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SHAWNEE Chapel Church

Source: HW Beckwith – History of Fountain County Indiana.  Chicago: HH Hill, 1881, p 226

Shawnee Chapel United Brethren Church was organized in 1871. The following persons composed the organization: Rev. John M. Bottenberg and Priscilla his wife; Edward Dunkin and Lucinda his wife; Silas Bittle and Fannie his wife; Henry Witt; Wm. Guen and Ann his wife; Richard Bittle; Jeremiah Busenbark; Jeremiah Houts; Cyrus Houts; Ellizabeth Houts; Huldah Ann Bottenberg; Conner Bottenberg; John Hale; John Calton; Martha Mattox; Amos Martin and Hannah his wife.  The first trustees: Amos Martin; JM Bottenberg and Joseph Bittle. First Preacher, Rev. WN Koffman; others: Revs. Teague, Carrigus, HN Rice, Adam Wainscott, Comer, Newell, Smith, Geo. Shapley and ML Cheadle the present minister. Church at present numbers 16. A Sunday School is kept in the summer season.

The regular Predestinarian Big Shawnee Baptist Church was organized July 1829.  A presbytery was called together consisting of Elder Johnson and brethren Jess Osborn, Asa Smith, Roads Smith, James D. Drake and John Orr of Coal Creek Church and Elder James Buckles of Sinking Creek Church, Ohio.  Elder George Johnson was chosen moderator and EW Jones clerk. The following persons presented letters of dismission from other church and were organized in to the Big Shawnee Church: Isaiah Jones and Leah his wife; James Smith; David Stephens and Susan his wife Hannah Buckles; Francis Wilkinson and EW Jones.  August 15, 1829 David Stephens was chosen deacon. Isaiah Jones was appointed clerk in 1836. Nov 1838 Elder James Buckles was appointed moderator. Feb 1849 Elder John Brady was called to the pastorate. June 1850, Elder Vaughn was called to preach one year in connection with Elder Brady.  Feb 1852 Elder Vancleave was called to preach once in two months with Elder Brady - from Jan 1859 to Sept 1859 Elders JJ Goben and SC Johnson preached for the church with Rev. Brady.  Dec 1959 Isaiah Jones and Isaac Rice were elected deacons. The third Sunday in April 160 Elders Brady, Johnson and Vancleve present, deacons elected were ordained by prayer and the laying of the hands. Elders Brady and Johnson preached for the church from July 1860 until Nov 1869. April 1864 John Crumley was appointed clerk. Elder Brady has continued to preach for the church most of the time, assisted by Elders J Swearingen and S. Cox part of the time and others from 1869 to present, preaching for the church in all about 31 years.  A great many other ministers have visited and preached to the church from time to time.  

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