Delaware County

Cemetery Burial List


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Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments Cemetery Township
WABLE Buddy  1921 5y Saunders Salem
WABLE Clara D.  03/11/1937 43y Saunders Salem
WABLEClara M.  01/20/1927 Stillborn SaundersSalem
WABLEClarence D.  08/06/1959 66y SaundersSalem
WABLEDallas R.  07/04/1964 68y SaundersSalem
WABLEEllen Marie  03/19/1981 71y SaundersSalem
WABLEEmma L.  11/19/1948 56y SaundersSalem
WABLEJack  10/06/1926 2y SaundersSalem
WABLEJacob  1908 65y SaundersSalem
WABLELouie May 1897 1965(Yingl) YorktownMt Pleasant
WABLE Louisa  08/05/1934 82y SaundersSalem
WABLE Lula E.   04/02/1925 1y SaundersSalem
WABLE Margeria   08/03/1918 5y Saunders Salem
WABLE Mary E.  02/18/1929 30y SaundersSalem
WABLE Robert A.  11/27/1968 52y SaundersSalem
WADDLE Annie E. 1854 1931   SunderlandSalem
WADDLE William A. 1854 1916  SunderlandSalem
WADE Esther A.1912  w/Floyd E. YorktownMt Pleasant
WADE Floyd E. 1908 1978  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WADE Magda 05/01/1941 09/12/1977  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WAGNER Inf  08/19/1912 Stillborn c/Art StrongDelaware
WAGNER Leo  08/22/1936 1y 6m StrongDelaware
WAGONER Diana  12/16/1870 49y 11m 12d w/ William EatonUnion
WAGONER Harry T. 01/10/1885 10/09/1885  EatonUnion
WAGONER Inf  08/20/1867 s/Wm. P. & Sarah EatonUnion
WAGONER Maggie A. 1876 1877  EatonUnion
WAGONER Sarah M. 1847 1921ss/William P. EatonUnion
WAGONER Walter 01/18/1873 02/02/1873  EatonUnion
WAGONER William P. 18422/13/1904stone date 1903 Soldier - G.A.R. EatonUnion
WAGONERZachariah E. 187812/09/1885Zacky EatonUnion
WAHL Laura L. 1877 1959ss/Ora Ray Lang Mother WhiteLiberty
WALBURN Allie M.  11/08/1872 4m 13d d/G.&M. Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN Anna E. 1848 1879  Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN Catharine  09/08/1860 18y 1m Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN George 1850 1902  ReesPerry
WALBURN George L.  12/12/1978 75y StrongDelaware
WALBURN Jefferson  09/27/1876 67y 2m 16d Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN John 09/23/1847 01/07/1900 h/Perlina ReesPerry
WALBURN Laura Jane 12/07/1868 12/29/1886 18y 22d Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN Mary J.  07/10/1884 2m 21d d/Wm. H. & Ella Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN Mary J.  01/20/1880 38y 11m 19d Union Chapel Delaware
WALBURN Perlina  12/06/1852 w/John ReesPerry
WALBURN Rebecca  06/07/1876 65y 3d Union ChapelDelaware
WALBURN William 1840 1924  Union ChapelDelaware
WALCOTT William  06/05/1869 50y Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WALDEN Rebecca 1831 1891  Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Florence 1913  w/Paul m/9/8/1936 Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Howard V. 1922   Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Marilee 1926  w/Howard V. m/6/14/1947 Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Orpha C. 1863 1939 w/William A. Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Paul Gene 1915 1970 Buried 10/30/1970 Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO Ray 03/24/1888 03/22/1892  Mt TaborLiberty
WALDO William A. 1860 1938  Mt Tabor Liberty
WALKERFamily   Plot Marker Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Alfred 1872 1951  HawkMt Pleasant
WALKER Arabelle  04/11/1932 72y Strong Delaware
WALKER Catherine  02/11/1862 80y 9m 8d w/Joseph ElizabethtownWashington
WALKER Catherine  04/03/1915 70y w/Lewis StrongDelaware
WALKER Charles G.   10/07/1954 83y Saunders Salem
WALKER Daniel 1876 09/30/1923  JonesMt Pleasant
WALKER Donald F. 1914 1928  WhiteLiberty
WALKER Effie B. 1869 07/06/1929 w/James B. JonesMt Pleasant
WALKER Elmer A. 02/13/1919 09/05/1967 Cpl.U.S. Army WW II YorktownMt Pleasant
WALKER Emma J. 1880 1957 Hawk Mt Pleasant
WALKER Grace M. 1893 1947  YorktownMt Pleasant
WALKER Helen 1923   White Liberty
WALKER Hugh  11/11/1878 70y Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Inf  s/Hugh & Mary Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Inf  01/05/1843 d/Hugh & Mary Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Isaac W. 1888 1960  WhiteLiberty
WALKER J. Harold 1926   Saunders Salem
WALKER Jacquelyn Irean 11/26/1940 10/11/1953  YorktownMt Pleasant
WALKER James M. 1850 09/24/1928  JonesMt Pleasant
WALKER John Randall  12/22/1951 s/Elmer & Naomi YorktownMt Pleasant
WALKER Joseph  10/18/1842 62y Elizabethtown Washington
WALKER Josie B.  06/18/1955 80y SaundersSalem
WALKER Lewis  02/28/1923 71y StrongDelaware
WALKER Margaret Pugh  12/01/1932 88y 2m marker says 1844-1931 JonesMt Pleasant
WALKER Margaret   09/14/1862 59y 8m Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Mary R.  08/31/1897 85y 16d w/Hugh Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Mary M. 1852 1933 w/Mathew S. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Mathew S. 1844 1915   Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WALKER Michael Wesley  09/28/1981 s/Wm. W. & M. Helen Walker YorktownMt Pleasant
WALKER Nina E. 1892 1961 W/Isaac W. WhiteLiberty
WALKER Robert   s/Hugh & Mary Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALKER Samuel   Jones Mt Pleasant
WALKER Samuel  08/08/1897  StrongDelaware
WALKER Sarah  06/10/1933 59y StrongDelaware
WALKER Verena May  11/06/1969 74y Jones Mt Pleasant
WALL Charles  12/11/1985 62y StrongDelaware
WALLACE Benjamin 01/12/1758 08/24/1838 Pvt.Capt Sander's NC Regt. Rev. War MillerHarrison
WALLACE Charles R. 05/18/1911 11/07/1944 Pvt. 23rd Armored 7th Arm.Div.WWII ElizabethtownWashington
WALLACE Dorothy 1910 1940  Mt TaborLiberty
WALLACE E. Opal 1884 1909  BucklesNiles
WALLACE George W. 1905 1976  BucklesNiles
WALLACE Jane  05826/1870 58y 10m 9d w/James MillerHarrison
WALLACE Linda Crosley  09/23/1972   SaundersSalem
WALLACE Martha E. 1868 1947  ElizabethtownWashington
WALLACE Maude R. 1892 19XX  Elizabethtown Washington
WALLACE Monstraw  07/07/1968 56y Strong Delaware
WALLACE Vernon R. 09/11/1943 09/18/1943   ElizabethtownWashington
WALLACE Vernon W. 1891 19XX  ElizabethtownWashington
WALLACE Walter W. 1878 1955  BucklesNiles
WALLER Edwin 1860 1876  UnionUnion
WALLER Francis A. 1817 1879  UnionUnion
WALLER Jarner 1831 1878 s/F.A.&M.A. UnionUnion
WALLS Daisy 186107/10/1918(Long) EatonUnion
WALTERS Amy M.  07/22/1918 36y d/William P. & Vernie StrongDelaware
WALTERS Anna E.  07/13/1880 17y 2m 15d d/J.&R. EatonUnion
WALTERS Belsora  10/10/1852 1m 7d d/D.&M.K. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Daniel  11/13/1866 32y 8m 5d Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Elizabeth  11/21/1866 20y 1m 9d Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Inf   10/18/1865 c/J. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS J. L. 01/04/1859 12/18/1882ss/Anna E. EatonUnion
WALTERS Jacob 06/12/1835 04/12/1901ss/Rebecca Eaton Union
WALTERS James G.  05/05/1867 20m Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS John  09/29/1958 51y 7m 15d Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Julian 1842 1918  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WALTERS Mabel B.  08/23/1912 7y d/William P. & Vernie StrongDelaware
WALTERS Mary N.  10/07/1858 45y 8m 15d w/John Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Mary C. 1836 1914  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Maude 1874 1912 w/W.W. WhiteLiberty
WALTERS Niles  10/05/1859 s/D.&M.K. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WALTERS Ora F. 03/25/1869 05/28/1948 h/Sallie A. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Rebecca 03/16/1840 08/15/1918ss/Jacob EatonUnion
WALTERS Sallie A. 10/27/1870 06/30/1963 w/ora F. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Smith07/08/1868 08/01/1913  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Susan J.  09/22/1851 9m 15d d/John & Polly Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WALTERS Vernie  05/10/1933 62y StrongDelaware
WALTERS W.W.  No Dates Family Marker WhiteLiberty
WAMPLER Allen C. 10/14/1860 03/12/1917 ss/Joseph P. & Florence Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WAMPLER Ellen 1866 1918 ss/jacob B. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WAMPLER Florence 01/01/1866 07/31/1950 ss/Joseph P. & Allen C. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WAMPLER Jacob B. 1862 1959 ss/Ellen Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WAMPLER Joseph P. 09/10/1859 05/23/1901 ss/Florence & Allen C. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WAMPLER Sarah E.  09/09/1909 Baby d/Allen & Florence Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WANNER John   02/06/1944 70y SaundersSalem
WANNER Loren Samuel  05/21/1967 59y SaundersSalem
WANNER Mary  12/18/1905 57y SaundersSalem
WANNER Samuel  1912 74y SaundersSalem
WARD Allen T.  01/29/1893 66y 9m 9d ElizabethtownWashington
WARD Clara J. 1865 1931   HawkMt Pleasant
WARD J. Alfred 1888 1910  HawkMt Pleasant
WARD John A. 1859 1897   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WARD Joseph   ??/30/1855 10m 5d s/Nathan & Esther Galbraith Union
WARD Joshua  01/19/1868 2y 10m 17d s/Nathan & Esther Galbraith Union
WARD Marcella 1915 11/28/1962  JonesMt Pleasant
WARD Nancy  02/03/1844 72y w/E. Mt ZionUnion
WARD Oliver    Co. G 153rd Ind. Inf. EatonUnion
WARD Patricia Ann 1936 03/27/1938 2y 1m 1d JonesMt Pleasant
WARD Rhoda  02/14/1904 79y 10m 26d w/Allen T. ElizabethtownWashington
WARD Wilbur  09/22/1904 16d StrongDelaware
WARDEN Leona D.  02/26/1950 70y StrongDelaware
WARDS Albert  04/02/1907   Strong Delaware
WARFEL Adam  11/02/1859 33y 3m 12d YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Alfred  05/19/1863 19y 5m 17d s/J.&S. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Amelia 03/13/1818 01/23/1897 d/Daniel & Fannie Collins Center
WARFEL Belle 1873 1932 w/George W. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Betty J.01/26/1925 08/01/1945 (Pierce) Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Catherine 04/04/1824 10/29/1898   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Charles F. 1856 1921  HawkMt Pleasant
WARFEL Clarence  1879 Infant Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Clyde Bush 1913 1969 Veteran of WW II YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Colvin 01/15/1892 08/02/1892 s/Wm. T. & E. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Daniel J.  01/25/1863 13y 1m 26d s/James & S. YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Daniel  02/05/1860 64y 11m 16d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL David R. 1851 1927  YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Dolph D.  1885  HawkMt Pleasant
WARFEL Emanuel 05/10/1820 02/12/1874  YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Ethel E. 1884 1906 d/J.J. & M.J. Collins Center
WARFEL Fannie  10/18/1870 71y 10m 25d w/Daniel YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL George W. 186? 1916  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Gladys 1888 1933  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Grace  04/15/1886 1y 7m 2d d/A.W.&M.W. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Helen F.  1907  YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Henry C. 1854 1924  YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Herbert E. 1902 1981  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Hester 1881 1946(Myers) Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Howard A. 1889 1936 Masonic Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Iva L. 1876 1881 d/J.&B. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL James Jacob 1841 1920  CollinsCenter
