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TINSLEY = Dr. Benjamin

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Saturday, 1 August 1874

Dr. Benjamin A. Tinsley, a member of Hillsboro Lodge, No. 385, F.&. A. M., is charged with having taken advantage of professional visits to a family of a brother Mason and brought ruin upon him by seducing his wife. The sufferer publishes the following card in the Covington Republic, this week: “Mr. Benjamin A. Tinsley, who has been a practicing physician and resident of this town, has fled his home, and to warn the world at large against such a scoundrel I give you the facts, leaving out the names of those he ruined. Said B. A. Tinsley, about the first of July, 1872, was professionally called to wait upon a lady who had a miscarriage, and has constantly been the attending physician of that family ever since, until July 8, 1874. Besides that he was the confidential friend pretendingly of the husband of the lady. The lady is about 25 years of age, and at the time he was first called as a physician she was the mother of three children.

Taking advantage of his professional position, and by resorting to threats and entreaties, he violated the person of the lady, and has repeatedly committed the crime, often when called professionally to the house. This man Tinsley is a Mason, a member of Hillsboro Lodge, No. 385, and the husband of the lady is also a master Mason in good standing, and member of the same lodge. I warn all Masons everywhere against Benjamin A. Tinsley. He has broken up and ruined a prosperous family and brought grief to many friends. Affidavits by the score can be produced from good citizens here to sustain the above facts. I ask that you give this room in your paper, requesting state papers to copy.

The sufferer referred to above is G. W. Paul, an attorney at law, well known to the bar of this city, and a gentleman of great respectability. - kbz

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