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WOOD, Ed - protects sister

Source: 2 Sept 1904 Indianapolis Star p 3

Because he could not leave his sister behind him Ed Wood dressed her up in part of his own clothing and they traveled overland from Missouri to Indianapolis. And but for the fact that Miss Kate’s hat flipped from her head, allowing a wealth of pretty brown hair to fall about her shoulders, the faithful brother and sister would have reached their relatives in Veedersburg, Ind without her deception being discovered. As it is, railroad men made the discovery just after the two had ridden into Indianapolis from Terre Haute yesterday hidden in a box car, and they were turned over to the police. They were both begrimed with smoke and dirt. The girl was dressed in a coat, overalls and slouch hat and the brother on account of his sacrifice to the sister was coatless and hatless.  At the police station, after the excitement of the adventure had passed away and the girl had washed, donned clothing of her own sex and eaten her dinner – the first meal in 24 hours – she showed herself to be bright, modest and childlike. Dwelling on the events of the last few days, she opened her girlish heart to Matron Gregorie. “My mother is dead,” she began her voice choking with emotion, “and my brother Ed and I have traveled from eastern Missouri. He went there to work last March and because I like him better than I do any of the rest of the family and he treats me kindly, I went with him.  When he started back after work got scarce he wouldn’t leave me behind, even though we had to travel in a wagon. We reached a little town in eastern Illinois and then one of our horses died and we had to sell the wagon and the other one to pay expenses.  We then traveled to a little town five miles west of Terre Haute and there our money gave out. We walked to Terre Haute and then I put on some of Ed’s clothes and we rode in the box car to Indianapolis. And, oh, I was so glad, when I found that Ed got his dinner today here at the station.  We hadn’t had anything to eat for 24 hours and I couldn’t eat my dinner until I knew he had his.”  Said Matron Gregorie placing her arm gently around the child’s waist and leading her to the boy’s cell. “We will go see your brother.” The greeting was extremely affectionate. Just before going to the cell the matron had given the girl a banana. One-half of the fruit was extended through the bars to Ed, who promptly refused to take it because he wanted his sister to have all. A telegram was sent yesterday to the friends of the couple at Veedersburg. They will be held in Indianapolis until they receive assistance. - kbz
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