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Cemetery Photos


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Photos will be displayed by Cemetery, in a self playing slideshow.  You will be able to stop, view separately and enlarge at your wish. Place cursor above controlbar for controls to be visible. Hold cursor under control bar to see labels and credits.

Alamo Cemetery

Ladoga Cemetery

Hallett Cemetery

Deer Cemetery

Note - All headstones in this cemetery are mounted in cement under a monument erected in 1940 by the descendants. During my visit there in October 2002 some loose parts of headstones were sitting on the top of the monument base.

Maple Ridge Cemetery

Partial Listing

Oak Hill Cemetery

Partial Listing

Old Union Cemetery

Partial Listing

Selected Cemeteries in Neighboring Counties

Howard Clore Family Cemetery

Howard Township, Parke County - October 2002


Rockfield Cemetery, Fountain County

Partial Listing

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