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BARTON, "Grandmother -- ladder -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 Aug 1896 p 3
Tuesday at Darlington Grandmother Barton, aged 95 years, fell from a ladder on which she was standing to pick grapes. Her fall was a very hard one and the worse results are feared.    

BENTON, Allen - Source: Crawfordsville Review Aug 26, 1924 p 1
Allen Benton, local youth, suffered a painful injury to an ankle while playing at the YMCA Monday night.  Treatment by a physician was necessary for the injury.

BLOSS - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 14 November 1872. A boy named John Bloss had his foot smashed by a freight car running over it at the I.B. & W. depot Tuesday morning. He was swinging to the car at the time and fell off. We are expecting to hear of a boy or two getting killed soon.

BREAKMAN (sic) -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 14 November 1872.  A breakman on the I.B. & W. Railway had his foot crushed between the bumpers of two cars last Thursday at Lynnsburg. He was brought to this city and placed under care of Drs. McClelland, Barnett & Briggs. It is thought that the foot must be amputated. - kh

Source: New Richmond Record 27 Dec 1900 p 1
Harrison Breaks was kicked by a horse at his home just north of Crawfordsville last Friday. One rib is broken.

BRITTON, Charley -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 13 April 1900
There came very nearly being a fatal accident Wednesday afternoon at the tanks of the Standard Oil Company near the Junction. The manager had let Charley Britton down into one of the big gasoline tanks to clean it out, a rope being tied under Britton’s arms. The deadly gasoline fumes in the dirty tank caused Britton to collapse almost as soon as he entered the tank and he fell fainting on the bottom. The manager seeing his condition attempted to pull him out but was unable to do so. He called for help and Howard Cunningham, who happened near by, came rushing up and with difficulty the unconscious man was dragged from his awful position. He was with difficulty resuscitated. Had Cunningham, who by the way is in the employ of the rival company, been a few seconds later, Britton would have died miserably.

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