, Orville Lewis, WW I
Cook, Richard, WW II
Copas, Otto, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Cosby, Lee Otto, WW I
Cox, Lindley, Co. C, 135th Inf.
Cox, Lynn Wallace, WW I
Cox, Norris, World War
Cox, Thomas, 10th Bat. Ind. Lt. Art.
Dam, Marion, Co. G, IIth Ind. Vol.
Decker, William, Co. C, 135th Ind.
Dowden, Norris Dwayne, WW II
Dunbar, Martin B., Sp-Am., W.W. I
Dunbar, Willard Parker, WW I
Francis, Damon W., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Harland, John, Civil War
Heffner, George, Co. B, Ind. Vol. Civil War
Henry, John, Civil War
Hutchinson, William, Civil War
Johnson, Isaac, Civil War
Justus, Harry, Co. I, 160th Ind. Inf.
Kashner, Abraham, Civil War
Lehman, Arthur
Lilly, William, Civil War
Lynch, W. R., Civil War
Miller, David Jordan, US Navy W.W.
Milner, Lynn B., Reg. Army Res. W.W.
McKnight, John, Civil War
Moffitt, Walter D., WW I
Needham, Hubert C., World War
Nelson, Oscale Leroy, WW II
Paddock, Reid D., WW I
Patridge, Meredith, Co. A, 14th Col. Inf.
Pickering, Ivan Herschel, WW I
Ramsey, Robert
Rogers, Haven
Royer, Clen Wilber, WW I
Royer, John W., WW II
Shaw, Jasper, Civil War
Snyder, David, Civil War
Stewart, Charles, World War
Sweeney, Frank, Co. E, Regt. Ind. Inf.
Talbert, Mellis G., WW I
Thompson, Damon C., WW I
Thorp, George B Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Tincher Robert, WW II
Vangilder, Dean W., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Wyrick, Oscar, Co. E, 2nd USInf.
Zeigler, Martin J., Civil War

Greenlawn (Wingate, Coal Creek Twp

Anderson, James L., Co. L, 161st Ind. Vol.
Bottenger, Joseph, Co. H, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Brown, Thos. A., Co. K, 154th Ind. Inf.
Claypool. John, Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Curtis, Homer Bryan, WW II
Deeter, Harry H., US Army
Doss, John E., Co. A, 73rd Regt.
Fenters, C. Raymond, WW I
Freeman, Wallace G., Civil War
Irwin, John, Co. F, 44th Inf.
Jett, Joseph, Co. F, 20th Inf.
Lewellen, Francis V.
Mann, Franklin Craft, WW II
McClure, Nathaniel, 1843-1903
Ocheltree, Charles, Co. F, 19th USInf.
Oxley, John Lowell, WW II
Runey, John, 18th Bty. Ind. Vol. Lt. Art.
Sailor, Jere, Co. B, 5lth Ind. Vol. Inf.
Sailor, Thomas, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Scott, James Stancil, WW II
Shobe, Noble, WW II
Shoemaker, J. A., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Slavens, J. W., Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Smith, Paul, WW I
Spray, John J., Co. I, 132nd Ind. Inf.
Twiddy, Floyd Omer, WW I
Utterback, Ben, WW I
Wainscott, Cyril D., Fireman U.S.N., W.W.
Webb, Harris, 1839-1917
Willis, Ray, WW I
Zoller, G. E., Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.

Hallett (Brown Twp)

Hallett, Zenith, War Of 1812

Harshbarger (Clark Twp)

Arnold, Ernest Leo, WW I
Arnold, William, Civil War
Byrd, Elza, Co. H, 33rd Ind. Inf.
Damewood, James, Civil War
Forbes, William, Co. I, 3rd Ind. Cav.
Hall, Benjamin F., Co. C, 135th Ind. Inf.
Hurt, James A. W., Co. G, 135th Inf.
Linn, John W., Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Linkinhoker, Madison M., Co. K, 86th Va. Inf. C. S. A.
Lynn, James, Civil War
Lytle, Jasper Marion, WW II
Markey, Josiah, Co. G, 135th Ind. Inf.
Nichols, Cyrus C., Co. G, 135th Ind. Vol.
Prickett, Isaac J., Co. F, 5th Ind. Cav.
Ray, Floyd, World War
Smith, John W., Co. E, 7th Kans. Cav.
Shields, Thomas, Civil War
Stone, Andrew J., Co. E, 150th Ind. Inf.
Storms, Clay Marshall, World W-tr II
Terry, John R., WW I
Terry, Thomas, Civil War
Thompson, J. W., Co. D, 150th Ind. Inf.
Warbritton, Clone E., WW II
Williams, Bryan, Co. K, IIth Cav. 126th Inf.
Wingert, Jacob, Civil War

Hurd (Franklin Twp)

Hurd, John, 1827-1849
Hurd, Joshua

Hutton (Union Twp)

Flannigan, Noah, Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Johnson, Benjamin, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Long, Thomas S., K, II1th Ind. Inf.
Long, John, Co. E, 15th Ind. Vol.
Pyles, Joseph, Mexican War

Indian Creek (Brown Twp)

Allen, Jos. S., Surg. 10th Ind. Inf.
Andrew, John, Civil War
Blacketer, Ben, Civil War
Caplinger, Jesse C., Co. M, 158th Ind. Inf.
Dallas, John L., II3th Ohio
Day, William H., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Delano, Martha J., WW II
Doyle, Harrison, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Vol.
Duncan, William A., Co. C, 120th Ind. Inf.
Foster, Alexander, Revolutionary War
Gilliland, Joseph Franklin, WW II
Giltner, John P., IIth Ind.
Giltner, Matthias, Co. G, 40th Ind.
Goslin, Winfield, Civil War
Gott, William B., Co. K, IIth Cav. 126th Regt.
Hardy, John, Black Hawk War
Houk, Wilbur G., WW I
Hunt, Roy, Civil War
Jones, William, Co. C, 38th Ind. Inf.
Kinder, Milt, Civil War
Lydick, William Andrew, 2nd Ind. Cav.
Moore, Alexander, Mexican War
Nichols, Nelson F., WW I
Olinger, Daniel F., Civ. War, Confed.
Points, William, Civil War
Pointer, Josiah, 140th Inf., 35th Div.
Rice, Alvin, Spanish-American
Richardson, Cleo, WW I
Rush, Jesse T., Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Sidener, John A., 10th Ind. Bat.
Simpson, James, Civil War
Starnes, Versie V., Mot. Tr. A. E. F., WW
Straub, Oscar E., WW I
Todd, Raymond L., Co. C, 45th Tr. Bn. WW
Vancleave, Aaron, Mexican War
Ware, Alexander, Mexican War
Whittaker, William, Mexican War
Wilkinson, John, Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Williams, George T., WW I
Winningham, Theo. N., Co. I, 1st Ark. Inf.
Wood, Roscoe, WW I

Inlow (Clark Twp)

Chenault, John, Co. A, 90th Regt. 5th Cav.
Kelly, William, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.

IOOF (Odd Fellows) (Darlington, Franklin Twp)

Alston, Ward, World War
Barnhart, E. M., 22nd Ind. Art.
Barnhart, Solomon, Civil War
Barton, Madison, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Behone, Dan, Civil War
Berryman, James A., Co. I, 135th Ind. Inf.
Betts, Francis M., 10th Bty. Lt. Art.
Brown, Byron W., World War
Blue, F. M., 16th Ind. Bat.
Booher, Albert W., Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Booker, John, Civ. War, Confed.
Brock, Noah Monroe, Civil War (Confed.)
Brown, Clifford, WW I
Brown, John L., Civil War
Buchannan, John H., Co. K, II1th Ind. Inf.
Cadwallader, Edwin, Co. C, 135th Ind. Inf.
Cain, James P., WW II
Cain, Robert L., WW II. Returned From Overseas
Cain, Roy, WW I
Cain, Wayne Max, Korean War
Cain, William Ira, WW I
Campbell. William Burton
Carey, John, Co. K, 13th Ind. Inf.
Chrisman, Matthias, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Coddington, Charles G., WW I
Condon, Charles, Civil War
Conrad, Robert M., WW II
Cook, John I., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Cornell, David E., WW II
Corns, Joseph M., Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Cox, Esaias H., Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Cox, Kenneth Lee, Both World Wars
Cox, William J., Co. B, 120th Ind. Inf.
Cunningham, Aniel, 10th Bat. Inf. Lt. Art.
Custer, Montgomery T., Co. E, 150th Ind.
Custer, William H., Co. B, 120th Ind.
Davis, Haven S.
Davis, William Dean
Ditamore, Asa, 10th Ind. Lt. Art.
Endicott, James Henry, WW II
Faust, Lyle, Civil War
Flannigan, Harrison, Co. I, IIth Inf.
Forder, William, 10th Bat. Ind. Art.
Goldsby, Lowell G., WW II
Graves, Homer Kelley, WW II
Griffin, George Edwin, Radio USN.
Gillis, David, Co. E, 150th Ind. Inf.
Goodwin, Mahlon, Co. C, 54th Ind. Inf.
Griffith, Thos J., Co. I, 135th Inf.
Grimes, David H., Co. I, 149th Inf.
Grimes, J. Leo, WW I
Guntle, William, Civil War
Hamilton, Geo. W., Co. C, 46th Inf.
Hamilton, Madison, Co. A, 104th Inf.
Hamilton, Robert, Co. G, 26th Inf.
Harland, Willard P., Co. I, IIth Inf.
Harper, Harry, World War
Hatch, S. S., Civil War
Hiatt, John, Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Hollingsworth, John M., Co. H, IIth Inf.
Hollingsworth, Pinson, Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Hopkins, Isaac A., Co. F, 58th Ind. Inf.
Hopkins, R. G., Co. D, 64th Ohio Vol.
Homey, Donald R., WW II
Hubbard, W. C., Co. K, 7th Cav., II9th Regt.
Hunt, Don C., Btry. F, 139th F. A.
Husted, John, Civil War
Inlow, Isaac, Co. B, 10th Reg.
Jackman, John V., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Jennings, E. T., Civil War
Kelsey, I. Thomas, Co. B, 10th Ind. Vol.
King, John W., Co. K, 154th Inf.
Knox, Matthew M., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Kuonen, Rev. E. M., World War
Largent, George W., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Larrick, James Newton, WW I
Little, Robert, 20th Bat. Lt. Art. WW
Love, Lewis A., Co. A, 37th Ind. Vol.
Lynch, George, 2nd USVol. Inf.
Marsh, John F., 1st Lt., 6th Ind. Legion
Marshall, Jos. A., Co. E, 13th Ind. Inf.
Martin, George Earl, Spanish-American
Martin, Samuel, Co. A, 135th Inf.
Martin, Harold E.
Martin, Henry C., WW II
Marts, Jerome B., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Maxwell, Leroy
Michael, Harvey H., Co. C, 40th Inf.
Mikels, G. W., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Mikels, J. W., Co. I, 86th Ind. Inf.
Miller, William M., 40th Ind. Inf.
Mote, Andrew W., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Mote, Marcus, Co. C, 135th Ind. Inf.
Mullen, Lester, World War
Mullen. Rayburn, WW II
Mullen, Silas K., Co. E, 150th Inf.
McClelland, Till, Civil War
McClasky, E. P., Co. B, 120th Inf.
McCoy, Boyd L., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
McDaniel, Thomas, Civil War
McKinsey, V. V., Civil War
McMullen, James W., Co. A, 135th Inf.
Payne, Robert R., WW I
Paxton, William, Civil War
Peterson, Clarence, World War Coast Art.
Peterson, John, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Peterson, Paris, Civil War
Peterson, William J., 26th Ind. Inf.
Petro, Harry Jr., WW II
Quick. James, Co. K, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Raper, Henry N., Civil War
Raper, J. N., Co. B, 17th Inf.
Rhorer, W. H., Co. E, II7th Inf.
Russell, Elijah H., Co. H, 137th Inf.
Shannon, J. Q., Civil War
Slater, George W., Civil War
Smith, Jacob, Civil War
Stephens, William, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Stout, John, Co. F, 135th Inf.
Thomas, William, Civil War
Townsley, Peter, Co. I, IIth Inf.
Tribbett, James, Civil War
Troutman, John D., Co. H, 40th Inf.
Vore, Glenn B., WW I
Warren, Alva C., WW I & II
Wilson, Jabez, Civil War
Youngblood, Raymund Ralph

IOOF (Odd Fellows - Union Twp)

Bratton, William H., Co. G, IIth F 25th Inf.
Burroughs, Hiram, Co. B, 160th Ohio
Canine, William G., Co. H, 38th Ind. Inf.
Clark. J. G., 5th Ind. Bat.
Crane, J. H., Co. A, 41st Ill.
Galey, William L., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Green, John R, Civil War
Hall, William, Co. B, 120th 1w?.
Hamilton, B. B., Co. D, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Harris, John W., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Herndon, Henry, Co. D, 135th Inf.
Hightower, Richard A., IIth Ky. Cay.
Hitch, Thomas G., IIth Ind. Inf.
Hocum, William, War of 1812
Holbrook, Abel 5., 4th Ind. Cay.
Hoover, Harris, Co. I, 149th Pa.
Keese, George L., 101st Ind. Inf.
Laymond, Wilson H., Capt. Co. K, 86th Ind.
Lindamood, John T., WW I
Lutz, Sanford D., Co. F, 40th Inf.
McCullough, James B., War 1812
McConnell, James E., Co. I, IIth Ind.
Oliver, Joseph E., 15th Ind. Inf.
Prewitt, Henry C., 16th Ind. Bat.
Smith, Marion D., 26th Ind. Inf.
Snell, William, Civil War
Spillman, Marcus I., 154th lad. Inf.
Suman, W. J., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Swindler, Calvin E., Co. E, 77th Inf.
Tammany, James H., 10th Ind. Inf.

IOOF (Odd Fellows - New Ross - Walnut Twp)

Ashby, James C., WW I
Bronaugh, Claude D., WW I
Canada, Carl B., WW I
Canada, Fred, WW I
Cash, Richard Wayne
Clark, Dennis A., Spanish-American
Cline, Earl, US Navy World War
Cline, William J., Co. K, 154th Inf.
Craig, Isaac, WW II
Crawford, Aaron, Civil War
Crouch, Vernie, Civil War
Dorsey, George T., Co. K, 154th
Ebaugh, Charles Wesley, US Army
Feathers, Philip H., G, IIth Inf.
Golliday, Isaac, Co. F, 63rd Inf.
Graham, John Griffith, Co. C, 26th
Graves, Wilmer, WW II
Gray, Walter, WW I
Gott, William B., K, IIth Cay. 126th Regt.
Harris, Earl Kenneth, Naval Res. World W.
Harris, James, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Harris, William, WW II
Hinkle, Jeremiah, Mexican War
Hocker, Philip, Civil War
Hodson, Bernard Leslie, G, 23d USSp. W.
Hodson, S. A., Civil War
How, Ezekiel, Co. C, 135th Inf.
Imel. Franklin C., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Jarvis, Doria B., Spanish American War
Johnson, Wallace T., WW I
Jones, Charles Voris, WW I
Jones, Harley E., Co. C, 151st Inf.
Kessler, William J., 30th Co., 8th Tr. Bn.
Kraft, John, WW II
McCreary, John Poke, Co. F, 54th Inf.
McVey, William H., Co. H, IIth Reg. Re.
Herman Morrison, WW II
Peterson, James, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Sperry, Isaac F., Confed. Civil War
Spencer, Thomas, Co. I, IIth Inf.
Teague, Kenneth J., Korean War
Tipton, William, Co. B, 43rd Inf.
Walters. Carl, 139th Am. Tr. World War
Waltz, Robert Louis, WW II
Whiteley, Harry Edgar, WW I
Whitmere, Joseph H., Civil War
Williams, Earl M., WW I

Jarvis (Brown Twp)

Milligan, A. Broyles, Confederate
Smith, Benjamin F., War of 1812
Smith, Richard H., II 154th Inf.

Jessie (Walnut Twp)

Dorsey, George T., Co. G, 135th Inf.
Jessie, Thomas J., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Jessie, James N., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Tipton, George W., Co. B, 10th Inf.

Kashner (Franklin Twp)

Mikels, George, Civil War
Sparks, David, Unknown

Knights of Pythias (Mace - Walnut Twp)

Abbott, Andrew J., Civil War
Baker, Francis M., Co. E, 59th Inf.
Beck, Columbus, Co. K, 116th Inf.
Brown, David J., Co. E, 150th Inf.
Caster, Jake, Co. E, 150th Inf.
Chadwick, Ward Endicott, WW I
Chambers, William, Co. L, 5th Cav.
Cram, Zelph H., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Crouch, John, WW I
Crowder, David M., Civil War
Davidson, Thomas, 120th Inf.
Dehart, Calvin, WW I
Dossett, Alfred, World War
Durbin, David B., 2nd Ohio Hvy. Art.
Durbin, Joseph H., US Army
Elkins, John D., 26th Ohio Inf.
Evans, George W., Spanish-American
Everson, Harold Knox, 30th Co., 8th Tr. Bn.
Farlow, Alfred, 10th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Faust, Milton Jasper, Co. E, 150th Inf.
Finch, John, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Fitzwater, William N., World I
Goble, Jasper, Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Gray, Gilbert, Co. F, 10th Ind. Inf.
Hale, Mark L., WW I
Hale, Tilghman H., Co. K, 63rd Inf.
Hankins, Ralph T., Band, II3th Eng. 38 Div.
Hays, William W., Co. C, 108th Inf.
Higgins, Henry Earl, WW I
Houston, Arnold Ivin, WW I
Hugeiheim, John, Co. A, 2nd N. J. Cav.
Hunt, Wesley, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Keffer, Albert P., WW I
Kennedy, David, Confed.
Linn, Floyd, WW I
Lockridge, John, Co. G, 135th Inf.
Logan, John W., 29th Vol. Inf.
Lollis, William, Confed.
Lollis, Roy E., 355th Amb. Co., 89th Div.
Manka, Joel, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Mills, William B., K IIth Cav. 126th Rgt.
Moody, Joseph, Confed.
Myers, Clyde A., WW II
Myers, George A., 2nd N. J. Cav.
McCoy, George W., 15th Ind. Vol. Inf.
McClure, Frank W., 124th Ind. Inf.
McClure, James, Co. K, 154th Inf.
McClure, William G., Co. D, 57th Inf.
Newell, Tracy Vernon, WW II
Peterman, William James, WW I
Parker, Francis A., WW II
Patterson, James W., Co. A, IIth Lg. Va. Cav.
Peterson, John, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Phelps, Thomas, Co. E, 8th Ky. Inf.
Pogue, John H., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Redenbaugh, Romey S., WW II
Reeder, Lora L., 2nd USCav. Sp-Am.
Revell, Forrest, World Wars I And II
Robbins, James, World War
Rosen, Roy Martin, WW I
Rutan, Archibald, Co. B, 2nd Ohio Art.
Shelton, Roy, C. P. L. World War
Smiley, Andrew, Civil War
Smith, George W., 44th USV., Sp-Am.
Smith, Glenn Russell, WW I
Thompson, William Henry, K 1st 0. Art.
Trosper, James T., Co. H, 24th Ky.
Vanscoyoc, Homer K., Co. A, Dp. Bat. W.W.
Vanscoyoc, James P., 5th Ind. Cav.
Walker, James, Confed.
Ward, William W., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Weliever, Lloyd A., WW II
Williams, James S., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Williamson, Foster F., Co. B, 10th Ind.
Wright, Thomas W., Co. G, 125th Inf.

