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Court House


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 27 February 1873 p 2

The new bell for the courthouses was purchased for the county by JL Allen, by and with the consent of the commissioners is a perfect beauty. It weighs 1,145 pounds and costs. $600 – Covington Friend

BURNED - 1860

Source: Crawfordsville Review 7 Jan 1860

The splendid courthouse at Covington was entirely destroyed by fire on last Monday night. The building cost some $40,000 and was considered the finest edifices in the state. The brick work was put up by Sheriff Wallace of our town.
Courthouse Fires – (thanks to Mark M)

BURNED - 1899

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 17 February 1899

A traveling man came in out of the west last Friday with the paralyzing intelligence that the beautiful court house at the effete county seat of Fountain was rapidly being devastated by the hungry flames. Those who have seen this architectural extravaganza will be pained to hear this. The building was of the Italian renaissance in construction and was built about the time that style came into fashion. It was wonderfully and fearfully made and was an object of profound veneration to all the Covingtonites, who never lost an opportunity to show off its good points to the visitor who was forced to stay in that town long enough to go sightseeing. It crowned a proud eminence with majestic grandeur, and the thought that it must perish from of the earth will make the archeologists of the state who knew of its existence weep bitter tears. Charley Berry will no doubt use this as an argument for the removal of the county seat to Veedersburg, as the existence of the costly pile was the only excuse for maintaining the capital at Covington.  A telephone message last night states that the fire was extinguished after several hours’ work, but the loss will be very large, although covered by insurance.

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