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HUTTS - slander case

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday, 2 April 1874

A rather remarkable case was tried before Judge Thomas, of this city, in the Fountain Circuit Court at Covington this week. It was a suit for slander brought by Giles Hutts against his brother, Mark Hutts.

The suit had its origin in January, 1873, when the father of these brothers was one morning found dead in a fence corner. There was some mystery about the old man’s death, which Mark, according to the complaint, turned to account against his brother, Giles, charging him with buying poison and procuring their mother to administer it to their father, and thus causing his death. Giles brought suit against Mark, as already stated, for circulating this charge. The trial occupied the court all of Monday and half of the day Tuesday, going to the jury at noon.

After being out a short time, the jury returned a verdict for Giles, the plaintiff, fixing his damages at $2,700. There was a large array of legal talent engaged in the cause, headed by Hon. D. W. Voorhees for the plaintiff and Judge Ristine for the defendant. Another suit for slander is pending between the same parties, but with their positions reversed, Mark now suing Giles. This latter suit grows out of another matter.

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