WARFEL John 1848 1924  HawkMt Pleasant
WARFEL Jonas M. 1858 1917  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Jonas   11/04/1902 83y 4m 15d YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Leah  09/15/1844 16y d/David & Fanny Collins Center
WARFEL Lena M. 1892 1909   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Lucille E. 1910 1985  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Luela   11/10/1892 23y 10m 25d w/Wm. T. YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Maggie E. 1859  w/Charles F. HawkMt Pleasant
WARFEL Malinda 1862 1940 w/David R. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Mariah C. 1858 1879 w/Charles F. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Martha Jane 1851 1918 w/James Jacob CollinsCenter
WARFEL Mary 12/22/1829 03/15/1908  HawkMt Pleasant
WARFEL Mayme E. 1858 1933 w/Jonas M. YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Nettie O. 1912 1949 w/Roy H. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Roy H. 1905 1964  YorktownMt Pleasant
WARFEL Samantha  02/11/1894 71y 9m 28d w/Jonas Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Samuel  08/20/1845 s/Emanuel & Catherine CollinsCenter
WARFEL Tobias L.   10/10/1886 63y 11m 26d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARFEL Wm. T. 1861 1933  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WARMAN George W. 1933 1944 Son ElizabethtownWashington
WARMAN Martha   07/12/1933 49y SaundersSalem
WARNER Charles A. 1877 1949  Mt Tabor Liberty
WARNER Ida A. 1886 1963 w/Charles A. - Buried 12/20/1963 Mt Tabor Liberty
WARREN Cora May 1888 19XX w/Elmer Mt Pleasant Liberty
WARREN David Lee 11/19/1954 12/28/1955 Our Baby Boy ElizabethtownWashington
WARREN Elmer 1883 1961  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WARREN Gertrude M.  09/06/1932 58y Strong Delaware
WARREN Harold E. 1909 1909  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WARREN John W.  03/13/1877 43y 9m 25d Mt PleasantPerry
WARREN Robert Gail 1910    Mt Pleasant Liberty
WASHINGTON Joseph    No Dates JonesMt Pleasant
WASHINGTON Nancy Jane   No Dates JonesMt Pleasant
WASHINGTON Theodore   No Dates Jones Mt Pleasant
WASSEN John S. 10/05/1861 11/18/1900 54y 8m Mt PleasantLiberty
WASSEN Lurena   03/04/1888 23y 2m 3d w/J.S. d/M. & M. Tunes Mt Pleasant Liberty
WASSON Alice P.   12/25/1913  Jones Mt Pleasant
WASSON Alice 1866 04/02/1952 (Fuson) JonesMt Pleasant
WASSON Andrew   Co. C 9th Ind. Cav. SmithfieldLiberty
WASSON Charlene L. 1918  w/James C. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WASSON David 1856 06/04/1943  JonesMt Pleasant
WASSON Edgar C.  08/22/1871 11m 24d s/E.E.&M.J. EatonUnion
WASSON Edwin   10/10/1915 3m s/Earl JonesMt Pleasant
WASSON Ezra E.  10/23/1853 67y 3m 9d EatonUnion
WASSON Gerald Edman  12/24/1916 6y JonesMt Pleasant
WASSON Inf  08/26/1897 2y c/Levi StrongDelaware
WASSON Inf  01/19/1898 2w c/Levi Strong Delaware
WASSON James C. 1918    Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WASSON Janet 1943   Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WASSON Jean 1914 1980 w/John H. Union ChapelDelaware
WASSON John H.    Bugler Co. G 9th Reg. Ind. Cav. SmithfieldLiberty
WASSON John H. 1910    Union ChapelDelaware
WASSON Jonathan B.  08/21/1887 56y 10m 24d EatonUnion
WASSON Joseph  11/16/1907 71y StrongDelaware
WASSONL. E.06/13/183608/23/1912ss/Martha J. Md. Dec 10, 1863 Eaton Union
WASSON Lessie Albert   09/05/1918 13y StrongDelaware
WASSON Levi  05/26/1927 61y StrongDelaware
WASSON Martha J. 02/04/1844 04/23/1876(Shideler) ss/L.E. Eaton Union
WASSON Mary  09/11/1858 55y 8m 13d w/Ezra EatonUnion
WASSONMinnie Kate  09/01/1913 43y w/J.W. Strong Delaware
WASSON Nora Belle 06/17/1894 06/09/1976  JonesMt Pleasant
WASSON William  01/08/1871 47y 4m 23d Co. B 147th Reg. Ind. Vol. GranvilleNiles
WASSONYroke  09/14/1900(Gunkle) w/Levi StrongDelaware
WATERS ?  04/02/1901 13y d/Isaac & Ollie Ellen StrongDelaware
WATERS Eve   10/19/1887 61y 8m 1d w/Lawrence F. Mt ZionUnion
WATERS Francis H.  07/20/1970 64y s/Isaac & Ollie Ellen StrongDelaware
WATERS Isaac  12/03/1934 68y StrongDelaware
WATERS Kezzie  12/09/1887 40y 8m 13d w/Leonard ElizabethtownWashington
WATERS Lawrence F.  04/01/1880 95th year Mt ZionUnion
WATERS Martha  03/16/1879 26y 8m 2d w/Leonard ElizabethtownWashington
WATERS Ollie Ellen  03/09/1942 73 w/Isaac StrongDelaware
WATKINS Christie Mae 1903 1964  Mt TaborLiberty
WATKINS Cora A. 1860 1940  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS Effie J.  09/1885 5y 5m 29d d/James W. & Cora A. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS Elizabeth M. 10/14/1851 03/12/1894 w/J.H. Watkins SunderlandSalem
WATKINS Elizabeth 1904 19XX w/Ora W. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS Florence B. 1908 1940 w/Hershel YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Hershel 1897 1969  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS Hester M. 1915 1985 DaughterHawkMt Pleasant
WATKINS Hubert 1893 1914  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS James W. 1833 1923  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS John H. 1850 1927  SunderlandSalem
WATKINS Kenneth L. 1940 1940 s/Hershel & Florence B. YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Kermit L. 1938 1938 s/Hershel & Florence B. YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Myron Eugene 1935 1949 s/Hershel Watkins Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATKINS Ora W. 1903 1975 Masonic emblem YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Paul H. 1934 1934 s/Hershel & Florence B. YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Raymond O. 1887 1908   YorktownMt Pleasant
WATKINS Timothy James 11/23/1978 06/01/1981  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WATSON Andrew 1880 08/30/1971  JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Barbara Faye 1930 12/15/1931 d/Clarence & Mary JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Bessie E. 06/08/1880 02/09/1908 w/Walter Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Charlie   01/28/1870 1y 18d s/James & Matilda SharpSalem
WATSON Eliza A.  10/10/1865 2y 25d d/D.&M. Mt Pleasant Perry
WATSON Elizabeth 09/28/1830 10/29/1885 55y 1m 1d Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Elizabeth  07/16/1846 21y 5m 4d w/Lorenzo Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Elvira   07/27/18?? d/D.&M.P. ss/Mary E. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Emeline 04/04/1842 08/05/1914ss/Strawder R. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WATSON Emma E. 1880 09/19/1942  JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Etta 1867 1894(Stout) Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Fern   No DatesMt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Frances  05/03/1854 53y 7m 28d w/James Mt PleasantPerry
WATSON George A.  10/22/1862 6y 4m 21d s/D.&M.J. Mt PleasantPerry
WATSON George B.  02/22/1859 1m 5d s/William & M. Mt PleasantPerry
WATSON Harry    No DatesMt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Hazel   No DatesMt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Inf  12/03/1928  JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Inf  07/04/1935 15d JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Inf  1856 s/W.&M. Mt Pleasant Perry
WATSON James F. 1860 1915  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON John D. 1885 1969  Mt PleasantLiberty
WATSON John  02/11/1867 24d s/James & Matilda SharpSalem
WATSON Laura 1890 1924  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Leo D. 1905 1972 HawkMt Pleasant
WATSON Lorenzo 05/11/1823 08/24/1915 92y 11m 18d Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Malissa E.  09/28/1871 20d d/H.L. & Caroline Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Mallevee  09/28/1871 20d d/H.L. & Caroline Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Margarett J.  12/30/1865 35y 10d w/David Mt PleasantPerry
WATSON Martha   No Dates Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Mary L. 1910 1985  Jones Mt Pleasant
WATSON Mary M.  09/11/1861 18y 2m 7d d/John & Harriett Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Mary E.  05/02/18?? d/D.&M.P. ss/Elvira Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Mary   08/24/1837 23y 4m 2d w/John Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Matilda  05/09/1890 48y 8m 24d w/James SharpSalem
WATSON Mollie  08/10/1864 2y 10m 4d d/Lorenzo & Elizabeth Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Myrtle Simmons  Buried 11/20/1963 Mt TaborLiberty
WATSON Myrtle M.1870 1926 Probably 1st w/Daniel H. Mt TaborLiberty
WATSON Nancy H.  05/03/1880 1y 2m 7d d/H.L. & Caroline Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Reba Ann 1898 1973 w/John D. Mt PleasantLiberty
WATSON Robert Dale  09/07/1923 Infant JonesMt Pleasant
WATSON Sarah  09/03/1837 3m 2d d/J.&M. Olive BranchWashington
WATSON Sevilla E. 09/27/1862 08/02/1903 w/W. R. Wheeling(IOOF)Washington
WATSON Strawder R. 02/26/1835 02/18/1920 ss/Emeline Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WATSON Violet 1910  HawkMt Pleasant
WATSON Winifred 1908 09/23/1935(Darter) JonesMt Pleasant
WATT Homer R. 1901 1941  Mt TaborLiberty
WATT John C. 1840 1916  Mt TaborLiberty
WATT Joseph W. 1865 1934  Mt TaborLiberty
WATT Lloyd C. 1898 1908 s/Joseph W. & Stella A. Mt TaborLiberty
WATT Mary  09/20/1921  Strong Delaware
WATT Mary A. 1909 1925 d/Joseph W. & Stella A. Mt TaborLiberty
WATT Sarah J. 1844 1925 w/John C. Mt TaborLiberty
WATT Stella A. 1873 1948 w/Joseph W. Mt Tabor Liberty
WATTERSON Ralph Lee  11/20/1955 38y StrongDelaware
WATTS Earl Clinton10/3/1930  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WATTS Isaac 1876 1938 HawkMt Pleasant
WATTS Martha J. 1885 1968 HawkMt Pleasant
WATTS Rigdon F.  10/16/1950 37y StrongDelaware
WATTS William H. 1876 1957  ReesPerry
WAY Alice E.  01/21/1898 37y SaundersSalem
WAY Catherine C.  1893 68y SaundersSalem
WAY Lee N.  03/02/1938 78y Strong Delaware
WAY Martin B.  02/13/1881 32y 11m 6d SaundersSalem
WAY Myron Lee  09/19/1968 71y s/Lee N. & Norma W. StrongDelaware
WAY Norma W.  01/23/1943 74y w/Lee N. StrongDelaware
WAY Robert H.  1895 75y Saunders Salem
WAYMIRE George H. 1902 1969  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Harley D.  02/15/1886 2m 4m 22 s/Wm. W. & Narciscie HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Jennie  03/08/1888 2m 3d d/Wm. W. & Narciscie HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Melissa 09/28/1862 07/08/1891 w/Noah HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Narciscie 09/28/1862 09/03/1907   HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Noah 07/21/1858 04/25/1898  HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE William D. 01/26/1892 04/09/1899 s/W.W.&N. HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE William W. 10/25/1859 08/16/1928   HawkMt Pleasant
WAYMIRE Winnie 07/26/1894 08/21/1895 d/Wm. W. & Narciscie HawkMt Pleasant
WEAKLEY Jerred  03/11/1989 Stillborn SaundersSalem
WEAN Bertha 1888 1966 w/John H. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WEAN Daniel E. 1925 1939  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WEAN John H. 1895 1969 h/Bertha Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WEAR Mary  11/10/1869 6y 2m 10d CollinsCenter
