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The Quaint Old Village Contributes the Biggest Part of Itself to Feed the Cruel Hungry Flames

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 21 April 1899

Newtown, Ind., April 15—A large portion of the business rooms of Newtown were destroyed this morning by fire. The buildings were all old and the flames made short work of them. About ten o’clock the fire broke in the Robbins Drug Store and before it could be combated at all the whole room was a mass of fire. Adjacent rooms were soon in flames likewise and only the heroic efforts of the townspeople saved the whole business portion from destruction. The places burned out were Robbins Drug Store, Kiff & Mellot’s Hardware Store, Harding’s Barber Shop, McQuigg’s Harness Shop, Holliday’s Law Office and the Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias Halls. Most of the places were burned with all their contents, so rapidly did the flames spread. The loss falls on the owners as there was no insurance.  In all four buildings were destroyed and though old most of them were in good shape. The heaviest loser was Mr. Gilbart, who owned most of the buildings which were burned. -s

Source: Crawfordsville Record 21 May 1836 p 4

The undersigned will receive proposals until the 17th of May next, for furnishing materials and putting up the walls of a Brick Meeting House (and enclosing the same) in the town of Newtown, Fountain County, Indiana of the following description: 50’ long; 40’ wide; wall to be 13” thick and 12’ high of good durable brick; also a foundation of stone, 1’ in the ground and 1’ above ground; 18” thick and that part which is in the ground to be laid without mortar – that which is above to be laid in good lime mortar and the stone dressed. There will be 12 windows and 24 lights each, 10 by 12 glass; and two of 15 lights each; also three doors with transons. The above windows and door frames to be made of 2 ¼” stuff either poplar or walnut.  The proposer will put in his bill for a common roof – summers supported by pillars; and also a bill for a roof suitable for an arch, constructed in such a manner as to secure the walls from spreading. Proposals will be directed to Samuel Low, PM, Newtown.  NB Persons may put in proposals for either the carpenter’s or mason’s work separatelyt – Samuel Low; George Holmes; SR Hicks; Peter Ruttz; James Stafford – Trustees – Newtown, April 16, 1836 (1st notice this day)

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