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Cemetery Burial List


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Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments Cemetery Township
YARLING Hallie19001927 ReesPerry
YATES Abner 06/28/185729d s/H. & M.Mt Pleasant Liberty
YATESCharles H. 1925 69ySaundersSalem
YATESEarl F. 07/11/196269ySaundersSalem
YATESInf 06/06/1858 d/H. & M.Mt PleasantLiberty
YATESInf 1900Child of CharlesSaundersSalem
YATESLydia F. 1895 31ySaundersSalem
YATES Martha E. 01/12/1888 31y 8m 16d w/Stanton Mt Pleasant Liberty
YATESMary E. 03/12/198069ySaundersSalem
YATESMilton B. 04/08/195363ySaundersSalem
YATESNina W. 1908JonesMt PleasantPerry
YATESPerley B. 03/27/187622d d/S.J. & M.E.Mt PleasantLiberty
YATESRobert L.19311970 Mt PleasantPerry
YATESZola 10/29/198387ySaundersSalem
YEAGERMerta1881 05/10/1969 w/WilliamJones Mt Pleasant
YEAGERWilliam186712/19/1942 Jones Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGArchie L.19131982 HawkMt Pleasant
YINGLINGArtie A.18931941  HawkMt Pleasant
YINGLINGArtie Jr. 09/11/1924 4dSaundersSalem
YINGLINGBeatrice R.  06/30/199079ySaundersSalem
YINGLINGBertha V.18921918w/J.W. YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGBetty J. 1930 HawkMt Pleasant
YINGLINGCarl19101941 YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGCarl18981959 YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGCharles R.03/17/189603/04/1954Pfc 1st Inf 13th Div WW IYorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGDaniel M. 07/27/1899 64y 23d YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGDolly18631945 Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGEileen 1923SisterHawkMt Pleasant
YINGLINGElizabeth J. 1852  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLING Ellen 04/17/187110d d/D.M.&E.YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGEllen  08/01/1874 35y 3m 24d w/Daniel M. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGElsie 1882 1957 w/Webb Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGEugene 1926 1968 Brother Hawk Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGJerry 1890 1936  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGJohn 1862 1939   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGKenneth F. 1928 1984 Hawk Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGKirby L.10/05/189310/30/1956Cpl. HQ Co.51 Inf WW I & WW IIYorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGLewis W.18731945  Hawk Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGMalinda 10/27/187516y 7m 25d d/H.&S.YorktownMt Pleasant
YINGLINGMartha B.1883 1944 w/Lewis HawkMt Pleasant
YINGLINGMary E.18691910  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGNathaniel184519??Co. L. 19th Ind. Inf. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGRilla Bell18641921w/John Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGRuth C.18451919  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
YINGLINGThomas P.18591920  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YINGLING Webb 1880 1947 Yorktown Mt Pleasant
YINGLINGWm. F.18441915 YorktownMt Pleasant
YOCKEYHattie   08/26/18649m 6d d/A.&E. YockeyHooverPerry
YOCKEYInf  11/16/1872 s/A.&E. Yockey Hoover Perry