WEATHERFORD Pamela L.  04/07/1956 1d Saunders Salem
WEAVER Amelda   02/17/1920 20y Strong Delaware
WEAVER Augustus John S 01/24/1840 02/28/1922 s/Uriah & Margaret (Duckworth)
b. Harrison Co. VA CW Vet
Mt Tabor Liberty
WEAVER Bernice M. 1899 1922 d/Louis & Viletta Stewart Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WEAVER Catherine 1890 1970 w/John H. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Charles   Co. G. 134th Ind. Inf. HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Chester C. 1908 10/22/1971  Jones Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Clara   d/Osten & Rose May SparrLiberty
WEAVER Emma 1866 1892  HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Farrell P.  04/02/1986 70y WW II Purple Heart 1944 Normandy Beach Jones Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Gertie A. 1891 1965 Mother Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEAVER James Burton 05/10/1882 03/06/1941 s/A.J.S. &M.C. b.Barbour Co. WV Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Jemima 1835 1910  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEAVER John 1834 1893  HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER John Milo 1947   Mt Tabor Liberty
WEAVER John H. 1885 1962  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Kenneth 1910 1910 s/J.B. & Florence(Augburn) Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Malissa Catherine 01/28/1849 10/28/1929 w/A.J.S. d/Augustus & Nancy (Brunner) Hamer Mt Tabor Liberty
WEAVER Marie M.1908 1976(Weeks) HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Mary1846 1917(Drumm) BethelHarrison
WEAVER Mary A. 1922 1922 d/Nola Weaver Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Nola 1887 1964 Father HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Olive Marie  1905 d/Oscar Dwight & Dessie(Phillippe)Pauley Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Osten Winfred 11/11/1879 07/17/1969 s/A.J.S. & M. Died in MO Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Patricia G. 09/05/1939 03/16/1984 Wife & MotherHawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Reta G.  04/12/1932 1d Jones Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Rose Mae1884 1949(Farra) w/Osten Winfred Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Rosetta 1928    Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Russell J. 1905 1961  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEAVER Samuel B. 1865 1937  HawkMt Pleasant
WEAVER Verl D. 1925   Mt TaborLiberty
WEAVER Wilbur   d/Osten & Rose May SparrLiberty
WEBB Bertha M.  11/25/1979 75y SaundersSalem
WEBB Charles A.1900 1974  HawkMt Pleasant
WEBB Edith D. 1917    Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEBB Ellen C.  12/15/1883 70y 1m 3d w/Iven G. JonesMt Pleasant
WEBB Ernest 06/25/1899 11/30/1899  Jones Mt Pleasant
WEBB Glen W. 1913     Hawk Mt Pleasant
WEBB Iven G. 09/08/1827 08/10/1912  JonesMt Pleasant
WEBB James  03/08/1946 71y JonesMt Pleasant
WEBB Samuel Clinton 05/25/1895 08/01/1946 2nd Lt. Inf. WW IHawkMt Pleasant
WEEKLY Jesse G.  10/08/1962 70y StrongDelaware
WEEKS Claude H. 04/21/1911 12/02/1963  Mt TaborLiberty
WEEKS Jane Blease 10/25/1918 11/26/1963 w/Claude H. Mt TaborLiberty
WEHLAGE Frances 1928  w/Richard m/7/2/1945 YorktownMt Pleasant
WEHLAGE Richard 1928 1978   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEIKEL Anna L.  12/21/1881  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEIKEL Inf  03/23/1872   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEIKEL Mary E.  03/08/1873 11y 1m 13d d/Philip & Buelah YorktownMt Pleasant
WEIR Alvira 1855 1936 w/Evan O. CollinsCenter
WEIR Amanda   02/27/1864 4y 3m 22d Collins Center
WEIR Conrad W. 1915 1937ss/Robert Lee EatonUnion
WEIR Edith M.07/10/189703/1987ss/Joseph C. EatonUnion
WEIR Evan O. 1852 1915  CollinsCenter
WEIR George W.  08/30/1877 11y 1m s/Evan & Alvira CollinsCenter
WEIR Henry B.   07/27/1851 1y 4m 15d s/J. & B. CollinsCenter
WEIR John 01/12/1820 07/12/1891  CollinsCenter
WEIR Joseph C. 1885 1960ss/Edith M. EatonUnion
WEIR Mary A.  09/07/1851 3y 8m 2d d/John & Rebecca CollinsCenter
WEIR Mary  11/10/1869 76y 10m 7d w/Thomas CollinsCenter
WEIR Rebecca 08/26/1821 03/16/1904 w/John CollinsCenter
WEIR Robert Lee 1937 1938ss/Conrad W. EatonUnion
WEIR Thomas D.  08/27/1863 74y 7m 19d CollinsCenter
WEIR Thomas B. 1834 06/13/1867 32y 6m 19d CollinsCenter
WASSONWilliam S. 18871927Metal Marker Eaton Union
WEISS Maimie 1957 74y (Skinner) SaundersSalem
WEISS William  1918 36y SaundersSalem
WELCH Daniel E. 1883 1946  Elizabethtown Washington
WELCH Nina May  04/04/18?6 d/G.A. & M.I. Prairie GroveWashington
WELFER Hazel I. 1890 03/31/1978 w/Robert JonesMt Pleasant
WELFER Robert 1875 1960  Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Carl E. 1907 1983 Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Chester M. 08/31/1893 10/31/1969 s/Seigel & Eura Pvt.Co. E 113th Eng. WW I Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Edgar T. 1879 10/07/1955  Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Edna M. 1880 10/28/1944 w/Ottoway C. JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Elizabeth D. 1864 05/15/1920  Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Eura 1873 11/14/1942 w/Seigel Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Helen V. 1912  w/Carl E. Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON John R. 08/07/1840 04/12/1906  Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON John M.   4m 1d JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Louis Calvin 1861 09/02/1923 s/John R. & Malinda JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Malinda 09/03/1838 06/08/1908 (Holt) w/John R. JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Ottoway C. 1877 10/05/1958   Jones Mt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Seigel 1869 02/10/1943  JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON Stella J. 1879 09/23/1946 w/Edgar T. JonesMt Pleasant
WELLINGTON William  1887 Infant JonesMt Pleasant
WELLMAN John F.  09/28/1875 6y 11m 22d s/S.P. & Mary YorktownMt Pleasant
WELLMAN Mary  02/10/1896 59y 7m 21d w/Stephen P. YorktownMt Pleasant
WELLMAN Mellie  09/27/1876 3y 18d s/S.P. & Mary Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WELLMAN Stephen P.   03/08/1881 47y 8m 23d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WELLS Adaline J. 10/26/1833  SS/Reason Wells Sunderland Salem
WELLS Charles V. 1892 1951  Mt PleasantPerry
WELLS Cora 1886 1968 w/Troy Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WELLS Daisy C.   No dates HawkMt Pleasant
WELLS Inf   07/27/1901 d/Ed Strong Delaware
WELLS Joseph S.   No dates HawkMt Pleasant
WELLS Reason 01/12/1840 05/04/1904 s/M.W.A. & A.O.U. SunderlandSalem
WELLS Troy 1880 1960  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WELSH Bessie 1896 1957  Wheeling(IOOF)Washington
WELSH Daisy E. 1883 1950 w/John H. Jones Mt Pleasant
WELSH DeVern   01/14/1944 32y SaundersSalem
WELSH Edward   08/13/1979 79y SaundersSalem
WELSH George F. III  12/07/1928 Stillborn SaundersSalem
WELSH George Franklin  07/12/1948 88y SaundersSalem
WELSH James B.  09/24/1975 78y SaundersSalem
WELSH John H. 1871 1926  Jones Mt Pleasant
WELSH Lillie Mae 04/07/1911 03/15/1979  JonesMt Pleasant
WELSH Lola Lavonne   Baby SaundersSalem
WELSH Thomas H.     Saunders Salem
WENDELL Elizabeth E. 08/23/1913 02/11/1945   Mt Tabor Liberty
WERNER John   07/28/1888 80y 6m 5d MacedoniaMonroe
WERNER Rebecca M.  07/23/1889 76y w/John MacedoniaMonroe
WERST Charles  11/12/1897 39y StrongDelaware
WEST Anna 1848 1909  Mt Pleasant Perry
WEST Carolyn E. 1927  w/Forrest P. d/Paul E. & Josephine Cecil Mt TaborLiberty
WEST Edwin 04/27/1917 08/14/1919   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WEST Forrest P. 1922    Mt Tabor Liberty
WEST Jeremiah S. 07/05/1840 03/18/1913  FairviewMonroe
WEST John W.  06/04/1860 2y 10m 21d FairviewMonroe
WEST Johnnie 1872 1873  Mt Pleasant Perry
WEST Lucy 1910   w/Travis Mt TaborLiberty
WEST Mahala 08/13/1844 10/16/1892 w/Jeremiah FairviewMonroe
WEST Margaret  03/09/1922 79y Strong Delaware
WEST Mary  10/23/1827 32y 3m 17d w/Thomas Mt PleasantPerry
WEST Philip Jean  01/21/1931 Stillborn Strong Delaware
WEST Sarah Ann  09/11/1851 1y 3m 28d d/Jacob & Elizabeth CollinsCenter
WEST Sarah  04/13/1876 13y 11m 29d FairviewMonroe
WEST Thomas  01/12/1834 41y 2m 5d Mt PleasantPerry
WEST Travis   Buried 3/12/1969 Mt TaborLiberty
WEST William H.    Fairview Monroe
WEST Wm. 1829 1896 Co. H 6th Inf. & Co. K 9th Ind. Cav. Mt Pleasant Perry
WESTERFELT Bruce  03/08/1957 73y Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Ella  12/10/1938  Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Emma A.  03/25/1968 78y w/John StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Goldie E.  05/31/1944 52y w/Orville StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Jerry   05/15/1978 81y Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT John  02/09/1951 69y Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Lloyd   08/02/1967 68y StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Lot  01/25/1948  Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Mary  12/30/1918 29y Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Mary Etta  01/13/1941 39y w/Jerry StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Max Eugene  03/24/1937 15y Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Maxine   12/30/1918 Stillborn d/Mary StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Orville   12/07/1944 52y StrongDelaware
WESTERFELT Phyllis   01/13/1941 14y d/Jerry & Mary Etta Strong Delaware
WESTERFELT Robert Frank  09/14/1960 74y StrongDelaware
WESTON Lucien L. 1906 01/10/1977   Jones Mt Pleasant
WESTON Martin J. 1906 12/21/1971  Jones Mt Pleasant
WHALEN Huldah A. 1830 1893  ReesPerry
WHARTON Ermal W. 1894 08/26/1953  JonesMt Pleasant
WHARTON Harriett Sophri  05/11/1858 4m 8d Olive BranchWashington
WHARTON John W. 1866 07/27/1918 52y 6m 26d Jones Mt Pleasant
WHARTON John 05/30/1853 05/30/1853  Olive Branch Washington
WHARTON Rhoda  04/13/1844 8m 23d Olive Branch Washington
WHARTON Sarah  05/14/1847 59y w/T. Olive Branch Washington
WHARTON Stella M. 1876 1950 w/John W. JonesMt Pleasant
WHARTON Thomas  05/13/1847 70y 8m 10d Olive BranchWashington
WHETSTONE Willie G.  10/09/1865 9y 2m 9d s/J. & M.M. GarardHamilton
WHICKCAR Asa  04/30/1853  Strong Delaware
WHICKCAR Duke  06/09/1853 61y StrongDelaware
WHICKCAR John M.  05/17/1841 11y s/Asa & Charity StrongDelaware
WHICKCAR Susannah 10/20/1782 11/15/1857 75y 25d w/Jonathan StrongDelaware
WHICKCAR William N.   N.C. Militia Soldier of Rev. War StrongDelaware
WHICKER Mathew J. W. 1845 1864 s/Mathew & Martha GodloveDelaware
WHIEHEAD Don Gilbert 1904 1967 Buried 5/10/1967 Mt Tabor Liberty
WHIEHEAD Donald Reed 1933 1933  Mt Tabor Liberty
WHIEHEAD Gilbert M. 1934 1938  Mt Tabor Liberty
WHINEY Roscoe C. 1890 1969 Buried 3/10/1969 Mt TaborLiberty
WHISTLER Isabelle  09/12/1914   Strong Delaware
WHITACRE Mary L.  03/25/1940 81y Strong Delaware
WHITAKER Henry  07/03/1897 22y Strong Delaware
WHITAKER Walter M.  06/02/1933 Pvt 45th US Ind. Vol. Inf. Buckles Niles
WHITAKER William H.   03/01/1928 79y StrongDelaware
WHITE Alonzo  12/28/1914  White Liberty
WHITE Arthur L.  08/25/1960 71y Strong Delaware
