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If you do not see the cemetery you are looking for listed on the left, I do not have it. If the names you are looking for are not listed, I do not have them. If you have any corrections, updates or additional names, please send the names to the county coordinator.

You can also check Find A Grave. Many of the cemeteries listed have pictures of the tombstones.

The Little Stone

By Stacey Foley

The little stone in the cemetery,
He died in 1858 at the young age of 6 years old.
His name is Milton Flake
and at his young age he left a legacy
little did he know
his family would seek him out,
155 years after his untimely death
Little Milton Flake,
A photo request
from his relative
and photographed by a volunteer
little did Milton know,
his Little Stone could spark a friendship
155 years after his untimley death

Dedicated to the memory of Milton Flake by David, Stacey and Linda

Important - Submitting information to me:

I am thrilled to received your information on cemetery records in Morgan. I do have a couple of requests when you submit information to me:

Please put the full name of the cemetery in the subject line.

If you have an entire cemetery list, I'll be more than happy to use the file just as you have it!

Please do not use all upper case lettering. I like the web to look consistent, so I'd have to retype your submission.

Please use last name, first name, middle/maiden name.

Please spell out the dates instead of using numbers: May 1, 1880.

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