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Passmore Anniversary Celebration
September 5, 1871 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The 50th anniversary of the marriage of George and Phebe Passmore was pleasantly celebrated on the 30th ult., by a reunion of their children and grand children, together with other relatives and a few friends.
    The meeting was at their home - the residence of Hiram Smith, a son-in-law - near Benville, where a bountiful repast was partaken of by just fifty persons, typical of the number of years this aged couple have been journeying together.
    There appeared to be but one circumstance to mar the joyousness of the occasion, and that was the absence of a loved daughter, the wife of Milton Heacock, of the State of Nebraska.
    There were four of their five living children present; two having reached the other shore. Of grand-children there are nineteen left out of thirtyfive born to them.
    In the evening after spent a pleasant day the friends separated, each with the conviction that it was good thus to be together. J.
Hutton Reunion
August 13, 1914 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The annual Hutton reunion was held at the Wm. Hutton home here on Sunday, with an attendance of 95. The threatening weather kept some from coming but the rain kindly waited until the dinner was cleared away. The following were present: Wm. Hutton and wife, E. J. Hutton, John Hutton and wife, Jas. Stewart and family, Emerson Rine and family, Ephriam Jordan and family, Dr. J. W. McClure and family, Elizabeth McManaman, Alonzo Jordon and family, Isaiah McManaman and family, Bert McCammon and family, Perry Mathews and wife, John McCammon, Thos. Jordon, Luella Davis and son, Oscar Hutton and family, Arthur Hutton, Silas Baker and family, Jas. Grinstead and wife, Ernest Baker and family, Sherman Cruloe and family, Mrs. Brougher and three children, Mrs. Eva Huntington and two daughters. As guests of the reunion folks, the following friends partook of the most excellent dinner; J.W. Silver and wife, Estella Hole, Mrs. Albert Barnum and son, Willard, Sam Morrison and wife, Grandma Barnum, Mrs. Eliza Nocks, Ira Ross and family, Mrs. Sadie Ross, Mrs. Samantha Jessup, Eugene Clarkson, Phil Rice and wife, Elsie Gordon, Press Price, and Rev. J. M. Swarthout and family.

Underwood Family
November 1, 1877 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The children, grand children and great-grand-children of Calenia Underwood held a family reunion at the house of Araminta Pearcy, her widowed daughter, on October 18, 1877. The old lady is one of our pioneers and quite hearty for her age--94 years. The gathering was in honor of her birthday and was the third of the kind. Of her relatives present, 17 came from Madison and the remainder from Otter Creek and Columbia and Campbell townships, all bringing well-filled baskets. A large table was spread, the old lady at the head. After 100 persons had eaten, to all appearance half as many more might have been fed. The afternoon was spent in social conversation. Mrs. Underwood has lived to see the fourth generation and of her family there are living 4 children, 21 grand-children, 68 great-grand-children, and six great-great-grand-children--in all 94--just one for each year of her life. The meeting was a pleasant one to all. Many of the friends made the old lady presents, consisting of money, groceries and dry-goods. The reunion will be held every year as long as Mrs. Underwood lives.

Hendricks Family
    A family reunion was held at the residence of Lafayette Hendricks, near Lovett, on the 6th of October, on his 52d birthday anniversary at which some 60 of his relatives were present. Mr. Hendricks still lives on the same farm where he was born and raised. He was married in 1857, and has living 14 children and three grandchildren. These were all present, as was his mother, Harriet Hendricks, who lives at Dupont, aged 97 years. The crowd was polled politically and found to number as follows:
    Republican majority five dozen.
    The Hendricks family is evidently a good one. May they live long, all of them, and prosper.

