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There is not in the press any reading so improving as the "obits"
...I doubt very much indeed whether any one could read obituaries every day for a year and remain a bad man or woman.
~ Robert C. Holliday

The long-term plan was to post obituaries/abstracts for anyone who was born, married, died or is buried in Adams County. After posting over 10,000 obits, the plan has changed.
Obituaries will continue to be posted in the cemeteries (use the search tool on the home page). The state organization, INGenWeb, has created a website for Indiana and Ohio obits.
People with Adams County connections who are buried outside of the county will be included on the INGenWeb Obits page.
We will continue to add obits to each of the Adams, Jay & Wells cemeteries.
No obituary will be deleted from the current listing.

Many thanks to Jim Cox, Marge Counterman, Jane Edson, Mike Horn, Karin King, Nola Rains, Bill Rice, Sharon Schaffner, Janet Torson and everyone else who contributed obituaries to the index.
If you have an obituary that you would like to share, please email it to Jim Cox for inclusion in the Obituary Files.


Page created 6/1/2012; updated 9/1/2018

The Adams Co., Indiana INGenWeb genealogy web site is maintained by Margie Pearce and Jim Cox.

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