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BONEBRAKE REUNION - probably 1929

One of the most pleasant days it has been my pleasure to enjoy since we became a resident of Fountain County wa sthe 1wth annual reunion of the Bonebrake family which was held in the beautiful grove adjoining the home ofUncle Cornelius Bonebrake Wednesday. It was pleasant because the ring of hospitality and welcome was sounded by every voice in a manner that can only be done by such as bear this honored name. Many years ago, the Bonebrakes started to hold annual family reunions at the home of Tobias Bonebrake and when that honored father passed to his home beyond 12 years ago, the custom was taken up at the home of Uncle Cornelius, where they have met annual ever since the occasion being held on his birthday. For several years we have heard of the good times they have had but were unable to join them. This year we decided that nothing would keep us away and we know it will forever remain as one of the highest pages in the memorial of the past. The day was most propitious but it was no brighter than the faces that welcomed you. The forenoon was spent in social greeting by the men folks while the women seemed to have a task to perform and the way they went at it assured that they would do their part. Promptly at the noon hour Uncle Cornelius announced that dinner was ready and that there was no formality at the Bonebrakes, simply a sincere welcome and he wanted everyone to step forward and make a hand. That there was enough of the good things of the land to eat does not half express it. Mortal could not ask for better nor for more. It was simply a feast fit for gods and we believe Charley Bonebrak of Columbus, Ohio will join us in the assertion also good enough for me. The Bonebrakes, as well as their friends who were present are good eaters and would have cleared an average table but they were not equal to the occasion in this instance for after it had parten and all did double duty, there was enough left for twice as many more. Dinner being over, Charles Bonebrake of this city and Master Bart ? Bonebrake of Topeka, Kan took photographic views first of the entire assembly and then of the six different generations of Bonebrakes that were present. By the suggestion of Lou Bonebrake of Columbus, Ohio it was decided to make a permanent organization of the Tribe so that they could become near to each other and have many happy meetings. Uncle Cornelius was elected President, James O. Bonebrake Sec and VP from the families of each of the 12 children of Dewalt Bonebrake, the father of all of them. When the organization was completed a general love feast was held, speeches were made by everyone present, letters read from those who could not attend and it did one good to stand by and watch the members of the Bonebrake family enjoy themselves and only people with pure hearts, honesty and humor can. We cannot give special mention to any one speech for what praise one deserves the others are also entitled to. It was like an old time camp meeting love feast. They remained until the shadows of evening spoke that it was time to depart for their homes, those from far away to enjoy the hospitality of those near by and they are spending the remainder of the week in that locality, and you know what that means. There was present from abroad, L.D., Charles K and William M. Bonebrake of Columbus, Ohio; A.J. Bonebrake of El Dorado, Kansas; W.O. Bonebrake of Eaton, Ohio; Lark P. Bonebrake and family of Topeka, Kansas; T.C. Bonebrake of Cutler; Mrs. B.F. Flora of Darlington; Hiram Myers and wife of State Line; Cordelia Bonebrake of Joliet, Illinois; Phillip Bonebrak of Brook and G.W. Bonebrake of Marshall. As invitation was extended to hold a family meeting next year at the old homestead in Ohio and the matter was referred to the officers of the Tribe with a possible assurance if satisfactory arrangements could be made they would accept. But this will have no effect on the annual reunion in this couty for as long as Uncle Cornelius lives, an annual reunion of the family to which his host of friends over the county are always welcome, will be held on his birthday as it was on this his 73rd just passed. Dewault Bonebrake, the father of this generation lived in Preble County Ohio and raised an honored family of 10 sons and two daughters. David, father of Cornelius was only 6 weeks' old when his parents arrived in this county but he grew to manhood in the wilds of the primitive forests and not only hewed for himself a house but a fair and honored name. He has seen the advancements of the county and has been one of the factors to make them. In 1855 he was united in marriage to Poebe Jane Bales, daughter of Moses Bales and his good companion has been his mainstay in the battle of life. She is a noble mother and her influences have been felt in that good and happy home. To them four children have been born: James O of this city; Grant and Mrs. Elzada lately wife of Charles Isley of Mill Creek Township and daughter that died while quite young in 1865. The children are well known to our readers as honored and respected citizens, their lives are the fruits of the early teachings of that good father and noble mother. As was said at the reunion Wednesday there has never been a Bonebrake in the penitentiary nor in the poor house. They have shown the ability to prosper in worldly affairs and have exercised that prosperity in the upbuilding of Christinaity and morality. They are truly shining lights in good citizenship and these are some who excel Uncle Cornelius and Aunt Phoebe Jane, who we hope may live many, many years yet to cast their good influence over the world surrounding them.
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