August 9, 1898 - North Vernon Republican
    The fifth annual reunion of the May family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry May, three and a half miles northeast of Scipio, on Tuesday, August 30, 1898. The forenoon was happily spent in relating family reminiscense and preparing the sumptous dinner which was spread at the noon hour. The following program was rendered in the afternoon: Short address by President F. A. May; prayer by Rev. H. N. Spear; reading of minutes of previous meeting; declamation by Evert Jones; reading by secretary of letters from absent members of the family; history of the May family by Rev. W. E. Spear.
    Since last meeting to marriages and nine births have occurred in the May family. We are truly grateful that the death angel has not visited the family during the past year.
    Members in attendance from a distance were: Tobias May, of Nowata, Indian Territory; Elizaneth Chchran, Superior, Neb.; Rev. H. N. Spear and wife, Lincoln, Neb.; Harry Lindley, family and mother, Jeffersonville, Ind.; Earl and Everet Jones and Rev. W. E. Spear and family, Franklin, Ind.; G.W. Riggs, Greensburg; Mrs. Dr. Burroughs, Westport, and William Martin and family, North Vernon. Twenty nine families were represented at the reunion. The assembly adjourned, to meet at the home of Mrs. Hannah E. May on August 30, 1899. M.

Stott Family
August 9, 1909 - North Vernon Republican
Pleasant Day At Aunt Jane Stott's At Vernon
    The rapidly spreading custom of annual family reunions has much to commend it. In the busy struggle of life we are apt to become so absorbed in business affairs that we seemingly forget our friends, at least neglect them, and by this neglect, we all but sever the ties that bind us to our kindred and our friends, and while in the vigor of youth this may seem to be an unimportant matter there are those, more advanced in years, to whom it means much. Many a sigh and heartach is inadvertently brought to the aged and infirm, who laboring under the burden of years are led to wonder whether all of their kindnesses and labors of love in the past are to be forgotten, whether that brother of sister or nephew or niece, or grandchild "has ceased to care for me or think of me."
    Hence, to halt occasionally in our necessary scramble for a worthless existence, to give a thought to those whose silvered locks and wrinkled brow mark them as veterans in the conflict of life, we lighten the burden of their declining years. The human heart yearns for sympathy and esteem and as time draws on we more and more feel the need of younger braver hearts to cheer us in the battle. The reunion meanns much more to the aged than we can realize until we pass the zenith and find ourselves rushing down to oblivion.
    But not alone are the aged, comforted by these events. Among the younger people, whom the affairs of life have called to widely varying fields, it is refreshing to them to renew the ties that bound their affections, when all their paths were strewn with flowers. They too go forth with stouter hearts to fight the sullen battle after the reassurance that elsewhere on the filed are those within whose veins courses kindred blood and in whose hearts are chords of sympathy and love.
.     It was a worthy and deserved compliment to Aunt Jane Stott, of Vernon, when on Sunday, Sept. 5th, a host of relatives and friends gathered at her home, in their 4th Annual Reunion, to help here celebrate her 84th birthday anniversary. Everybody knows "Aunt Jane" and apparently nearly everybody is a kin to her by blood or marriage and her excellent character makes either a coveted honor. Some idea of the extent of the relationships will be gained when we mention the fact that she has 30 living grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren and while all of those were not present on this occasion, there were uncles and aunts and cousins and nephews and nieces galore. Relatives and friends to the number of 75 took dinner with Aunt Jane and it is worthy of mention that she helped to prepare the meal, making with her own hands, among other things, some good old fashioned "salt rising" bread, the kind she used to make. The meal was sumptuous, (a fact verified when we assert that even Sam Pearce had all that he could eat.) Photographer Otto White was called in to take a picture of the group and a most enjoyable day was spent throughout.
    Samuel Reed and wife, of Grayford, Chas. Stott, South Bend; Grant Stott, St. Louis; Mrs. Maude Mackie and children, Elknart; Mrs. Leora DeWitt, Mrs. J. M. Baxter, Mrs. L. S. Ulrick and daughter Miss Mary, Mrs. Cleo Thompson and son, Sharpsville, E. L. Green, Tipton; J. M. James, Lee Butler and Mrs. Neppie Wagner, Indianapolis; Orlando C. McGannon, Clearmon; Dr. E. B. Hill and wife, Seymour, Chas. Moxley and wife, Columbus, Robt. Moorehead and wife, Grayford; Owen WIley and John WIley, Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Reed and Loyd Reed. North Vernon; Jesse Rowan, Madison; Allen Shepherd and wife Commiskey; John McGannon, Bloomfield, and Samuel J. Pearce, Indianapolis.

