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Soldier Information

Soldier Information Data from DAR
and other various sources for
Revolutionary Soldiers

ALEXANDER, Joseph *born about 1756 Tyrone, Ireland.
According to Jeff & Elaine Smith ( in Jan 2001) he came to Pa. in 1765 age 9, with his father and a brother whose names are unknown. For MUCH more info. about his Revolutionary career, contact the Smiths!

*First enlisted Christmas 1777 Pa. Militia, Northumberland Co Pa. (volunteer under Capt. Hugh White)

*Was in 10 skirmishes in tour of Ash Swamp, Camron Hills. Ensign.

*Enlisted in Fall of 1778 under Capt. James McMahon of Pa. Militia.

* Home destroyed by fire 1780 during warfare with Indians (destroying a family bible and his commissions in the pa. Militia)

*Discharged Spring of 1779. Served again for 5 months. (above Smith source says he was discharged at Springfield, April 1778)

*Pension S 32091.

*Last paid pension March 6, 1838 at which time he certified he had been living in Indiana for six years. 1st pension Coal Creek Twp, Montgomery Co Indiana March 1833 (according to Jeff & Elaine above).

* Married Frances Malone (1762-1832) daughter of RIchard & Rebecca - she was b. Aug 27, 1762) the Malones lived 6 mi. from Ft. Augusta (Sunbury) up the W. Branch of the Susquehanna which would be about two mi. above the mouth of the Chillisquaque Creek. His tavern was a prominent place for meetings, notably those of the County committee of safety during the Revolution.

* Joseph & family moved to Ross Co, Ohio 1803. Sept 1828 - moved to Montgomery Co, Indiana. They "came to Montgomery Co. to live with their children who preceded them."

* Children: Joseph 1791 - 3 March 1873

Richard 1800 d. 9 April 1857

Margaret (m Joseph Hanks) 1788-1846 Hartley John (b. 10-31-1794 PA, moved with parents to Butler Co, Ohio entered land grant 160 acres in Coal Creek Twp. in 1828) (Smiths say he was born 3 October 1774 d. 22 Oct 1875

* d. Joseph Alexander died 11-19-1839 aged 83 buried Sugar Grove Cemetery with wife, Frances.

Pension Claim No. S 32091. Note: The Smiths, above source, say that this couple ALSO had:

Samuel birthdate unknown but he died 1843.



*born 1758 Germany (Rockingham Co, Va see notes below)

*Patriot, furnished supplies; in latter part of War was at surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown

*Rockingham Co, Va. Ct. Booklet II, pg. 7 Hist. of Rockingham Co (Wayland) p 93/99 *Married: Barbara Munger 2-3-1795 (b. Vir 10-20-1773 d. Montgomery Co In 3-29-1847).

* Original Land Grant Montgomery County IN Union Twp 5-22-1829 (Book 155, p 304)


Christena (b. 1-1-1796 m. George Diffendoffer)

Daniel (b. 1797 d. 1832)

Valentine (b. 9-24-1799 m. Catherine Kesslinger) d. 1846

Matthias (b. 9-18-1801 m. Sarah Kesslinger) d. 1861

Eli (b. m. Eliza Taylor) d. 1884

Lucy (b. m. Peter Zaring)

Henry (b. 4-11-1812 m. Anna Faust) d. 1849

Mary Anna (b. 3-29-1817 m. George Faust, Jr.) d. 1888

Joseph (b. m. #1 Susan Bird #2 Eliza Crane #3 Martha Dice) * died June 1855 stone placed by descendants at grave in Lutheran Cem., Union Twp., Montgomery County, Indiana.

Note: Lori Larsen ( ) just gave me the information that Frederick Armantrout was NOT an emigrant from Germany, but his father was.

Frederick was born in Rockingham County, Virginia in December 1764. (dated 9/25/99)

Also, Joe Ellen ( ) on June 30 1999 sent some of this new information, as well). Thanks to BOTH OF YOU for the additional help on this man!

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 4,

ARTHUR, James (See James McARTHUR)

BEEDLE, Joseph

* b. 1749 Morgantown, Pa * Washington Co Pa Militia (pvt) -

Pa. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. I p 390 * m. Mary Meek

* Children:

Samuel (b 8-28-1781 m. Sarah Benham)

Joseph (b. m.. Sarah Riffle)

Jacob (b. 1785 )

Abram Covalt (b. 1791 m. Nancy Riffle)

Simeon (b. 1793 m. Sarah Hathaway)

Eliza (b. 1785 m. Abraham Collins)

Solomon (b. 1796 m. Mary W. TIngle)

Isaac (b. 5-31-1797 m. Mary Riffle)

Phoebe (b. 1788 m. James Morrow)

Aaron T. (b. 5-11-1803 m. Mary Carson)

Mary (b. 1801 m. John Riffle)

* d. 7-9-1826 buried Beedle Cemetery, Wingate In -

marker by Dorothy Q Dar Chapter, 1969.

In 2002, there seems to be NO Beedle Cemetery, but there IS a family stone in Pleasant Hill Cemetery with his name listed as grandparents. (Jasper Beedle, son of Aaron Beedle, son of Joseph Beedle).

