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Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, 5-15-1916

Victor CULVER of Covington stopped over in Crawfordsville Sunday before leaving for Bedford where he had accepted a position in a bakery. He left his suitcase in the office of the Monon station. Sunday night, shortly before time for the 1:30 southbound train to arrive Culver went to the staiton and called for his suitcase. Finding he had a few minutes to spare he placed the suitcase on a bench and lay down on the bench with his back against the grip and snoozed about 10 minutes. When he awoke the suitcase was gone. Culver postponed his trip to Bedford and notified the police of the disappearance of his suitcase. He said the case contained recipes that he used in making cakes. The loss of his clothing and razor didn't worry him much but he could not get along without those recipes he told the cops. This morning the suitcase was found on E. Wabash Ave where it had been tossed aside by the gent who purloined it. Nothing had been taken from the case but the razor. Culver left for Bedford with his suitcase, clothing and recipe books this afternoon. - typed by kbz
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