Crippen Family
September 21, 1936 - Columbus Republic
First Crippen Reunion Held
    The first Crippen reunion was held Sunday at the home of Oliver Crippen, south of Elizabethtown.
    Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Long and daughter, Janet; Mr. and Mrs. Cloid Long and children, Clara Jean, Martha Alice and Harlan, of Greensburg; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crippen and children, Nathan, Herschel and Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henney and children, Maxine and Carl, Jr., Mr. and Mrs Jerry Richards and children. Marjorie and Betty, of Edgewood; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brennan and children, Charles, Hazel, Robert E. Melvin, Harold and Betsy Ruth; Mrs. Clara Wilds, Luther Glick, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Crippen and children, Perry, Charles and James; Edward Crippen and Mrs. Christina Foltsenlogel; Mr. and Mrs. James Sanders, Leonard Sanders and Daisy Joslin.
    The next annual reunion will be held the first Sunday in September, 1937, at Donner park.

September 8, 1837 - Columbus Republic
Crippen Family Holds Reunion
    The second annual Crippen family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Louis Crippen on east Sixth street of Donner park as planned previously.
    A cafeteria-style dinner was served at noon.
    Those present were Mrs. Clara Wilds, Mrs Christina Foltz, Luther Gilek, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Richards and children, Roy, Marjorie and Betty, all of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Henney and children, Maxine and Karl; Mrs. Robert Brennan and children, Charles and James; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crippen and children, Nathan, Herschel, Billey and Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Newland and children, Donald and Dorothy; Mrs. and Mrs. James Sanders, Leonard Sanders and daughter, Helen, and Jimmie Sanders, all of Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Long, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Long and children, Harlan, Clara and Martha, all of Greensburg; Eugene Wade.

August 9, 1938 - Columbus Republic
    The Crippen and Joslin reunions held a joint meeting Sunday at Donner park It was the third Crippen reunion.
    At noon a basket dinner was served cafeteria style, followed by music furnished by Fielden Sanders, William Washburn,,Fack Fox and Leo Joslin. Myrtle and Vivian Campbell of Helmsburg sang several selections.
    Those attending from the Crippen reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Richards and children, Roy, Marjorie and Betty, of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Oliver P. Crippen and children, Perry, Charles and James of Scipio; Mrs. Clara Wilds, Mrs. Christina Foltz, Luther Glick, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rudolph, Mrs. Carl Henney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joslin, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sanders and children, William and Jimmie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders and children, Mona, Jane, Edward, Robert, Diana and Albert Sanders, all of Greensburg; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Galintinne, Leonard Sanders and daughter, Helen, and James Sanders of Hope; Edward Crippen, Lula Bickerton, Robert Black, Virginia and Mary Alice Black, all of Elizabeth; Charles Edward Brauman of North Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bushfield of Shelbyville; Fielden Sanders and children, Israel and Elizabeth of Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bolley of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crippen and children, Herschel, Billy and Shirley, Mrs. Nathan Crippen, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Crippen and daughters Zola and Helen.
    Edward Crippen of Elizabethtown was the oldest present.
    The next reunion will be held on the first Sunday in August 1839, at Donner park.
    Those who attended the Joslin reunion were Lee Joslin of Indianapolis; Leo Joslin of Nashville; Alonzo Joslin, Lonnetta Joslin, Mrs. Paul Joslin, Leroy Bailey of Franklin; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pulse, J. G. Gates and Anna Gates.

August 7, 1939 - Columbus Republic
Crippen Reunion Held Sunday
    The 4th annual reunion of the Crippen family was held yesterday at Donner park, with a basket dinner at noon, and music furnished by Fielden Sanders and Harry Haskett during the afternoon.
    The officers re-elected were Louis Crippen, president and Mrs. Mary Henney, secretary and treasurer.
    Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Crippen and children, Perry, Charles and James of Elizabethtown; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crippen and son Billy; Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Crippen, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Crippen, Mrs Christina Crippen FOltz, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Richards and children, Roy, Marjorie and Betty of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Richcreek, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eggers and daughter, Gretchen, Mrs. Carl Henney, Mrs. Clara Wilds, Mr. and Mrs. CHarles Smothers and son, George, Mr. and Mrs. WIllard D. Brown and son David, of Elizabethtown; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders and son, Albert, Fielden Sanders and children, Betty Jane, Mary, Vernice, Evelyn and Iseral, of Hope; Harry Haskett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Newland and children, Donald and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joslin, James Sanders and Miss Minnie Snyder and Leonard Sanders.
    The next reunion will be held in 1940 on the first Sunday in August at Donner park.
    Four generations were represented at the reunion, Mrs. Christina Crippen Foltz, 75 years old being the oldest and Gretchen Eggers, the youngest, age 11 months.