BETTS, Joseph

(thanks sooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville in 2002 for giving us the information on Joseph Betts, a Revolutionary Soldier the local DAR did not have at this date)

Born: 1768 New Mills, New Jersey Died: after 1834

Burial: Unknown

Service Record: Enlisted 7-4-1781 as Drummer (13-years-old) under Samuel Goskins = about 6 months service

Pension Applied at 66 years of age 9-24-1839

Reference: Pension R 806 NJ - Pension List p. 406 Water Patriotist in Indiana - Supplement Sec I p 12.

Also serviced in Indian Wars and War of 1812.

May/may not be buried in Montgomery County, Indiana.

BEVINS, William

(thanks sooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville in 2002 for giving us the information on William Bevins, a Revolutionary Soldier the local DAR did not have at this date)

Born: 4-14-1748 Somerset County, Md.

Died 1833 at age 85 years old.

Burial: Unknown may/may not be buried in Montgomery County, Indiana

Service: Draft 4th & 5th years of War. Sussex County, Delaware under Capt. Wingate

Pension Applic. 9-22-1834, Ripley Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.

Pension No. R 876 Del

Reference - Waters - Patriots List Supplement Sec I p 12 Discharge was burned in home in Lawrence County, Ohio.

BOWER, Andrew

* b. 2-16-1753 York Co, Pa

* Fifer Berkley Co Va 1777 under Capt. Isaac Evans 3 months

* 1781 pvt. under Gen. Muhlenburgh for 3 months/ later 3 months under Capt. Porter

* Pension claim S 16324

* Children: Henry * d. 11-3-1833 Montgomery Co.

BOYD, John

* b. 1762 Va.

* Ranger/Scout (listed as Rev. Sol. in pension paper of Peter Welles; Waters Sup, p. 107

DAR Patriot p 77

Wife #1 Elizabeth Davis (d. 1853)

Children: James Harvey Boyd (b. 1809 d. 1877 m. 1843 Eliza Ellis)

William Alexander Boyd (b. 1805 d. 1888 m. 1832 Eliz. Poage d. 1849)

* d. 10-15-1824 bur. Old Town Cem, 501 Covington St, Crawfordsville

Wife #2 Rachel Warfiel

Children: Nicholas; Joshua; Noah; Matilda; Clarissa; Alfred; Reuben; Ezra; Lloyd; Eveline; Mortimer Boyd

BRANT, Christopher, Senior

(thanks sooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville in 2002 for this information)

* b. 1754 *d. 3-6-1840 85 years old

Buried: Wesley Cemetery, Wayne Township has large clear stone behind Wesley Church.

Proof: Oak Hill Cem. list of soldiers in Montgomery County, p. 23 C. Dol. (?) Vol. II p 178

DAR Vol. II p 308 American Legion

Note: Christopher served in the 1st Maryland Battallion of Loyalists under Capt. Isaac Costen beginning May 29, 1778 and mustering out on 11 September 1780.

BUNN, Barnes

(thanks sooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville in 2002 for giving us the information on Barnes Bunn, a Revolutionary Soldier the local DAR did not have at this date) not sure if buried in Montgomery County, Indiana or Montgomery Twp, Owen Co, Indiana.

* b. ?

*d. 1823


Service: Col. Lambs Artillery - private

Pensioned for a wound under Act of April 23, 1782. Pension Proof: Dec 31, 1775 - destroyed in fire 1814 - resided in NJ and Indiana

Ref: Roster of Soldier & Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana Vol. I (DAR p. 77)

DORSEY, Nicholas Worthington, Jr.

* b. 11-1-1759 Anne Arundel Co, Md. d. 10-16-1821 Montgomery County, Indiana - one of first here.

* Pvt Capt. Goodman's Co 4th Md. Regt (also Ensign)

* m. Valentine's Day, 1779 Rachel Warfield (b. 1759 Anne Arundel Md) * Children:

Nicholas (b. 1-29-1781 d. 10-10-1804)

Joshua (b. 1-18-1793)

Noah (b. 1-30-1785 m. Nancy Ann Hall)

Matilda (b. 3-31-1787)

Clarissa (b. 10-28-1789)

Alfred (b. 10-8-1804; d. 9-10-1819)

Reuben (b. 5-12-1794)

Ezra (b. 2-6-1796 d. 11-12-1835)

Lloyd (b. 3-15-1798)

Eveline (b. 3-9-1801 d. 4-20-1803)

Mortimer (b. 10-23-1803 d. 10-16-1832) * d. 10-16-1832 Montgomery Co In

Source: Roster of Soldiers & Patriots of American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1966 p 35).

FIELDS, Samuel

(thanks sooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville in 2002 for giving us the information on Samuel Field, a Revolutionary Soldier the local DAR did not have at this date

*b. 1740 * d. after 1825, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana

* buried: Unknown

Service: Officer in Continental Army Battles of Brandywine and Trenton

Ref. : Smith- Early Indiana Trials and Sketches History of Franklin Co, Indiana p 538-542

Waters - Rev. Soldiers in Indiana and Supplement p. 33, 34, 35

There is a very interesting Article on him (Waters) about a murder he committed and the trail. Original petitions in Sec. of State papers in Archives Division Indiana State Library.

FORBES, William

Although not on the list of our Revolutionary Soldiers buried in our County, nor found in the Indiana DAR books of Rev. Soldiers buried in Indiana, there is some speculation that William Forbes died here this according to estate records (his in 1833, settled up in 1834).

