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PRICES, 1856


"Fountain Democrat" Office, Dec. 31, 1856.

FLOUR, per brl. $6.50

WHEAT, per bushel 400.

CORN, 30 cents in the ear sheled [sic]

32 HAY, per ton, $10.

OATS, per bus. 25cts.

POTATOES, per bu., 75.

HAMS, per lb., 15cts.

SHOULDERS, per lb., 9cts.

SIDES, per lb., 10cts.

CORN MEAL, per bu. 50 CTS.

CHICKENS, per doz., $100.

BUTTER, per lb. 15cts.

EGGS, per doz., 8½cts.

APPLES, Dried, per bu. 175.

PEACHES, " " " $3.00

COFFEE, per lb., 16-2/3cts.

TEA, per lb., 37ca$1.25

MOLASSES, per gal., 70cts.

SUGAR, per lb., 15cts.

LARD, per lb., 10cts.

LUMBER Inch Square Edge, per M a1.25a1.50 Siding. " 1.00a1.20 Shingles, Poplar " 3.25a3.50 Lath, 3.25a3.50

WOOL--Washed, Common, 20a23c. Half to Full Blood, 25a38c. Unwashed 13a17c

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