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Teddy Roosevelt campaigns here

Source: Indianapolis Times 2-3-1934 p

Veedersburg, Ind Oct 13 – Theodore Roosevelt opened his one-day campaign in Indiana for Senator Beverage today with an emphatic endorsement for the senator as a man who stands for what is good in American public life. He spoke to a large crowd at Covington and made his second address in Indiana in Veedersburg.  “If you defeat Senator Beveridge, you defeat a man who stands for what is decent in our government,” said Col. Roosevelt pointing to the Senator who stood beside him on the platform.  Vice President Fairbanks also was on the car.  “You people of Indiana sent your share of men to the Civil War to help preserve the union.” Col. Roosevelt went on: “Indiana is now engaged in a struggle that emphatically is a moral struggle. It is a struggle for the immutable principles of righteousness.”  Col. Roosevelt also endorsed Senator Beveridge’s stand in favor of a tariff commission.

“I like a game fighter for the right,” said Col. Roosevent in his speech at Veedersburg. “That is why I am here to speak for Senator Beveridge.  If you really believe that a public man ought to fight for the right, you will send Beveridge back to the US senate. If Indiana votes against Beveridge it will be understood as punishing a man who sought to bring his party abreast of the progressive sentiment of his state.  “You are fighting to keep this nation in which men shall serve the people honestly in public life, it is not a fight for the enfranchisement of a race but for the enfranchisement of a people who are sold out by truckling men in public life.”  In reference to the tariff Col. Roosevelt said: “I am convinced that the American people are for a protective tariff which Sen Beveridge has advocated. “You have put your cause with Sen B.”  I have come here to speak for him, b/c he embodies all that we stand for in our struggle for honest government.  In regard to his own state, Col. Roosevelt said: “In NY we have just won a victory inside our own party on the issue straight and clear of public purity against bossism the negation of Democracy.”

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