He was placed on the pension rolls (S5410) Oct 7, 1818; dropped from them May 1, 1820.

He was probably b. NY (Sgt. Penn Continental Line) his father, Joseph is said to have established the First Methodist Society of America at the Old John St. Church in NY).

Pension #S5410.

He was a Sgt. Alleghany Co, Pa under Cpt. Piggot commanded by Col. McCoy. More research, obviously, needs to be done with this soldier. (p. 485 may/may not be same William Forbes HW Beckwith History of Montgomery Co IN in re. to the Methodist Church in Coal Creek Twp

.."William Forbes, wife and children were early members...William Forbes was either a local preacher or exhorter and was the early class leader.)

FOSTER, Alexander

* b. Ireland Feb 10, 1759 (descendant Paul Leak, Glen Ellyn, Ill says he was b. Dongeal Co, Ireland) - Lancaster Co Pa 1776 - volunteered in Rev. War - lived for awhile in Va; then Shelby Co Ky prior to 1803 - then Montgomery Co In 1828

* Capt. George Greaf's Co, Lancaster Co, Pa; Battle of Flatbush; Westchester; Eastchester; Rocky Hill; White Plain and Brandywine

Pension #S32252

Pa. Archives Series 5, vol. 4p 229.

1830 Census listed as a Pensioner p 197.

* m. ? (first 5 children by her)

2nd wife, Sarah Campbell (1770-1845)

* Children: Sarah (m. a Casper)

Mary (m. a Hollman)

Ann (m. a Trailkill - Threlkeld?) )

William (b. 1786)

Elizabeth (b. 1788)

Phoebe (m. a Jones)

Sally (m. a Ramsey)

Rebecca (m. a Jones)

Martha (m. a Hindman)

George Robert (b. 1803 d. 1871 m. Susanna Jones)

Hannah (m. a Smith)

* d. June 26, 1843 - buried Indian Creek Cem., near New Market. (tombstone says participated in "9" battles during the Revolutionary War)

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 2, buried Indian Creek Cemetery, Brown Township, Montgomery County, Indiana


* b. about 1764 Pa?

* Pvt. - Bedford Co, Pa. Militia

(Pa. Archives 5th Series, Vol IV p 238; 604)

* Married Elizabeth Miller 1784

* Children: (via Will)

Ann (b. about 1780 m. Martin Cumberland)

Sarah (b. between 1780-90 m. John Cowan)

Mary (b. between 1780-90 m. Micajah Reeder)

Elizabeth (b. 1795 m. Frederick Moore)

James (b. between 1790-1800 m. Abigail McGilliard)

Ruhama ("Amy" b. 1794 to 1804 m. James Harvey Applegate)

Adam Miller (b. July 20, 1803)

Possible Children were:

James C. and Charlotte)

* Died 1838 Richard Wills, Revolutionary Soldier guru, says died 1828) Montgomery Co, buried on his home place which adjoined the Odd Fellows Cem; S. Grant St, Crawfordsville IN

FRUITS, George

(Note:there is controversy regarding this soldier; much of which has been accredited to him may have indeed been done by his father, George Fruit, buried Franklin Co In will prob. 9-16-1811 p. 22 - he is prob. buried on his farm Springfield Twp, Franklin Co Ind. It is assuredly known John George "George" here is his son, and that George (II) had these brothers/sisters Martin; John; Jonathan; David; Margaret; Sarah m. Jacob Hiday; Catherine m. Samuel Patterson; Barbara m. ? Weber and Daniel Noble.

It is NOT my job to sort out who was who and who did what but to present you with possibilites)

* b. Jan 2, 1762/63) Baltimore, Md

* Capt. Kirkwood, latter part of war 1797 Ky. Rifleman under Capt. Kennedy inscription on tombstone states: "A Remnant of the Revolution," so it is probable he did SOMETHING toward the war.

* m. Catherine Stonebraker

* Children: Jacob m. Elizabeth Weir 10-2-1830 Bk 1 p 82)

George, Jr. b abt 1825 m. Elizabeth Barlow Mont Co 12-17-1846 Bk 2 P 417)

Sebastian m. Matilda Wray 11-24-1835 Bk 1 p 165

Lucinda (m. a Pate)

John Katherine (m. a Philpot)



Margaret poss marr. Robert Patterson 6-4-1835 Bk 1 p 150 Mont Co

* d. 1876 buried Bunker Hill Cemetery, Alamo, Ind - grave marked by DAR (Cemetery also known as Stonebraker cem.)

1850 Mont. Co census Ripley Twp #1345 George Fruits, Sr. (who is actually George II) 71, farmer, Real Estate b. Pa. ; Catherine 62 Pa; Jonathan 17 Farmer Ind; Michael 14 Ind; Newkirk Margaret 6 Ind. (next to him are sons David and George, Jr.)

