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You are welcome to send me your Morgan surnames (only) for inclusion to this list. Please be aware that I will add them as soon as possible. Please make sure the county name is listed in the subject line.

As you are looking through names, please remember that transcribers of old records make mistakes and people writing the initial records did the best spelling they could. All spellings variants are not included in this list.
Please make sure you add YOUR first and last name to the request for submission to the Surname Page.

Adams - Cynthia Eliot, Nancy Drummond

Avery - Andrea Nowlin

Badgley - David Peterson  

Brown - Roberta Stephens

Coleman - Stacey FoleyCheryl Ballard-Bailey, David Peterson, Toni Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman Sauer

Davenport - Cheryl Ballard-Bailey

Doty - Debra Doty

Egbert - David Peterson

Ennis - Paula Metzler, Debra Doty

Fendley - Roberta Stephens

Flake - Stacey Foley, David Peterson, Paula Metzler, Roberta Stephens

Foley - Stacey Foley

Groseclose - Debra Doty

Hensley - Cheryl Ballard-Bailey, Paula Metzler

Lafary - Stacey Foley

Lloyd - Stacey Foley, Cheryl Ballard-Bailey, David Peterson

Maxwell - Andrea Nowlin

Miller - Roberta Stephens

Mitchell - Cheryl Ballard-Bailey

Musgrave - Roberta Stephens

Paris - Paula Metzler

Parkhurst - Paula Metzler

Pierce - Roberta Stephens

Plummer - Stacey Foley

St. John - David Peterson, Roberta Stephens

Wagaman - Paula Metzler, Debra Doty, Nancy Ault, Vicky Matlock

Whetzel - Paula Metzler

Williams - Cynthia Eliot, Nancy Drummond

Vandagrifft - Cynthia Eliot, Nancy Drummond










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