WHITE Claude F. 1889 1937  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITE Edna1879 1950(Cooper) w/Samuel Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITE Elizabeth Elean  08/09/1864 44y d/Edward & Sarah W. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WHITE Gladys E.  03/04/1977 67y StrongDelaware
WHITE Hannah Ann  07/10/1843 37y 2m 27d w/Hamilton Bethel (M.E.)Niles
WHITE Harry L. 1891 1929  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WHITE Isaac William1861 08/19/1879 18y 3m 10d Eaton Union
WHITE James W.  03/21/1960 5y SaundersSalem
WHITE John W.  04/24/1859 69y 9m 26d Mt TaborLiberty
WHITE Lavina  01/18/1854 ?y 10m 1d w/Robert S. GrahamLiberty
WHITE Letha 1872 1930 w/Orson WhiteLiberty
WHITE Marquerite 11/12/1982 85y StrongDelaware
WHITE Mary 183503/03/1905(Andrews) w/Samuel S. 72y Eaton Union
WHITE Mary Caroline  02/18/1859 10y 5d d/N.&L. SharpSalem
WHITE Matilda   07/05/1842 26y 9m 2d Consort of Madison d/Thomas & Susan CollinsCenter
WHITE Maude J. 1890 1965 w/Claude F. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITE Orson 1869 1930  WhiteLiberty
WHITE Phyliss Elaine  07/11/1955 21y StrongDelaware
WHITE Robert L. 1929 1947 s/Claude F. & Maude J. Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITE Rosa   04/12/1894 22y w/C. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WHITE Samuel Simpson 1831 02/07/1909 77y EatonUnion
WHITE Samuel Orr 1883 1944   Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITE Sarah W.   07/16/1858 59y 6m w/Edward Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WHITE Susannah   06/28/1862 27y 2m 18d w/Josiah T. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WHITE Thomas R.  01/24/1879 42y Union Union
WHITE Victor C. 1917 1937  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITEHAIR B. F. 1934    StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Benjamin W. 1858 1928  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITEHAIR Bessie  08/17/1987 99y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Charles W. 01/07/1887 06/12/1933   Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR Cora C.  09/07/1925 7m StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Dortha  05/1909 76y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Earl  12/08/1885 3y 9m 10d s/B.W. & S.M. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITEHAIR Forrest E. 1892 1895   Union ChapelDelaware
WHITEHAIR George 1939   Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR George W.  11/24/1939 59y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Grace M. 1880 1895   Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITEHAIR Granville  07/30/1935 72y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Henry C.  02/14/1904 78y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Henry  1879   Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Herbert  08/02/1961 75y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Homer C.  05/07/1949 53y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Howard  05/05/1977 86y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR James H.  09/09/1876 18y 5m 6d Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR James E.  11/19/1946 Stillborn StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR John W.  08/21/1876 22y 8m Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR John  1900 64y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Josiah  11/22/1905 86y 27d Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR Lottie M.  11/11/1967 64y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Lucretia  01/14/1887 71y 9m 29d w/Josiah Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR M. S.    StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR M. A. 1915   Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Mabelle  08/09/1975 74y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Margaret  1877  StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Marion A.  07/15/1979 79y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Mary C.  01/28/1928 58y StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Nilah J. 12/25/1887 11/15/1868 w/Charles W. Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR Paul Arthur  08/20/1924 5m StrongDelaware
WHITEHAIR Pauline   11/30/1946 24y Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Rubanna  1879  Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Sarah M. 1859 1943 w/Benjamin W. Mt PleasantLiberty
WHITEHAIR Skylar Marie   01/19/1989 10d Strong Delaware
WHITEHAIR Thelma G. 1896 1972  Union ChapelDelaware
WHITEHARE Thomas G.  10/02/1859 3y 1m 4d s/Josiah & Lovina Mt Pleasant Liberty
WHITEHEAD Havard D. 11/04/1895 02/25/1896  Mt PleasantPerry
WHITEHEAD Inf  08/28/1898  Mt PleasantPerry
WHITEHEAD Ivie D. 11/17/1873 08/28/1898(Felton) Mt PleasantPerry
WHITEHEAD Keith 11/13/1919 11/14/1919  Mt Pleasant Perry
WHITEHEAD Veda 1896 1972(Lowery) Mt Pleasant Perry
WHITEHURST James  08/23/1939 65y SaundersSalem
WHITELY Athel E. 1905 1944  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WHITENACK Mary Gail  08/15/1943 38y StrongDelaware
WHITESIDE Frank 1874 1940  Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITESIDE Frederick Walte 1889 12/24/1964   Jones Mt Pleasant
WHITESIDE Winifred M. 1903 06/02/1959 w/Frederick JonesMt Pleasant
WHITNEY Aetna 1869 1939 w/Granville Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Cora A. 1872 04/20/1944  SaundersSalem
WHITNEY David   01/19/1865 24y 8m 22d died at Salisbury NC prisoner CW Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Dorothy C. 1890 1967 Buried 12/25/1967 Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Earl 1895 1942   Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Eliza A. 1842 1923 w/Mordecai Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Emma S. 1862 1943 w/Frank Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Florence 1898 19XX w/Earl Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Frank 1863 1948  Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Franklin  05/09/1864 21y 11d Co. K 19th Ind. Vol. fell on Battlefield Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Granville 1865 1947  Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Hannah   11/27/1870 65y 1m 17d w/Thomas Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Harry 1871 1941  Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Hattie 1877 1953 w/Harry Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Kaissa 05/05/1833 09/02/1897 w/B.S. Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Lafayette 04/21/1827 04/18/1895  SparrLiberty
WHITNEY Leonidas  1939 81y SaundersSalem
WHITNEY Mary M. 04/05/1841 11/08/1912 w/Lafayette SparrLiberty
WHITNEY Minnie 1869 1947(Waldo) Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Mordecai 1829 1904  Mt Tabor Liberty
WHITNEY Ott E. 1892 1967 Buried 1/3/1967 Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Phineas 1834 1897 ss/Sarah A. ReesPerry
WHITNEY Sarah A. 1824 1902 ss/Phineas Rees Perry
WHITNEY Sheridan 1869 1956   Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY Thomas   07/04/1881 ?6y 3m 18d Mt TaborLiberty
WHITNEY William  03/06/1862 24y 1m 4d Co. F 13th reg. Ind. Vol. d.of wounds at Winchester VA Mt TaborLiberty
WHITSEL Wife of Thomas  08/07/1889 27y w/Thomas StrongDelaware
WHITSELL Louis G.  11/23/1912 4w Strong Delaware
WHITSON Annie  10/02/1893 39y 8m 24d w/Dr. E.M. Olive BranchWashington
WHITTAKER Jno.   Co. C 47th Ind. Inf. Jones Mt Pleasant
WHITTMORE Clifton R.  10/09/1933 4d JonesMt Pleasant
WHORTON Robert  01/18/1867 57y 7m 2d Thompson Washington
WICKERSHAM Josiah 1772 1857   Union ChapelDelaware
WIDENER George W.  04/08/1876 55y 10m 2d UnionUnion
WIDNER Iva M. 1897 1906   HawkMt Pleasant
WIDNER Mary 1868 1947   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WIDNER William 1868 1935  HawkMt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Adam Sr.  03/25/1885 72y 2m 28d YorktownMt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Arthur F. 1875 1931 Veteran Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Caroline 08/30/1860 12/16/1917  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Elsie B. 1896 1980 w/Hobart D. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Gertrude  08/17/1862 42y w/Adam Sr. YorktownMt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Hobart D. 1898 1967 Veteran Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Huldah E.  10/06/1875 19y 11m 19d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY John 1848 1923  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WIGGERLY Jossie M. 1875 1940 w/Arthur F. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILBURN Andrew J. 1871 1918ss/Minnie M. EatonUnion
WILBURN Frances A.   07/07/1879 61y 1m 8d New BurlingtonPerry
WILBURNMinnie M. 1872 1932ss/Andrew J. EatonUnion
WILBURN Robert   03/18/1896 86y 5m 9d New Burlington Perry
WILCOXON John Edwin  04/29/1869 s/Thomas & Malina Black Delaware
WILCOXON Mary N.   08/13/1862 d/Thomas & Malina BlackDelaware
WILCOXSON Lewis  02/12/1841 51y CollinsCenter
WILEY Anna O.  10/15/1862 93y 21d w/Dr. James EatonUnion
WILEY Emily Rosetta 1864 1950 Mother HawkMt Pleasant
WILEY Sarah  09/05/1884 89y 4m 15d w/Moses Leaird Union
WILHELM Bertha E. 1884 1956   ZionWashington
WILKINS Jane 04/11/1824 06/??/1868 d/Cornelius & Jane VanArsdol Mt Tabor Liberty
WILKINSON Ralph 1881 1966  Mt Pleasant Perry
WILKINSON Stella 1886    Mt Pleasant Perry
WILL Henry 09/14/1814 11/18/1893 Born in Bavaria Germany BortsfieldLiberty
WILL John 1850 1916   Mt TaborLiberty
WILL Lewis 1889 1889 s/John & Mary C. Mt TaborLiberty
WILL Luisa  02/22/1865 2y 25d d/Thomas & Margaret BortsfieldLiberty
WILL Margaret  08/18/1873 48y 8m w/Thomas BortsfieldLiberty
WILL Margaret  12/14/1870 63y 10m 12d BortsfieldLiberty
WILL Mary C. 1848 1929 w/John Mt TaborLiberty
WILL Thomas  02/19/1865 53y 2m 3d BortsfieldLiberty
WILL William 1868 1881 s/John & Mary C. Mt TaborLiberty
WILLEY Stephen  05/16/1866 52y 1m 23d Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLEY William Edward 1844 1888  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WILLIAM Phyllis Ann 1930 1942  Union ChapelDelaware
WILLIAMS A. P.  08/16/1922 68y Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Ada Gertrude  07/11/1891 6m 24d d/L.&M. Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS Alice M.1904 06/25/1976(Castor) w/Fred A. Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Alma L.  02/06/1869 1m 10d d/Samuel & Elmira Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS Alonzo 1864 1941  Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS Alta C. 1886 1962  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Alvin 1882 1973  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Ann   10/29/1858 47y 4m 13d w/Thomas Granville Niles
WILLIAMS Arthur  05/19/1938  StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Arthur C. 1901 1904  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Bernice  01/08/1927 44y w/Arthur Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Burton 1879 1954 ss/Osee A. SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS Carl E.  02/25/1952 72y StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Carl V. 1867 1934  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Cassius B.   10/08/1874 14y 5m 5d s/S.J. & Rebecca WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Charles D. 09/26/1893 07/13/1960 Pvt. U.S. Army WW I Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Charles Elmer 02/11/1863 03/10/1909   Saunders Salem