Ladoga (Clark Twp)

Alfrey, Albert A., A. E. F., WW
Alnutt, J. J., Civil War
Anderson, Thomas, Co. A, 6th Ind. Inf.
Ashby, Frank, WW I
Ashby, William, Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Baas, Roy C., WW I
Baldwin, Harvey M., WW I
Banta, Orvie H., WW I
Barnes, Ruby C., Co. M, 153rd Inf.
Bell, Joseph Scott, WW II
Bird, James F., K IIth Cax. 126th Reg.
Boling, Mark, Co. G, 18th Ind. Inf.
Branson, Glenn J., Co. I, 49th Inf. WW
Brenneman, William, Coast Artillery
Britts, Warren Darnel, WW I
Brown, P. J., Co. A, 151st Ind. Inf. Civ. W.
Brunst, Herman Christian, WW II
Bryan, Vern, Sr., WW I
Burlon, David T., Co. C, 139th Inf.
Byrd, Clarence, Co. F, 159th Inf.
Byrd, J. F., Co. K, IIth Ind. Inf.
Clark, W. T., Co. K, II1th Inf.
Cook, John R., Co. A, 51st Ind. Inf.
Cox, James L., WW II
Daugherty, Andrew W., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
David, Thomas Walter, WW II
Davis, Hiram N., Co. F, 54th Ind. Inf.
Davis, Roscoe N., Co. D, 4th USInf.
Davis, Rutherford M., WW I
Davis, Thomas, Navy
Dickerson, Floyd, Civil War
Dodd, Harold, Co. F, 78th Ill. WW
Eldridge, Franklin Allen, WW II
Ewing, William M., Co. A, 85th Inf.
Featherston, Joseph William, WW II
Gayhart, Andy, Civil War
Gibson, John L., Co. D, 62nd Ill.
Gill, Frank, Civil War
Gill, Jonathan, Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Gish, Jonas T., Co. K, 28th Va. C. S. A.
Glover, Robert, Co. G, 63rd Ky. Vol.
Gott, Owen C., WW I
Hall, Elias W., Co. D, II3th Inf.
Hanifin, Daniel, Co. F, 17th Ind. Mtd. Inf.
Harney, George S., Spanish American War, Company C, 148th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Harney, James F., Mexican War
Harrison, Joshua P., Co. L, 90th 5th Cav.
Harrison, Robert G., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Harshbarger, Everett L., Grt. Lakes Tr. Sc. W.W.
Havens, George L., World War
Heckathorn, Robert, Capt. U, 58th Ind.
Henry, Donald J., WW I
Hicks, Forest L., Bat. B, 36th F. A.
Howell, Charles R., World War
Hubble, Charles Omer, WW II
Johnson, Cuba Ella, WW II
Johnson, Sherman, WW II
Kemper, Ralph W., WW I
Knox, James C., 2d Lt. 4th Cav. 77th Rgt.
Lawson, Edward Frank, WW I
Long, Robert Isham, WW I
Lough, Thomas J., Civil War
Mason, James, Co. C, 2nd Ind. I. N. G.
Messick, John, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Miller, Henry A., Co. E, 70th Ind. Inf.
Miller, Oscar Ivan, WW I
Moore, George Vt., Co. H, 40th Ind. Inf.
Morrison. Dorman Eugene. WW II
Mote, Arthur Clyde, Spanish-American
Mote, Frank K., WW I Army Signal Corps
Mote, Frank K., WW II
McCoy, Charles Wilbur, WW II
McCoy, Donald E., WW II
McCreary, Clare S., 4lth Co., 159th Dp. Br. W.W.
McCrery, Charles Ivan, WW I
McDaniel, Alexander, Co. K, IIth Cav. 126th
McKinney, Clifford, WW I
McKinsey, George, 4th Ohio Vol. Cav.
McMurtrey, Clifford, WW I
McMurtrey, John, Co. C, 135th Inf.
Neff, William H., Capt. F, 54th Inf.
Nichols, John, WW II
Nicholson, William, Civil War
Oliver, Ralph \5j WW II
Oshorn, Jasper N., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Parker, John M., Co. I, 66th Ind. Inf.
Peffley, Charles A., Spanish-American
Pennington, George L., WW I
Pickard, Henry Raymond, Marine Corps, W.W.
Pickel, Ray, WW I
Powers, James W., WW II
Powers, William D., WW I
Proctor, Raymond A., WW I
Quinley, John M., Co. L, 13th Ky. Inf.
Reed, Greenshury, Civil War
Beeves, William T., WW II
Reid, Bennie, Marine Corps. WW
Rogers, Henry C., Co. 1, 135th Inf.
Scott, Alexander M., Capt. A, 143rd Inf.
Shackelford, Lloyd L., WW II
Shepherd, I. H,. Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Slade, George W,. C. 230th Ohio Inf.
Smith, Thomas H,. Civil War
Southers. Frederick, Co. E, 1st Mich. Inf.
Stanley. Logan. Civil War
Striclcler, Arch, Civil War
Strickler. Ralph L,. -vW I
Stringer, H. D., Co. E, 54th Lad, Inf.
Stultz, James F., Civil War
Sullivan, Elizabeth Mears. WW I (Nurse)
Summers, Mason W., Co. C. .51st Ind. Inf.
Terry, John, WW I
Thomas, Edward S., Civil War
Thomas, William H., Co. A. 'Lsth Inf.
Thompson, John R., Lieut. Civil War
Trump, Jesse N., WW I
Vice, Robert, WW II
Walterhouse, David K,. WW II
Warbritton, Andy. Co. E, T2rid Lit.
Warner, Charles Franklin, Spanish-American
Wethington. James. WW II
Wilson, Harvey B,. T2nd Ind. Inf.
Yeagley, Zedakiah. Co. I. 102nd Ohio
Young, Jean P,. WW II
Young, John S,. World War
Zachary, James 0., WW II
Zachary, Norman, WW II
Zimmerman, J. M., Civil War
Zimmerman, Owen A., WW II

Lee (Union Twp)

Baldwin, Thomas, Co. D, 25th Ind. Inf.
Misner, Amos K., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Pointer, William, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.

Liberty (Union Twp)

Ash, William A., Co. I, 40th Ind. Inf.
Bannon, John G., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Bowers, Joseph, Co. C, 50th Pa.
Bratton, Samuel B., Co. B, 10th Ind.
Coffin, George W., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Conarroe, Ernest, WW I
Cowan, Elmer Lee, WW II
Elmore, Jacob, Civil War
Elmore, Walter W., Bat. B. 5th F. A.
Ferrell, Harry C., WW I
Ferrell, Willie Noble, WW I And WW II
Fullenwider, Joe E., Co. C, 10th Ind.
Fullenwider, William A., Co. A, 72nd Inf.
Groendyke, John B., Co. I, IIth Inf.
Culley, Clarence Raymond, WW I
Harris, Charley F., 152nd Inf., WW
Harris, James A., WW I
Harris, James C., US Army
Harris, Miles, Co. H, 120th Inf.
Harshbarger, Grover Lee, WW I
Harshbarger, John Russell, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Morrow, John, 6th USCav. Reg. Est.
Petro, Merton Leroy, WW II
Quick, Leland S., WW I
Quick, Stebbins E., Co. E. 72nd Inf.
Rose, Austin, WW II
Rose, Raymond E., WW II
Sheaffer, Samuel, Co. I, 63rd Inf.
Swidan, Charles Salamon, WW I
Utterback, Winton W., 22nd Bat. USF. A.
Utterback, Walter W., 58th Sp. So. Mich.
Walker, Adam, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.

Linden (Madison Twp)

Alexander, Geo. W., 5th Ind. Cav.
Austin, James A., WW II
Bartley, Virgil, WW I
Barton, Harley James, WW I
Bennett, John S., Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Boyland, Cleyl, World War
Bruso, Francis, Co. C, 12th Ill. Inf.
Campbell, Ernest E., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Coffman, Noel E., WW I
Deckard, Delbert R., WW II
De Vault, Leo, WW II
Drake, James, Co. A, 63rd Inf.
Dunkle, Henry, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Gaibreath, James H., 19th USInf.
Glover, Aver, WW I
Goodwin, William V., Co. G, 154th Inf.
Halstead, John S., WW II
Halstead, William C., Co. II, 135th Inf.
Heath, Elmer Russell, WW II
Henry, Lloyd
Holliday, Matthias Elmore, Co. A, 63rd Inf.
Ilolliday, Richard, Civil War
Holliday, Samuel, Bat. G, 3d Art. Sp-Arner.
Holt, Thomas Jefferson, WW I
Howard, William V., Co. G, 154th Inf.
Hudson, Clarence E., WW II
Hudson, Bennie B., WW I
Hudson, Joann, WW II, Waves
Hughes, Daniel M., Co. A, 150th Inf.
Jackson, Newton, Civil War
Johnson, John W., Co. B, 140th Inf.
Johnson, Samuel H., 135th Ind. Irif.
Keefe, James
Keeney, Henry, Black Hawk War
Keeney, James, Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Keeney, John, Civil War
Keeney, William H., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Kern, George J., WW II
Kittle, Robert, Unknown.
Kinnamon, Alex, Co. A, 63rd Inf.
Little, Leon H., Sr., WW I
Mason, Francis M., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Mason, Thomas D., Co. G, 120th Inf.
Michael, Simon G., Co. B, 17th Inf.
Mills, Charles, Co. F, 159th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Montgomery, Alex, War Of 1812
Montgomery, George W., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Montgomery, Harvey, Mexican War
Montgomery, Simpson, Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Montgomery, William B., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Murdock, William H., WW II
McCall, Barnabas, Civil War
McCall, Samuel, Mexican War
McCallum, Daniel A., Spanish-American
McCorkle, James, Co. C, 120th Inf.
McCorkle, John W., Co. A, II9th Inf.
Newkirk, Abner M., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Nicoson, Dewey Clair, WW I
Parker, William Sr., WW I
Parker, William, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Peare, Thomas, Civil War
Penrod, Solomon, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Petro, Thomas W., Co. C, 4th USInf. S-A.
Piggott, Frank M., Spanish-American War
Pixley, Fred F., Co. A., IIth Ind. Cav.
Raynes, William Arthur, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Rhea, James 0., Co. I, 159th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Russell, Aaron H., Co. A, 3rd Tenn.
Russell, Dallas, Co. F. 135th Inf.
Severs, John, War Of 1812
Shobe, Abraham I., IIth Cav.
Simmons, Frank H., WW I
Slavens, David L., Co. I, 149th Ind.
Slavens, Thomas, Co. H, 49th Ind. Vol.
Smith, James A., 364th Bky. Co. WW
Snyder, Carl Raymond, Korean War
Stevens, Charles C., Co. B, 39th Ind. WW
Stockton, Theodore, Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Sturm, Ernest B., WW I
Switzer, Hershel M., World War
Thayer, Caleb, Co. G, 40th Ind. Inf.
Thayer, George, WW I
Thomas, Guy E., 388 Bky. Co. WW
Thomas, Ziba, 10th Ind. Bat. F. A.
Ward, Homer Bratton, WW I
Webb, Ed., WW I
White, Lowell W., Mex. Bord. Serv.
Whitecotton, Jacob, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Whitlow, George Theodore
Willey, Foster C., Co. K. 86th Inf.
Yates, Noah, US Army

Lutheran (Franklin Twp)

Booher, Elisha, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Booher, John, Civil War
Booher, Lora Newton, WW I
Bowen, William, Co. E, 154th Inf.
Carrol, Ralph H., World War
Caster, Frank, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Cooper, John J., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Cooper, Louis, Co. I, II9th Ind. Inf.
Crawford, William M,. Civil War
Endicott, William H. B., Civil War
Flaningam, Joseph, Civil War
Griffin, James M., Co. E, 133rd Inf.
Garvey, Frank P., WW I
Grimes, Ray, Naval Reserve, World War
Hampton, Ernest Lloyd. WW I
Martin. John, Co. D, 47th Inf.
Marts, Jake, Civil War
Martz, Isaac, 10th Ind. Baty.
Meek, Robert B., WW It
Miller, Daniel G., Bat. F, 19th F. A. WW
Peterson, Joseph, Civil War
Pittman, Joseph M., Co. I. IIth Ind. Inf.
Simmons, William, Civil War
Sipes, James, Co. A, 86th Ind. Inf.

Lutheran (Union Twp)

Armantrout, Frederick, Revolutionary War
Flannigan, Clifford, List. Unknown.

Maple Ridge (Brown - Waveland)

Acker, Lehord E., Civil War
Barr, J. Wesley, Co. H, 40th Md, Inf
Birch, Clarence E., World War
Bridges, William, 1st Lt. Co. A, 14th Ind.
Brush, David B., Co. H, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Cavall, Charles, N. S. N., Civil War
Chenault, Hobart D., WW I
Clore, Clarence E., Co. C, 10th USInf.
Cuppy, S. E., Co. E, 43rd Ind. Inf.
Doolin, James, Civil War
Doss, Thomas L., Civil War
English, Hiram Baker, Civil War
Fullenwider, Joseph N. H 40th Inf.
Ghormley, Hubert M., WW I
Groves, James R., Co. K, 60th Inf.
Groves, John F., Co. C, 40th Inf.
Hanna, Pendleton, Co. G, 133rd Inf.
Hanna, Tyra L., Co. B, 78th Ind. Inf.
Johnson, F. M., Co. K, II1th Inf.
Loudermill, Henry, Civil War
Lough, Henry H., 31st Ind. Vol. Inf.
Lough, Herbert, Civil War
Milligan, Thos. E., Co. K, IIth Inf.
Moody, Thomas M., Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Moody, T. N., Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Moore, Richard L., C 1st Va. Cav. Conf.
Murray, James, Co. H, 129th Ohio
Oldahue, Jacob, Mexican War
Prett, H. A., Civil War
Scott, Archelaus, Co. B, 43rd Inf.
Sharp, Joseph R., Co. H, 40th Inf.
Shaw, John W., Co. K, 60th Inf.
Smith, Peter K., Mexican War
Swanay, Leslie C., WW I
Upton, Albertus, Spanish-amei'-1-
Ward, Roy, Civil War
Williams, Daniel, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Wilson, Thos. W., Co. B, 10th Inf. Cv. W.
York, Jess, Civil War
Yount, James W., Co. K, II1th Inf.

