Patoka Memorial Cemetery
Lat 38 26' 20" N  Long 86 36' 8"W
A total of 24 cemeteries from areas that would be inundated by Paotka Lake were relocated in 1976 and 1977. These cemeteries or single graves were originally located in Dubois, Crawford and Orange Counties. Section identification indicated below is arbitrary to show relative cemetery location. Select the desired cemetery below to view the listing. Some remain active for current interments. Sections three and seven are active. 
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Patoka Memorial Cemetery Surname Index

Dubois County
Kalb Cemetery
Kesterson Cemetery
Ellsworth Cemetery
Roberts Church Cemetery
Atkins / Steward Cemetery

Crawford County
George T. Zehr Cemetery
DeWitt Cemetery
Sinclair Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Fleming Cemetery

Orange County
Henry Morgenroth
Carroll Cemetery
Hillsboro Cemetery
Mary Miller
Elon Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Elijah Hawhee
Swift Cemetery
Foster / North Cemetery
Gilliatt Cemetery
Newton Stewart Cemetery
Knight Cemetery
McDonald Cemetery