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STONECIPHER, Robert - family lineage

Through lineage or marriage, the “cousins” can trace their connections to the Stoneciphers’ of Harrison County. Patriarch/patriot Henry J. Stonecipher [Johann Heinrich Steinseifer] .

Ernie Snyder: Ernie’s roots trace to grandparents George Snyder and Christina Stonecipher. Christina is the daughter of George Washington Stonecipher and Mary Ann Young.

Cecil Stonecipher: Son of Maurice Stonecipher. His grandparents were David and Emma Stonecipher.

Paul Guy Ingersoll: Husband of Thelma Snyder. Thelma is the daughter of Alta Chloe Stonecipher. Her grandparents were David and Emma Stonecipher.

Vern Schermerhorn: Husband of Vera Snyder. Vera is the daughter of Alta Chloe Stonecipher. Her grandparents were David and Emma Stonecipher

Article from scrapbook of Annabel Stonecipher, wife of CR Stonecipher, entered on the Fountain County IN GenWeb Facebook page – thanks so much!

Hillsboro, Ind – Five from Hillsboro who were recently inducted into military service and were home for a few days left Monday to enter training at Fort Harrison, Indianapolis. They were: Ernest Snyder, Cecil Stonecipher, Warren G. Flint, Van Schermerhorn and Paul Guy Ingersoll, Richard Clements, Hillsboro, was to leave from Hammond for induction this week. Leslie Lower, Gary, formerly of Hillsboro has enlisted in the US Army and will enter officer’s training Aug 17.  

Location of Cain Township, Ind boys who left Hillsboro recently and were inducted into military service at Ft. Harrison Indianapolis is being learned by home folks. Van Schermerhorn and Cecil Stonecipher were sent to Fort Warren, Wyo; Paul Ingersoll to Camp Wolters, Tex and Ernest Snyder to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma.

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