WILLIAMS Charles W.  08/28/1985 69y StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Charles A. 1850 1916  Union Chapel Delaware
WILLIAMS Claude B. 1906 1982  White Liberty
WILLIAMS Cleo 1913  w/Ellis P. m/5/29/1937 Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Clifford L. Dr. 03/01/1901 10/01/1967  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Clint 1892 1954   Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS David 01/13/1834 04/09/1851  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Dortha M.  08/16/1918 5y Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Earl  08/1900 1y 8m 10d s/W. & S. WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Edward  01/03/1872 1y 3m 6d s/E.&E.J. Granville Niles
WILLIAMS Edward P. 1863 1929  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Effie  02/22/1881 4m 26d s/John & Mary Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS Eileen C. 1920  w/Fred G. Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Elizabeth R.   02/21/1939 80y w/Martin L. Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Ellis P. 1912 10/09/1960  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Elminus  09/08/1865 7m 10d s/John & Mary ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Elmira   03/28/1915 62y 4m 2d w/Samuel L. Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS Emiline 1845 1934 w/Isaac J. SunderlandSalem
WILLIAMS Emma V. 1866 1924  ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Emma J.1861 1905(Black) w/J.C. Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Enoch M.  07/01/1875 41y 3m 18d GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Evaline  08/06/1862 35y 3m 10d w/John R. Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Everett V.  03/09/1926 5d StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Fanny  05/27/1853 41y w/Thomas GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Flora Estell 08/09/1913 05/05/1975 Mother HawkMt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Frances 1827 1917  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Francis Jr.  07/26/1938 8m Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Frank 1915 08/14/1945  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Fred G. 1913 1968 Buried 1/24/1968 Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS George Randall 1946 1947 s/George E. Williams Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS George I.  09/04/1868 8m 25d s/T.S.&H. NottinghamHarrison
WILLIAMS George  01/18/1877 77y 2m 24d Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS George   04/07/1842 15d Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS George W. 1861 1901   Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Gloria A.  02/26/1948 4m SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS Hannah 1847 1946 w/Charles A. Union ChapelDelaware
WILLIAMS Harold E. 11/09/1925 07/03/1962  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Harold    Buried 7/8/1962 Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Helen  01/14/1892 51y 6m 17d w/T.S. NottinghamHarrison
WILLIAMS Helen A. 05/13/1899 01/20/1862 w/Clifford L. Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Henry  10/08/1855 35y 2d GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Henry Bell  01/11/1889 30y 1m 10d Sunderland Salem
WILLIAMS Henry H.  02/03/1847 23y 11m 23d Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Henry H.  02/11/1849 5m 16d s/J.R. & Rebecca Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Inf son  1898 ss/Burton & Osee A. SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS Inf dau.  12/07/1886 d/I.J.&E. SunderlandSalem
WILLIAMS Inf   06/29/1900 5y d/W. & S. WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Inf. son   s/M.&E.V. ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Inf. dau.  1918 d/J.F & E.E. Zion Washington
WILLIAMS Isaac J. 1840 1913 h/Emiline Sunderland Salem
WILLIAMS Iva R.1885 01/12/1963(Hofherr) Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS J. Raymond 1896 1938 Co. N 15th Reg. USN WW I Saunders Salem
WILLIAMS J. C. 1856 1937  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS James B. 03/23/1812 06/24/1903 h/Maria M. Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS James H.  05/08/1856 27y 10m 6d GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS James F.  05/18/1949 54y Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS James H.  10/12/1873 22y 27d Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Jane  11/09/1888 w/? Williams Wheeling(IOOF)Washington
WILLIAMS Joanna 1851 1917 w/W. Henry D of R IOOF WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS John  01/03/1883 47y 1d h/Mary Ellen Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS John  05/11/1887 78y 11m 24d Mt Pleasant Liberty
WILLIAMS John L. 1858 1938 ss/L. Jane Rees Perry
WILLIAMS John Galbraith  11/30/1966 68y SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS John R.  07/03/1873 48y 6m 7d Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Joyce A.  10/15/1937 Stillborn SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS L. Jane 1860 1938 ss/John L. ReesPerry
WILLIAMS Labon 1844 1880  GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Laura B.   07/11/1881 18y 2m 9d d/E.&B. GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Laura L. 1875 09/07/1947 w/Sanford R. JonesMt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Leland W. 1903 1985 ss/Ruby M. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Lena 1873 1900 ss/Otho L. ReesPerry
WILLIAMS Leroy F. 1875 1945 Father ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Lois 08/19/1895 08/16/1897 d/John L. & Jane Rees Perry
WILLIAMS Lola S. 1884 1974  WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Lurena Ellen  09/05/1851 19y 10m 20d w/S. J.d/Jacob & Ellen Davis SparrLiberty
WILLIAMS Margaret  09/21/1930(Cole) 83y StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Margaret 1888 1905  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Maria M. 10/18/1813 01/05/1904 w/James B. ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Martin L.  11/28/1937 80y Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Mary Ellen 1839 1918 w/John ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Mary E.  05/29/1891 24y 7m 8d w/Lindsay Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS Mary E.  08/20/1858 20y 3m 24d w/Enoch GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Mary A. 1907 1981  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Mary  07/13/1889 77y 4m 6d w/John Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS Mary A. 1878 05/08/1935 56y Mother Saunders Salem
WILLIAMS Mary S.  06/14/1983 Teacher WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Minnie A. 1866 1943 w/Edward P. Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Mrs. Clinton   Buried 1/23/1962 Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Murray L.  08/09/1969 68y s/Martin L. & Elizabeth R. Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Myrtle Rebecca 1906 1908 d/Claude & Lola White Liberty
WILLIAMS Myrtle C. 1872 1944  WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Nancy  04/21/1843 2m Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Nancy   04/15/1849 43y 8m 9d w/George Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Nancy  04/02/1843 72y Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Nathan   01/18/1855 18y 10m 22d s/T.&F. Granville Niles
WILLIAMS Nellie B.  09/16/1972 80y StrongDelaware
WILLIAMS Nora May 1891 05/29/1968  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Ollie  08/06/1898 1y 4d d/Z.T. Babb Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Oreta M. 1916 (Noble) HawkMt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Orlo Franklin  12/03/1898 5y 8m 17d s/ Lindsay & Maggie ElizabethtownWashington
WILLIAMS Orpha 1884 03/23/1964  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Osee A. 1876 1938 ss/Burton Saunders Salem
WILLIAMS Otho L. 1876 1958 ss/Lena Rees Perry
WILLIAMS Palmer 07/13/1905 08/28/1978  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Pansy R.  07/15/1894 2y 3m 9d d/W.H. & Joanna WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Paul   11/08/1920 9hour Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Pauline Ozora 1902 1922 d/Claude & Lola White Liberty
WILLIAMS Rachel M. 1870 1921 w/Carl V. Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Ralph H. 06/16/1893 03/14/1962 Ind. Cpl. Mech. Regt.Air Service WW I Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Rebecca  12/08/1849 23y 7m 25d Mt TaborLiberty
WILLIAMS Ruby M. 1905 1974 ss/Leland W. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS S. Claude 1877 1957 IOOF WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Samuel L.  01/04/1885 42y 8m Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS Samuel J.  05/06/1864 33y 6m 23d d. in battle of the Wilderness Capt. Co. K 19th Ind Vol White Liberty
WILLIAMS Sanford R. 1875 04/08/1960  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMS Sarah E.  04/27/1852 5y 5m 10d d/T.&F. GranvilleNiles
WILLIAMS Susie1878 1930(Black) w/W.H. Jr. WhiteLiberty
WILLIAMS Tessie H.  06/25/1879 1y 2m 10d d/? Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS Thelma P.  1919 13y SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS Thelma  (Beamer)w/Clint bd.10/27/1962 Mt Tabor Liberty
WILLIAMS Thomas  09/18/1858 5m s/E.M.&M.E. Granville Niles
WILLIAMS Thomas  04/12/1863  Granville Niles
WILLIAMS Thomas S.  11/22/1877 46y 8m 25d NottinghamHarrison
WILLIAMS Verna  04/24/1973 85y w/Carl E. Strong Delaware
WILLIAMS Viola  04/03/1983 89y Saunders Salem
WILLIAMS W. Henry Jr. 1898 1935 s/W.H. & Susie. White Liberty
WILLIAMS W. H. 1874 1937   White Liberty
WILLIAMS W. Henry 1853 1923 IOOF White Liberty
WILLIAMS Watty  04/16/1876 6y 1m 18d s/John & Mary Elizabethtown Washington
WILLIAMS William A.  05/03/1854 3y 4m 19d Mt PleasantLiberty
WILLIAMS William Frank  03/22/1963 85y SaundersSalem
WILLIAMS William H.  11/25/1845 37y 8m 15d Sparr Liberty
WILLIAMSON A. 1829 1855  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Arthur 1904 1980  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Bethe E. 1875 1957 w/Gilbert A. CollinsCenter
WILLIAMSON Charles    No Dates FairviewMonroe
WILLIAMSON Dessie   No Dates Fairview Monroe
WILLIAMSON Edena 1886 1913   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Edna   10/28/1907 31y Strong Delaware
WILLIAMSON Eleanor J. 1824 1894 Mother Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Eliza A.  09/15/1842 1y 9m d/William & Poly McKinleyMt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Emma E. 1860 1940  Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Ernest C.  06/09/1918 Vet. WW II Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Ervil 1893 1938 WW I Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Eskay S. 1884 1954 In Memory bd Forest Lawn Cem Los Angeles CA. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Ester E.  06/01/1880 21y 6m 14d w/S. Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON George S. 1891 1901   CollinsCenter
WILLIAMSON Gilbert A. 1858 1920  Collins Center
WILLIAMSON Gilbert A. Jr. 1910 1938 s/Gilbert A. & Bethe E. Collins Center
