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CALVERT, Charley - 1892

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 16 May 1892 p 2

Scalped by the Indians -- E.P. Mount is in receipt of a letter from a friend in Colorado which gives the details of a sad mishap which befell Charley Calvert, once an honored member of the class of ’90.  Calvert came from near Attica, and was for several years a student here, although he never graduated. Last fall he went to Denver and from that place as his headquarters, he went into the book agent business, having all the wild and unfrequented communities in a radius of 300 miles. He sold a book entitles, The Royal Path of Life, another, Error’s Chains and  third euphoniously called The Demon Drink.. This was all very nice and jolly of course, but Charley didn’t have very good luck as the style of literature he was peddling wasn’t exactly in touch with the aesthetic taste of this wild and wooly occident. Charley, in fact, fell among thieves, drunken Indian thieves, who stripped him not only of his raiment but his scalp as well and let him half dead.  Some good cowboys passed by but not on the other side and putting Charley on a bronco, took him to a ranch several miles away where he received good treatment and was finally restored to health. He has given up the book business in disgust, but looks surperb in a new wig which covers his baldness completely.

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