Revolutionary War hero honored here Photo Caption Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review, October 15, 1979 Photo by Pat Cline DEDICATION – Participating in the dedication Sunday were, (from left) family representative Ed Shea, researcher Remley Herr, Historical Society President John Bowerman, CAR State President Mike Howell and great-grandson Burl Fruits – jlr Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review, October 15, 1979 By PAT CLINE Civic Affairs Editor It was a proud day for descendants of the George Fruits family as they gathered for the unveiling of a bronze marker Sunday proclaiming their ancestor to be the last surviving veteran of the Revolutionary War. There were 33 direct descendants of the old war veteran present, along with nearly 100 others. The Montgomery County Historical Society was responsible for the dedication and unveiling ceremony in Bunker Hill-Stonebraker Cemetery. It was through the society’s long and exhausting research that final proof was gained that George Fruits was not only a veteran of the Revolutionary War but had outlived all other veterans of that war. He was 114 years, seven months and 4 days old at the time of his death. Remely Herr, who spearheaded the research, was the main speaker during the dedication. Others participating in the program were Society President John Bowerman, who gave the dedicatory remarks; Ed Shea, who gave the appreciation remarks on behalf of the Fruits family; Susan E. Wallace Society CAR; Leslie Weir, president of Church Men United; Ed Armstrong and Royce Armstrong, representing the Montgomery County Civic Band; and Rev. Velma Keesling. Jim Leas wrote the message placed on the bronze marker. As a lasting tribute to George Fruits, the Historical Society reconstructed his weathered grave marker and added to it an honorary bronze plague. “George Fruits, last surviving soldier of the American Revolution, veteran of the Indian wars, the War of 1812, and an early settler in Montgomery County, was a patriot, pioneer and a legend in his time,” Herr said. Many tales have been handed down through the years about George Fruits, many of which have been proven to be true. Confirming beliefs that George Fruits was the last survivior of the Revolutionary War was difficult because his father, also named George, had served in the same war. Final confirmation came when Herr and his wife found authentic proof in the Pennsylvania Archieves. Herr said the background for Fruits’ record is at the beginning of the Revolution. “Our George Fruits resided with his father on a farm in Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa. A factor that bears on the military records of this period was the system of enlistments. There was no draft. At that time, all service was voluntary,” he said. “There were two probable ways for military participation then. At least one male member of the usually large farm families volunteered for what we’d call today a regular Army. Then it was called the Pennsylvania Line. Other men of this family, generally boys 18 years or older, were expected to volunteer for the militia. Their duties were to attend military drill once a week and be subject to call for emergencies, such as Indian raids or fighting local Tories (British Sympathizers). Other than that the militiamen took care of their farms or business as usual. However, the names of men listed on the militia roles of Revolutionary times are today recognized as veterans of the Revolutionary War. “With these conditions in mind, my wife and I spent some time searching the Pennsylvania Archieves — the books that recorded the enlistments of Pennsylvania soldiers in the Revolution,” Herr said. “We found where a George Fruits had enlisted four different times into a Capt. Miers’ militia company — an enlistment could be for as short a time as three months. This George Fruits was from Washington County, Pa. In another volume we were gratified to find an enlistment of a George Fruits, also of Washington County, in the Pennsylvania Line and further along, an entry telling that this George Fruits had in 1784 been awarded 200 acres of bounty land. There are other records that confirm the facts of George Fruits’ Revolutionary War service.” George's wife, Catherine asked for a widow’s pension based on his service in the Revolution. She was granted this request. At that time, all Revolutionary soldiers were deceased and none were left to give personal witness either for or against her request. However, there were many sons and daughters living who could testify that George had been in the Revolutionary War and they did so affirm. George Fruits was born Jan. 2, 1762, and died Aug. 6, 1876. He entered land in Ripley Township, Montgomery County in 1826, and moved into the area in 1827. “Historically, the most important of all written records of George Fruits’ service in the Revolution and of his surviving longer than any of the other soldiers is the one right here before your eyes — the grave marker,” Herr said. “And that is why we are all making certain that it will remain well preserved for our posterity to see.”   – jlr

GOTT, Robert

His name appeared on a tablet "In memory of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War of 1776 buried in Montgomery County " which was on the wall of the new (1904) post office in Crawfordsville for many years - now on DAR home.

Enlisted Orange Co, NC 3-15-1780 with Capt. William Galbre

th and Col. Daniel Morgan, discharged at Yorktown, Oct 25, 1781. Died Aug. 1, 1840 probably in Montgomery Co, Indiana according to his War pension records.

He had a son who lived in Darke Co, Ohio (John) and a son Robert (wife Rebecca Hughes) from Ky to Montgomery Co IN 1828.

Married twice, both wives died before the soldier.

His grave was marked by the Dorothy Q Chapter, NSDAR.

Pension R4150NC Beverly Franks, 850 Medra #1068 Anchorage, AL 99501 writes that she descends from Robert through his son William Nichols Gott and his son, Willis Stubbs Gott.

Debbie Barker Rawlings sent much information as per below Robert Gott was b. in NC He enlisted 3-15-1780 in Orange Co NC served with William Galabreath and Col. Daniel Morgan. Discharged at Yorktown. Place of Death: Probably Montgomery County, Indiana Aug 1, 1840. A son John lived in Darke Co Ohio and Robert lived in Ky, them came to Indiana 1828. (See Brown Twp Original Land Entries). He was twice married, both wives dying before the solder. Sons, above may have asked for pension. Son, John Gott, Sr., had affidavit dated April 9, 1852 aged 86, Greenville, Darke Co Ohio say his father d. the Saturday before the presidential election of Gen. Harrison in 1840 (which election in Indiana was held the 1st Monday in August (Aug 3) in that year. Pension R4150NC. See Preston Gott' obit. on obituary pages. See Beckwith 1881 History of George Gott (Scott Twp)

Robert Gott married Lydia Nichols Feb 1800 Shelby Co KY (William Gott, father)

Robert married Jane Mattox whose father was Daniel) on 8 May 1820 Shelby Co KY)

Robert & Lydia had:

William Nicholas Gott b. 1802;

Sarah 1804;

Thomas S 1804;

Robert, Jr. 1805;

Mary 1806;

John 1807;

Nancy 1809;

Eliza Jane 1810;

Martha 1813.