Masonic (Crawfordsville - Union Twp) - note:  this is NOW named Oak Hill Grant Avenue (grrrrr - now, thousands of people aren't buried in Masonic Cemetery anymore but Oak Hill Grant Avenue and they didn't even move - how dumb)

Abney, Howard L,. WW II
Anderson, Austin B., Co. C, 72nd Inf.
Armstrong, William Lauris, World War
Arndt, Robert, WW II
Auman, Marion James Jr., WW II
Austin, Thornton. Co. G. IIth Ind. Inf.
Badgley, Byron, WW II
Badgley, Virgil P., WW II
Bailey, Charles, War Of 1812
Bailey. Charies, Jr., Co. G, 120th Inf.
Baldwin, James, Co. 1, 148th Inf.
Bannon. Richard Lee
Barcus, John M., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Barnhart, Peter. Co. A, 23rd Ky.
Bayless, William T., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Beach, Samuel H., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Bean, Leo C., Army, 1903-1909
Benefiel, James H., Co. B, 154th Inf.
Bennett, James W., 40th Inf.
Benson, Richard S., 7th Ohio Batty.
Bias, Jere, Co. B. 124th Inf.
Bias, John. Civil War, USC. T.
Bikes, W. H.
Black, Samuel H,. Co. B, 120th Inf.
Blankenship, James M., Co. K. 3rd Ky.
Blue, Victor J., Co. E, 116th Inf. WW
Boilman, Robert Max, WW II
Booher, Eugene Milton, WW II. Returned From Overseas
Boone, Daniels, Co. C, 2stn USC. Inf.
Boots, James F., 20th Bat, Ind. Lt Art.
Brady, Arthur M., Co. F. II2:H Am. Tr. W.W.
Brake, Richard A,. World Wa- S I And II
Bratton, Howard, Co. M. L5ath Ind. Vol. Inf.
Bratton, William F,. 25th Ill. Inf.
Brigance, William Norwood, WW I
Britton, Harry F,. Wurid War I
Britton, Harry T,. .Tr., WW II, Killed March 26. Coatesville. Ind., Tornado
Britton, William. Co. B. 120th Inf.
Broach, Lawrence F,. WW II
Brooks, William R,. Co. A, -33rd Lnf.
Brown, Carcie Leroy, WW II
Brown, Fred W., S. A. T. C., WW
Brush, James R., Co. C, 40th Inf.
Bruce, I. She A., WW I
Burns, Paul H., 22nd Ind. Bat. Civil War
Butcher, Charles Madison, 18th Ind. Bty.
Caldwell, James Everett, WW I
Calloway. Samuel, Alias, Frel Stewart, Civil War
Calloway, Frederick. Civil War
Campbell, Fred E., Co. M, 327th Inf., WW
Campbell, Herman David, WW I
Caplinger, Theophilus P., Maj. Med. Corps, WW
Carlile, Charles Raymond, WW II
Carroll, Hubert Allen, WW II
Carroll, John A., USMarine Reg. Army
Cash, Braxton, Confederate
Chesterton, Howard Donald. WW II
Christiansen, James, Spanish-American
Churchill, Harmon, USC. T. Civil War
Clapp, Lyman, WW I
Clark, Cecil Ray, WW I
Cline, Benjamin, Co. C, UST. C. Civ. War
Coffenberry, Nathan L., C 86th Inf.
Coleman, Moses W., 3rd Ky. Civ. & Mex. W.
Collins, Elijah, Co. K, 15th 101.
Conley, Marvin C., WW II
Conrad, Eugene L., WW II
Cook, Robert Rex, U.S. Army, 1947-49
Coons, Albert, Co. I, 135th Inf.
Corbin, John A., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Courtney, Joseph W., WW II
Cowan, Samuel W., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Cox, Howard W., Co. I, 2nd USInf. S-Am.
Cox, Wilson T., Co. G, 26th Inf.
Craig, A. B., Civil War
Craig, Samuel M., Co. B, II0th Inf.
Crane, John Harold, 42nd Ind. WW
Crawford, James B., C, 108th Inf.
Crist, Harry H., 16th Ind. Batty. Civil War
Culbertson, Herman S., WW II
Dale, Clayton, WW I
Davis, Thompson, Co. C, 108th Inf.
Davis, W. M., Co. G, IIth Inf.
Delaney, Henry, 3rd Ky.
Delaney, Lee, WW I
Delp, Robert William, WW II
Dolph, Milford William, U. S Army
Douglas, Donald Dewey, WW I
Douglass, Edwin R., Co. D, 150th Inf.
Drake. Moses C., Surgeon 15th Ill.
Durham, Alfred, WW II
Dye, Wallace A., WW II
Ellington, John J., Co. A, 51st Inf.
Elliott, Cyrus Edward, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Elliott, George Leonard, WW I
Ellis, Russell, WW II
Ensor, Samuel, WW I
Etchison, John T., Marines, WW II
Etter, Lloyd G., WW I
Etter, Lloyd G., WW I
Everson, Jacob, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Esra, Claude L., WW I
Ewoldt, Claude Frederic, Spanish American War
Fairfield, Clinton, WW I
Fear, Harry Rex, WW I
Fitzpatrick, Otto F., WW I
naningam, Cassius Ramply, WW I
Floyd, Robert William, WW II
Fordyce, William Allen, Spanish American War
Foster, Wesley, Co. C, 28th USC. T.
Fowler, Elston Lee, WW II
Fry, W. S., 1st Lt. 108th Inf. Mm. Men.
Fryer, John R., 9th Ind. Bat.
Fullenwider, John C., 1st Lt. 58th Ind.
Galloway, George, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Gulls, George W., L, 5th Ind. Cav.
Gooldy, William P., WW II
Graham, James F., 124th Inf.
Graham, James H., 124th Inf.
Graham, James W., H, 79th IIi.
Green, James M., Civil War
Green, Lawrence, WW I
Griffin, John R., Civil War
Griffith, Thomas B., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Griner, Joseph Bryan, WW I
Gronert, Theodore G., WW I
Grubbs, Samuel, Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Gwynn, John W., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Grzesk, Leo Henry, WW II
Hall, Oscar Raymond, WW I
Hamilton, Hector B., E, 2d Eng. Sp-Am.
Hamm, Byron C., 36th F. A. WW
Hampton, John C., G, 135th Inf.
Hampton, Washington, 140th Inf.
Hanna, Harold A., WW I
Harrell, John T., So. C, 40th Inf.
Harris, James, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Harrison, Blanden A., Co. F, 6th Iowa
Hartley, Oliver E., WW I
Hatfield, Thomas, B, 72nd Ind.
Headley, Hiram, Co. C, 22nd Pa. Cav.
Heslar, James F., Co. P. 78th Inf.
Hicks, Benjamin, WW I
Hillard, John W., 116th Inf. World War
Hood, Hubby B., WW I
Hoover, Harrison, Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Howard, Russell W., WW II
Huff Man, Earl, WW I
Huffmier, George E., Co. E, 83rd Ill.
Hungate, Harold G., WW II
Jenkins, Albert, WW I
Jewitt, Jeremiah, Co. I, IIth Inf. C. W.
Johnson, George G., B, 47th USC. T.
Johnson, James A., 2nd Calif.
Johnson, Jess, US Army
Johnson, J. W., Civil War
Jolley, Ora E., WW I
Jolley, Ray Alfred, 327th Inf. World War
Jolley, Ross B., WW II
Jones, Carl W., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Jones, Clarence R., WW II
Jones, Elmer, Spanish American War
Jones. Marsh H., WW I
Kendall, Bruce, WW I
Kendall, Thomas Edward- WW I
Kessee, George H., WW II
Keys, Joseph, Co. E, 63rd Inf.
Kingen, David G, 36th Ind. 2d 0. Bat.
Lafew, Henry, Civil War
Lane, Albert, 18th Ind. Batty.
Lane, George W., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Laslie, Joseph B., Co. K, 15th Inf.
Lepper, Edward, WW I
Lepper, Edward, Co. C, 46th Inf.
Lepper, Harry Earl, US Navy, World War
Light, James 0., Spanish American War
Liter, Martin H., 20th Ind. Batty.
Little, George M., Co M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Long, Glenn W., WW I
Luddington, Hislar, Co. E, 25th Ill.
Luddington, Ira T., Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol Inf.
Macy, John M., Co. A, 137th Ohio
Magill, Philip H., Co. B, 78th Inf.
Marthey, L. Gene, WW II
Masterson, William S., D, 135th Inf.
Maxwell, Fred T., Bat. C, 2nd F. A. WW
Maxwell, George P,. Spanish-American
Maxwell, John, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Middleton, Fred M., WW II
Middleton, George Leroy, WW II
Miller, Jacob. Revolutionary War
Miller, John W., 18th Ind. Batty.
Miller, William Harry, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Miller, William Newton. Co. B. 120th Inf.
Millikan, William Guy, WW I
Mills, E. H., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Mills, George L., K, IIth Cav. 126th Rgt.
Mitchell, Guy Edward, US Navy World War
Monfort, John C., 40th Ind. Inf.
Moore, John A., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Moore, John D., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Moore, Victor Leon, WW I
Moore, Walter A., Spanish-American War
Morgan, Charles Clayton, Korean War
Morris, Dan, WW I
Morris, James, C, 10th Cav. N. Y.
Murphy, Omer C., WW I
McCalip, Hugh, Co I, 67th Inf.
McCartney, Joseph E., WW II
McCloud, Raymond E., WW II
McClure, Charles C., Spanish-American War
McClusky, William T., WW II
McCormick, Hugh, Civil War
McCormick, Jesse L., WW II
McCrea, Aaron, E, 14th USC. T.
McGill, Philip H., Co. B, 78th Inf.
McGrew, James, Civil War
McGrigg, Joseph A., Co. D, 135th Inf.
McGuire, James B., WW I
McIntosh, William H., Co. H, IIth Ind. Inf.
McKinsey, F. M., Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
McKinsey, Joseph B., 10th & C, 40th Ind.
McNeely, William H., Co. G, 10th Ind.
Naylor, Isaac, War Of 1812
Nelson, David J., 32nd Coast Art. WW
Nelson, George L., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Newell, August E., 18th Ind. Baty.
Newkirk, Jackson, D, 2nd Col. Cav.
Newlin, Harold R., WW II
Newlin, Riley Avery, WW II
Newton, Horace E., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Newton, William Q.- M, 135th Inf.
Nichols, James, Co. H, 133rd Inf.
Nichols, John B., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Nichols, Joseph L., Co. G, 135th Inf.
Nicholson, Donald Winton, US Army
Nicholson, Elihu, B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Nicholson, Frank, Co. G, Spanish-American
Nicholson, James F., G, 5th USCav.
Norman, Harold F., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Nussis, Triff On, WW I
Oliphant, William, WW I
Osborn, H. N., Civil War
Orr, Daniel, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Orr, Harold, World War
Paire, Albert L., 18th Ind. Lt. Art.
Parker, Carl R., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Parnell, Charles U., WW I
Parris, Leo, WW II
Parson, James M., 70th Ind. Inf.
Patton, David H., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Patton, John, Civil War
Pearson, Richard S., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Pennock. John P., 22nd Ind. Baty.
Pickle, Joseph, Co. B, 54th Ind. Inf.
Poore, Richard L., 108 M. C. Bn. 28th Div. WW
Potts, Elisha, Co. K, 86th Inf.
Pursell, Thomas C., Co. B, IIth Ind. Inf.
Pyle, Vance, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Ramsey, Harry L., 14th Ordn. Grd. Co. W.W.
Rector, Lora Allen, WW II
Rector, Oliver Harold, WW II
Reep, Charles, Civil War
Reep, Clarence, World War Mm, Korean War
Reese, Claude C., Co. K, 44th USVol. Inf.
Ryker, William H., 120th Ind. Inf.
Riley, Ambrose W., Co. B, 135th Inf.
Riley, George W., Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Roach, Ora J., 12 Mg. Bn. 4th Div. WW
Robb, William Walker, USC. T.
Robbins, Ulmont, S., Sr., WW II
Robertson, Lee Edwin, 321 Grd. Frmn. WW
Robinson, J. F., 63rd Ohio
Roderick, D. G., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Rominger, Madison, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Ross, John W., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Salsbury, Leslie G., WW I
Scaggs, Harold L., WW II
Scaggs, Leo Joseph, WW I
Scott, John J., WW I
Scott, Ray, WW II
Scott, Robert Elmer, World W-r I
Scott, Thomas D., Co. I, 17th Inf.
Sering, William D., 16th Ind. Baty.
Shevlin, James M., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Shook, Cyril Clayton, WW II
Shuler, Lewis H., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Simpson, James M., Co. G. 10th Ind.
Simpson, John W., Co. 1, 51st Inf.
Sinclair, Herbert Ellis, WW I
Sinkey, William, Spanish American War
Slavens, Clyde Norman, WW II
Siamas, Harry, WW I
Smith, Artie L., WW I
Smith, James T., WW II
Smith, Thomas A., Co. A, 19th Inf.
Smith, William C., 40th Ind. Inf.
Smith, William L., Civil War
Snyder, Earl A., Sr., WW I
Snyder, John J., IIth Ind. Inf.
Spears, Max Stanley, WW I
Speed, Sidney, 18th Ind. Baty.
Sperry, Henry S., Mexican War
Sperry, Frederick L., 18th Ind. Bat.
Spray, Leslie I., WW I
Staley, Donald Martin, WW II
Stalker, Peter C., 5th Ind. Cav.
Stephens, Guy F., Am. Tr. Wid. War
Steele, William H., K, 120th Inf.
Steele, Robert Rush, Korean War
Stull, Byron Finley, WW II
Swank, James H., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Swank, John W., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Sweeney, Lee, Co. L, 3rd Ky. Inf. S-Am.
Taylor, Arthur Lee. WW I
Taylor, Roy F., WW I
Taylor, Thomas, Co. H, 135th Inf.
Thompson, Russell H., WW I
Tilney, Gerald Kenneth, WW II, Airborne Infantry, Returned From Overseas
Timmons, Jesse Lynn, WW I
Tinsley, Joseph, Co. B, 15th Ky.
Tinsley, Roy E., WW II
Todd, William Milford, US Navy
Townsend, Ralph J., WW II
Turner, John Wilson, WW I
Tyler, William S., Co. D, 116th Inf.
Vancleave, Benjamin F., Spanish-American
Vancleave, James M., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Vannice, Howard B., WW I
Vannice, James M., K, 154th Inf.
Vannice, John W., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Virts, R. H., Co. H, 80th Ohio
Wade, Isaac, Co. I, 77th Ind. Inf.
Wagoner, Lee S., Co. L, 3rd Kentucky Inf., Spanish American War
Waldon, Dr. C. H., Civil War
Walton, William G., G, IIth Inf.
Ward, Oscar, 40th Ind. Inf.
Watson, James, Co. K, 86th Inf.
Weir, Leon, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Wells, Thomas, Co. C, 12th Ill. Inf.
Whitaker, Walter Coburn, Spanish-American
White, George R., Co. M, 161st Ind. S-Am.
White, Robert P., M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Whitis, Lee, WW II
Whittaker, William, Co. B, 40th Inf.
Wichmann, Stanley Dean, USMarines
Wilhelm, Guy Marion, WW I
Williams, Arthur, WW I
Williams, William Guy, WW I
Wilson, Thomas, Co. E, World War
Wolverton, William, 9th Ind. Baty.
Woods, Richard L., WW II
Woods, William, 128th Pol. Corps, WW
Worley, Joseph, Co. E, 18th USInf.
Worrell, Harvey Vernon, WW I
Wray, Charles A., Spanish American War
Wray, Damon C., WW I
Wray, Robert Kenneth, WW II
Wright, Anderson, B, 8th Tenn. Cav.
Wright, James, Co. G, 58th Ind. Inf.
Zachary, Alvin, Co. K, 154th Inf.

Masonic (Waynetown - Wayne Twp)

Allen, Morris H., WW I
Alward, Kenneth, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Armentrout, Frederick F., 120th Inf. WW
Arnett, Clifford C., WW II
Baldwin. Mahlon H., G, 28th USV. Sp-Am.
Ball, William B., WW II
Barrington, John, Co. II, 20th Ohio Inf.
Beck, Daniel, A, 5th Ind. Cav. 90th Rgt.
Bever, Alexander, Civil War
Bever, Homer H., WW I
Bever, James P., Civil War
Bible, Alexander, Co. D, 116th Inf.
Biddle, Clarence Glenn, WW I
Biddle, William H., Co. H, 16th Ky.
Bishop, Jesse Arlie, WW II
Bishop, Lawrence M., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Blackford, William V., WW II
Boldt, Ernest M., WW II
Bolser, Frank, Co. K, 93rd Ind. Vol.
Booe, Charles, WW II
Booe, Sim S., WW I
Bounnell, Harry M., WW I
Bowsher, J. B., Co. A, 95th Inf.
Brant, Matthias, Civil War
Brown, Joseph H., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Brown, Paton J., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Brown, William A., USMarine Corps
Brown, Zebulon. Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Bunnell, Charles, WW II
Burns, William K., Civil War
Bushong, Milo, WW I, Capt. Army Medical Corps
Cable, William Logan, WW II
Callahan, G. R., WW I
Campbell, ('Arl E .Jr., WW II
Carpenter, Oliver, Civil War
Cedars, Ernest I., Med. Dept. L.B.N., WW
Cedars. Howard Franklin, Korean War
Cedars, Harry Richard, WW II
Clements, Paul G., WW II
Conner, John F., 325th F. A. Bat. C
Coons. Albert L., Co. I, 135th Inf.
Cooper, Carey, Civil War
Cord, Robert L., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Cord, William, Co. G, IIth Inf.
Cramer, J. Alexander, Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Cramer, Frederick H., C, 1st USArt. S. A.
Cramer, Henry P., Co. G, 116th Inf.
Duke, Charles Edward, US Army
Duke, Harold B., WW II
Dwiggins, James M., Civil War
Dwiggins, Russell H., Lt., Aviation, WW
Dwiggins, Samuel, Civil War
Ellis, Charles H., Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Ellis, Charles K, Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Ellis, James H., Civil War
Ellis, James W., Co. C, 154th Inf.
Ellis, Jezreel, D, 3d Ind. Inf.
Ellis, John N., Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Ellis, Robert T., Co. C, 116th Inf.
Ellis, William G., Civil War
English, Burton D., Co. K, IIth Inf.
Etter, Fred, WW I
Eubanks, Robert Russell, Korean War
Farrell, Henry, Civil War
Faunce, William E., Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Fink, Isaac, Co. F, 76th Ill. Inf.
norey, Homer Q., WW II
Follick, Elmer C., WW I
Follick, Glenn, WW I
Follick, Isaac, Co. A, 63rd Inf.
F'outs, Cirude J., WW I
Frances, Russell A., WW II
Fry, Stephen B., I, 8th Ill. Inf.
Gravett, Richard, WW II
Grenard, Clarence E., WW I
Grenard, Raymond L., WW I, Motor Transport Corps
Grenard, Walter V., WW I
Groves, Aquilla W., Co. C, 40th Inf.
Groves, Arnett R., WW I
Grubbs, John W., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Hall, Elijah, War Of 1812
Hall, Josephine, WW I
Hartley, Oliver Esten, WW I
Hartsock, I. P., Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Harvey, Joseph M., 10th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Hayes, John D., WW II
Hayes, Richard E.,WW I
Hays, Leslie W., Center, Of. Tr. Sc. WW
Heath, John C., Co. I, 27th Inf.
Heath, John M., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Hill, James, Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Hodson, Forrest D. WW I
Hoffa, Daniel, Spanish-American War
Hole, Leslie R., WW I
Jiolman, R. M., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Hudson, Charles E., WW I
Hughes, Charles Ross, Spanish-Am2rican War
Hughes, Jonathan, Co. E, 63rd Inf.
Hurt, Fred C., USHosp. Cr. Sp-Am.
Ingersol, Jonathan, Co. C, 154th Inf.
Ingersoll, Herschel M-ffett. WW II
Ingersoll, Hugo E., WW I
Ingersoll. Lloyd
Johnson, Edwin A., WW II
Keller, Wilmer E., WW II
Kelley, Edward, Co. D, 135th Inf.
Keys, William G., Civil War
Keys, Alfred, WW I
Keyes, William T., Civil War
Kinney, Fred, WW I
Kline, W. D., WW I
Kramer, George, Spanish-American
Kramer, Joseph G., 229th Air Sq. WW
Krout, Ernest, Korean War
Krout, Gerald, WW II
Krout, Kenneth, WW II
Lanham, Claude
Lewellen, Archie A., WW I
Lighty, Orvell Russell, 185th Inf. WW
Marks, William, Mexican War
Martin, William R., Co. I, IIth Inf.
Matney, W. E., WW I
Meadows, Kenneth W., Korean War
Merrell, Basil, WW II
Merrell, Harold Ray, WW II
Merrell, Lewis, WW II
Michaels, Ola G., WW I
Middleton, Robert W., Co. F, II0th Ohio
Mitsch, Willard, WW I
Moore, Fred P., WW I
Moore, Lawrence L., D, 330 Inf. WW
Morgan, Chestcr Lowell, WW II
Myers, Harry, WW I
Mcalister, Elmer C., World War
Mcalister, Roland S. Sr., WW I
McClelland, Floyd M., WW I
McCollum, John Nelson, WW II
McCracken, Stanley A., Co. D, 26 Eng. US Army
McIntyre, Norma Jean Wills, US Army
Mcsweeney, John P., Sp-Amer. War
Osborn, William K., A, 13th Ind. Cav.
Parker, David L., Co. K, 13th Inf.
Parker, James, 21st Ind. Inf.
Patterson, Howard F., WW II
L'ence, George W., Philippines
Pendleton, Paul H., WW II
Pickett, Russell, Co. I, 7th Inf. WW
Pierce, Loye J., WW I
Ping, Irodel T., WW II
Points, John, Civil War
Points, William, Civil War
Poore, Fred Lee Jr., U.S. Army, 1949
Powell, Milton B., 23rd Ky. Vol.
Quillin, James T., WW I
Radley, George W., Co. D, S. S. Ill. Inf. Cw.
Ratcliff, Stephen, Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Rca, James, Co. E, 69th Ohio Vol.
Reeves. Enoch, Co. I, 79th Inf.
Rice, Howard Evan, WW II
Rice, J. W., WW I
Richards, J. L., WW I
Richardson, Harold F.
Richardson, Howard, W. Vt. II
Richardson, John, WW II
Rider, William E., WW I
Rider, William, H, 5th Ind. Cav.
Runyon, Raymond Leroy, WW I
Rush, Gerald A., 138th Inf. World War
Rush, James Earl, WW I
Sanders, Reuben N., Co. 1). 63rd Jul.
Shoemaker, Elder L., Civil War'
Shuler, Lacey, World Wars I And II
Shurr, John A., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Simpson, Charles E. WW I
Small, Clarence W., Signal Cps. W. Vt.
Small, George H., World War
Small, Lee, WW II
Small, Nathan, Civil War
Smith, Peter, Co. D, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Steel, John W., Co. C, 30th Ky.
Stivers, Wallace, 0., Si) Amer. War
Stover, Louis E., WW II
Stull, Aquilla, Co. D. 6:3rd Inf.
Sutton, Paul, WW I
Swank, Forrest Rex, WW II. Returned From Overseas
Thompson, David, Co. C. 51st Inf.
Tucker, Joseph L., WW I
Turner, Donald G., Korean War
Wainscott. Clarence, WW I
Watson, George Vt., C. 6th Mo. Cav.
West, Dale, WW II
Wiggins, Raymond Archer, WW II
Wilkinson, Richard L., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Williams, Isaac, Civil War
Williamson, E. D., Co. B, 63rd Inf.
Wills, Eli, WW I
Wills, Lloyd, WW I
Wilson, Albert Earl, WW II
Winters, Zachariah. Co. C, 1i2nd Ohio
Wood, Harold E., World I
Wood, Henry W., WW II
Woods, James, L., 1st Ind. Cav., 28th Hg.
Young, John B., Co. D, 47th Inf.
Zook, James, Civil War
Zook, J. K., Co. D, 63rd Inf.
Zook, J. W., Co. 1), 63rd Inf.