September 19, 1909 - North Vernon Republican
Carson Family
A Unique Reunion
    There will be held at the junction of three counties, Jennings, Decatur and Bartholomew, on September 25th, a unique and most remarkable reunion of old settlers, residents and friends of the Carson family, this date being the anniversary of the birth of the late David Carson, known during his lifetime as one of the staunch and substantial citizens of Jennings and Bartholomew counties where he lived and worked for two-thirds of a century, coming from Pennsylvania at the age of 18 years to Jennings county and settling on a farm near Scipio. Judge Geo. Carson, of COuncil Bluffs, Iowa, his eldest son, accompanied by a younger brother who was well known in this vicinity as Hiram Carson, will be present and speak at the reunion.
    All citizens of the counties of Bartholomew, Decatur and Jennings will be interested in this reunion. Not only will adresses be delivered by some of the most distiinguished pioneers, but there will be many other interesting numbers on the program. The doctor, Hiram Carson, has also promised to deliver an address Sunday at the Bear Creek church, the place where the reunion will be held on Saturday. As a student in the once great university of Harsville, in his young manhood days, Hiram Carson had the reputation of a public speaker and declaimer with no rival. The years have now brought him more eloquence and power as a speaker and in his lecturing work throughout the country his is always greeted by large enthusiastic audiences. There is no doubt the many friends of his boyhood years will be out en masse to hear him.
    This will not be a religious or political gathering. All will be made welcome at this, the greatest reunion and picnic ever held in Bartholomew, Decatur and Jennings counties. Don't forget the date, September 25th, at the Bear Creek church, north-west corner of Jennings county, at 10 o'clock in the morning.

August 29, 1946 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The seventh annual reunion of the Short Family was held at Muscatatuck State Park, Sunday. Approximately seventy persons enjoyed the basket dinner which was spread at noon on long tables under the trees near the large shelter house. During the afternoon, the women chatted while the men engaged in pitching horseshoes. All brothers and sisters were present except Mrs. Vivian Richman, of Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. John Short and family who were prevented from coming on account of illness.
    Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Short, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reynolds and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Short and daughter, all of Cincinnati; Mrs. Leroy Mann and son of Franklin; Miss Dorthy Short of Indianapolis; Mrs. Loren Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rogers of Seymour; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coles and son, Mr. and Mrs John R. Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Short and family of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Short and family, Mrs. Elsie Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Short and family all of Zion neighborhood; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph King, Richard Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Paul SHort, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Short and son, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Riddle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vogel and daughter, Burle Roseberry, of North Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis of Commiskey Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hoffman and family and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hoffman of Lovett.
    Those who called during the afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frazier of Lovett; Mr. and Mrs. Howard James and family of Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey, Mrs. Effie Hargesheimer, of Dupont; Mrs. Phoebe Carson and Mrs. Myrtle Shepherd.
    Relatives and friends forty-one in number attended the Wilkerson family picnic at Muscatatuck State Park, Sunday. The birthday anniversaries of Mrs. Anna Lock, Mrs. Andrew McNulty and Tim Erickson were observed and also the wedding anniversaries of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Wilkerson and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baker.
    Those present to enjoy the bountiful noon dinner were; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNulty and son of St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Erickson and family and Web Wilkerson, of Henryville; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Suits and son of Tipton; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilkerson, of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carson and daughter of Madison; Mrs. C. D. Patton and daughter of Scipio; W. N. Wilkerson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baker and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hearne, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Talkington and son, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Decker and family all of North Vernon.
    Fred Haney photographed the group during the afternoon. All expressed a desire to have another reunion in 1947.

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