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November 2012 the move to the new style on this site began, it is now 2019 and the move is still a work in process!  I am also adding more pictures to some of the already existing pages.  You will notice I am moving things to more appropriate areas.  As I go along I am also adding some new things. New items will be listed below.

JULY 2018
July 4, Celebration By the North Vernon Fire Department 1887
Martha Nauer Family Album Various
North Vernon Alumni 1878 - 1895
9th Indiana Legion Added excellent pdf file 1861 - 1865
Naturalization of Michael Clerkin added to end of page 1843
Explosion at Hulse's Mill 1885
Poor Farm Cemetery Added some names & information Various
Labor Day Celebration September 1920
Oop's - Corrections to Some Headstones Various
Zenas Pictures Various
Wrape 50th Wedding Anniversary 1910
Graham Baptist Church 1829 - 1999
Bethel Baptist Church 1828 - 1941
Amos Cook 1840 - 1902
Tunnel Mill Various
Armistice Day 1918
Various Marriages Various Dates
Ladies Fight on Jennings Street 1882
St. Mary's Donation List 1925
Three Women Pioneers 1882
Hengstler Hall Various
Clara L. (Olcott) Tripp Obituary 1920
Guthrie Trail 1920 & 1921
Civil War by Fred Lockwood 1911
Old Plots in Scipio Cemetery 1924
Homer E. Harlow 1904 - 1907
Vernon Homecoming 1911
Conner Family Clippings Various
Added to Obituaries Part 4 Various
Added to Oops - errors found page 1903
Krenning Family Various
Link to Evan Thomas Bible by Roy Hutchinson Various
Butlerville Businesses 1911
John Phillips Birthday Celebration 1911
George W. and Barbara Elizabeth (Stillinger) Spaulding before 1915
Daeger Wedding Anniversary 1915
Added to Obituaries Part 4 Various
Orlando Cope Obituary 1871
WWI Soldiers' Farewell at Vernon 1917
John C. and Nora (Bassett) Bland Various
World War I Casualties 1917 - 1919
Roy J. Morgan - Gold Star Soldier WWI
Grayford Neighborhood various
Index to Probate Book 4 1843 - 1847
MARCH 2019
North Vernon Girls Basketball 1930-31
OOPS (added another correction) 1889
Obituary of Edgar Andrew Platter 1908
Verbarg Tragedy 1883
Huckleberry Greenhouse 1896-2009
Joseph Henry McGill - Gold Star Soldier 1888 -1922
Clarence Harlow - Obituary 1899
Rowan Family Obits 1887 and 1899
JUNE 2019
Anderson McGannon Obituary 1888
Shuck Family Obituaries Various
Campbell Obituaries Various
Holsclaw Anniversary 1912
Added to Obituaries Part 4 Various
Family of Rev. John Brazelton Various
Letter From D. L. Glenn 1923
JULY 2019
Independence Day 1894
Local News - January 7, 1890 1890
Added to Obituaries Part 4 Various
Early History-First Marion Baptist Church 1849-1899
Pickett Collection - (Hull Family) Various
Noon Family Various
Jennings County History by Ralph Norris Various
Hagerman Tripp by E. P. Hicks 1891
Funeral of Dr. James L. Hanna 1907
Hagins Family Various
Gertrude (Burdge) McClintock before 1893

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