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Blackford County Obituaries

Obituaries are news articles that reports recent death of a person, normally has an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming funeral. In loca newspapers, an obituary may be published for any local resident upon death, while in large cities and newspapers, obituaries are written mostly for people of importance or significant.

There are two types of paid advertisments related to obituaries:

  • One, known as a death notice, omits most bigraphical details and may be a legal required public notice under some circumstance.
  • The other type, a paid memorial advertisemtn, written by family members or friends, perhaps with assistance from a funeral home.

Both types of paid advertisements are usually run as classified advertisements.

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If you have some obituaries from Blackford County, then share them with others, perhaps other researchers might be related to you or could benefits from some of them. Contact the Blackford County Coordinator at to have them added to our obituary section. Thanks for your patron.


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