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Cemetery Burial List


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Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments Cemetery Township
ICEAllen O.18751901 ZionWashington
ICEAlva D.18691921  ZionWashington
ICEAnna Lee18731938 ZionWashington
ICEBenjamin02/02/182601/02/1909 ZionWashington
ICECharles 1929 ZionWashington
ICEClifford W.19051956Md Mar 23 1925ZionWashington
ICEDorothy19201921 ZionWashington
ICEDruzzilla18891962 ZionWashington
ICEEtta E.18771940 Zion Washington
ICEGertrude C.18851924 ZionWashington
ICEIsaac C.18581942Father ZionWashington
ICEJeraloma Doris05/09/193208/29/1935 ZionWashington
ICEJoseph E.18681940 ZionWashington
ICEJulia V.05/08/1879 05/08/1897 ZionWashington
ICEMargaret19251926 ZionWashington
ICEMartha M. 12/09/18622y 26d d/Wm & R.Zion Washington
ICEMelvina 1870MotherZionWashington
ICERebecca J.18461888 ZionWashington
ICERoss Isaac19181919 ZionWashington
ICESarah J.18621944MotherZionWashington
ICESusanah 04/08/189369y 2m 8dZionWashington
ICEThomas18831970 ZionWashington
ICEWilliam M. V.18421893 ZionWashington
ICEZetta M.19071956SS/Clifford M.ZionWashington
ILISELLYWilliam O. 11/25/1869 40y 3m 15d Hawk Mt Pleasant
IMANDan 02/21/1911 76y StrongDelaware
IMANRebecca   StrongDelaware
IMAN William B. 01/08/192566yStrongDelaware
IMELDorothy M.192203/07/1947 w/Raymond KeithJonesMt Pleasant
IMEL Jack L. 01/21/1947s/Raymond & DorothyJonesMt Pleasant
IMELRaymond Keith07/20/192007/09/1959Sgt. WW IIJonesMt Pleasant
IMLAY John C. 11/16/18574m 2d s/J.C. & M.B. TruittLiberty
IMLAYMalinda B. 03/28/1858 22y 2m 13d w/J.C.TruittLiberty
INGLEAlice J. 1907(Meeks)Mt Pleasant Liberty
INGLEGlen O. 1903 Mt PleasantLiberty
INGLIS Charles C. 1879 04/16/1950 Jones Mt Pleasant
INGLISEthel Anna188207/06/1942w/Charles C.JonesMt Pleasant
INGRAHAM Phila S. 03/25/184254y 6m 18d w/IraBethel (M.E.)Niles
INGRAM J. Wesley18971979 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAMJay W.19211969 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAMKirby H.18851959  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAM Mary I. 1898 1983 ss/Thomas W. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAM Mila A. 1901  w/J. Wesley Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAM Thomas W.18981981ss/Mary I. Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INGRAM Wallace G.19041951 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
INLOW Rachel 08/19/1831 12/17/1909 w/Walter Mt TaborLiberty
INLOW Rufus   07/28/1853 4d s/? & Rachel Mt Tabor Liberty
INLOW Walter 11/15/1897 73y 20d Mt TaborLiberty
INVILLE Eliza J. 1853 1911 w/N.H. Mt Tabor Liberty
IRELANGopha Marie 189708/04/1969Gopha Marie Childs ParkinsonJones Mt Pleasant
IRELAND John G. 11/10/1947 StrongDelaware
IRELANDSarah J.18711953MotherBucklesNiles
IRONSCaroline18451923w/Thomas P. ReesPerry
IRONS Harlan P. 1877 1946 Uncle ReesPerry
IRONSHenry B. 1872 1944 ss/Thomas P. & CarolineReesPerry
IRONSJohn B. 12/22/1871 32y 8m 21dReesPerry
IRONSThomas P.18431913ss/Henry B. & CarolineReesPerry
IRVIN Charlotte 05/27/1847 (4)6y 11m 22d w/WilliamSmithfieldLiberty
IRVIN George W.18681948 Union ChapelDelaware
IRVIN Helen 1906  w/Max md 9/26/1926Union ChapelDelaware
IRVINJoseph D.19151915s/Geroge W. & Mary J.Union ChapelDelaware
IRVIN Mary J. 1871 1919 w/George W.Union ChapelDelaware
IRVIN Max 1905 1963  Union ChapelDelaware
IRVINSalome 1897d/George W. & Mary J.Union ChapelDelaware
IRVINWilliam  01/09/1853 55y SmithfieldLiberty
ISANOGELCora 05/17/1946 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGELElizabeth 09/19/1876 82y 6d w/Solomon ss/Mary Ann Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Ellen C. 1952 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Emma Josephine 1870 1937 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGELGrant 09/26/1940 Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGELHattie18721872ss/Maggie Alice Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGELJacob 18171872  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGELJohn H. 02/18/1943  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGEL John T. 10/01/1880 39y 11m 20d Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Louise   08/14/1940  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Maggie Alice 1865 1880 ss/Hattie Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Maggie A.  10/25/1880 15y 11m 20d d/S.J. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Margaret 1823 1900  Mt PleasantMt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Mary Ann  04/29/1879 54y 7m 24d ss/Elizabeth Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Mary Belle 1859 1930  Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISANOGEL Sarah J. 01/10/1838 03/03/1911 w/John T. Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant
ISCH Arminnie B. 1879 1953  Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Anna M. 1868 03/19/1950 w/Edwin Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Charley S.5/9/1966  Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY David   Rest of marker illegibleHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Donnie G. 06/28/1938 1m Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Dora E. 02/05/1869 1y 6m 10d d/Samuel & LetticeHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Edwin 1867 1957  Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Emma   d/Jacob & Emma Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Fred 1899 10/06/1982 83y WW II Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Jacob 1838 1914  Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY James F.  12/30/1870 ?Y 4m 21d d/Samuel & LetticeHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY James  01/07/1865 25yHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY John W.  02/23/0873 11y 2m 13d d/Samuel & LetticeHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Laura B. 1883 01/12/1968 w/Walter Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Lettice A. 02/04/1878 34y 1m 14d w/SamuelHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Mary J. 1846 1906  Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Mary 1835 1880 w/Jacob Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Peter 01/31/1824 08/25/1899  Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Sarah 02/11/1839 09/07/1901 Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Sarah   09/08/1863 69y 1m w/David Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Sirena 04/21/1851 10/04/1893  Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Steven 05/15/1939 Infant c/Walter & Laura B. Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY W. J.  04/22/1894 54y Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Walter 1874 04/13/1960  Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Wilson E.  05/11/1866 15d d/Samuel & LetticeHawk Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Winnie O. 1898 04/14/1964 Jones Mt Pleasant
ISELEY Xenia 08/30/1873 1y 4m 22d d/Samuel & Lettice Hawk Mt Pleasant
ISENBURGER Jacob  03/27/1901  Strong Delaware
ISGRIGBarbary10/03/184203/09/1888ss/William H.UnionUnion
ISGRIGWilliam H.04/30/183510/05/1908ss/BarbaryUnionUnion

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