Meharry (Coal Creek Twp)

Beach, Everett, WW I
Caldwell, Eugene, WW II, Navy
Chauncey, David W., D, 8th Ill. Inf.
Dickerson, Dr. John Vt., Med. C, 4th Ind. Cav.
Hartness, Thomas M., Co. D, 150th Inf.
Kendall, Thomas Edward, WW I
Kendler, Philip P., W. Vt. II
Lutz, Robert, WW I
McCorkie, Andrew C., Co. B, 78th Inf.
McCorkle, Chai'les Howard. WW I
Patton. Robert, 50th Ind. Vol.
Seaman, Paul, WW I
Shepherd, Paul, Vt. Vt. II, Returned From Overseas
Stephens. Delmar R., \\'Orld War I
We'avei', John, 1st Regi. In!. Legion
Wilson. J M., Co. G, 40th Ind. Jul.

Methodist (Waveland - Brown Twp)

Barnaur, James, Civil War
Cooper, David, Co. B, 43rd Ind. Inf.
Cooper, .Tames, Co. B, 43rd Inf.
Eastlack, Samuel, H, 40th, & K, II1th Inf.
Harris, John, Co. B, 70th Inf.
Hendrickson, Joseph, Co. B, 52nd Pa.
Huff, Richard, Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Isaacs, J., Confederate
Long, John, Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Lough, Thomas, War Of 1812
Lough, John H., War Of 1812
Marshall, Cyrus, Co. H, 97th Inf.
McIntosh, Henry, Co. H, IIth Ind. Inf.
Reed, John. A., Co. H, 40th Ind. Inf.
Ward, John, Civil War

Michael (Union Twp)

Hardee, John M. J., Revolutionary War
Weir, Alexander, War Of 1812

Moore (Brown Twp)

Moore, Elias, Co. A, 20th Ind. Inf.
Moore, Philip, Civil War
Moore, William, War Of 1812

Mt. Pleasant (Coal Creek Twp)

Bennett, Thomas J., Co. B, 51st Inf.
Clouse, Frank, Civil War
Clouse, John, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Dunwoody, E. B., Co. D, 72nd Inf.
Mason, George K., Co. G, IIth Inf.
McCarthy, Cornelius, Unknown
McDaniel, George W., Spanish American War
Nolan, John, I, 5th Mo. Cav.
Simms, George W., 20th Bat. Ind. Lt. Art.
Simms, Presley G., Revolutionary War
Tombleson, John W., Sailor

Mt. Pleasant (Scott Twp)

Thomas, James T., Co. K, 86th Inf.

Mt. Tabor (Union Twp)

Williams, James, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.

Mt. Zion (Union Twp)

Biggs, William H., US Navy
Boraker, Clarence E., 34th F. A. WW
Cope, Absalom B., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Ellis, Charley, M, 158, Ind. Vol. Inf.
Ellis, Ira, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Ellis, William D., 63rd Ind. Inf.
Ferris, George, Co. I, 159th Ind. Volunteer I.
Miller, Merle, A., 2nd Ind. Inf. Ng. WW
Morris, Daniel, 7th USCav., W. Custer
Morris, Louis D., WW II
McCall, Thomas E., World Wai' II
Wills, Wilbert, WW I

McCormick (Ripley Twp)

Denman, William, Mexican War
Keys, William G., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Lindsey, Joseph, War Of 1812
Tate, John L., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Tate. Joseph H., Co. D, 150th Inf.
Warfield, William. 65th Ind. Inf.

McMurry (Scott Twp)

Devoss, Allen, Co. K, IIth Ind. Inf.

New Richmond (Coal Creek)

Anglin, James Herbert, WW II
Alexander, Harold, World Wars I And II
Alexander, Isaac Howell, Mex. War
Aliman, Emery, Co. F, 5th Indiana
Bastion, Oris Edison, WW II
Bastian, W. J., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Bible, John C., Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Biddle, Elmer, WW I
Boeldt, Alfred W., WW II
Braman, Warren E., WW I
Brown, Earl, Korean War
Brown, Walter
Brown, William
Burns, W. H., G, 116th & D, 135th Inf.
Campbell, Elisha, C., G, 116th Inf.
Clark, John, Mexican War
Clarkson, Peter, Co. E, 63rd In1.
Clements, William H., US Army
Cochran, Robert, WW II
Cook, Thomas M., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Crouch, Jonathan, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Dazey, Jacob, Mexican War
Dazey, Kenneth, WW II
Dazey, Mahlon, Civil War, Ind.
Dazey, William, Co. D, 116th Inf.
Ebrite, Alfred, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Eller, James W., Co. I, 22nd Vol. Inf.
Eller, William H., Civil War
Ellis, Zachariah, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Elmore, Aetna G., World War, Aviation.
Elmore, Glenn, World War
Foster, George James, Co. I, 72nd Inf.
Foster, Wiley, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Gerard, Wesley C., Lt. Co. D, 72nd Inf.
Graves, Charles B., WW II
Craves, Fred, WW I
Graves, William H., K. IIth Cav. 126th
Hankins, Paul C., WW I
Harper, Middleton, War Of 1812
Harris, Paul Irwin, WW II
Haywood, Curtis E., Co. G, 116th Inf.
Hinton, Theodore, F. H., F. 7th Ind. Cav.
Hobbs, Horatio L., Co. E, 63rd Inf.
Hobbs, Leroy, Co. G, 40th Inf.
Humbert, Joseph, Co. K, 15th Inf.
Jones, William Fife, World War Lt.
Jones, W. T., Co. D, 107th Inf.
Kincaid, James, Ind. Home Grd. Civ. War
Kincaid, Samuel E., M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Kirkpatrick, Absalom B., Capt. B, 40th
Kirkpatrick, Cyrus H., Co. B, 40th Inf.
Kirkpatrick, Mi1ton. WW I
Lane, Robert, WW II
Livingston, William J., 40th Inf.
Locke, Otis Harlan, WW II
Long, John S., Co. G, 116th Inf,
Lunger, Asbury. M, 7th Ind. Cav.
Lunger, Philip, Mexican War
Lyons, Charles Edward, World War Ti
Mason, Lee, B, 304th Tank Corps, W, W.
Mason, Mahlon J. Mexican War
Mason, Wilson, Mexican War
McCallum, Neil, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
McCrea, E. T., Capt. D, 33rd Ind. Inf.
McGruder, Edward S., World -war 1
Phillips, George, C. E, 63rd Inf.
Shepherd, William F., Co. B, 40th Inf.
Shotts, Ben H., Regular Army
Short, James, WW II
Smith, Francis M., Co. G, 10th Ind. Inf.
Smith, Franklin A., Co. K, II1th Inf.
Smith, Russell N., WW I
Spear, Lawrence, WW I
Stout, Ira, Civil War
Todd, Donald K., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Watts, Elijah, Co. B, 63rd Inf.
Wheeler, John, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Zuck, Earl, 810th Aero Squadron, WW

Oak Hill (Crawfordsville - Union Twp)