He is buried in the Wasson Cemetery, just North of Parkersburg Indiana in Scott Township, along US 231 (State Road 43). The Cemetery is overgrown with weeds and is behind a barn on private property.

(Thanks to Richard Wills, R5, Crawfordsville for part of this information)


* b. 1760 Westmoreland Co, Va

* Minuteman from Va. Yorktown.

Pension claim RF #297

* m. Sarah Davis

* Children:

James (b. 1788 acc. to HW Beckwith Montgomery Co History p 518 he was in War of 1812 d. April 1869)



Esther (m. a McClure)

Elizabeth (m. a Kerr)

Charlotte (m. Lewis Clarkson had acc. to 1860 Mont Co Coal Creek Twp census: McLane; Joseph; James and Peter)

* d. 1826 - bur. Turkey Run Cemetery near Wingate.

Bronze tablet placed by Dorothy Q Chapter, DAR.

(Note: p 518 HW Beckwith History of Montgomery County says, "Samuel Gregory came in his old age, in 1834 and died at his son James' residence in 1843, aged 84 years (but stone says 1842) DAR Marker states he died in 1856. He served in the revolution, and was at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered....elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 2, buried Turkey Run Cemetery, Coal Creek Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana

HANLON, Matthias

He is listed in the 1830 census age 89 as a pensioner he may/may not have died in our County.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, R 6, Crawfordsville, IN in 2002 - wrote with this information on Mathias Hanlon

*Born: 8-26-1751 moved to Montgomery Co IN 1832

*Died: 11-2-1840 at 89 years (possibly 11-7-1840)

*Buried: Pleasant Hill, Wingate

(Richard notes in 2002 that he could not find the stone in this Cemetery)

* Service: 1775 - Monmouth Co, NJ

Under Capt. VanCleave - 1 year

Ref: Pension Appl. 10-27-1825 - Reily Twp, Butler Co Ohio

Pension O. W4218 NJ

Pension List p. 183 Ohio Rev. Soldiers

Vol. 2 p 165 Waters - Rev. Soldiers in Indiana

p. 16 Census of Pensions for Rev. War 1840 under Act taken - 6th census

HARDY (Hardee), John Michael Joseph

(his daughter, Lucinda McMullen has a biography via the Dorothy Q Chapter, DAR)

* b. June 2, 1761 Dinwiddie Co, Va

* General Washington at attack on Hessions, Trenton and Yorktown battles taken a prisoner at Battle of Hanging Rock and placed on prison ship; escaped (another source says exchanged) - served two years 1775/76 Va. Line under Col. Bluford.

Said to have wintered at Valley Forge

* m #1 Lucy Sears (1770-1829 Rush County, Indiana

also lived with John in Bourbon Co, Ky; Preble Co, Ohio)

* Children:

Joseph H;





George Washington;




After death of Lucy he moved with some of his children to Sec. 16, Union Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana.

A descendant wrote, "The love of God and his country is the legacy that he left."

* d. June 1, 1839 - buried on roadside near Offield Creek.

Stone replaced by descendants with a bronze tablet and planted trees to encircle it.

(Some information from May 7, 1975 article on Hardee in Journal Review)

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.2 - buried Michael Cemetery, Union Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana


* b. Sept 19, 1759 Lancaster, Pa.

* Pvt. Lt. John Stitt's Company, Cumberland Co, Pa Militia 5th Co July 23, 1781 - Pa. Archives, 5th Series;

DAR #496647 Pension

* m. July 2, 1786 Elizabeth GISH (dau. of Christian and Sophia (Hock) Gish) (1763-1847)

* Children:

Elizabeth (b. 2-3-1790 m. Samuel Frankebarger)

Jacob (b. 6-24-1792 d. 2-6-1866 (Note: 1881 History Beckwith says he died Feb 8, 1875

Salome d. 1872) m. Salome Ammen (HW Beckwith History says her name is Amon)

Catherine (m. Jacob Bonsack)

Maria (b. 12-26-1796 d. 1850 m. Joseph Nofsinger)

Susanna (b. 5-28-1799 d. 1888 m. John Bonsack)

Samuel (b. 4-11-1802 d. 10-4-1872 m. Elizabeth Myers)

Catrina (b. 1804 m. #1 Jacob Bonsack; #2 Joseph Brubaker)

* d. 3-27-1849 bur Scott Twp, Montgomery Co Ind. Stone.

(Thanks to Richard Wills, R6, Crawfordsville, IN "Samuel Harshbarger was buried in the Old Harsba1/2 mile south of the intersection of 1050S and Cornstalk Creek Road. * He now has a new stone set next to the old stones of him and his wife. rger Cemetery East of Parkersburg in middle of a horse pasture.

Sam Evans of Crawfordsville, a Harshbarger relative gave this information to Richard 2002). . Thanks to Angela Brigman of Crawfordsville for some of the above information, as well.

