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Source: Veedersburg News, Friday, July 28, 1916

The Bonebrake Reunion, which is held yearly on the Sunday nearest the birthday of Uncle Cornelius Bonebrake, took place in the Bonebrake Grove, six miles south of Veedersburg, last Sunday. Saturday was the 86th birthday of Uncle Cornelius, and all prsent congratulated him and expressed the hope of enjoying many more reunions with him. The day was warm and pleasant and nothing marred the delight of the occasion save the thought that several who were there last year had gone from this world and were awaiting the reunion in a better land.

Over 129 lined up at the dinner table and partook of a regular Bonebrake feast, and every one knows that cannot be beaten. W.M. Bonebrake of Columbus, Ohio, sometimes known as Chicken Will, was in hi8s glory and the marvelous deprerity with which he stripped piece after piece of friend chicken of the tender meat and deposited the bare bones at the foot of a tree behind .... Sam Bonebrake declares there are enough bones around that tree to make a sack of bone fertilizer. After the few bushels of chicken, pickles, salad, cake, pie, etc had been cleared away from the second table of 60 plates, a social time was had.

Jim Bonebrake president in his usual impressive manner and after a few introductory and welcoming words read letters from the following members of the Bonebrake clan who were unable to be present: Howard Bonebrake, Oakland, Calif; Lark Bonebrake, Los Angeles, Calif; Henry J and Cornelius Bonebrake, Pineville, Mo; Amos Zehring, Germantown, O; J.W. Baxter, WHite Pigeon, Mich and Clyde Bonebrake, Cutler, Ind. Short antiodotes, limited to three minutes, were made by W.M. Bonebrake of Columbus, O, and Randolph Bonebrake of West Lebanon, Ind. Miss Nellie Drollinger of Humboldt, Kan, gave a most interesting talk, and descriped a trip she made on a steamer from San Francisco. Grant Bonebrake gave a humorous description of Jim's and his own experiences in visiting the reunion of the Corn family at Marion, Ind last summer.

Miss Helen and Ruth BOnebrake of Columbus, Oh, took snap shots with a kodak at everything and everybody, especially Jim.

According to custom, the visiting members of the tribe were invited to inscribe their names in the Bonebrake records, and the following were taken therefrom: W.M. Bonebrake and wife, Harriet L, Columbus, O; their son George and daughters Helen and Ruth, Columbus, O; Margaret Bonebrake, Indianapolis, Ind; J.E. Stonehill and wife. Luther Myers and wife, Mrs. Harry Sagision and Philip Bonebrake of Brook, Ind; Grant Whaley and wife, Kentland, Ind; Mrs. Ray Bonebrake and two sons, Winot, N. Dak; Mrs. Ellen Wolfe, Bloomingdale, Ind; Randolph Bonebrake and Mr. Demoss and family, West Lebanon, Ind; Clark Myers and family, HUmrick, Ill; Charles Drollinger and wife and daughter, Nellie of Humbolt, Kan; C.A. Wallace and wife and son of Terre Haute, Ind; Fred Bonebrake of Eldorado, O; and James Bonebrake of Georgetown, Ill.

One of the family relics exhibited at the reunion was an ancient deed to the Bonebrake land, which bore the signatures of all the children of Dewalt Bonebrake, grandfather of Uncle Cornelius. The paper was brittle with age and could be handled only with great care.

W.M. Bonebrake who came through from Columbus, O, with his family in an auto, reports crops in Indiana far ahead of those in Ohio, owing to a shortage of rain at the right time in that state.

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