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BOWERS, Mrs. Charles (Goldie)

Source: Weekly Argus News Feb 17, 1894 p 8

A pretty little lady with golden hair called at the Argus News office this morning and the interview which followed revealed that she was Mrs. Charley Bowers of Hillsboro. Or at least she was from Hillsboro until last week when she left and came to her mother’s home, near Elmdale, to live, for she vows that she will never, no never, live with Charley again. In Monday’s Argus News an account of the trouble that has occurred at Hillsboro involving the good name of Mrs.  Bowers, Mrs. Williams and Dr. Stout was published. Their husbands charged them with undue intimacy with the doctor but both denied it. Afterward Mrs. Williams admitted it and her husband has brought suit for $10,000 damages. Mrs. Bowers says this is a blackmailing scheme and that her husband wanted her to enter a scheme like it but she refused. She says he didn’t send her home as he alleges but that she left him. Moreover, she claims he hasn’t drawn a sober breath for over a year and she wants nothing more to do with him. Mrs. Bowers is a sister of Mrs. Harry Cross who was married last fall and who is now in Florida with her husband spending the winter. Mrs. Bowers is mentioned in the Monday’s article as Mrs. “Goldie” Bowers, a name given her on account of her beautiful hair. She is a vivacious little woman and talks like she means it.

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