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.4 - buried Samuel Family Cemetery east of Parkersburg, Montgomery County, Indiana

Source: Genealogy Club of Montgomery County IN Inc Feb 2010 - more notations from Richard and Pat Wills who have done so much research for Revolutionary SOldiers. Adding from the short article in this sourc,e Richard says that Samuel's father, Jacob was Swiss and his mother, Maria was Italian. The original family name from the ship passenger list (does not say which ship when) was spelled Hirschberger. After his birth the family moved to near Chambersburg, Franklin County, PA.

HITCH, Gillis

(thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, Crawfordsville, IN in 2002 for noting this Revolutionary Soldier for us).

* b.1758 Bridge Branch, Sussex Co, Del *d. 11-7-1847 ?

*Buried: Possibly in Odd Fellows Cemetery (in American Legion List) Service; Enlisted Aug - 2 years Began in Delaware, under Lt. Charles Kidd, and Capt. Joseph Vaugn

Ref: Original Pension Application as Letter 7-10-1839 Application again 2-19-1847 age 89 in Montgomery County, Indiana.

Pension: R 5049 Del Susp.

Pens. List p 412 Waters: Rev. Soldiers- Supplement


* b. prob. Washington Co, Pa. * 2nd Co, 5th Batt Pa (Archives, 6th Series, Vol 11 p 186;198;

Patriot p. 387;

DAR #513476 poss. served with Geo. Rogers Clark

* m. #1 ?

#2 Lenia

#3 Dolly

* Children:

Jacob (b. ? m. 1-6-1816 Nancy Shepard)

Patsy (b. ? m. 4-24-1806 Abijah Metrick)

Mary (b. ? m. 3-7-1803 John Bare)

Sally (b. 1768 m. 1793 John Booth)

Peggy (b. ? m. 8-5-1802 Peter Smock)

Nancy (b. ? m 2-4-1816 Jessie Hicks)

John ( b. ? m. 11-11-1808 Jane Malone)

Peter, Jr. (b. ? d. after 8-3-1818 Perry Co, Ind wife Elizabeth)

George (b. ? d. before his father - left children) *

d. 1827 (will dated 1-23-1827 prob in May) Mont. Co where he is probably bur.

Note: Darlene Shawn ( ) sent me a note stating that this information is incorrect. She is a descendant of this man and that George who died before his father above had these children: Mary b ? m. 3-7-1803 John BARE; Sally b. 1768 m. 1793 John BOOTH; Peggy b. ? m. 8-5-1802 Peter SMOCK and Nancy b. ? m. 2-4-1816 Jessie HICKS) and these girls are NOT children of the Revolutionary Soldier but are indeed grandchildren. Thanks, Darlene!


* b. 9-27-1763 Hampshire Co, Va.

* Drafted summer 1781 by Capt. Miller Pen R6166

Va. Appl. pens 9-20-1834 age 71, Union Twp, Montgomery Co - to date, no proven children )

- Water's supp, p 62 no Largent rec'd an orig. land grant in Mont. Co. -

1840 Census, Union Twp has him between 70-80 as well as his wife) * m ? (there is a Sarah, age 78 b NY 1850 census living with Jonathan below) *

Children (probable)

Randal b. Sept 10, 1807 Fleming Co Ky married Rachal COX d. Sept 17, 1854 Champaign Co Ohio (there is a Randal marr. Priscila Cox 6-12-1831 Bk 1 p 94 Montgomery Co)

Samuel b. about 1810 Champaign Co Ohio married Prudence CROUCH March 12, 1832 Montgomery Co In. Died 1848-1880 Montgomery County, Indiana ?

Nelson Largent, Jr. b. about 1812 Champaign Co, Ohio m. Sarah Jane (maiden name may have also been Largent) marr. 3-14-1835 Mont Co Bk 1 p 148 died about 1859 Champaign Co Ohio.

Nancy Largent b. May 11, 1813 Champaign co Ohio married Isaac COX in 1-3-1831 Montgomery Co IN Bk 1 p 148 died 1850-1900.

Sarah b. about 1817

Jonathan b. Dec 11, 1797 Fleming Co Ky married Elizabeth CONRAD died Sept 6, 1864 IN