WILLIAMSON Hilton U. 1863 1923  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Indiana  09/15/1842 1y 6m d/William & Poly McKinleyMt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Inf  07/01/1845 c/William & Poly McKinleyMt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Inf  07/30/1834 1y 6m McKinley Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Inf   09/10/1871 s/J.B.&M.A. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON James R.  01/27/1878 37y 13d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON James   03/03/1856 59y 11m 17d YorktownMt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Jane  01/08/1872 70y 15d w/James Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Johnson  05/13/1846 s/James & Jane Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Kendel B. 1891 1909 s/Gilbert A. & Bethe E. CollinsCenter
WILLIAMSON Lillian M. 10/13/1927 05/12/1980  HawkMt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Lottie   No Dates FairviewMonroe
WILLIAMSON Malissa J.  02/29/1872 18y 3m 9dMt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Margaret  02/03/1872 75y 4m 3d w/ Martin J. Collins Center
WILLIAMSON Martha  01/18/1895 69y 7m 21d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Martin J.  01/11/1877 79y 11m 4d CollinsCenter
WILLIAMSON Mary Ellen  10/08/1922  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Mary E. 1851 1927 w/Sylvan S. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Mary A. 01/04/1837 05/10/1893 w/J. R.(05/10/1898) Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Rebecca J. 1898 1902  Collins Center
WILLIAMSON Robert E. 1908 1909   Collins Center
WILLIAMSON Rosa M. 1898 1973  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Sarah  12/03/1874 53y 15d w/Wilson Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Sylvan S. 1850 1930  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON William   09/06/1880 60y 2m 2d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Willie    s/Wm. & Martha Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIAMSON Wilson  10/06/1865 45y 9m 23d Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILLIS Fora E. 12/31/1871 02/15/1926  Rees Perry
WILLIS Isaac  08/19/1879 18y 1m 16d s/S.S.&M. EatonUnion
WILLIS Louretta U. 1878 1958 w/Sylvester Union ChapelDelaware
WILLIS Sylvester 1874 1951   Union Chapel Delaware
WILLITS Charles B.   04/15/1930 82y Strong Delaware
WILLITS Margaret  02/27/1936 82y w/Charles B. Strong Delaware
WILLITS Mary   09/10/1907 60y Strong Delaware
WILLS Andrew   03/03/1876 s/Wm.&Minerva Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Bertha A. 1876 1910   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS George W. 06/30/1864 02/09/1949  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Gladys   No dates Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Goldie 1898 1904  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Jane  10/21/1855 58y 6m 5d w/William Jones Mt Pleasant
WILLS Larkin 1861 1888   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Lou 1867 1901   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Margery  04/27/1883 52y 11m 14d w/Wm. Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Nina M. 08/26/1884 08/05/1903  HawkMt Pleasant
WILLS Phoeba A. 03/05/1859 02/20/1936   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Reba   No dates Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Samuel F. 1857 1929  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Sarah E. 08/19/1867 10/10/1948   Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS Thomas J.  06/01/1869 4y 5m 12d s/James & Sarah Olive BranchWashington
WILLS Twins   No dates Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLS William   04/20/1891 64y 2m 12d Hawk Mt Pleasant
WILLSON George S. 1841 1901  CollinsCenter
WILLSON Jane A. 1844 1927 w/George S. Collins Center
WILSON A. C.  12/25/1923 55y Strong Delaware
WILSON Albert L. 02/01/1906 02/16/1911   Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Albert  07/30/1846 2y 3m 13s s/J. & E.J. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Albert N.  01/17/1941 91y StrongDelaware
WILSON Aletha Florence   07/30/1867 2m 3d d/S.B.&L.C. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Alfred S. 1837 1918 Father Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Alison  08/05/1853 5y 7m 2d s/M.J.&C. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Alzena C.1876 1942  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Amos Rev. Sr.  10/27/1854 85y 6m 20d Chaplain in Rev. War Granville Niles
WILSON Andrew 1839 1882  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Anna    Buckles Niles
WILSON Anna  10/12/1870 74y w/Thomas S. Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Belinda  06/30/1848 23y 10m 15d w/William Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Beniah  12/04/1923 70y StrongDelaware
WILSON Benoni  05/26/1847 42y 5m 9d Granville Niles
WILSON Bessie M. 1884 1983 w/Isaac A. Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Betty J. 1926 1926  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Blanche R.   05/30/1880 2y 13d d/S.T. & Clara Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Catherine 10/02/1828 01/18/1905  Bethel(M.E.) Niles
WILSON Dennis 1849 1914  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Donald E.  05/07/1975 42y StrongDelaware
WILSON Dorothy  03/03/1894 62y 11m 26d w/Samuel Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Edgar A.  08/08/1870 2y 2m 10d s/Amos & Sarah E. Granville Niles
WILSON Edna Pearl 1882 1946  Mt TaborLiberty
WILSON Eliza A.   03/04/1936 85y w/Albert N. Strong Delaware
WILSON Elizabeth  03/11/1839 57th year w/Joseph Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Elizabeth   04/30/1896 72y w/Josiah Strong Delaware
WILSON Elizabeth 1841 1923 And Infant Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Emma J. 1857 1934 w/Marion Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Frank E.  10/26/1869 5y 6m 6d s/Amos & Sarah Granville Niles
WILSON George W.  06/04/1918 76y StrongDelaware
WILSON George 1833 1902  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Gerald E. 1911 1913  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Gladys   03/17/1889 4m 4d d/Wm. A. & E. Buckles Niles
WILSON Goldsberry M. 1851 1900  Union ChapelDelaware
WILSON Hannah  04/28/1863 61y 5m 14d w/John Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Harry Max 1907 1957  Union ChapelDelaware
WILSON Hester R.  03/10/1874 21y 11m 4d w/ J.W. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Hugh 08/24/1824 06/06/1875  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Inf   d/S.H.&L. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Inf 03/18/1880 03/18/1880 s/Alfred S. & Martha E. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Inf  06/24/1903 c/A.C. & Orpha M. Strong Delaware
WILSON Inf. son  11/15/1840 1m 21d s/Joseph & Bathsheba Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Inf. son 04/03/1846 04/03/1846 s/W. R. & B. Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Inf. son   03/23/1901 s/J.W.&S.E. Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Isaac A. 1882 1948  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Jack Lee  03/13/1965 79y Strong Delaware
WILSON James R.  10/10/1860 2y 8m 20d s/Morgan & Charlotte R. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON James W.  12/24/1860 7y 2m 17d BucklesNiles
WILSON James P.  02/06/1853 1y 7m 7d s/Wm. R. & S.E. Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON James M. 1888 05/19/1888 s/M.&M.J. Jones Mt Pleasant
WILSON James C. 1886 1953   Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Jannettie F. 08/15/1864 10/07/1865 d/M. & S. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Jeremiah S.   11/01/1854 2y 6m 20d s/Ellis & Margaret Heath Salem
WILSON John W.  11/10/1860 1y 1m 9d s/Lewis B. & Margaret J. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON John  08/27/1863 67y 4m 9d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON John  08/18/1849 4m s/W.R.&B. Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON John   11/26/1897  Strong Delaware
WILSON John H.  09/23/1862 45y Truitt Liberty
WILSON John L. 02/20/1940 02/20/1940 ss/Olive Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILSON Joseph   09/17/1845 67y 19d Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Joseph   12/17/1851 40y 1m 18d Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Joseph  09/30/1853 1y 4m 11d s/Joseph & Bathsheba Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Josiah  06/29/1906 88y Strong Delaware
WILSON Kenneth W.  02/07/1966 44y Strong Delaware
WILSON Laura J. 08/26/1908 04/30/1909  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Leona H.  01/01/1957 87y w/Samuel H. Strong Delaware
WILSON Lilah L.  09/07/1913 23y d/Samuel H. & Leona H. Strong Delaware
WILSON Lillian  08/28/1961 82y w/Willie Glen Strong Delaware
WILSON Little Una   08/07/1878 1y 11m 1d d/Alfred S. & Martha E. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Louisa  01/181875 16y 9m 12d w/James H. Thompson Washington
WILSON Lucretia B.  01/04/1882 46y 8m 24d w/Samuel E. Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Lydia Ann   03/30/1846 d/A.&L. Granville Niles
WILSON M. Maude 1888 1953 w/James C. Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Malissa 1855 1919 w/Dennis Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Margaret A.   09/15/1932 64y Strong Delaware
WILSON Margaret  10/28/1897 57y Strong Delaware
WILSON Marion F. 1860 1917  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Marion 1852 1922  Mt Tabor Liberty
WILSON Martha E.  03/27/1880 40y 2m 29d w/Alfred S. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Martha D. 04/01/1831 02/01/1879 47y 10m Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Martha  03/28/1869 61y 10m 24d w/Benoni Granville Niles
WILSON Martha E. 04/03/1822 07/29/1861 39y w/John H. Truitt Liberty
WILSON Martha 1841 1901  Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Mary  08/01/1866 4y 3m 13d d/Hugh & Catharine Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Mary   09/09/1843 25y 11m 29d Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Mary   09/12/1855 d/William & L. Miller Harrison
WILSON Mary J. 1856 09/27/1933 w/Morgan Jones Mt Pleasant
WILSON Mary E.  09/08/1920 66y w/George W. Strong Delaware
WILSON Miley E. 1836 1873 And Infant Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Morgan  06/04/1861 39y 4m 23d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Morgan 1855 05/25/1920   Jones Mt Pleasant
WILSON Nafrey F.  12/16/1931 77y Strong Delaware
WILSON Nancy K. 08/26/1862 10/13/1866 d/M. & S. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Nancy S.  11/03/1867 67y 3m 29d w/John Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Nancy E. 05/15/1850 03/10/1889 38y 10m 1d w/Alfred S. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Nellie M. 1878 1959 w/William E. Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Norman  08/09/1864 1d s/H.M.&M.O. EatonUnion
WILSON O. Kermit 1912 1968  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WILSON Oraval Baker  02/05/1978 88y Saunders Salem
WILSON Orpha M.  11/17/1907 35y w/A.C. StrongDelaware
WILSON Rhoda A. 1853 1939   Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Robert L.  10/07/1844 3y 4m s/Amos & Lucinda Granville Niles