Abbott, James W., WW II
Adams, Charles E., WW II
Adair, James M., Co. B, 54th Ind. Inf.
Agnew, Alvin, Co. H, 40th Ind. Inf.
Aibright, Frederick E., WW I
A-bright, John E., Co. I, 79th Inf.
Alexander, Fred B., Spanish-ame Cati
Alexander, James Earl, WW I
Alexander, Jos., L, 2nd Ind. Cav. 41st Rgt.
Alexander, Joseph L., 2nd Ind. Cav.
Alfrey, F. J., Co. G, 79th Ind. LIIi.
Alfrey, Harry, 27th Ind. F. A., Sp.-amer.
Alfrey, Henry, Co. A, 37th Ind. Inf.
Ambrose, Lewis C., Co. H. 2nd N. Y.
Appel, Clifford E., WW I
Arthur, Elijah A., WW I Chaplain. Decoration Day Chairnian Many Years.
Austin, Archelaus C., 18th Ind. Baty.
Austin, Henry M., Co. G. 133rd Inf.
Auston, John B., War Of 1812
Ayers, Alonzo
Bailey, John, Co. H, 135th Ind. Inf.
Bailey, William J., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Baldwin, Harold J., US Army 1922-27
Baldwin, William J., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Ballard, C. William, WW I
Banister, William H., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Barcus, Glenn C., Korean War
Barcus, Paul J., Capt. 158th Ind. M. C. S-A.
Barcus, Paul, Co. 5, 1st Bat. Wid. War
Barley, Peter A., Co. B, 147th Inf.
Barkalow. Richard, WW I
Barnett, Fred, 44th USV. I., Spanish-American
Barnett, James E., E. 2nd Ind. Car.
Barnhardt, George, Co. H. 43rd Inf.
Bay'ess, C. B., I. 4th Ind. Cav. Cw.
Bayless. George W., 1. 2nd Ind. Cav.
Beach, William Lee. WW II
Beachier, William H., 30 & 35th Ohio
Beatty, Nathaniel, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Bee, Leo Larmar, C, -50th F. A., WW
Belden, Wesley Warren, WW I
Bennett. George W., Co. C, 72nd Inf.
Billingsley, Henry M., Capt. 1, 4th Cav.
Binford, James W., 18th Ind. Baty.
Birch, William H., USR. R. Eng. Civ. W.
Birchneld, Charles M., Spanish-American
Birchfield, Thomas Frank. 18th Bty. Ind. A.
Bishop, John D., 135th Ind. Mex. War
Blame, Allen T., Co. K, 22nd Inf.
Blair, John W., Co. K, 86th Lnf.
Bowers, Fred Harry, 8 Co. Bn, 159 Dp. WW
Boyd, Wallace J., Co. D, 72nd Inf.
Boyer, John, Co. I, 86th Inf.
Boze, Cecil 0., WW I
Brandenburg, Matthias C. Co. 1, 101, 0.
Bratton, Robert A., 14th Ind. Inf.
Breaks, Luth, World War
Breaks, Walter L., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Bridges, Earl, WW I
Bridges, John W., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Bright, Russell W., Med. Corps, Wld. W.
Britten, Aaron, Co. G, 10th Inf.
Britten, Benjamin F., Co. M, 158, Ind. Volunteer I.
Britten, Cornelius E., 151st Inf. WW
Britten, John R., 20th Ind. Baty, Civ. W.
Britten, William, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Brooks, Charles, Aero Squadron, WW
Brower, George W., US Navy, Civ. W.
Brown, Branc B., WW I
Brown, Charles W., Co. K, 99th Inf.
Brown, Elias, So. E. 150th Inf.
Brown, George R., Col. 9th Ind. Baty.
Brown, James, Co. C, 108th Inf.
Brown, J. Harrison, 16th Ind. Batty.
Brown, Philip, Co. D, 116th Inf.
Brown, So'on H., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Bruner, Melville W., B, 81st Inf. 4, Art.
Brush, William, T., Co. G, 133rd Inf.
Bryant, J. R., Co. E, 18th Inf.
Bryant, Robert E., Capt. USVol.
Bryant, William J., 1st N. Y. Cal.
Buck, Merrick Y., Co. E, 16th Ind. In1.
Buffington, Julian, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Burke, John M., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Burks, Charles E., WW II
Burkmeier, Henry, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Bush, Herbert Robert, WW I
Busenbark, Floyd, Co. E, 151st I. N. G.
Butcher, John H., B, IIth Ind. Art.
Cadwallader, Ira C., Co. I, 135th Inf.
Campbell, Henry, 18th Ind. Baty.
Campbell, Thomas H., Co. G, 20th Inf.
Campbell, William, 20th Bat. Lt. Art.
Carey, Paul D., WW II
Carman, Francis, G, 24th Ky. Cav.
Carr, W. B., Capt. Co. D. D. 135th Inf.
Carrel1, Richard. Korean War
Cashman, Francis M., G, 24th Ky. Car.
Caster, Abraham B., Co. G, IIth Ind.
Caster, Fred Douglas, Capt. A, 159th Ind. Volunteer I.
Cavan, John F., Capt. G, IIth Inf.
Cave, James E., M, IIth Ind. Car.
Chadwick, James Martin, I, 2nd N. Y. Cav.
Churchill, Henry H., WW I
Clark, Alvin, Co. C, II4th Inf.
Clark, Henry M., Co. E, 63rd Inf.
Clark, Milton H., Co. K, IIth Inf.
Clearwaters James Donald, WW I, Aviation Squadron 128
Clearwaters, Leon M., Musician, WW
Clemson, John W., Co. I, 46th Ohio
Clements, James, Inf. Off. Tr. Sch. WW
Cochran, Morris, WW I
Coffman, J. H., Co. K, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Cole, Eleazar, Co. E, 7th Ind. Inf.
Collar, George C., Capt. USMarines WW
Colleto, John, WW I
Collins, Frank, I, 4th Ind. Cav.
Conkright, Ellery A., WW II
Connell, Orval, WW II
Cook, Herbert L., WW II
Cook, James H., Co. K, 18th Inf.
Coombs, Dewey W., Woild War I
Coons, George W., Co. H, 154th Inf.
Coppage, Henry Clay, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Coppage, Lewellan G., Confederate
Cory, Charles, Co. H, 19th Inf.
Corbin, Smith, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Cowan, Edward H., Civil War, Co. H, 135th Indiana, Surgeon General G. A. R.
Cox, Howard W., Co. M, 158th 1. V. I.
Cox, William B., Co. F. 63rd II1.
Crabbs, B. F., Co. A, 163rd Ohio
Crawford, Charles M., Co. I, 135th Inf.
Crawford, Charles Thomas. Co. H, 7th Ind.
Crawford, John Albert, 18th Ind. Baty.
Cretors, Joseph H., Co. I, 63rd Inf.
Crowder, Sterling H., Co. C. 63rd Inf.
Croy, William Fred, WW I
Cruse, Columbus D., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Cunningham, Ira A., S. A. T. C. WW
Curtner, Ollie P., World War
Cutts, Dewey H., C. Reg. Res. WW
1)Avidson, Claude W., WW I
Davidson, Franklin G., 1st Lt. F. A., WW
Davidson, Thomas F., Co. B, 120th Lnf.
Davis, Andrew B., B. 10th Ind.
Davis, Isaac, Co. C, 10th Ind.
Davis, Warren W., 2nd M. G. 1st Div. WW
1)Eets, Emly, 9th Ind. Battery
Deighton, George H., Co. C, 108th Regt.
Demorett, Everett Bennett, D, 120th F. A. W.W.
Dennis, Milton P., Co. D, 1st Wis.
Dice, Frank M., Co. C, 116th Inf.
Dice, William A., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Dickerson, James, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Dinwiddie, John E., Korean War
Doane, Noble Floyd. WW I
Doherty, Madison, 0., 120th Inf.
Doherty, Marshall D., Co. I, IIth Ind.
Dorsey, John W., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Dorsey, Roy H., WW I
Dowden, James Robert, Korean War
Downing, Samuel P., Civil War (Confed.)
Doyel, Allen, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Doyle, Charles, Co. G, 16th USInf. Spanish-American
Doyle, David H., Co. D, 44th USV. Spanish-American
Dryer, Robert Vernon, U. 5. Army
Duncan, Alexander, Co. B, 120th Inf.
Duncan, Joseph R., Surgeon IIth Iowa
Dunn, James, 63rd New York Regt.
Dunn, J., 59th Regt. Ind. Vol.
Dunn, Nathaniel A., War Of 1812
Dunn, Walter C. (Royal Canadian Air Force)
Eastlack, Allen F., Co. H. IIth Ind. Edwards, Theophih-5 H., 16th Ind. Bty
Elkins, Harry A., 19th Texas Inf. Spanish-American
Elliott, John T., Co. A, 63rd Inf.
Elliott, William Mc., L, 5th Ind. Cav.
Elmore, Charles W., Capt. B, 120th Inf.
Elston, Isaac C., Col. IIth Inf., Civil War
Elston, Isaac C., Maj. War 1812
Elston, Isaac Compton IIi, Spanish Americar
Endicott, Carl A., WW I
Endicott, Herman, Both World Wars
Engle, John Beard, Capt. C, 86th & USA
Ensminger, Leonard A., WW I
Ensminger, Samuel L., Dr. Co. H, IIth Inf.
Eshelman, Peter, Co. B, 72nd Ind.
Everett, Jonathan Edward, WW II
Ewell, George S., WW I
Ewing, John S., Co. A, 16th Ind. Inf.
Farmer, Isom R., Co. H, 40th Ind. Inf.
Fenton, John A., Co. H, 61st Ill.
Ferguson, James Hollister, WW II
Ferguson, John, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Ferrier, Andrew Arvid, WW I
Fertich, William II., C, 9th Ind. Cav.
Fisher, Llewellyn C., WW I
Fishero, Jesse, 10th USInf.
Foote, Lucian A., 14th Indiana
Fo.,Tit. James, WW II
Ford, H. Har'ow, 16th Iowa Inf. WW
Foreman, Henry C., Co. G, 123rd Inf.
Foster, Raymond W., WW I
Fouts, W. F., 1st Lt. 15th Ind. Baty.
Fouts, Wesley, Co. D, 16th Ind. Inf.
Fox, Jesse T., Baty C, World War
Fraley, Samuel W., 13th Iowa
Francis, William T., Co. K, 14th Ind.
Freeman, F. Rider, WW I
Fry, John C., Co. C, 154th Ind. Inf.
Fry, Oliver R., Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Fry, Thomas W., Jr., 1st Lt. E, IIth Ind.
Fry, Thomas W., Surgeon, IIth Ind. Inf.
Fullenwider, Chalmer E., Co. G, 55th Ind.
Fullenwider, Robert A., Co. C, 40th Ind.
Fusori, George P., Co. H, 61st Ill.
Galey, Benjamin F., Black Hawk War
Galey, James R., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Galey, M. H., Co. C, IIth Ind. Inf.
Galey, Wayne W., WW II,
Garver, Emery Detchon, 328 Ti. Bn. WW
Garver, Irwin L., WW I
Gerard, David W., 8th Ohio Bat.
Gikey, Daniel, 18th Ind. Bat.
Gill, Robert E., Jr., WW II
Gilliland, John Hubert, WW I
Gray, Andrew William, B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Gray, .James A., Co. E. 154th Ind. Inf.
Greenlee, Charles William, WW I
Gregory, Alexander S., C, 155th IIi.
Crier, Dcforrset W. WW I
Grimes, Arthur Ray, WW I
Grimes, Ralph B., WW I
Grimes, W. C., Co. I. II5th Ind. Inf.
Gruhbs, Joseph, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Haines, Burt, 1st Tr. Bn. Field Art. WW
Hall, Barton A., Co. C, 145th Inf.
I-Tell, Henry Clay, 86th Ind. Inf.
Hall, Mark, Marine Lt. WW II. Returned From Overseas
Hallowell, James R., Lt. Col. 31st Ind. Hemilton. Nathaniel, Co E, 72nd Ind.
Hankins, T. M., Co. C, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Hardee, Joseph H., Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Harding, Chase, Spanish-American War
Harlan, Orrin M., Co. E, 6th Tenn. Cav.
Harmon, Charles A., WW II
Harper, Hamilton, G, 13th Ind. Cav.
Harper, Lee, World War
Harrell, F. M., Co. G, Inf. Inf.
Harrington, James A., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Harris, Harry F., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Harris, Henry H., US Army
Harris, Peter, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Harris, Robert M., 20th Ind. Baty.
Harris, William K., B, 10th Ind.
Harrison, Charles, Co. I, II8th Inf.
Harrison, Harold J., US Army
Hartley, Ora Edgar, WW I
Hartley, Ora J., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer Inf.
Hartman, David W., Co. G, 10th Ind. Inf.
Hartman, William, Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Hartshorn, David S., Co. F, 13th Ohio
Harting, John, WW I
Harvey, Oliver W., Spanish-American War
Haton, Noes Frederick, USA World War
Hayden, Clarence Warren, WW I
Hays, Robert A., Co. G, 10th Ind. Inf.
Heath, D. N., Civil War
Heath, James, Co. C, II5th Ind. Inf.
Heath, William S., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Henderson, Jacob H., Co. E, 63rd Inf.
Hendricks, Allen, IIth Ind. Vol. Inf.
Hendricks, Charles A., US Army Reg.
Hendricks, Jacob, Bat. L, 1st USArt. Sp.am.
Henry, John W., Co. C, 148th Inf.
Henry, Ray Ben, S. A. T. C., Wid War
Henthorn, Everett I., WW I
Hernley, A. H., Co. I, 23rd Penn.
Herron, Joseph C., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer Inf.
Herron, William Parke, Capt. 72nd Mtd. Inf.
Hesler, Russell Lowell, WW I
Hibbard, Harrison, Bat. E, 36th F. A., WW
Hoffa, Otis B., WW I
Holmes, George W., Capt. Co. K, 6th Iowa
Hoover, Barnett, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Hopkins, Robert T., Co. C, II8th USC. T.
Hornbaker, Albert T., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Hornbeck, Jasper, Co. G, 55th Inf.
Huff, Peter B., War Of 1812
Huffman, Charles D., Co. B, 17th Inf.
Hungate, Ray D., WW I
Hunt, Thomas, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Hunt, Lester, WW I
Hunter, David C., Co. G, 31st Ind. Inf.
Hurt. James D., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Hutchings, Byron Merle, WW I
Hutchings, William V., Co. I, IIth Inf.
Ilybarger, Leroy, WW I
Hybarger, Robert, WW II, Returned From Overseas
Hyde, - Civil War
Jackson, Robert M., K, IIth Cav. 126th Reg.
Jackson, William H., Co. F. 15th Inf.
Jean, Clarence 0., WW II
Joel. Clarence Joseph, WW I
Johnson, Benjamin F., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Johnson, Jesse A., Capt. 2nd Regt. A. S. M. A.
Johnson, Samuel B., Co. B. 120th Inf.
Jones, Isaac W., Co. G, 3rd Iowa
Jones, Joseph, USC. T., Civil War
Jones, Hubert, WW II, Returi-ed From Overseas
Jordan, William H., D, 28th 1j. S. C. T.
Jennison, Albert C., 4th Ind. Cav.
Jennison, Henry S., Co. I, IIth Ind.
Kane, William P., WW II
Kaper, Peter, Co. B, 183rd Ill. Vol.
Keene, Daniel P., 40th Ind. Inf.
Keene, James Upton, H, 124th USC. T.
Keeran, Thomas, War Of 1812
Keesee, Walter Louis, WW I
Kelley, Bruce, 41st Co., 159th Dp. Br., W. Vt.
Kellison, Carey W., Hosp. Corps, Spanish-American
Kennedy, John C., 16th Ind. Baty.
Kennedy, Peter S., Lt. Co. A, 7th Inf.
Kincaid, Owen Ernest, WW I
Kinnaman, Howard A., WW I
Kirby, Harry Robert, WW II
Kitts, Donald A., WW II
Knee, George Wesley, WW II
Kramer, Robert, USCoast Guard
Krug, George J., 40th Ind. Inf.
Krug, Robert, Co. G, 15th Ind. Inf.
Krug, W. J., 18th Ind. Baty.
Lafar, Henry, Civil War
Lalley, Patrick Henry, Co. I, 36th Inf.
Lamb, George W., Lt. 15th Ind. Inf.
Lane, Henry S., Col. Civil, Mex. War
Larsh, Robert G., Co. H. 135th Inf.
Lavin, Leonard. WW I
Lawton, George M., Co. 1, 45th Pa. Inf.
Layton, Aaron, Co. G, 26th Ind. Inf.
Leech, Thomas F., Co. D, 33rd Inf.
Lemay, Albert S., Lt. Co. I, 13th N. Y.
Lesley, Hilt, Tin Horn War
Lewellen, Clarence C., WW II
Linder, Wa.Llace W., Co. M, 10th 0., Cav.
Linn, James F., K, IIth Ind. Cav.
Liter, Matthias A., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Little, L. Dean, WW I
Lonand, Alfred D., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Long, Robert, WW I
Lucas, Harry, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Luster, Thomas, Tenn., Confed.
Lynch, Richard, Vietnam
Lynn, William H., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Lytle, Benjamin F., Co. I, 86th Inf.
Lytle, William F., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Mackenzie, James D., Canadian, Wid. War
Malshary. Jasper N., K, 138th Ohio
Manson, Mahion D., Brevet May. Gen.
Markshnry, Joshua, Co. K, 17th Ind. Inf.
Martin, Brinson H., 9th Ind. Baty.
Martin, David H., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Martin, James, Co. G, IIth Inf.
Martin, James M. A., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Martin, Wi-IIam H., Co. I, 142nd Inf.
Mason, Joe Thos., D. 5th Ind. Cav.
Mastin, Lester M., WW I
Maxwe'l, Caswell F., 9th Ind. Inf.
Maxwell, Norman P., ] 5th Mar. C. WW
Meagher, Lawrence, WW II
Meyers, George F., 9th Ind. Baty.
Mikels, William J., WW I
Miles, Donald E., WW II
Miles, Ora Lee, WW I
Miles. Richard Dean, Korean Wo R
Miller, Abraham, Co. H, 147th Inf.
Miller, David S., Co. B, 120th Lao
Miller, Enoch, Co. B, 72nd Lao
Miller, Lorin, Mexican War
Miller, Ralph E., WW I
Miller, Watson T., WW I
Millis, Robert Jordan, WW II
Mills, B. Marshall, Lt. 49th F. 8. C. I.
Mitchell, David W., Co. A. 28th Irif.
Mitchell, Harry, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Mitchell, Milton, 4th Ohio Cav.
Mitchell, Thomas L., 182nd Ohio
Mitchell, William F., WW I
Moore, George 'Iv., Co. H. 40th Ind. Laf.
Moore, Robert William. 'Iv. W. II
Morgan, Charles Clayton, Korean War
Morgan, E. H., Lt. Co. 0. 10th Ind. Inf.
Morgan, William H., Brig. Gen. Civ. War
Mount, Ernest Day. WW II
Mount, James A., Co. D. 72nd Ind. Inf.
Mount, John E. D., 1829-1890
Murphy, Cyrus 'Iv., Co. I. 25th Ky. Inf.
Murry, Charles T., M, 158th Ind. Vol. Id.
Murry, Hiram M., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Murphy, Paul, WW II
Myers, Charles I., 9th Ind. Baty.
Myers, Max M., WW II
Myers, Monte B., WW II
Mcadams, James, Co. B, 150th Inf.
McCain, T. H. B., 86th Ind. Inf.
McClamrock, John H., Co. H, 135th Inf.
McClamrock, Lemuel B., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
McClellan, James, Co. H, 135th Inf.
McClelland, James S., Capt. Co. H, 135th
McClure, Cicero, Co. G, 81st IIi.
McClure, David F., Mexican War
McClure, George, Co. B, 12th Ohio Cav.
McConnell, Ira, Co. G, 124th Inf.
McCormack, Jackson, Co. H, 140th Inf.
McCormick, Ralph C., WW II
-ccnllough, Clifford James, WW I
McDaniel, Joseph, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Mcelroy, Eldon, 17th Field Art., 'Iv, 'Iv
McGrigg, Harry G. H., Am. Tr. E. 9th Div., W.W.
McIntire, Forigson G., Co. H, 135th Inf.
McKeown, George R., WW II
McKinley, Wesley, Civil War
McMains, Anderson, Co. C, 40th Ind. Id.
McMakne, Benjamin M., 18th Ind. Baty.
McMechan, Theodore, Co. C, 108th Inf.
McMecken, Theo., Co. I,. IIth Ind. Inf.
McMullen, John, Co. F, 19 Ill.
McMurry, Hiram, Co. E, 50th Ind. Inf.
McNamee, Michael, Co. D, 82nd Inf.
Nauslar, Galloway, Co. D. 135th Inf.
Nelson, Clark B., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Nelson, James L., Spanish-American
Nichols, Francis M., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Nichols, Norman P., WW II
Nicholson, Edward H., Co. I, IIth Ind.
Nicholson. Lawrence, Off. Reserve., World War
Niestadt, Herman, Sign. Corps, Spanish-American
O'Neall, Edgar Howard, Co. H, 135th Inf.
O'Neall, Edgar Howard, Capt. 336th Inf.
Olds, Arch H., WW I
Oliver, William H., D, 5th Indiana
Orcutt, B. Thomas, Spanish-American
Osborn, Jack, Co. F, 128th Inf.
Osborn, Washington, 13th Ind. Inf.
Osborne, James Insley, WW I
Otto, Fred K., 159th Depot Bridge., W. 'Iv.
Owen, James, Co. K, IIth Inf.
Owens, James W., Mexican War
Owens, Marshall, Co. A, 140th Ind. Volunteer I.
Paire, Albert, 20th Ind. Baty.
Pappandrew, Thomas A., 160th Dept. Br Mich.
Parks, Ora Otis, WW I
Parker, J. B., Co. I, 66th Ind. Inf.
Patterson, James, Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Patterson, Roscoe, 1st Div. World War
Pattison, Harley, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Pattison, Loren G., Co. B, 135th Inf.
Patton, George Frederick, 159th F. A. Br.,
Patton, Leslie P., WW I
Pickett, Albert V., Spanish-American War
Pierce, Robert B. F., Lt. 135th Inf.
Peace, John B., Co. B, 40th Inf.
Perry, Henry M., Co. B, 120th Ind. Volunteer I.
Pittman, William, Co. C, 101st Inf.
Plunkett, A. A., Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Powers, David, War Of 1812
Powers, Ira C., Co. I, II8th Ind. Inf.
Powers, John P., Mexican War
Powers, Jonathan W., War Of 1812
Purcell, James Shelby, WW I
Rafferty, Michael D., 63rd Ind. Inf.
Rafferty, William L., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Ragsdale, Thomas, Co. B, 87th Ill.
Ramsey, John W., Adj. 51st Ind. Inf.
Ramsey, Newton L., Co. A, IIth Ind. Inf.
Remley, Ambrose, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Reniley, Andrew J., B, 2nd Ind. Cav.
Remley, William F., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Reprogle, William. Co. K. 12th Ind. Cav.
Repp, Edgar L., World 'Ivar I
Reynolds, Albert F., Spanish-American War
Reynolds, John H., Co. H, 59th Ind. Inf.
Rhodes, Joseph Millard, Co. G, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Ristine, Albert L., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Ristine, Benjamin T., Black Hawk War
Ristine, Harley T., WW I
Ristine, Henry, War Of 1812
Ristine, Theodore Harmon, Co. F, 135th Inf.
Ritter, Thornton, Co. B, 154th Inf.
Robertson, William, Co. C, 108th Inf.
Robinson, Charles W., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Robinson, George S., Civil War
Robinson, Hiram C., WW I
Robinson, Samuel, War Of 1812
Robinson, William George, Co. I, IIth Inf.
Rogers, Frank, Spanish-American
Rogers, George W., Co. I, 150th Ind. Volunteer I.
Rogers, Silas, Co. M. 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Ross, Raymond T.D WW I
Ross, William F., Co. A, 1st Ohio
Rowland, Henry, Co. C, 107th Ill.
Rudy, Preston, 0., World War
Rush, Charles B., WW I
Rusk, Branson, B., Co. F, 69th Ohio
Russell, Byron R., Co. G, 63rd Mi
Samuel, Roscoe
Schenck, Faye 0., WW I
Schiemmer, William A., Spanish American War
Schooler, William W., Co. I, IIth Ind.
Schultz, Jerome M., WW I
Schweitzer, Thomas L., WW II
Scott, John Henry, Co. B, 10th Ind.
Scott, Paul Franklin, WW I
Scott, Uriah M., Co. C, 108th Ind. Inf.
Scott, William W., 18th Ind. Baty.
See, G. Harvey, WW I
Sering, Floyd H., 7th Inf. 3rd Div., WW
Sergent, Silar L., Co. K, 20th Mich.
Shanklin, John A., Co. I, 135th Inf.
Shanklin, Lloyd Elston, WW I
Sharp, John L., WW II
Shepard, Lewis, Co. K, 154th Inf.
Shepherd, John F., Co. E, 72nd Ind. Volunteer I.
Sholty, 0. Verne, 25th F. A., 9th Div.
Shriver, Benjamin Harry, E, 309th Sup. Co.
Sigmond, Harvey W., Capt. Med. Corps, WW
Simpson, John H., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Simpson, Joseph B., Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Simpson, William W., 2nd Ohio Cav.
Singer, William Ellis, L, 5th Cav. 90, Rgt.
Sloan, David Devine, WW I, 47th Infantry
Smith, Charles V., Chem. Warf. Serv., WW
Smith, David Charles, K, 6th Ind. Cav.
Smith, Francis M., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Smith, Homer Lawrence, M, 2nd Ind. Inf.
Smith, Lawrence H., Baty. G, 6th USLt. Art.
Smith, Martin V., B, 133rd Ind. Inf.
Snyder, Benjamin F., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Snyder, Edmund H., World War
Snyder, William Rose, WW I
Speed, Bruce Robert, Co. D, 135th Inf.
Spillman, Theodore, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Sprague, A. A., Michigan Calvary
Sprow, William Jacob, WW I
Stafford, George W., Chap. 40th Ind. Inf.
Stage, Russell B., WW I
Starns, Sterling Homer, WW I
Steele, William W., 18th Ind. Baty.
Steen, William M., K, 5th Ky. Cav.
Stevens, John, Co. B, 67th Ind. Inf.
Stillwell, Stephen A., Co. C, 40th Inf.
Stine, John, Co. B, 67th Inf.
Stitt, James, War Of 1812
Stockdale, Paul T., WW I
Stoker, Emmett L., WW I
Stonebraker, William B., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Stover, George W., Co. B. 10th Inf.
Stover, Samuel, War Of 1812
Straight, Telford L., Co. C, 6th Va.
Streight, Jesse B., Co C, 6th Va.
Stubbins, Joseph L., Co. B, 10th Ind.
Stump, Samuel, Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Stump, Stephen M., H, 159th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Swartz, Glen Newton, WW I
Swank, Jacob, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Swearing-, Ralph, WW I
Swift, Leroy A., Co. K, 15 5th Inf.
Suman, Milo II., Co. 1, IIth Ind. Inf.
Talbot, Henry H., Capt. 7th Ky. Cav.
Talbot, Jesse, Co. H, 135th Inf.
Taylor, C. Howard, WW I
Taylor, Ervie M., WW I
Taylor, James H., Co. H. 135th Inf.
Taylor, Tighlman, Co. C, 108th In1.
Taylor, William D., D, 28th USC. T.
Thomas, Charles L., Maj. 25th Inf.
Thomson, Chester C., 72nd Inf.
Thompson, Maurice J., Confederate
Thompson, Silas Creed, WW I
Tinsley, Harvey R., Co. C. 13 3rd Ind.
Titus, Ernest B., 327 Motor Transp., WW
Toby, George E., WW I
Townsley, Charles E., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Townsley, Joseph C., Co. I, 124th Inf.
Travis, Charles M., Co. E, 12th Ill.
Treep, Samuel, 6th Ohio Cav.
Troutman, Beecher, Spanish-ame-n
Truitt, Arza B., Co. G, 155th Inf.
Turner, Nathaniel 5., 361st Inf., World War
Utterback, C. Jack, WW I
Van Dyke, Charles Francis, WW I
VanSandt, John N., G, 167th Ohio
Vaughn, Harry I., Co. M, 157th Ind. Volunteer Inf.
Waite, Hiram, K, 10th II1. Cav.
Waldon, Jewel E., WW I
Waldon, Ruben A., WW I
Wallace, John H., Co. B, 47th Inf.
Wallace, Lew IIi, WW II
Wallace, Lewis, Brig. Gen. Civ., Mex. War
Wallace, Lewis, Jr., WW I
Wallace, William Noble, World War
Warren, Henry, D, 28th USCol.
Warbritton, Ernest R., Capt. 334th Inf., W.W.
Ward, Forrest A., WW I
Warren, William, WW I
Washburn, George Bennett, WW I
Washburn, Gould, Capt. A, 333rd Inf., WW
Washburn, James Luther, WW I
Wasson, James H., Co. G, 10th Inf.
Wasson, J. W., Co. C, 10th Ind. Inf.
Wasson, W. H., Co. C, 108th Inf.
Watson, Clyde, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Watson, James H., Co. G, 10th Inf.
Watson, Leroy, Co. D, 72nd Inf.
Watts, Anthony A., WW I
Waugh, Milton B., Co. K, IIth Ind. Inf.
Weaver, Harry, Civil War
Weaver, Warren Charles, WW II
Webster, William H., Co. I, IIth Inf.
Wert, Martin V., Capt. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Weston, John, 16th Mass. Inf.
Wheat, Milton K., Tenth Ky.
White, C. B., Surgeon USA, Civil War
White, George R., 8th Regt. Sp.-An-.
White, Russell D., 152nd Inf., World War
White, Samuel Roscoe, WW I
Whitlock, Ambrose, Major, USA, 1812
Wilhite, Charles 0., Spanish-An--n-
Wilhite, Jacob M., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Wilkinson, John M., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Williams, Ed. 5., Co. M, 158th 1. V. I.
Williams, Henry, Co. C, IIth Inf.
Williams, J. R. L., Co. E, 15th Inf.
Williams, Zack, Civ. War, USC. T.
Wilson, Cecil 0., WW I
Wilson, H. B., IIth Ind. Vol.
Wilson, James, Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Wilson, J. Ward, Co. C, 40th Inf.
Wilson, Lane, Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Wilson, Levi B., C. 108th Inf.
Wilson, McKee, A. Q. M., U. A. S., Civ. W.
Wilson, William C., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Wingert, Harold, Co. H, II2th Inf., W. D.
Wolfe, Luther Garrison, WW II
Woodridge, Russell, Indian War 1882-84, Company C, 8th Texas Cavalry
Wright, Charles Williams, Mus. II. 33rd
Wright, Robert E., WW II, Returned From Overseas
Wright, V. Herman, WW I
Wright, William T., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Young, Joseph C., G, 133rd Inf.
Youngman, Robert P., Lt. Col. 4th F. A. W.W.
Yount, John M., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Zachary, Arthur L., WW II
Zachary, William Hugh, WW II

