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HOPEWELL Baptist Church

Source: HW Beckwith – History of Fountain County Indiana.  Chicago: HH Hill, 1881, p 226

The Hopewell Regular Baptist of Newtown was organized June 27, 1835 in Montgomery County at the house of Wm. Davis. Peter Metzler, Robert Airhart, Ruth Airhart, Catherine Davis, Simeon Davis and Ruth Davis at first composed the church.  July 23, 1836 the church met at the house of Wm. Davis and on motion of Isaac Coon the church was moved to Newtown, Fountain County, Indiana May 27, 1836 Isaac Coon was chosen deacon. Elder Wm. Reeves was pastor two years, the church numbering 20.  James Titus clerk.  Nov 1837 Elder Peter Webb was chosen pastor and served 5 years. Received into the church 22; membership 31. Nov 1839 Wm. Dinwiddie was chosen clerk and also elected deacon.  Nov 1842 Elder PT Palmer preached the church 3 months. June 24, 1843 Richard Donovan, Richard Stephens, and AJ Danfort trustees. Elder Webb again called to pastorate – 16 years. Received 12 members; dismissed 16; died, 14, excluded 7, leaving five members. Jan 1860 Elder CJ Bowles became pastor; continued 14. At close of his labors the church numbered 74.  March 1860 Dr SM Elwee chosen clerk (McElwee?).  July 1860 WS Coon elected deacon. Sept 13, 1864 Jacob Haas, WS Coon and JC Smith trustees. Nov 1872 SW Coon clerk.  Dec 1874 Elder Wright commenced preaching for the church, continuing 7 months. July of 1875 Elder Davis pastor one year. Sunday school was organized April 1875 and continues with fair degree of prosperity. SW Coon, Spt. JL Freeman Sec – July 1876 Elder Cartwright commenced preaching for the church one year. Church membership 87. Nov 1878 Elder RP Russell secured as pastor preached for church 3 years. Oct 2, 1880 Elder CJ Bowles called pastorate present minister. Membership 82.

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