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Recipe book of Dorothy Marlatt

Recipe book of Doroithy Marlatt

Thanks to Andy Rice for the submission!

These recipes are hand written in a Ledger Book by Dorothy Marlatt.  As a lot of ladies do, they swap receipes, and she has many of her friends recipes.  You will see a lot of Fountain County names attached to the recipes.  Below you will find a "Table" listing the recipes.  By clicking on the page number, that particular page will be displayed.
If not author
Cover page 1

Refinishing Furniture
Dill PicklesPearl Marlatt
Yeast RollsDella Haas

Yeast BiscuitsDema Alfrey
Gramham Cracker PieBetty Lou Ward

Apple DumplingsAvis Sheridan

Nuurses CandyAunt Matt
Cron Meal Bread

Angel Food Cake

Orangle Glaze for Cake

Baked HamNina Peterson
Apple Sauce Cake

Sweet Cream Cake
Cheese Pie

Lemon Pie

White Cake(Jane-?) Rice


Cream PieLillie
Cold Packed Pickles in jarGrace Palin

CakeHelen Simmons

Soap Recipt (Recipe)Ethel Gray

Lemon PieRuby Martin
Exum's Cake

Devil's Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

Pickled CherriesAunt Matt
Cream PieLena Florey

PicklesElizabeth Bell

CakeRie Simmons
Home Made SOAPLillie

SandwitchesBeulah Mitchel

Harvard Beets

White Pull Taffy
Cream PieLillie

Short Cake


Devil's Food Cake

Raisins Pie
Meat LoafLillie

Muts Cruls in paper ?

Walnut Babana Salad

Oat Meal Cookies
Cake FillingBernice Gray

Pie Crust

DoughnutsMrs Johnson

Gramham Cracker PieDema

Lime PiePam
Chocolate Cake

Butter Scoch Cookies

Bell's Cookies (big X thru this recipe)
Date Nut Loaf Bread
Million Dollar Fudge

Pineapple Salad

Short Cake
Butter Cream Frosting

White SauceMaxine

Apple CakeAvis Sheridan
White CakeElizabeth Bell

Frosted Nut Cake
Custard Pie
Pineapple Salad

Carrott Salad

Chocolate Pie

Pecan Rolls
Divinity Fudge
Five Minute Fudge

Apple Crumb Cake
DumplingsMrs. Whitinger

No Bake Cookies
Bernice Gray

Snoother Cheese Sauce
Meat RecipesDuffy Parnell

Canning Corn - Cold Packing

SOAP RecipeAunt Lillie

Meat Loaf
Peanut Butter Cookies

Ruth Aydelotte
Buttermilk CakeMargaret Hinton

BrowniesJane Rice

Flaky Pastry
White Pull TaffyPearle

Cream PieLillie Martin

Oatmeal CookiesJane Rice
Pickle RecipeRuth Marlatt

Bread and Butter PicklesLena Florey
Caramel Frosting for a 2 layer cake
Salad DressingDorothy

Dumplingsfrom Dorothy's Cookbook
Vanilla Coconut Squares

Quick Caramel Frosting

Cherry Cobblerfrom a newspaper clipping
Pie CrustAvis Sheridan

Sweet Milk Biscuits

Caramel Frosting
Perfect Parker House Rolls

Luscious Fudge Frosting
Pink Champagne Frosting

Yeast Bread (2 loaves)

Pie CrustMaxine
Pie CrustAnnis Gray

Pumpkin Pie

Salad Dressing-Mazola Oil
Date Nut Loaf Bread
Perfect Divinity

Plain Pastry

Pastry for 2 crust pie
Pie CrustElizabeth Bell

German Chocolate Icing

7 Minute IcingAnnis Gray
NOT NAMED= looks like Cherry Cobbler

Butterscotch Pie
Pie CrustMarsha Lucy
MaynoiseMaxine Marlatt

Texas CakeHazel
Salad DressingMaxine
Lemon PieRuby
5 Cup SaladRuth Aydelotte

Coconut Cream Pie
Pumpkin PieRuth Marlatt

Sugar CokkiesJane Rice

Coconut Custard
Sugarless CookiesElizabeth Bell

Pie CrustRuth Peveleller

Cheese Sauce
Dill PicklesPearl Moser
Dill Pickles
Pearl Marlatt
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