Oakland (Coal Creek Tw[)

Allhands, Daniel, War Of 1812
Allhands, George, Co. K, 86th Inf.
Axsom, Earl, US Army
Bunnell, Stephen, Mexican War
Clough, Gould Allen, Wor'd War, S. A. T. C.
Clough, Harrison, Civil War
Cobb, Philip, Mexican War
Dazey, Harold M., WW II
Dazey, John E., WW I
Ferguson, John, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Hickman, Sylvester, Co. C, 12th Ill.
Hixson, James, Mexican War
Maxwell, Lawrence. WW II
Mitchell, Andrew, Mexican War
McMullen, James P., Civil War
Oxley, James H., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Plunkett, Jonathan H., Mexican War
Ross, James, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Royalty, John M., Mexican War
Shelton, Robert M., Korean War
Walker, Samuel M., Co. K, 86th Inf.

O'Connor (Brown Twp - also known as Old Hickory)

Hall, Bainbridge, War Of 1812
Herges, Thomas, Civil War
Mulligan, William, War Of 1812
Vancleave, Aaron, Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.

Old Indian Creek (Brown Twp)

Armstrong, James S., Co. C, 40th Ind. Volunteer M.
Armstrong, Samuel, Maj. Co. I, 21st Ind. Volunteer M
Royel, Farmer, Co. C, 40th Ind. Inf.
Hampton, William F., Co. K, 150th Inf.
Hester, Samuel, Civil War
Johnson, Presley J., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Johnson, William T., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Potonger, Dennis, Civil War
Stiles, George W., Co. G, IIth Inf.
Vancleave, James M., Co. B, 10th Inf.

Old Mace (Walnut Twp)

Kelly, John, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Osborn, Warren, Co. K, 86th Inf.
Thompson, Nathaniel, Civil War

Old Salem (Franklin Twp)

Custard, Aaron R., Co. C, 135th Inf.
Decker, James, Civil War
VanNice, James N., Co. K, 154th Inf.

Old Town (Union Twp)

Bennett, Samuel B., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Brewer, Henry W., 16th Ind. Baty.
Carpenter, Austin, Co. D, 28th C. S. C. V.
Carter, J. J., Co. B, 22nd Ind. Inf.
Cory, Janson, War Of 1812
Foster, George A., Co. K, 154th Inf.
Jones, Isaac A., Mass. USC.
Kernodle, Daniel, Co. A, 124th Inf.
MacArthur, James, Revolutionary War
Mason, Thomas, Revolutionary War
McCabe, James, Co. E, 150th Inf.
McLaughlin, James, Co. A, 63rd Ind.
Mills, Elijah, Black Hawk War
Mount, Joseph, Co. C, 135th Inf.
Patterson, Nelson, Co. G, 28th USC. T.
Reed, Henry E., Co. E, 72nd Inf.
Smith, Harvey, Co. E, 109th USC. T.
Vick, Monroe, 8th USC. V.
Wickliffe, Charles, Co. D, 28th USC. V.

Old Union (Brown Twp)

Barton, Harry C., 2nd nd. Art., World War
Canine, Ralph, War Of 1812
Connor, Francis M., Co. D, 138th Inf.
Deer, Joel, Sr., War Of 1812
Hickman, Henry Harrison, WW I
Lamson, Earl E., Radio, USN.
Lamson, Thomas W., Co. G, 133rd Inf.
Marshall, Oscar C., 151st Inf., WW
Martin, George, Co. 1, IIth Inf.
Mercer, James M., K, II1th Inf.
Moore, David M., Co. K. 6th Ind., B 60th
Moore, George W., Co. K. II1th Inf.
Moore, John T., Co. K. 60th Inf.
Moore, Robert, World War
McFaddon, John Henry. WW I
Nicholson, Joseph, Co. E, 150th Inf.
Phillips, William, Co. F, 21st Inf.
Sarver, Luther Reed., WW I
Seits, nenry H., Co. C, 31st Ind. Inf.
Sullivan, Marcus 0., 9th Ind. Baty.
Swisher, Samuel. Civil War
Vancleave, Benjamin M., Co. B, 10th Inf.

Old Waynetown (Wayne Twp)

Basoct, ,Jolin, Co. 1, 53rd II1.
Bratton, Arehie P., Civil War
Bratton, George, Mexican War
Bratton, William E., Lewis-Clark & 1812
Bunnell, Barton, Civil War
Devore, Christopher, War Of 1812
Ellis, Ashael R., Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Hartsock, John, Civil War
Hendricks, Joseph T., Co. I, 16th Inf.
Hicks, Arthur, War Of 1812
Miller, J. W., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Moore, John, Co. K, 43rd Inf.
Moore, Philip, War Of 1812
Osborne, Silvester, Mexican War
Osborne, Simeon, War Of 1812
Peed, J. W., Co. A, 35th Ill.
Thomas, Hiram L., Civil War
Zuck, Frederick, Mexican War

Oliver (Union Twp)

Richey, David, Co. I, 54th Ind. Inf.

O'Neil (Riple Twp)

Albertson. Silas, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Coleman. John. Co. E, 150th Ind. Inf.
Field, Jasper, Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Henry, Robert, 9th Ind. Baty.
Ho-ping, Lewis, Co. I, Ind. Inf.
Jackson. Ebenezer, War Of 1812
Lebo, Franklin C., Co. F, 42nd Ind. Inf.
Neely, John A., Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Parker, Edward, Ohio 1820-1893
Robbins, Samuel, War Of 1812
Smith, Robert, 9th Ind. Baty.
Taylor, Robert, War Of 1812
Thompson, John, War Of 1812
Thompson, Jonathan, Mexican War

Owens (Clark Twp)

Statin, A. B., K, IIth Cav. 126th Reg.

Peterson (Sugar Cree Twp)

Boots, Jacob, Co. A, IIth Ind. Inf.
Brown, Franklin, Co. 154th Inf.
Cave, Louis H., Civil War
Irons, Thomas, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Michael, William, Co. I, 86th Ind. Inf.
Peterson, James, Co. K, 154th Ind. Inf.
Price, William L., Co. D, 135th Inf.
Wilson, William C., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Wolfe, William H., Co. E, 5th Va. Inf.

Pierce (Coal Creek Twp)

Wilson, Joseph, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Inf.

Pisgah (Walnut Twp)

Ballenger, Earl F., WW I & II
Bowman, Floyd S., Co. B, Motor Corps, WW
Burch, John, Civil War
Bursott, James Henry, Civil War
Cogle, Frank F., Co. E, 14th Ind. Inf.
Cogle, John, Co. E, 14th Ind. Inf.
Coombs, John W., Co. G. 36th Ind. Inf.
Deen, Cecil A., World War
Dossett, David 0., A, II2th M. P.
Graham, Civil War
Gray, Samuel H., Civil War
Hemphill, James, Co. G, 10th Ind. Inf.
Johnson, Glover, Co. K, 51st Ind. Inf.
Lawson, Cecil Amos, WW I
Martin, Benjamin, Co. H, 13th Ind. Inf.
McIntire, Thomas, 5th Reg. 1st Ar. C.
Mclaughlin, John W., C-v-l War
Powell, George W., Co. G. 10th Ind. Inf.
Powell, John J., Co. F, IIth Ind. Inf.
Powell, Thomas M., Co. G, Civil War
Powell,-, Co. B, IIth Ind. Cav., Civ. W.
Routh, Charles Eugene. WW I
Williams, Cleo, WW I
Young, ,Jacob
Young, W. H., Civil War
Yount, John M., 86th Ind. Inf.

Pleasant Hill (Coal Creek Twp)

Battrell, James, Service Unknown
Beedle, Henry, Service Unknown
Calhoun, John W., Co. E, 10th Ind. Inf.
Cholcote, Amos W., Civil War
Clark, Martin, Co. I. 10th Ind. Inf.
Crane, Herbert William, WW I
Cunningham, Hubert, WW II
Ferguson, Isaac W., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Harper, Robert, Co. C, 125th Ill.
Hart, Abram V., Co. D, 39th Ohio
Haxton, Jesse A., WW I
Hixson, Theodore, Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Hormell, John, Service Unknown
Hudson, Thomas W., WW I
Jackson, Elkanah, M, IIth Cav. 126th
Johnson, John L., H, 2nd Cav. 41, Reg.
Lane, Abraham, Co. C, 120th Ind. Inf.
Lewellen, Arthur B., World War
Marshall, William T., Co. C, 116th Inf.
Mitchell, Russell M., WW II
Miles, John, Service Unknown
McWhiney, Elbert, WW I
Ocheltree, George, Co. D, 150th Inf.
Palm, Edwood Z., Spanish-American
Palin, Harry, WW I
Phillips, G. A., Co. B, 19th USInf.
Richards. David P., Co. B, 17th Ill.
Tiffany, William W., Co. B, 44th Inf.
Warrick, George C., Co. C, 86th Inf.
Westfall. Job, Co. D, 63rd Ind. Inf.
Wilson, Henry H., Co. B, 72nd Inf.
Wilson, John W., M, IIth Cav. 126th

Potonger / Pottenger (Brown Twp )

Potonger, Robert, Revolution
Potonger, Samuel, B, 1807

Potts (Wayne Twp)

Tarew, Garret, Co. K, 86th Ind. Inf.
Rhodes, Jacob L., Co. H, 7th Ill.

Presbyterian (Brown Twp)

Ball, Dr. Z., Co. B, IIth, C 108th Inf.
Ball, Thomas Zopher, Spanish-American
Barr, Charles D., WW I
Belton, James, Civil War
Belton, Joseph, Co. H, 40th, II1th M. 24.
Budd, John T., 9th Ind. Baty.
Budd, Joseph, 2nd Lt., IIth Ind. Inf.
Craig, Theo., Civil War
Dietrich, John, Civil War
French, Sidney, Civil War
French, Thomas, Co. K, 60th Inf.
F'ullenwider, James, 38th Ind. Inf.
Garland, William, 9th Ind. Baty.
Glover, Newton J., II1th Ind. Inf.
Miller, Ohio, Co. I, 125th Ohio Vol.
Milligan, James R., Co. K, II1th Ind.
Milligan, John, Civil War
Moore, Harrison Taylor, Co. H, 40th Ind.
Peterman, W. H. H., Co. K, II1th Inf.
Richard, James, Civil War
Rusk, Richard L., Co. C, 40th Ind. Jul.
Woodgate, James, Co. C, 40th Ind. Jul.

Providence (Walnut Twp)

Dean, James Jefferson, Co. K, 154th Ind.
Lane, Thomas, Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Wright, F. A., Co. F, 54th Ind. Inf.
Young, Thomas, D., Co. K, IIth Ind. Inf.

Rice (Sugar Creek Twp)

Bennett, S., Co. C, 120th Ind. Inf.
Carson, Enos, Civil War
Cook, Melvin, Hdq. Co. 150th F. A., WW
Gillen, Ben, Civil War
Hamilton, William, Co. G, 26th Ind. Inf.
Harding, William, Civil War
Manning, August, Co. F, 55th Ky. Inf.
Mona, Benjamin, Civil War

Shannondale (Franklin Twp)

Broch, Jacob, Service Unknown
Burroughs, William Leslie, WW II
Caldwell, John, Co. G, IIth Inf.
Cory, Leander G., Co. D, 72nd Inf.
Cox. Elijah, Co. I, IIth Inf.
Darrough, James A., Co. I, 86th Inf.
Elliott, Harold, WW II
Endicott, Clarence Harland, 1st Tr. nn.,
Endicott, William C., Service Unknown
Eskew, Wyatt J., Civil War
Fisk, Brower J., Co. C, 37th Inf.
Goldsburough, James H., Co. B, 145th Inf.
Gooding, Cyril 0., WW I
Hall, James C., Civil War
Higgs, J., Civil War
Higgs, Walter H., Spanish-American War
Hopper, J. D., Civil War
Hopper, M. D., Co. K, 40th Ind. Inf.
Johnson, Robert Walden, WW II
Kremer, William Michael, WW I
Loop, Aubrey L., WW I
Lough, Howard D., WW II
Morrison, Craig L., WW II
Motherhead, James, Co. B, 154th Inf.
McDowell, Simeon, E, 6th Kas. Cav.
Pritchett, Kenneth, WW II
Pointer, William, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Roark, James, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Sanford, Russell, WW II
Sawyers, David, Civil War
Shannon, Palmer A., 102nd 5. N. Tn., WW
Tribbett, John Owen, WW I
Ware, George W., H, IIth Ind. Cav.
Young, Claiborn A., Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Young, G. B., Co. K, II1th Ind. Inf.
Young, W. C., Civil War

Shiloh (Union Twp)

Buchannan, William, Service Unknown
Hipes, James, Service Unknown
Linn, John W., Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
Patterson, James W., A, IIth Va. Cav.
Sibole, Squire, Co. I, 16th Ind. Inf.
Zachary, Elijah, 20th Ind. Baty.

