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JONES, Marion

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday 7 August 1873
From the Attica Ledger  -- A friend gives us the particulars of a most heart rendering case, and one, we are glad to say, that is of rare occurrence. In Rainsville, Warren County is a man who some time ago separated from his wife in Montgomery County, and removed to Rainsville. Later, the wife went to live with her brother near Beaver Lake. They had two children, a little boy of three years and a younger child. Some time after the separation the father went and got the little boy and brought him away. The little fellow soon took sick, and is still gradually but surely declining, and while all his childish thoughts and hopes are of his mother. He is constantly asking to see her and is sometimes told she is coming, his little face will light up and his spirits revive till he finds he has been cruelly deceived. We are told he is actually dying to see his mother. The neighbors became interested in his case, and urged the father to take the child back, or send him. At one time he consented, but afterward, for some reason unknown to us, changed his mind, and now says it is too late--that the child will die any how. The name of the father is Marion Jones, and his wife is spoken of as an estimable lady. We hope that he may still be induced to take the little fellow back to see his mother, if but to die in her arms. He will feel better for the act as long as he lives. No more moving appeal was certainly ever laid to the heart of any human than this touching plaint of a dying child to see that dearest of all earthly friends--his mother.

*One of the most touching stories we ever read is that which we clip this week from the Attica Ledger. Marion Jones, the heartless father spoken of in the Ledger's account, is said to be from this county. (*Montgomery County) – thanks to S

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday, 14 August 1873

The story in the Attica Ledger week before last about a child dying to see his mother turns out to be untrue, according to published testimonials of a couple of doctors who were attending on the child. One of them says he treated him for congestion of the liver and cured him. The other one says he treated him for intermittent fever, and that he is getting well. - kz

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