YOCKEYInf  12/09/1851 s/A.&E. Yockey HooverPerry
YOCKEY Leona  11/11/18651m d/A.&E. Yockey Hoover Perry
YOHEY Jacob L.  12/13/1891 93y 9m 5d Cullen Hamilton
YOHEYSusannah   04/03/1866 40y 7m 10d w/Jacob Cullen Hamilton
YOKEMorris Lawrence19041964Buried 6/24/1964- Lions Int. 3/20/1950-6/14/1964 Reelsville Mt Tabor Liberty
YOKE Saul M. 1879 1908  Mt Tabor Liberty
YORK Amanda 1858 1932 w/William Mt Tabor Liberty
YORK Freda A. 1903 1915 Mt Tabor Liberty
YORKGlenn O.  09/23/196669y Saunders Salem
YORKHarrison F.1876 1940 Mt Tabor Liberty
YORKHattie V.  1966w/Perry - Buried 3/12/1966Mt Tabor Liberty
YORKI. W. 02/01/1876 02/22/1964 ss/Maud G.Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YORKInf5/8/1916  Child of John YorkHawkMt Pleasant
YORK Martha M.19091935 Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YORKMaud G. 12/02/1886 02/09/1957 ss/I.W. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
YORKPerry 1874 1953  Mt Tabor Liberty
YORKRalph1913 1940 s/Perry & Hattie V. Mt Tabor Liberty
YORKRuth  08/20/1971 69y Saunders Salem
YORKWilbur06/22/188609/06/1954 Pvt. Co. G. 78 Inf WWIZionWashington
YORKWilliam 05/27/1910 08/08/1911 s/Perry & Hattie V. Mt TaborLiberty
YORK William 1851 1940  Mt TaborLiberty
YOSTCarolyn18561935  Mt Tabor Liberty
YOSTJohn V.  03/30/1858 5m 25d s/S.L.&I. SharpSalem
YOSTKatie09/26/1856 04/02/1872 15y 8m 6d Sharp Salem
YOSTLaura  12/18/1859 3y 13d d/Samuel & Nancy SharpSalem
YOSTLevi S.  02/06/1862 35y 1m 2d SharpSalem
YOSTMary E.  03/15/1863 26y 10m 16d w/Levi S. SharpSalem
YOSTSamuel L.  01/09/1861 94y 8m 8d Sharp Salem
YOUNCEAmanda E.  11/22/1871 8y 9m 20d d/E.&M. UnionUnion
YOUNCEAmanda J.  12/13/1877 6y 1m 12d d/S.&L.M. UnionUnion
YOUNCEAmelia M.12/17/185412/09/1875 d/E.&M. UnionUnion
YOUNCEAndrew1814 08/11/1863 UnionUnion
YOUNCEBarbara 02/17/1864w/PhilipUnionUnion
YOUNCECatherine18151867  UnionUnion
YOUNCECharles E. 12/10/1880 UnionUnion
YOUNCECornelius  03/29/1862 1y 5m s/Samuel & Mary UnionUnion
YOUNCEEli R. 08/27/1860 10/25/1877 s/E.&M. UnionUnion
YOUNCEEli 05/16/1825  UnionUnion
YOUNCEEli 04/14/189148y 5m 1d ss/Wilda & GrantUnionUnion
YOUNCEElmer  09/18/1866 9m 9d s/Samuel & Mary UnionUnion
YOUNCEEthel D.18891904(Orr)EatonUnion
YOUNCEFrances18721933 EatonUnion
YOUNCEGrant 05/10/189121y 6m 5d ss/Wilda & EliUnionUnion
YOUNCEHannah E.  11/07/1871 7y 8m 21d d/E.&M. UnionUnion
YOUNCEJohn A.09/07/183812/28/190062y (died in State Hospital Richmond)EatonUnion
YOUNCEJohn W.  06/22/1882 38y 11m 11d Eaton Union
YOUNCE John 05/06/1809 09/26/1865 58y 4m 20d Union Union
YOUNCE Joseph   11/07/1872 61y 3m 11d Union Union
YOUNCE Mary   02/1863 w/Samuel Union Union
YOUNCE Nora E. 1883 05/24/1957 w/Theodore Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNCE Oliver W.  05/05/1864 2y 4m 4d Mcormick Hamilton
YOUNCE Philip   10/17/1862 24y 2m 25d 3rd Inf. Battery Union Union
YOUNCE Simon  09/06/1922 78y Strong Delaware
YOUNCE Theodore 1875 06/01/1957   Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNCE Volvey  10/17/1871 2y 7m 23d s/S.&L. Union Union
YOUNCEWilda 08/12/188720y 1m ss/Grant & EliUnionUnion
YOUNG Alfred 1883 1934   Mt Pleasant Perry
YOUNG Andrew   08/11/1862 49y 7m 28d Union Union