Sidener (Union Twp)

Brackett, Robert, Co. K, 154th I, Inf.

Sparks (Ripley Twp)

Copner, James P., Co. B, 10th Jul.
Copner, John W., Co. F, 135th Inf.
Sparks, David, Service Unknown

Spry (Walnut Twp)

Spry, George A., Co. C, 135th Jul.

Stoner (Clark Twp)

Burke, J. H., Co. D, 4th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Campbell, John, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Cook, Samuel G., Co. A, 51st Inf.
Cooke, John, Co. A, 51st Ind. Inf.
Crane, William, Civil War
Davis, Harry L., Co. L, 151st Inf.
Ellis, Alfred, Civil War
McNulty, John Wesley, WW I
Otterman, Lewis, Civil War
Pefney, Circle, H, Lt. Gd. Ind. Lgn.
Pefney, Thomas, K, IIth Cav. 126th Rgt.
Werts, Jonathan, Civil War
Winters, John, Civil War
Zimmerman, Jacob, Civil War

Stump (Union Twp)

Crubb, Philip, Civil War

Texas (Ripley Twp)

McKinsey, M., Co. B, 58th Ind. Inf.
McKinsey, Mordecai, Co. B, 10th Jul.
McKinzie, David, War Of 1812

Thompson (Wayne Twp)

Fields, Jasper M., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Parker, Edmond G., Co. F, 69th Ind. Inf.
Shanklin, Andrew, War Of 1812
Thompson, James, Co. C, 135th Ind. Inf.

Turkey Run (Coal Creek Twp)

Gregory, James, War Of 1812
Gregory, Samuel R., Revolutionary War
Thomas, William B., Service Unknown
Westfall, Job, War Of 1812

Union Hill (Walnut Twp)

Bratton, William, Co. G, IIth Ind. Inf.
Cope, Peter A., Civil War
Davis, Franklin W., Co. B, 10th Inf.
Evans, James B., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Evans. William, Co. C, 135th Inf.
Faust, M. D., Civil War
Faust. William H., Co. C, 108th Inf.
Harris, Robert T., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Harris, Thomas, Co. H, IIth Ind. Inf.
Linn, Bertrand M., Spanish-American War
Linn, Joseph R., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Miller, George, Civil War
Porter, John R., Civil War
Smith, John, Civil War
Walters, William, C, IIth Ohio Cav.
Walkup, Bryant F., 28th Co. 159th Dp. Br., W.W.
Walkup, John, Civil War
Wheat, James, War 1812

Wasson (Brown Twp)

Swindler, Henry H., Co. K, 86th Inf.
Wasson, John, Civil War

Wasson (Scott Twp)

Gott, Robert, Revolutionary War
Welch, Charles, Co. F, 159th Ind. Vol. Inf.

Weir (Union Twp)

Grubbs, William, Co. D, 8th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Hall, Jacob, Mexican War
Harde, John, Civil, Black Hawk, Mex. War
Keller, Earl. WW I
Michaels, John M., Civil War, Ind. Vol.

Welch (Scott)

Armstrong, Thomas J., 26th Inf. Civ. War

Wesley (Clark)

Bailey, John W., Co. H, IIth Ind. Inf.
Davis, Hiram, Co. C, II5th Ind. Inf.
Manners, James, Co. F, 54th Ind. Inf.
Manners, James, Sr., War Of 1812
Manners, John
Wise, John, Co. E, 58th Ind. Inf.

Wesley (Wayne)

Baldwin, William S., Co. K. 86th Inf.
Bennett, Benjamin M., Co. C. 7th Mo. Reg.
Brant, Christopher, Revolutionary War
Cavin, W. H., 135th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Clough, Jack C., WW II
Coombs, William, WW I
Davidson, Dr. James, Co. G. 10th Ind. Inf.
Donelson, Clifford B., WW I
Graham, James F., Co. I. 124th Inf.
Hance, John C., Civil War
Herron, Vern E., WW II
Hudson, Cecil, World War
Mack, David Ward, WW I
Miller, William, War Of 1812
McClain, Rev. D. P., Co. K, 63rd Md, Inf.
McIntire, Daniel W., Co. C, 120th Inf.
Phillips, Jesse, Co. A, 154th Inf.
Rider, Silas, I, 5th Ind. Cav. 90th Regt.
Robinson, John, Co. C, 120th Inf.
Sanders, James M., Co. A, 70th Ohio
Scott, Matthew R., 1st Ohio Vol. 1812
Shanklin, John W., Korean War
Simpson, Thomas J., Civil War
Snyder, Abraham, Civil War
Snyder, Robert P., Co. B, 10th Ind. Inf.
Stout, John N., Co. H, 135th Inf.
Stout, Norman David, WW II
Stout, Lester J., 151st Inf. World War
Sweeney, Stephen, B, 8th Ky. Cav.
Switzer, Abraham C., Co. B, 10th Ind.
Turner, Joel, Civil War
Tyson, John C., Co. E, 15th Ind. Inf.
White, H. A., Co. A, 130th Ind. Inf.
York, Jesse, Civil War

Wiant (Sugar Creek)

Bundy, Jefferson, Co. E, IIth Ind. Inf.
Higer, M. V., Co. H, 7th V. R. C.
Mead, William, Co. I, 8th V. R. C.
Price, W. B., Co. F, 63rd Ind. Inf.

Wilhite (Coal Creek)

Brimberry, Leonard Samuel, WW II

Willis (Ripley Twp)

Willis, Benjamin, Sr., Revolutionary

Yelton (Clark Twp)

Thomas, John, Service Unknown

Young's Chapel (Union Twp)

Butcher, James A., Co. K, 154th Inf.
Champion, C. C., Co. B, 120th Inf.
Cook, William, 8th Regt. Ind. Vol.
nannigan, George, Co. I, IIth Ind. Inf.
Hensley, Robert, Co. H, II4th Ill.
Paxton, Samuel, Co. C, IIth Ind. Inf.
Tapp, John, Co. K, 1st Ind. Inf.

Places Of Burial Unknown

Bastion, Carl F., WW I
Boots, James E., 20th Baty. Tad. L. A.
Bower, Andrew, Revolutionary War
Bunn, Bowers, Revolutionary War
Burchorn, William, Service Unknown
Denham, Thompson, Co. B. 37th Ind. V-1.
Galey, Scott, Co. I, 159th Ind. Volunteer I. And WW
Gott, Robert, Revolutionary War
Helbig, Androse, Co. E, 5th Ind. Inf.
Johnson, Fred, Colored, 8th Immunes
Johnson, Josea, WW I
Jones, Marshall, Colored, USCav.
Kelsey, Richard, Co. B, 160th Ind. Volunteer I.
Mahorney, Timothy, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Masterson, John T., Co. C, 145th Inf.
McCalluni, Druce A., World War
McNulty, John, Revolutionary War
Milholland, David W., D, 10th Ind. Inf.
Mitchell, Burchard, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Newel, Samuel, Revolutionary War
Odell, John, Co. F, 14th And D, 92nd Inf.
Parker, Wallace, Co. C, 109th A. S. C., WW
Petro, Harry, Co. M, 4th USA, Civil War
Petro, James, 4th USInf., Civil War
Sands, Jacob, Revolutionary War
Sering, Perry, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Smith, Thomas C., Co. B, 78th Ind. Inf.
Snoddy, John, Revolutionary War
Snyder, E. C., Co. E, 74th Ohio
Staton, Arthur, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I.
Stebens, George N., 116th Ind. Inf.
Titus, Melvin 0., 3rd US Art. Spanish-American
Tracy, Glen, World War
Williams, David, Co. B, 160th Ind. Volunteer I.

