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Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County,
Indiana, Friday, June 15, 1905

It is reported that Charley Roberts now in the Nebraska penitentiary,
has confessed to the murder of John Murphy at Wallace in 1882. He says
that he was assisted by Scott Sutherlin, Bill Irvin and a Veedersburg
saloon keeper. Irvin is now doing time at Michigan City for stealing
horses. Roberts was born in Waveland in the house now owned by Sant
Moody. He was always a tough character and has been engaged in many
desperate enterprises. His parents were good people and as long as they
lived, he never failed to visit them at intervals although he risked his
liberty to do so. A brother, James Roberts was highly respected. Mrs.
Sarah MacIntosh, of Crawfordsville is his sister. Suspicion fell on him
at the time of Murphy's murder but nothing could be proved. His
discovery was accidental as no one here knew where he was. A Ben Hur
detective was looking for another person and recognized him. What his
motive could be for confessing to a crime that will deprive him of all
hope of future liberty is not known. - typed by kbz

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