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Source: Evansville Journal 27 Sept 1866 p 7 (not sure if same Gipsy
“Steamboats) – The Gipsy undertook yesterday to tow the People’s Line steamer, Wild Wagoner over to Jeffersonville, but the Gipsy proved to be “too weak” in the wheels and the Wagoner started off over the falls at full tilt with the Gipsy and Col. May attached.  The Wagoner “hove too” between the Island and the mouth of the canal. We left her raising steam to come out on her own “hook.” She made it!

Source: Evansville Daily Journal 18 Oct 1855 p 2
About 3 weeks ago, a man named Edmonds was drowned from the steamer Gipsy in the Ohio River and the body was afterwards recovered and buried near Wheeling, Va. Last Saturday a brother-in-law of the deceased as another man exhumed the body and found $163 in a pocket of the drawers which the deceased was buried in.

Source: Evansville Daily Journal 8 Oct 1864 p 3
“River News” – The river at this point is rising slowly and has again commenced rising at Cincinnati … The Golden Eagle arrived from Memphis with a moderate trip. The Gipsy was also at the landing from below.

Source: Indianapolis News 2 July 1879 (not sure what these are but might be boats)
For Sale – “Bang Up,”  “Gipsy,”  “Cash”, “Wild Rose’ and Ambrosia,” fine-cut. Very best made for money. LM Fitzhugh & Co.

Not sure if ones above are our Fountain County Gipsy girl but definitely the article below is about her.

Source: Terre Haute Daily Wabash Express 15 March 1882 p 3
The steamer Gipsy from Attica which went down the river early in January bound on a hunting trip down the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers, arrived up on its return at 10 o o’clock yesterday morning with the entire crew in good shape. The crew, composed of HS Aylsworth, Charles Hatton, George Holcomb and JA Fisher, report a fine time with plenty of game to be had for the killing. The trip extended as far south as Bearville, Ark. They leave this morning on their homeward journey.

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