YOUNG Belle 1871 1938  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Belly Gene  03/20/1963 40y Strong Delaware
YOUNG Billy Lee  08/27/1969 6w Strong Delaware
YOUNG Catherine A.  04/03/1863 47y 1m 12d w/Enoch Eaton Union
YOUNGCharles19101911s/L.W.&M.JonesMt Pleasant
YOUNG Clara B.  07/01/1933 53y Saunders Salem
YOUNG Edna M.   07/26/1904 d/Omer & Bell Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Elsie U. 1889 1954 ss/Ollie Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Emma L. or I.   08/03/1863 8m 20d Union Union
YOUNG Enoch   04/10/1892 78y 10m 4d Eaton Union
YOUNGFlorence B.08/07/189110/16/1892 UnionUnion
YOUNG Francis O. 06/08/1907 07/27/1980 ss/Mildred I. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Harvey F. 08/19/1889 03/08/1968   Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Helen (Ribble) 1849 1918   Mt Tabor Liberty
YOUNG Helen M.  09/07/1878 1y 9m d/J.D. & Helen R. Mt Tabor Liberty
YOUNG Henry J.  06/15/1919 11y Saunders Salem
YOUNGHenry M.18641930ss/Sarah C.UnionUnion
YOUNG Henry  05/03/1956 68y StrongDelaware
YOUNGInf Daughter   02/19/1876 d/Zack & Dora Eaton Union
YOUNG Inf   04/12/1912 1y Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Inf   11/03/1932 c/Harvey F.&Oma A. JonesMt Pleasant
YOUNG Inf   10/10/1911 c/Harvey F.&Oma A. Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Joseph  02/26/1932 61y Saunders Salem
YOUNG Kellie Ann  09/29/1970 1d Strong Delaware
YOUNG Lewis Walter 1868 09/14/1933   Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Marjorie 1918  w/Walter Florence Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNGMary J.08/11/186504/21/1896 w/ W. E.UnionUnion
YOUNG Mildred I.  05/06/1906 ss/Francis O. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNG Nancy E. 1885 1952  Mt Pleasant Perry
YOUNGOllie1887 1956 ss/Elsie U. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNGOma A.01/09/189007/02/1963w/Harvey F.JonesMt Pleasant
YOUNGOmer18611921  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
YOUNGRalph  06/09/1891(Death Record 05/30/1891) 3m 16d s/Zack & DoraEaton Union
YOUNGSarah C.18671915ss/Henry M.UnionUnion
YOUNGStephen C.10/24/194703/28/1982  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
YOUNGTheodore 04/04/18911m s/Zack & DoraEatonUnion
YOUNGThurza I. 03/24/197679yStrongDelaware
YOUNGVirgil A. 06/25/197883yStrongDelaware
YOUNG Walter Florence191505/25/1972  Jones Mt Pleasant
YOUNGBLOODJeremy Todd  11/17/198712yStrongDelaware
YOUNGEOliver W. 05/05/18642y 4m 4dMcCormickHamilton
YOUNGSElizabeth A. 09/24/18611y 13d d/Lewis & JaneGranvilleNiles
YOUNGSFlora Amanda 10/04/18755y 4m 21d d/B.F.&C.EatonUnion
YOUNGSGracie  01/20/18832y 11m 9d d/B.F.&C. Eaton Union
YOUNGSJane 11/22/1861 20y 4m 20d w/Lewis R. and d/James & Catherine Black-Inf son on her left arm GranvilleNiles
YOUNGSOra Ellinor 01/03/18633m 3d d/B.F.&C.EatonUnion
YOUNTSEthel D.18891904(Orr)EatonUnion
YOUNTSFrank W.18621945  Hawk Mt Pleasant
YOUNTSGeorge W. 10/29/189437y 8m 1d EatonUnion
YOUNTSLydia J.18481906 EatonUnion
YOUNTSMary18731959 Hawk Mt Pleasant
YOUNTSMary S. E. 05/26/188271y 2m 22d d/M.C.Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
YOUNTSWilliam E.18351904Civil War VetEatonUnion

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