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"Although both popular imagination and academic research on the Vietnam War continue to flourish, there is no consensus in sight.
Only the U.S. Civil War rivals the power of the Vietnam War to divide and inflame generations upon generations of American."
~ Andreas W. Daum, America, the Vietnam War, and the World

Deceased Indiana Military from the Vietnam War

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The following names are from the Adams County Veterans Memorial in Berne.

Vietnam War Deaths from Adams County, IN
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Branch Rank Parents and/or Spouse Cemetery
Adler William Edwin* 7/2/1967 Army PFC
Baker James M T
Beer Merlin Gail* 1/17/1949 11/11/1969 Army SP4 Forest & Helen E Minger Beer Alberson
Bleeke Richard Lee 1947 9/29/1969 Navy TM2 M/M Justin Bleeke; Pamela Nidlinger St Paul
Breiner Stephen Eugene* 7/5/1947 9/24/1968 Marines PFC Eugene L & Betty R Breiner Wells Co
Doades Floyd Eugene* 6/13/1943 8/18/1965 Marines PFC Flossie M Doades Knox Co
Ellenberger Carey Wayne* 10/19/1946 1/12/1967 Marines PFC Kenneth W & Nola M Ellenberger Willard
Landis Duane Gerald* 3/19/1948 8/27/1969 Navy HN Homer G & Virginia C Hamrick Landis Decatur
Moore Randy Cois* 11/4/1947 2/23/1968 Army CPL Johnson Co
Phillips Boyce Dean* 2/25/1948 4/5/1969 Army SP4 McCreary Co, KY
Toland Randall Lee 2/14/1952 6/8/1973 Army PVT John & Audrey Rigby Toland MRE

* names on

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a searchable site which contains not only basic facts for each soldier,
but also has an information page and a space for personal comments and pictures for each name

Posted 1/2012; updated 6/3/2023

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