dau. d. as a baby * d. between 1840-50 Montgomery Co

From the Washington Archives File R6166 Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832 state of Indiana Montgomery County, towit: on this 22nd day of September 1834, personally appeared in open court (to wit, the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, State of Indiana) being a court of record now in session, Nelson Largent Aged 71 years, a resident citizen of Union Township, County and state aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. That he entered the service of the united States and served as hereinafter stated, towit: the said deponent saith that he was born in HAMPSHIRE Co, state of VA, about 18 miles from Romney, the County seat of said County on the 27th day of September but that he cannot recollect the year. Deponent recollects, however, that he was 19 years old when Lord COrnwallis was defeated at Yorks. That he lived in the same place in the summer of 1781 during which he was drafted into the company of Capt ___ Miller. Deponent cannot recollect the day or the month on which he entered the service. He recollects, however, that on the march to join his company he saw applies in the fields. This company was laying with the main backup of the American troops when he was drafted. Deponent and six other persons (Amos Critchfield, John B?, William Watkins, ___Fields, Names of the others not recollected) Joined Capt. Millers Company at the same time. Deponent says it was either the morning before or the day after the surrender of Cornwallis that he and his companions joined Capt. Millers Company. Major Booth belonged to the same body of officers. After the surrender of Cornwallis the prisoners were escorted to different places; sone to Albemarle Barracks; sone to Knowlands Ferry, sone to Winchester Barracks, and others elsewhere. Deponent with his company escorted more to Winchester Barracks, and kept guard over them there for several days when they (Deponent and his Company) were relieved by other militia. Deponent was never in any battle. He recollects the names of not regular officers with whom he served. He ascribes his loss of memory to sickness and old age. In answer to the questions prescribed by the War Department, Deponent says that he was born in Hampshire County, State of Virginia, on the 27th sept 19 years before the defeat of Cornwallis. Deponent further says that he has no record of his age. That he lived in the same place when drafted into the service of the United States as stated before. That he recollects the names of no regular officers with whom he served. Deponent says that he received a written discharge from Capt. Miller. He gave it to his father, and supposes ot was Consumed by fire (the house being burnt in which his father lived). Deponent cannot recollect the time he served, but was drafted for three months certain, six months if needed. He thinks he served out the whole time for which he was drafted, to wit, six months. Deponent further says that since the Revolution he has lived in FLEMING County, STATE OF KENTUCKY, ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS, next in CHAMPAIGNE County, STATE OF OHIO, ABOUT TEN OR TWELVE YEARS, and in OCTOBER 1830 he moved from thence to MONTGOMERY County, STATE OF INDIANA, his present residence. He knows of no person whose testimony he can procure that can testify to his actual service except CATHERINE LARGENT, his step-mother, whose deposition is enclosed. He mentions RANDALL LARGENT, his half brother, and GEORGE CONRAD, who can testify to his character, and their belief of his services. Deponent says that he has never received any pay for his services. Deponent says there is no clergyman residing in his neighbourhood with whom he is acquainted. He hereby relinquishes all claim to every and any pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the Pension roll of any Agency in this or any other State. NELSON (his mark) LARGENT

Subscribed and sworn to in open court the day and year aforesaid. John Wilson, Clerk

WE, RANDALL LARGENT AND GEORGE CONRAD herby certify that we have known NELSON LARGENT who has subscribed and sworn to the above Declaration, for many years and that he has always been considered a Revolutionary soldier in the neighbourhood where he now lives, and also in HAMPSHIRE County, VIRGINIA. where he lived at and after his service; and we do concur in that opinion, and certify that his declaration is entitled to credit. And we further certify that we believe him to be seventy one years of age.

RANDALL LARGENT GEORGE CONRAD sworn to and subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid. John Wilson, Clerk. And the said Court after examination of the matter do hereby certify that Randall Largent and George B. Conrad whose names are subscribed to the foregoing certificate are citizens of Montgomery County, State of Indiana, and tha their character for truth and veracity is good and their statement entitled to credit, and the said Court do further declare, after putting the interrogations prescibed by the War Department, and after examination of the matter that they concur in opinion with the foregoing certificate, and that they believe the said Nelson Largent was a Revolutionary Soldier, and served as he states.

JAMES STITT (or Stilt)

ABSOLALLM KETCHAM I John Wilson Clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County do herby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said court, in the matter of the application of Nelson Largent for a pension. In tstimony where, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office, the 23rd day of September, A.D. 1834. John Wilson, Clerk

DEPOSITION OF CATHERINE LARGENT of the TOWNSHIP OF JACKSON IN THE County OF CHAMPAIGN AND STATE OF OHIO taken on the 1st day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty four to be read in evidence in the Court of Common pleas in the County of Mountgomery in the town of Crawfordsville and State of Indiana, relative to the application of NELSON LARGENT to said Court for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty of the Law for the relief of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War as follows:

The said CATHERINE LARGENT doth depose and say that the above NELSON LARGENT was drafted and taken into the Service in the United States in the summer of the year 1781 and that he, the said NELSON LARGENT served out his time the time of his service not recollected but thought to be six or nine months and that he returned home shortly after the surrender of Lord Cornwallis the said Nelson Largent was drafted in Hampshire County and State of Virginia Subscribed CATHERINE(her mark)LARGENT Sworn and subscribed before me Joseph H. Woods one of the Justices of the Peace.

32,541 NELSON LARGENT INDIANA Rejected did not serve six months Declaration of Nelson Largent 6166 NELSON LARGENT Rejected You can use what you want of the information I have sent.

I know it is a lot to put on the page so if you want to cut it down ok. Thanks for putting it on. I will probably be getting off aol around the 19th of May because my time will be up then and I won't be staying on line but you can still mail any questions to me at my home address: Janet Blake 12739 S. Maple City Rd Maple City, Mi. 49664 P.S. every August we have a Largent Reunion usually in Lake City, Mi. be interesting to hear from any who might want to attend.

LOUGH, Jacob Levi

*Born: Sept 9, 1760 Hamburg, Germany

*Died: 1833

11 children between 1786-1813

Buried: Possibly in Kentucky a possible relative, Cliff Lough of Darlington is trying to find out more about this man whether he died here in Montgomery Co / buried here or back in Kentucky.

Service: Fifer in Rev. Tular

Reference: Kerr-Lough Bible Records p 3 - DAR Family Bible McARTHUR, James His name appeared on a tablet

"In memory of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War of 1776 buried in Montgomery County " which was on the wall of the new (1904) postoffice in Crawfordsville for many years - now on DAR home.

