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Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 14 June 1895
Indianapolis Journal: Alvin Booe, Covington man, accused of assaulting a seven year old girl, is locked in the Marion County Jail for safe keeping. Sheriff Womack and the jail attaches decline to say whether or not he is. The indications last night were that he is here. Booe, it is said, was brought here from Crawfordsville to escape a mob. The latter has been searching for him and it is said to be composed of one thousand men. Last night Captain Quigley received word that the mob was coming here intending to make an attempt to get Booe out and hang him. The patrolmen were instructed to call up frequently and a lookout was kept for the mob. At an early hour this morning no mob had appeared. Captain Quigley regarded the report as a fake, but he thought it best to be on guard. Information from Covington says the mob is well organized and ready to march as soon as it is learned definitely where Booe is.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Friday, 21 June 1895
It is reported from Covington that Alvah Booe, the monster who so narrowly escaped mob law, will plead guilty to the charge against him. He will be taken to Covington from Indianapolis some fine morning, enter his plea, be sentenced and leave on the noon train for the penitentiary. In this way only could he escape the vengeance of the mob. Of course the mob could not act in day time against him. In case Booe does not plead guilty it is more than likely that his case will be send here for trial. In that event, which is not at all likely, Sheriff Davis will have sport guarding against the mob.-

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 7 June 1895

The Indianapolis Journal Monday reported that Alvah Booe, the Fountain County brute, had been brought to the Crawfordsville jail to save him from a mob. Sheriff Moore, of Fountain County, brought Booe here Saturday night but Sheriff Davis refused to harbor him. Booe was frightened nearly to death. Word was received Monday afternoon that Booe had been taken to the Lafayette jail for safe keeping.

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