WILSON S. Olive 07/11/1914 12/17/1982   Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WILSON Samuel   06/30/1898 70y 5m 22d Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Samuel H.  02/02/1946 81y Strong Delaware
WILSON Sarah E.  10/20/1854 3m 25d d/L.B.&M.J. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Sarah F.  08/27/1851 w/Rev. S.N. Campbell d/John & Nancy Wilson Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Sarah E.   w/Wm. R. Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON Sarah  05/06/1856 42y 22d Consort of Amos Granville Niles
WILSON Sarah  05/11/1931 73y Strong Delaware
WILSON Tommy   No Dates Union Chapel Delaware
WILSON Una   08/07/1878 d/Alfred S. & Martha E. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WILSON Wife of Beniah  05/04/1898 42y w/Beniah Strong Delaware
WILSON William R.  12/24/1860 40y 5m 21d Elizabethtown Washington
WILSON William   07/10/1862 3y 11m 24d s/Amos & Sarah Granville Niles
WILSON William  05/16/1863 33y Miller Harrison
WILSON William E. 1876 1962  Union ChapelDelaware
WILSON Willie Glen   04/23/1976 96y StrongDelaware
WILSON Wm. B.  02/10/1899 64y 11m 12d BucklesNiles
WILSON Zola Mae 1906  w/Harry Max Union ChapelDelaware
WINDELL Laura F.  09/02/1881 1y 8m 8d d/S.&M.C. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
WINDSOR Charlie A.  ??/04/1866  Bethel Harrison
WING Walter Eugene  09/28/1915 17y Strong Delaware
WINGAT Alden Lamar 1900 1904  Eaton Union
WINGATE Albert M.  05/09/1923 51y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Alfred   03/31/1910 44y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Allie  01/03/1940 73y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Amanda M.  06/27/1861 23y 1m 11d w/John M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE B. W.   06/15/1908 61y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Belinda 1817 1885   Bethel (M.E.)Niles
WINGATE Bernes E.  08/06/1883 10m 24d s/C.C.&M.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Bertha E.  08/02/1883 10m 20d s/C.C.&M.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Catharine E. 1845 1870 24y 6m 17d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Clayton Bruce  11/23/1962 92y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Colby C. 1841 1904 62y 8m 10d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Cora M. 04/10/1873 02/30/1874 d/Phillip & Leah Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Erimina Grace   04/24/1974 100y w/Clayton Bruce Strong Delaware
WINGATE Erma C.  06/15/1919 22y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Ernest  11/05/1881 1y 8m 18d s/C.C.&M.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Eva B.  05/09/1861 23d d/J.N. & A.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE George Wallas  10/18/1866 1y 9m 12d s/C.C.&C.E. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Harriet E.  12/07/1865 2y 2m 17d d/Elisha & Lella Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Harry   08/21/1884 9m 7d s/C.C.&M.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Herressee R. 1867 1886   Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Ida V.  12/09/1869 2y 10m 12d d/Elisha R. & L. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Inf  03/19/1858 s/J.W.&B. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Inf  07/13/1909 17m c/Clayton Bruce & Erimina Grace Strong Delaware
WINGATE James S.  09/17/1865 22y 1m 19d 84th Reg. Ind. Vol. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE James W. 1815 1901  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE John H. 10/01/1871 08/03/1873 s/Phillip & Leah Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Lucinda 03/17/1817 04/10/1891  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Lydia C.  01/23/1913 34y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Martha J.  08/27/1862 1y 11d d/Elisha & Lella Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Mary  07/20/1851 44y 5m 25d w/Phillip Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Minta A.  07/31/1870 1y 5m 3d d/Lisha R. & Letta Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Phillip  10/09/1870 77y 4d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Robert N.  04/09/1919 61y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Roscoe  11/11/1901 5y 11m 15d s/D.W.&S.J. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGATE Sarah E.  11/10/1934 75y w/Thomas M. Strong Delaware
WINGATE Sarah  09/28/1895 42y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Thomas M.  03/24/1926 72y Strong Delaware
WINGATE Wanfee E.  09/16/1875 1y 8m 10d s/D.W.&S.C. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WINGET Aaron  04/30/1862 23y 2m 28d s/Hugh & Mary Co. E 36th Reg Ind Vol Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Albert J.  08/251858 2y 7m 16d s/Joseph C. & Harriet M. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Alden Lamar19001904 EatonUnion
WINGET Cora11/06/1868 10/23/1928(Dunkin) w/Isaac W. Mt TaborLiberty
WINGET Elizabeth   04/24/1891 52y 8m 4d w/David Mt PleasantLiberty
WINGET Elizabeth  16y d/Hugh & Mary stone broken Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Harriet M.  05/30/1856 19y 6m 20d w/Joseph Mt PleasantLiberty
WINGET Hugh M.C.  06/17/???? 67y Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Isaac W. 07/27/1869 07/27/1909  Mt TaborLiberty
WINGET Lemuel D. 1858 1930  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Mary  01/08/1867 65y 9m 17d w/Hugh M.C. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINGET Mildred M. 07/02/1900 07/05/1900  Eaton Union
WINIGER Laura F. 1878 1965  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WINIGER Lucy 1884 1950 Mother Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WINIGER Thomas J. 1884 1954  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WINKLE Cecil  03/10/1978 69y Saunders Salem
WINKLE Myrtle 1897 1915 w/P. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WINSET Wilber  07/05/1891 18y 24d s/Laben & Anna Mt Pleasant Liberty
WINSETT Elizabeth  03/29/1853 3y 3m 5d d/Gilbert & Emma White Liberty
WINSETT Francine   No Dates Believe to be dau. of Gilbert & Emma) WhiteLiberty
WINSETT Gilbert  04/30/1859 3y 2m 19d s/Gilbert & Emma White Liberty
WINSETT Lucinda L.  10/04/1870 28y 10m 15d w/J.M. Miller Harrison
WINSETT Thomas  07/01/1863 27y 10m 25d s/Gilbert & Emma -Killed at Gettysburg Co. K 19th Reg. Ind. Vol. White Liberty
WINTERS Ed  03/15/1911 28y Strong Delaware
WIRT Nancy 01/29/1830 08/13/1897  LeairdUnion
WISE Frank 1871 1957  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WISE Myrtle 1882 1975  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WISEMAN Etta L. 1897 1939  Rees Perry
WISLER Viola Ruth 12/08/1964(Lew) 49y Jones Mt Pleasant
WITT Enoch  02/02/1845 52y 2m 28d Sharp Salem
WITT Pegga   07/12/1840 47y 5m 3d SharpSalem
WITT Susannah  03/20/1879 23y 1m 17d w/Enoch d/Ralph & Jane(Black)Stafford Black Delaware
WITT Wm. C.  02/23/1831 22y 5m 15d SharpSalem
WOEMER Van   11/24/1905  Strong Delaware
WOLCOTT Wm.  06/05/1869 59y Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WOLF Nellie I.  10/24/1971 68y Jones Mt Pleasant
WOLFE E. J.  09/20/1897 63y 1m 28d w/Peter Elizabethtown Washington
WOLFE Mary A. 1939 1977  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WOLFLA Roberta1898 1944(Baughn) Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOLFORDHazel18871932(Hoffman) Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOLVERTON Abner  04/13/1889 73y Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Hallie  01/15/1952 83y Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Harrietta   05/29/1954 86y Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Harry Elverson  08/06/1978 78y Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Inf   11/20/1902 8m d/D. Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Inf   02/01/1912 c/Haley Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Inf   10/10/1898 1d Male Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Mayme   03/07/1976 97y w/Hallie StrongDelaware
WOLVERTON Rachael  12/31/1912 85y w/Abner Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Ruth  08/06/1978(Racer) 78y w/Harry Elverson Strong Delaware
WOLVERTON Thelma L. 02/23/1919 06/13/1984(Miller) Jones Mt Pleasant
WOOD Albert 1874 1939  Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD Alice E. 1869 1946 w/Oscar M. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Barbara Anne 1954 09/25/1965  JonesMt Pleasant
WOOD Carlos Redding  08/29/1944 66y StrongDelaware
WOOD Charles H.  06/18/1894 23y 6m 18d s/Nathan & Margaret Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Charles L.  01/25/1958 95y StrongDelaware
WOOD Clara Bell  03/28/1943 77y StrongDelaware
WOOD Cleo  1904 1y SaundersSalem
WOOD Cora Wood1874 1959 (Meeks) M/Ruby Stella Luther & Arthur Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD Delma C. 05/13/1905 05/16/1908 d/A. & F.E. Twin of Thelma Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Dolph  06/28/1964 71y Saunders Salem
WOOD Don  07/11/1991 83y Saunders Salem
WOOD Donald H. 1915 1940  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Elmer E. 1865 1943  Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD Emma Belle   09/06/1925 91y StrongDelaware
WOOD Estella M.  08/29/1936 52y w/Willis H. StrongDelaware
WOOD Ethel E.  1905 Sunderland Salem
WOOD Ethel S. 1883 1936 Mother Zion Washington
WOOD Fay C. 1895 1938 w/Herman Mt Tabor Liberty
WOOD Florence E. 1872 1942 w/Albert Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD Florence Orvill  04/09/1959 73y w/Ora StrongDelaware
WOOD George W. 1847 1926  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Glen E. 1885 1955 Father Zion Washington
WOOD Hannah 08/15/1845 04/04/1926 w/John L. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Harvey M.  08/17/1854 2y 2m 3d s/William & Margaret Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Herman 05/29/1898 12/14/1947 Ind Pvt. Mil. Police Corps WW I Mt Tabor Liberty
WOOD Hester A. 1814 1863 w/James Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Inf  08/04/1898 c/William Saunders Salem
WOOD Inf  12/02/1911 1d Strong Delaware
WOOD Inf  08/19/1904 4y StrongDelaware
WOOD Isaac  10/24/1920 56y StrongDelaware
WOOD James 04/11/1821 05/29/1892  Granville Niles
WOOD James E. 02/19/1842 12/31/1862 20y 10m 12d s/J. & H.A. Co. E. 36th Reg Ind Vol Battle of Shilo Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD James E.   Stone River Dec. 31 1862 Killed by musket ball Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD James W.  10/09/1857 4y 5m 9d s/J.F. & M. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD James 1806 1862  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD James C.  03/16/1945 43y Strong Delaware
WOOD James Milton  11/27/1962 80y Strong Delaware
WOOD Jesse A. 1894 05/24/1958 h/Ruth L. F.O.E. Saunders Salem
WOOD Jessie C. 1879 1963 w/Oren L. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD John  07/18/1844 22y 9m Orr Liberty
WOOD John L. 05/29/1844 03/29/1925  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD John  02/23/1853 39y 9m 5d Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Julia C.  01/15/1932 73y w/James Milton Strong Delaware
WOOD Lela E. 1906 1911 d/Oren L. & Jessie C. Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD Lodiga  02/02/1853 31y 7m 2d w/John Mt TaborLiberty