Buried Outside Montgomery County

Abney, James H., WW II, Lizton Cemetery, Lizton, Indiana
Abney, Leroy D., WW II, IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Jamestown, Indiana
Airhart, Joseph, Ca. K, IIth Ind. Inf. Mt. Zion, Boone County
Alexander, John, Sr., Revolutionary War. Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe County
Alexander, Joseph, Revolutionary War. Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe County
Andrews, Charles Phillip, WW I And WW II, Memorial Park, Indianapolis
Armantrout, Otis, M., WW II, Lima, Ohio
Asimos, George, WW I, Washington Park, Indianapolis
Auman, Lawrence B., WW I, Old Union, Jamestown
Bacon, Charles, WW I, Poplar Grove Cemetery, Near Marshall, Indiana In Parke County
Baldwin, Everett L., WW I, Barnard Cemetery, Putnam County
Barnes. Hugh R. WW 1. State Soldier's Home
Barr, Francis Cyril, WW I, Lake County, Indiana
Barr, Robert F., WW II, Rose Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute
Barton, Daniel, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf. Marion County Farm
Barton, Roy S., WW I, East Union Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana
Bailey, Thomas, Co. C, Ind. Vol., Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe Co.
Bayless, Edwin L., WW II, Bellevue Ohio
Besk, James Arnold, WW I, Dunedin, Florida
Bible, Charles F., Tr. H, 17th Cav., Cincinnati, Ohio
Bible, David 0., Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe Co.
Biddle, Everett 0., WW I, State Soldiers Home Cemetery, Lafayette
Bischof, Herman. WW I, Indianapolis
Bodicut, Harry, WW I, National Cemetery, New Albany, Indiana
Boling, Lee, WW II, St. Petersburg, Florida
Bond, Royce, WW I, Evansville
Bouher, Ross Verner, WW I, Harrodsburg, Ind.
Bowling, Charles Finley, Korean War. Brownsburg, Ind.
Bowman, Clarence, WW I, Wyandotte, Mich.
Branstetter, Ikey T., WW I, Summer Shade Cemetery, Kentucky
Brown, Ruth McBee, WW I, Arlington. National Cemetery
Brown, Vesse G., Co. I, 18th Inf., Quail, Ky.
Brunner, Sgt. Bill W., WW II. Killed Over Japan, April 16, 1945. Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.
Bryant, Frank M., Band, 50th Iowa Cav., Rockville, Ind.
Bundy, Ora Earl, WW I, IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Jamestown, Indiana
Burchett, George E., Vietnam. Bloomington, Ill.
Burns, Edward Harold, WW I, Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Buser, Roy, WW I, Gulfport, Mississippi
Byrd, Charles, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf., Cleveland, Ohio
Byrd Harry I Cc, WW I, Russellville
Carroll, Charles, WW II, Lexington, Tennessee
Carroll. William V., WW I, Rose Hill, Hillsboro
Carter, John, Co. B. 78th Ind. Inf., LaFollette, Cemetery. Putnam Co.
Cauley, Lawrence, WW I, Calvary Cemetery, Rushville, Indiana
Chadwick, Ernest J., WW II, Crown IIII1, Indianapolis, Ind.
Chancy, James, Spanish-American War, Russellville, Ind.
Clark, Owen, WW I, Manhattan Beach. California
Clayton, Clyde, WW I, Indianapolis
Clevidense, Virgil Leonard, WW I, Wheeler Cemetery, Tippecanoe County
Clodfelter, Edgar Austin, WW I, Lutheran Cemetery, Wallace, Fountain County
Clere, Everett, WW I, Wallace, Indiana Lutheran Cemetery
Clore, William, H. Clore Cemetery., Park Co.
Coffel, Cyril M., WW II, Chicago, Illinois Evergreen Cemetery
Collett, George, WW I, Elko, Nevada Conley, T. Lee, WW II, San Antonio, Texas
Connelley, Harry, WW I, Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Conner, Samuel W., WW I Crown Hill, Indianapolis
Coons, Herman, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf., Los Angeles, Calif.
Cooper, Joseph Sherrill, WW I, Rose Hill, Hillsboro
Corey, John Ransdell, Crown Hill, Indianapolis, Ind.
Cotten, Irvin L., WW II, National Cemetery, New Albany, Ind.
Coutant, Omar, World War. Brazil, Ind.
Cowan, Andrew M., WW I & II, Arlington National Cemetery
Crawford, Hayden Hugh, WW I, Memorial Park, Indianapolis
Croy. Albert L., WW I, Ohio City, Ohio Cummings, Allen Ray, WW II, Roachdale, Ind.
Cunningham, Walter, WW I, Buried Brookville, Ohio
Curry, John E., WW I, Washington Park, Indianapolis
Cushman, James B., WW I, San Jose, California
David, Frank, 5th Ill. Inf. Spanish-American, Lincoln, Ill.
David, Robert C., WW II, National Cemetery, New Albany, Tad.
Davis, Verne, WW I, Bainbridge, Indiana Cemetery
Day, Harry Newton, WW I, Old Union Cemetery. Boone County
Day, Murl, WW I, Rockville, Indiana Memory Gardens
Dean, Samuel, USVol. Spanish-American War, Lafayette, Ind.
Demumbrum, Floyd, WW I, Randolph Cemetery, Wisdom, Kentucky
Dinwiddie, Leslie Fred, WW II, Newtown, Ind. -
Doggert, William P., M, 9th Ind. Cay., Lapel, Ind.
Downing, Roy, WW I, Marion, Indiana Ebaugh, Francis L., World War, Detroit, Mich.
Elledge, Leo, WW II, Paris, Ill. Elliott, John, World War, Masonic Cem. State Line, Ind.
Ephlin, John, WW II And Korean War, Kingman, Ind.
Evans, Reid, WW I, Roachdale Cemetery, Putnam County
Fay, Elston Enis, WW I, Salom Cemetery, Fountain County, Ind.
Felton, John H., WW I, Sarasota, Florida
Fischer, B. Lee, WW II, Syracuse, Indiana
Fisher, Frank L., WW I, Laporte, Indiana
Fisk, William, WW I, Glendale, Ohio Cemetery
Fletcher, Lionel H., U, S. Navy, Presidio, San Francisco, Calif.
Flynn, Daniel Joseph, WW I, Calvary Cemetery, Rockford, Illinois
Footitt, Clarence, Co. M, WW, Chesterfield, Richmond, Ind.
Foster, John Howard, WW I, Crown Hill, Indianapolis, Ind.
Frazer, Charles S., WW I, Mt. Tabor, Boone County, Indiana
Fry, George M., Spanish-American, Glen Haven Memorial Cemetery, Indianapolis
Fullenwider, Moxley S., WW II, Russellville, Indiana
Fullenwider, William G., WW I, Portland, Oregon Cemetery
Fuller, Maurice, WW II, Chalmers, Indiana Community Cemetery
Fulwider, Ivan G., WW II, Logansport. Ind.
Garver, William R., Spanish-American, Riverside Cemetery, Noblesville, Ind.
Gerald, Joseph H., WW I, Bethlehem Cemetery, Tompkinsville, Ky.
Gilmore, Charles E., WW II, Louisville, Ky.
Gooding, Austin Leroy, Russellville, Ind.
Grant, Roy C., Co. D, 3rd Miss. SWV., Soldiers Home, Lafayette, Ind.
Gray, Otto, WW I, Washington Park, Indianapolis, Ind.
Groendyke, Leroy, WW I, Florida
Gruber, Carl F., M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf., Indianapolis, Ind.
Guard, Lee, WW I, USVeterans Administration Cemetery, Marion, Indiana
Haines, Bruce, Jr., WW II. St. Louis, Mo.
Hall, Henry E., WW II, Clear Creek Cemetery, Bloomington, Indiana
Hanna, John, Harina Cemetery., Parke Co.
Harpold, Lawrence, WW II, Brazil, Ind.
Harrell, Aaron Perry, Civil War, Co. C, 40th Ind. Volunteer, Danville, Ill.
Harris, Burnett, WW I, Clearwater, Florida
Harting, Carl C., WW I, Jamestown, Ind., IOOF (Odd Fellows)
Harting, Dallie B., WW I, Jamestown IOOF (Odd Fellows)
Hayes, Maurice Donald, WW II, Barnes Cemetery, Judson, Indiana
Heath, Henry C., US Navy, Rush Creel; Cemetery, Parke County, Indiana
Hedrick, Floyd Charles, WW I, Fairlawn, Kentland
Heller, Roland, WW II, Kentucky.
Hendrix, Everett, WW I, North Salem, Ind.
Henley, Dr. M. D., World War, Harveysburg Cemetery., Kingman, Ind.
Henry, Claude F., M, 158th Ind. Volunteer Inf., St. Louis, Mo.
Hesler, Chester E., WW I, Portland Mills.
Hiland, George S., Spanish-American. World Wars I And II. Old Boone, Boone County
Himes, Edward, WW I Memorial Pk., Anderson, Ind.
Himes, Frank S., WW II. Rest Haven, Indianapolis, Indiana
Hirshburg, Morris W., WW I Forest Hill Cemetery, Greencastle, Indiana
Hoffa, Otto N., WW I Soldiers Home. Lafayette, Indiana
Howard, Chester W., WW I, Newtown Cemetery, Fountain County
Howard, Walter, WW I, Washington Park, Indianapolis
Hubbard, Charles, WW I, Marshall, Indiana, Bethany
Hudson, Jack D., WW II, Buried At Sea.
Hunt, Robert E., WW II, Oak Hill, Boone County, Indiana
Hurt, Paul T., WW I Crown Hill, Indianapolis
Huston, Albert H, WW I, Troy, Ind.
Irons, John H., WW I, Veterans Cemetery, Marion, Ind.
Isaacs, Dr. Hubert Harrison, Civ. W., Bethany Cemetery, Marshall, Ind.
Isley, Loren, US Army 19II-14, IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Jamestown, Ind.
Israel, Horace B., Spanish-American War, Roachdale Cemetery, Roachdale, Indiana
Jacob, Robert F., WW Ti, Terre Haute, Ind.
Jeffries, Jewell Lee, WW I, Roachdale Cemetery
Johns, William, Spanish-American War., Jamestown, Ind.
Jones, D. Jesse, WW I, IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Jamestown
Jones, Marsh H., WW I, Cremated
Jones, Roger A., WW I, South Bend, Indiana Highland Cemetery
Keeney, John, Civil War. Illinois
Keiser, John B., WW II, Mitchell Field, N. Y.
Kelly, Francis, WW I, Fort Wayne
Kelly, Paul W., WW I, National Cemetery, San Bruno, Calif.
Kelso, Charles 0., Spanish-American War, Washington Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kemble, Aaron, WW I, Yucaipa, California
Kennedy, Oliver Max, WW I, Oak Grove, Washington
Kenney, Benjamin, WW I And WW II, Washington Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kernodle, William, Co. L, 161st Ind. Volunteer I., Michigan City, Ind.
Klause, Fred, WW I, Indianapolis
Kline, Charles M., WW II, Osborne Prairie, Stone Bluff, Ind.
Lafollette, Lt. Ancel S., World War, LaFollette Cem., Putnam Co.
Lampe, Henry, M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I. Spanish-American, Recoughton, Va.
Lane, Henry W. Roselawn Memorial, Terre Haute
Lane, Oliver, P., M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I., Indianapolis, Ind.
Lawler, Glen R., Korean, IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Jamestown
Layson, Leo, WW II, Groton, Conn
Leaining, Hunter B., WW I, Elmwood Cemetery, Romney
Lewis, William P., World War, Zion Cemetery. Delaware Co., Ind.
Lieske, Harold, WW II, Blakesburg. Putnam County, Ind.
Linn, Cecil M., WW I, Chattenooga, Va.
Linn, Roy, WW I, Veterans Administration Cemetery, Danville, Ill.
Lough, Harry D., WW I, Mount Vernon, Illinois
MacHerey, Paul Phillip, WW I, St. Luke's Cemetery, Chicago
Mahan, Thomas (Civil War) Cincinnati, 0.
Manson, James Byron, WW I, St. Petersburg, Florida
Marley, Leo, WW I, Carlsbad, New Mexico Cemetery
Mason, Henry Lee, WW I, Floral Pars Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mayer, Charles L., 64th N. Y., Inf., Danville. Ill., S. H.
Mayer, William S., WW I, Glen Cove Cemetery, Indianapolis
McCall, James, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf., Gettysburg, Pa.
McCampbell, Paul R., WW I, Great Neck, N. Y.
McCarthy, Sr. James L., WW I, St. Boniface, Lafayette, Ind.
McCarthy, William, G, 23rd Ind. Inf., Wheeler Cemetery., Tippecanoe Co.
McClure, Clarence, Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I., Arlington Hts., Washington, D. C.
McCormick, William, Hanna Cemetery., Parke Co.
McCoy, W. Lockwood, US Army, Floral Park, Indianapolis, Ind.
McCrocklin, Dwight L., WW II, National Cemetery. Arlington, Va.
McCullough, Fred, WW I, Greenlawn Cemetery, Frankfort, Indiana
McDonald, Claude, WW I, Sugar Creek Chapel, Milford, Illinois
McGaughey, Leo Dale. WW II And Korean War, Hebron Cemetery, Russellville, Indiana
McGaughey, Oliver, Civil War, LaFollette, Cemetery., Putnam Co.
McHenry, Monroe, WW II, Jacksonville, na.
McKee, Gwendolyn, WW II, Rockfield. Fountain County, Ind.
McKinsey, Claude, WW I (Cremated)
McLaughlin, Alvin, E, 150th Inf., LaFollette Cent., Putnam Co.
McLochlin, Harold Lee, Fulton, Indiana
McNeil, Lee D., WW I, Winchester. West Virginia Cemetery
Merchant, Harry C., WW I, Roachdale Cemetery, Roachdale, Indiana
Michael, Harry Dorland, WW I Milton, Ind.
Miethe, Raymond Edward, WW II, Roachdale, Ind.
Miller, Daniel G., Bat. 19th F. A., WW, Lawrenceburg, Ind.
Miller, Lennie, WW I, Floral Park Cemetery, Indianapolis
Miller, William E., WW I, Earl Park, Ind.
Mitchell, Roy, WW II, Memory Garden Cemetery, Parke County
Moon, Cecil C., Capt. Brig. Adj., WW, Huntington, W. Va.
Morris, Emery F., WW I, Roachdale, Indiana
Murphy, John Edward, WW I, Fort Pierce, Florida
Murphy, John Francis, WW II, Forest Hill Cemetery, Greencastle, Ind.
Murphy, Leo F., WW I, Fort Pierce, Florida
Murphy, William C., Jr., WW I Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Newlin, Bowser, World War, Pasadena, Calif.
Newsom Marion, WW II, Macon, Ga.
Orwig, Lemuel J., D, 20th Ind. Vol., Pine Hills, Vermilion Co.
Otto, Edward F., WW I, Kansas City, Missouri
Overpeck, Harry L., WW I, New Discovery, Park County, Ind.
Palmer, Harry A., WW I, Orlando, na.
Patrick, Ernest, WW I, Rockville, Ind.
Paul, John, Co. M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf., Indianapolis, Ind.
Payne, Melvin D., Spanish-American, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D. C.
Peariman, William, WW I, Jewish Cemetery, Lafayette, Indiana
Pegler, Floyd S., WW I, Louisville, Ohio
Pickering, Howard, WW I, Soldiers' Home, Lafayette. Ind.
Pickett, Howard E., WW I, Oak Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, Indiana
Pierce, William N., Spanish-American War, Mount Vernon, Illinois
Pittenger, Walter 0., Glenview, California
Plunkett, Harry, WW II, Jamestown, Ind., IOOF (Odd Fellows) Indiana
Platt, Carl Allen, WW I, Kokomo
Pellom, Robert L., WW II, Kissimmee, Florida
Pollorn, Robert R., WW I, Osceola Memory Garden. Kissimmee, Florida
Porter, Herman G., WW I, Jamestown IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery
Poynter, Henry Everett. Roachdale, Putnam County
Pratt, H. L., Civil War, Farmersburg Cemetery
Radford, Paul J., WW I, Fairview, North Salem, Ind.
Ragsdale, Herschel Gerald, WW II, Indianapolis, Indiana
Rainier, Lowell Grandy, WW I, Brookston Cemetery, Brookston, Indiana
Ray. Odell L., WW I Davis Cemetery, Burnettsville, Ind.
Reese, John L., E, 182nd Ohio. West Lebanon.
Rice, Welton Judge, WW I, Little Rock, Arkansas
Riggs, Eldon B., WW I, St. Mary's Cemetery, Lafayette. Ind.
Ristine, Harold H., WW I And WW II, Little Rock. Arkansas
Robinson, James H., WW I, DeKalb, Ill. Fairview Cemetery
Rogers, Ralph W., WW I, Burbank, California
Rush, Charles, WW I, Mt. Poland, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Rush, Harold, WW I, Ringo, Louisiana Cemetery
Ryan, Basil 0., WW II, Roachdale, Indiana
Saidla, Claude Ryan, WW I, Auburn, Alabama
Saidla, Lee Erval, WW I, Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island, New York
Sargent, Harry B., Spanish-American, Glendale, California
Schreiner, Peter, Civil War, Oldenburg, Ind.
Scott, Otha Herman, WW I, Old Union Cemetery, Jamestown, Ind.
Shepherd, John I., Co. E, 72nd Inf., Sugar Grove, Cemetery., Tippecanoe Co.
Shipp, Dr. Floyd Nicholson, World War, Livingston, Texas
Shockley, 0. C., WW I, Lizton, Ind.
Shoemaker, Henry, M, 158th Hid. Vol. Inf., Lafayette, S. H.
Shuler, Charles R., WW II, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.
Shulte, Robert Edgar, WW II And Korean War, Baltimore National Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
Shumats, Strdther, WW I, Elmwood Cemetery, Romney
Sikes, William W., WW I Thorntown, Boone County
Simmons, Ernest M., WW I, Lutheran Cemetery, Wallace, Indiana
Singer, Jephtha, L., 5th Cay. 90th Reg., Clinch River, Tenn.
Slavens, George, Spanish American War And WW I, Mt. Moriab Cemetery, Parke County, Ind.
Small, Dr. George W., Med. Corps, WW, Marion, Ind.
Small, Marion, Co. G, 151st Inf., National Cemetery., Dayton, Ohio
Smith, Norman V., WW II, Lutheran Cemetery, Wallace, Fountain County
Smith, Wrickliff, Colored, Ill. Cay., Danville, Ind.
Snow, Ura C., Co. A, 315 Am. Tr., WW, Vets, Gem., Amarillo, Tex.
Snyder, Edward C., Co. H, 75th Ohio, Xenia, Ohio.
Spencer, Walter W., WW I Rockfield Cemetery, Veedersburg. Indiana
Spray, Irad G., WW I Morning Side, Force, Pa.
Spencer, Harold, WW I Denver. Colorado
Staggs, Abraham, WW I Bethany Cemetery. Parke County
Stanley, Omar, M, 158th Ind. Vol. Inf. Kansas City, Mo.
Starnes, Kenneth Rex, WW II, Newark. N. J.
Stephens, Dean, Korean War, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Stewart, Cecil A., WW I, Bruin Cemetery, Parke County
Stewart, Walter G., WW II, Marietta, Georgia
Stockdale, Ernest, WW II, Rose Hill, Hillsboro, Ind.
Suverkrup, Bernard, WW II, Rock Island, Ill.
Swan, James C., Co. H, 10th Ind. Inf., Fowler. Ind.
Swan, William F., Co. H, 10th Ind. Vol., Fowler, Ind.
Sweeten, Allen, M, 158th Ind. Volunteer Inf., Yakima, Wash.
Tapia, Alfonso Lopez, Korean War, Cremation
Teague, Harry F. IOOF (Odd Fellows), Jamestown, Boone County
Thompson, David Hiram, WW I, Dayton. Ind.
Todd, Earl, WW I, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Toliver, K. Gene, WW II, Ames, French Lick, Ind.
Tomlinson, Lawrence A., WW II, Memorial Park. Danville, Illinois
Trask, Simon E., Co. M, 158th Ind. Volunteer I., Dayton, Ohio
Turner, Elvin R., Manson Cemetery, Colfax, Ind.
Turner, Roy, WW I Mount Hope Cemetery, East St. Louis, Ill.
Vanderwalker, William A., Spanish-American And WW I Laporte, Ind.
Vaughn, Ernest, WW I Lizton, Ind.
Vaught, Max R., WW II And Korean War, Cedar Cemetery, Parke County
Walker, Seward, Spanish-American War, Covington, Ind.
Warren, Cleo, WW I, Lafayette, Indiana
Warren, Robert Clay, WW I, Brazil, Ind.
Watson, Howard C., WW I, Tower Hill, Ill.
Weaver, Escohol, WW I Wolf Creek, Parke County
Weaver, Lige, WW I Wolf Creek, Parke County
Wells, Tav C., WW II, Russellville
Wert, William V., Louisville, Ky.
Westfall. Jacob, Capt. Revol. War, Skillman Cem., Putnam Co.
Whalen, John J., Co. A, 157th Ind. Volunteer I., Cloverdale, Ind.
Whicker, Richard E., WW II. Washington Park, Indianapolis
White, Harry R., WW I, Greenfield
Wilcox, Labon Ray, WW I, Rossville Cemetery, Clinton County
Wilkinson, Russell V., WW II, Memorial Kokomo, Ind.
Williams, Fred M., WW I, South Cemetery, Danville, Ind.
Williams, Harold, WW I, Brookside, Windfall, Ind.
Williams, Harry B., WW I, Syracuse New York
Wilson, Lawrence E., WW II, Rodville Memorial
Wilson, Norvin, WW I, Cave City Kentucky
Wright, Cecil C., WW I And WW II, Sarasota, Florida
Wyant, Roy R., WW II, Marsha' Parke County
Young, Clarence, World War, Fountain C:
Zachary, Milton H., K, 116th Inf., Mt. Moriha, Parke Co.
Zaikovsky, Charles E., Rose Lawn Memorial Park, Terre Haute, Ind.

Buried Overseas - World War

Bales, James Yount, Staff Sergeant, Army Air Forces, Southwest Pacific
Barnard, James Franklin, Navy Air Forces Southwest Pacific
Bishop, Johnny W., US Army, Philippines
Bowers, William R., France
Bratton, Robert J.
Brown, Earl, Korean War, Missing In Action In Korea
Burkett, Robert E., Southwest Pacific
Buscher, Robert, Southwest Pacific
Cain, Robert L., Belgium
Canine, Carol E., Colmar, France
Carrigan. Billy, France
Cedars, Howard Franklin, Korean War
Chadwick, Vernon Eugene, Germany
Cline, Okle, Germany
Coleman, Alex R., Co. C, 52nd Bn., Bethune France
Conrad, Eugenn L., Okinawa
Cook, George Wallace, Suppl. Co. 150th F. A., Buried At Sea
Corey, John C., Lost At Sea
Cotton, Irvin Lee, Germany
Cox, Byron Clark, Co. G, 18th Inf., Seringes France
Cummings, Allen R., WW II, Philippines
Dowden, James Robert, Korean War, Missing In Action
Ehrie, John W., Germany
England, John, Co. K, 809th Inf., Oise-Aisne France
Eubanks, Robert Russell, Korean War, Missing In Action
Farnsworth, Robert, Army Air Forces Southwest Pacific
Feathers, Carroll W., Italy
Flora, Ralph, Co. L, 28th Inf., Romagne, France
Foster, Robert G.
Freeman, John Newton, Marine Lieut., Tarawa
Fouts, Oliver E., Wingate, Lost Over Korea
Geiger, Orville M., Germany
Gephart, Marion Lewis
Gillock, Sanford, France
Hannah, Russell Carl, Aviation Ordnance Gunner, US Navy, Southwest Pacific
Harmon, Charles E., Belgium
Hartman, Victor, Southwest Pacific
Heacock, Harry, France
Hilliard, Daniel F., Army, North Atlantic, Purple Heart, Posthumously
Hodson, Earl W., Luxembourg
Hughes, Dwight, Germany
Jones, James N., Co. F, 4th Inf., Seringes, France
Kidd, James R., Germany
Kline, Charles W., Leyte, Southwest Pacific
Leavenworth, William C., France
Manion, Everett D., Korean War, Missing In Action
Martin, Charles Wayne, Germany
Martin, Harold, Armored Division
Maxwell, Raymond B., Korean War
Maxwell, Sam Ralston, Germany
McCandless, Henry J., France
McClure, Otto, Co. G, 1st Am. Tr., France
McKinney, Charles W., Co. K, 18th Inf., France
McKinley, Robert A., England
McReynolds, Altus F., France
Meadows, Kenneth W., Korean War
Miller, John N., Southwest Pacific
Miller, Theodore W., France
Morgan, Charles Clayton, Korean War
Murdock, Jackie Lee, Korean War, Missing In Action
Murrell, Oscar
Myers, Stanford A., Co. D, 18th Inf., Romagne, France
Northcutt, Charles, Jr., Korean War
O'Neall, William Quincy, Army Air Forces, France
Orrick, Jasper H., Co. C, 126th Inf., Romagne, France
Oswalt, Ralph Vernon, Germany
Otterman, Marvin M., Southwest Pacific
Owen, Earl T., US Navy
Patton, Max W., WW II
Paxton, James W., Southwest Pacific
Pearson, Raymond E., Korean War, Died In Prison Camp Near Manpo. North Korea
Peffley, Elba Boeliner, World War, Exemount, France
Peffley, Grant Ernest, WW I Motor Tr. Serv., Langres, France
Phoebus, James D., France
Ratcliff, Frank T., Luzon
Raynes, William, Okinawa
Ruckel, Roy Glen, US Navy, Missing In Action
Ruchti, James, Army Air Forces, Tunisia
Sanders, Harold E., Germany
Sechman, Donald R., Korean War
Shanklin, John W., Jr., Korean War
Sharp, Floyd, France
Shelton, Robert Milton, Korean War
Sloan, David D., 47th Inf. 4th Div., Nesles, France
Snider, Roy E., Southwest Pacific Steele, Robert Rush, Korean War
Stevens, John J., Staff Sgt. Army Air Forces, France
Stump, Raymond E., WW II, 377th Infantry, 95th Division. Grand Failly, France
Teague, Kenneth, Korean War
Todd, Charles W., France
Todd, Robert W., Philippines
Turner, Oscar E., Co. C, 26th Inf., Romagne, France
Turner, Robert H., France
Utterback, Robert, Southwest Pacific
Wright, Robert Earl, Belgium
Wood, Wilbur I.
Wynkoop, Wayne
Zachary, Norman N.
Zerface, Harold, USMarines, Guadalcanal

Special Burial

F. Louis Schlemmer, Crawfordsville. Body Cremated And Ashes Strewn Over Sugar Creek. WW I
William, Marvin, WW I & II (Cremated And Ashes Scattered)

A Word Of Thanks

To the affiliated patriotic organizations of Crawfordsville And Montgomery County, and to all others who gave their loyal support in the preparation of the revised list of our soldier and sailor dead, we, the members of the publications committee, representing the patriotic organizations annually affiliated in honoring our heroic dead, express our deepest appreciation.

In the listing of more than 2,000 names, and especially of those who have died since the last revised list was published in may, 1952, we realize some mistakes probably were made. we trust, however, that if mistakes are found they will be reported, so that they may be corrected in the next issue.

The Committee,

Julian G. Carter
Homer Linn
Walter G. Remley
Russell Powers
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