WOOD Lucinda H. 1848 1935 w/George W. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Lugens Viola  01/30/1939 71y w/William J. Strong Delaware
WOOD Margaret 1841 1931 w/Nathan Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Margaret C. 04/07/1839 07/12/1897 w/William H. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Martha A.  12/22/1880 18y 3m 14d d/J.F. & Mary Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Martin F. 1860 1924  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Mary E. 1859 1934 w/Martin F. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Mary Jane  07/15/1866 53y 5m 22d Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Melvin A.  11/06/1912 1y s/Willis H. & Estella M. Strong Delaware
WOOD Mildred F.  12/13/1910 5m Strong Delaware
WOOD Miriam  08/23/1988  Strong Delaware
WOOD Nathan 1838 1927  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Nettie  12/27/1932 54y w/Sylvester Strong Delaware
WOOD Olo 1903 1904  Saunders Salem
WOOD Ora 1896 1919  Saunders Salem
WOOD Ora  05/29/1945 58y Strong Delaware
WOOD Oren L. 1872 1939  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Orval E.  05/10/1865 1y 10m 25d s/William & Margaret Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Oscar M. 1860 1934  Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Ottie H.  08/31/1945 58y Strong Delaware
WOOD Ovie B.  10/21/1975 77y Strong Delaware
WOOD Pearl A.  09/25/1951 64y w/Ottie H. Strong Delaware
WOOD Rebecca  07/15/1862 12y 4m 14d d/J. & H. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Rufus E.  05/02/1934 44y StrongDelaware
WOOD Ruth L. 1895 07/28/1983  Saunders Salem
WOOD S. P.  04/05/1898  Strong Delaware
WOOD Sarah J. 1838 1920 w/William S. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Sarah  10/01/1857 2y 1m 15d d/J.F. & M. Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Susanah 11/15/1822 04/26/1903 w/James Granville Niles
WOOD Sylvester  03/14/1949 93y Strong Delaware
WOOD Thelma C. 05/13/1905 05/16/1908 d/A. & F.E. Twin of Delma Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD Thomas W. 1869 1915 h/Cora Saunders Salem
WOOD Wesley  01/13/1848 2m 6d s/William H. & Mary Ann Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD William  02/19/1848 72y Orr Liberty
WOOD William H.  08/08/1851 7y 1m 26d s/E. & E. Orr Liberty
WOOD William S.  06/12/1887 54y 8m Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD William H.  05/23/1885 49y 6m 27d Mt Pleasant Liberty
WOOD William H.  12/17/1862 55y 10m 1d Mt PleasantLiberty
WOOD William J.  10/13/1956 89y Strong Delaware
WOOD Willis H.  09/04/1947 64y Strong Delaware
WOODRING Joseph W. 1865 1940  Elizabethtown Washington
WOODRING Lemon Leroy  02/16/1868 1y 6m 2d s/W.B. & R.J.HintonWashington
WOODRING Omer   No dates Elizabethtown Washington
WOODRING Philip O.  08/17/1856 7y 11m 25d s/William & Rebecca HintonWashington
WOODRING Rhoda M. 1866 1956 w/Joseph W. Elizabethtown Washington
WOODRING Riley  08/14/1891 2m s/J.W.&R.M. Elizabethtown Washington
WOODRING Samuel  02/01/1876 1y 7m 21d s/Samuel & Rebecca Hinton Washington
WOODRUFF Kathryn 1897 1946 Mother Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
WOODS Danny E.  08/27/1946 10d Saunders Salem
WOODS George W.  1837  Mt Pleasant Perry
WOODS Inf  07/24/1860 s/George & Rachel Mt Pleasant Perry
WOODS Jennie L.  11/16/1931 56y Saunders Salem
WOODS Jessie B.  02/12/1984 70y Saunders Salem
WOODS John S. 1848 06/05/1918 69y 8m 28d Jones Mt Pleasant
WOODS Mary Ellen 1867 04/02/1936   Jones Mt Pleasant
WOODS Mary Frances  03/15/1862 5m 19d s/George & Rachel Mt Pleasant Perry
WOODS Olive 1863 1887  Mt Pleasant Perry
WOODS Rebecca J. 1859 12/12/1926 w/John S. Jones Mt Pleasant
WOODS Wm. 1879 1885  Mt Pleasant Perry
WOOLASTON Carrie L.  08/05/1936 21y d/William P. & Maud Strong Delaware
WOOLASTON Inf  10/29/1912 5w d/William P. & Maud Strong Delaware
WOOLASTON Inf  02/14/1903 s/William P. & Maud StrongDelaware
WOOLASTON Maud   07/19/1927 47y w/William P. Strong Delaware
WOOLASTON Ralph E.  02/24/1922 2y s/William P. & Maud Strong Delaware
WOOLASTON Verna  07/20/1930 22y d/William P. & Maud Strong Delaware
WOOLASTON William P.  04/08/1933 69y StrongDelaware
WOOTEN Paul S. 1909 1972 Dad Hawk Mt Pleasant
WOOTEN Ruby P. 1899 1974 Mom HawkMt Pleasant
WORKMAN Carl F. 1889 1930  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WORKMAN Florence 1869 1951  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WORKMAN Joseph J. 1863 1946  Hawk Mt Pleasant
WORL Allison Lee  1943  Mt Tabor Liberty
WORL Ethel M. 1886 1944 w/Fred Mt TaborLiberty
WORL Fred C. 1887 1964 Buried 11/11/1964 Mt TaborLiberty
WORL James Robert 09/29/1917 06/27/1968  Mt Tabor Liberty
WORL Martha  02/05/1877 44y 3m 20d w/Thomas E. Philadelphia Perry
WORL Mary 1892 1971 w/Ralph Buried 7/21/1971 Mt Tabor Liberty
WORL Ralph 1890 19XX  Mt Tabor Liberty
WORLEY Hannah  09/29/1849 67y 7m 13d MillerHarrison
WORLEY Harriet  06/29/1857 29y 3m 20d 1st w/Isaac Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Inf  06/15/1857 d/Isaac & Harriet Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Isaac 1827 1905  Union ChapelDelaware
WORLEY Martha J.  01/09/1864 2m 12d d/Isaac & Nancy A. Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Mary E.  01/24/1855 1y 8m 27d d/Isaac & Harriet Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Moses  09/07/1863  Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Nancy Ann  10/10/1872 41y 2m 26d 2nd w/Isaac Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Sarah  10/12/1856 58y 7m 7d w/Moses Union Chapel Delaware
WORLEY Thomas  01/14/1840 89y 6m 7d Miller Harrison
WORSTER Anna C.  03/02/1857 39y 3m 23d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORSTER Bert B. 03/23/1872 ss/Emma C Eaton Union
WORSTER Elizabeth A.  03/14/1854 36y 10m w/John W. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORSTER Emma G. K.  d/A.M.&A.C. Worster; Adopted d/W.C.&S.E.Bundrant Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORSTER Emma C. 04/10/1876 04/03/1934ss/Bert B. Eaton Union
WORSTER Inf  1851 6d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORSTER John B.  08/29/1854 s/J.C.&M.A. Worster; Adopted s/W.C.&S.E.Bundrant Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORSTER Jonathan   03/19/1851 6d s/J.C.&E.A. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WORTHINGTON Ella   06/27/1946 73y Strong Delaware
WORTHINGTON Gaines  11/29/1908 14y Strong Delaware
WORTHINGTON Rollins  11/06/1892 52y 4m 27d Co. E 147th Ind. Inf. Hawk Mt Pleasant
WORTHINGTON Rosamond Marie 09/04/1923 09/10/1980 U.S. Navy WW II Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Aaron I.  09/30/1865 27y 8m 29d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Barbara Ann  10/17/1950  Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Bert R. 1884 1901  ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT Charity   05/29/1897 50y 4m 3d w/Isaac Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Charles M.  06/13/1936 68y SaundersSalem
WRIGHT Dale E. Pete 1907 1960  Mt TaborLiberty
WRIGHT Daniel Wayne  05/27/1986 24y SaundersSalem
WRIGHT Edward  02/19/1938 2m StrongDelaware
WRIGHT Elisha  11/26/1865 22y 3m 9d Co. B 84th Reg. Ind. Vol. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Elizabeth A. 06/20/1827 11/28/1855  JonesMt Pleasant
WRIGHT Esther M. 1868 1949  BucklesNiles
WRIGHT Flora 1866 1908  BucklesNiles
WRIGHT Frank E. 1884 1962 Buried 6/19/1962 Mt TaborLiberty
WRIGHT George T. 1874 1901  Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Gertie  08/08/1870 1m 11d d/J.&R. ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT Harold 1907 1907  ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT Harold   No dates Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Hatfield  05/08/1864 61y 4m 27d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Henry   No Dates Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Isaac 07/04/1841 10/03/1918 Vet. Reserve Corps 23 Mar 1864 Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT James R. 12/07/1872 08/03/1891 18y 5m 26d s/S.R.&M.J. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT James W. 1866 1941  Buckles Niles
WRIGHT John F. 1842 1932 Co. B 84th Ind. Vol. Inf. Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT John A. 06/05/1867 04/14/1905 s/Isaac & Charity JonesMt Pleasant
WRIGHT John O. 1825 1905  Leaird Union
WRIGHT Laura B.  09/09/1865 1y 3m 19d d/A.E.&H.M. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Lizzie May 1886 19XX w/Wilbur Lynn ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT Lydia  02/29/1864 1y 3m 26d d/John & Rhoda Bethel (M.E.)Niles
WRIGHT Margera  11/29/1851 2y 10m 27d d/J.&E. Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Mariah S.  02/03/1883 61y 8d w/William T. ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT Mary  10/12/1891 70y w/Hatfield Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Mary A. 03/22/1848 01/26/1870 s/Patrick & Louisa (Gibson) Fairview Monroe
WRIGHT Mary Alice  01/22/1989   StrongDelaware
WRIGHT Maynie C. 1883 1957 w/Frank E. Mt TaborLiberty
WRIGHT Nancy   01/15/1851 48y w/William Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Nancy E.  06/25/1941 72y SaundersSalem
WRIGHT Nellie N. 1891 01/05/1971 w/Stewart JonesMt Pleasant
WRIGHT Ora A. 1877 1935  Mt TaborLiberty
WRIGHT Orlo M. 1889 1890  Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Pearl B. 1882 1948 w/Ora A. Mt Tabor Liberty
WRIGHT Rachel  10/22/1851 6y 11m 21d d/J.&E. JonesMt Pleasant
WRIGHT Rebecca  07/25/1870 23y 4m 19d w/John d/J.C. & Sarah Polsley Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Rhoda A. 1829 1916  LeairdUnion
WRIGHT Roy  06/17/1908  Strong Delaware
WRIGHT Sallie A.  06/23/1878 27y 9m 29d d/Wm. T. & M. S. Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Samuel R.  01/27/1881 39y 1m 9d Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRIGHT Sarah E. 1851 1925 w/John F. Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT Simeon 09/03/1917    Union ChapelDelaware
WRIGHT Stewart 08/12/1891 07/22/1961 Pfc. U.S. Army WW I Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Thomas 09/28/1854 01/01/1856   Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Velma M. 01/05/1924  w/Simeon Union Chapel Delaware
WRIGHT Wilbur Lynn 1872 1958  ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT William F. 1881 1883  ElizabethtownWashington
WRIGHT William T.  04/30/1894 75y 5m 1d Elizabethtown Washington
WRIGHT William D.  08/08/1849 9m 22d s/L.&L. Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT William  1851 64y Jones Mt Pleasant
WRIGHT Willie H.  05/14/1857 4y 6m s/Wm. T. & M. S. ElizabethtownWashington
WRONGHTON Elizabeth 11/18/1830 10/17/1904  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WRONGHTON Oliver L.  05/22/1864 1y 4m 15d s/C.L.&E. Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WROUGHTON Elizabeth 11/18/1830 10/17/1904  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WROUGHTON Matilda 02/17/1851 04/15/1866   Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WROUGHTON Oliver L. 02/07/1862 05/22/1863  Bethel (M.E.) Niles
WYANT Fred E.  06/07/1970 71y Saunders Salem
WYANT Zola P.  12/06/1977 78y SaundersSalem
WYATT Gertrude S. 1915 1980 w/William R. Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WYATT William R. 1913    Yorktown Mt Pleasant
WYLIE Alexander 01/29/1821 08/17/1898   Leaird Union

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