Mary Shannon gave me the following information about this soldier thanks soooooo much!!!!!! Application for Pension 30 July 1832 Butler Co, Ohio James "ARTHUR" age 68 b. 1764 James stated that about 10 April 1781, he enlisted for 1 1/2 years under Capt. Walton in Hampshire or Hardy Co, Va. Marched down to Winchester, Va and from there to Albermarle Court house under command of Capt. (Wilton) Bedinger, where he joined the regiment of Gen. Stuben. James served 3 mo. and then was taken or drafted into the Regiment of Col. White's (Continental) Dragoons or mounted troops, then marched into SC. Was honorable discharged about 22 Oct 1782 near Charlestown SC. Disch. papers signed by Col. Green, Col. White and Capt. Yarberry (Yarborough). Deponent had a written record, showing that he was born May 1764 Burlington Co NJ. He lived 28 years in Clermont Co, Ohio and five years in Butler Co, Ohio where he was residing in 1832. He had applied for a pension about 4 years before this and stated that he proved his service by the depositions taken on 9 Sept 1828 in the office of Thomas West in Ohio Twp, Clermont Co, Ohio by two witnesses, one being his sister, Elizabeth Arthur and Lydia Hall, another sister both residents of Clermont Co.

James (McArthur) Arthur b. May 1764 Burlington NJ m (1) 25 Nov 1782 Moorefield, Hardy Co, W Va to Rachel BROWN (b. 20 Dec 1762 Moorefield, Va d. about 1800, bur. Mulberry, Miami Twp, Clermont Co OH - on her brother, Joseph's farm daughter of Thomas Brown and Mary Ball).

James died 29 July 1856, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co, Indiana, buried Old Town Cem, Montgomery Co. James was the son of James McArthur, Sr., b. circa 1730 Glasgow, Scotland, d. after Revolutionary War, USA and wife, Hannah Stuart b. circa 1735 d. after 1764 USA. James Sr. also served in the Revolution with his son. Both are listed in Virginia Ancestors & Adventures, 3 volumes in one, pg. 13 "Noncommissioned officers and privates at Albermarl Courthouse" (about 1781 James, Sr. age 50 trade weaver; James Jr. age 16 trade - weaver.

Mary Johnson Shannon, James, Jr.'s 3rd great granddaughter deserves a GREAT big THANKS for her help with this soldier.

Children of James and Rachel (Brown) McArthur:

Sarah Arthur b. 28 Aug 1783 Moorefield, Hampshire Co, Va d. circa 1829, m. 15 Dec 1802 Clermont Co Ohio William Donham.

Hannah Arthur, b. 27 Aug 1785, Bedford, Va m. 4 Dec 1806 Isaac Elston.

Mary Arthur b. 28 Aug 1785 Bedford, Va, d. 3 Dec 1867, Monroe Clermont Co, Ohio m. 29 Nov 1805, Clermont Co Ohio Hugh Ferguson.

---Mary Shannon believes these two girls were twins, one b. before midnight and the other after.

William Arthur, b. 17 Jan 1788 Hampshire, W Va. d. 26 Jan 1865, Ottumwa, Wapello Co, Iowa m. Labitha

Joseph Arthur b. 2 Jan 1791 d. 19 March 1838 Clermont Co, Ohio bur. Nash family cem, Clermont Co, m. 17 Oct 1816 Clermont Co Mary Robb.

William James Arthur b. 12 June 1797, Ary, Perry Co, Ky d. 27 June 1889, Brown Co, Ohio bur Bloom Rose Cem.

James (McArthur) Arthur, m. (2) 19 April 1803 Clermont Co, Ohio Anne Osbourne b. circa 1770 Franklin, Va. Children of James & Anne: Elizabeth Arthur, b. circa 1805 Ohio d. 30 Nov 1882 Montgomery Co, In m. 5 Dec 1849 Clermont Co, Ohio George Wilson. Francis Arthur, b. circa 1806 Ohio d. 11 Dec 1877 Clermont Co Ohio m. Margaret? Jessie Arthur b. 2 Sept 1806 Ohio d. 27 July 1850 m. Hannah ? (Jessie was born blind) Lydia Arthur b. 3 Dec 1809 Ohio d. 8 March 1894, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., In m. 5 March 1831 Joseph Martin.


His name appeared on a tablet "In memory of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War of 1776 buried in Montgomery County " which was on the wall of the new (1904) post office in Crawfordsville for many years - now on DAR home.

Note: I find no McNulty (McAnulty, etc) in early Montgomery Co. records, but that is NOT to say he was not here. Richard Wills writes in 2002 that John McNulty is listed in the 1840 Census of Pensions as McCully)

Born: Died: Burial: Grave located and marked by DAR but doesn't state where it is

Service: Reference: Waters: Rev. Soldiers in Indiana p. 23 Supplement p 71 DAR 15 - p. 85

Bowen History of Montgomery Co IN p 180 (Vol I) "The DAR erected on the wall of the new post office in Crawfordsville, a tablet bearing the following insciription "In memory of the Soldiers of the Rev. War of 1776, buried in Montgoery Co =John McNulty") Early Days in a College Town" p. 126 - Mills

MASON, Thomas

* b. about 1761, poss. Delaware - see NOTE below

* Col. Hall's Regt 1778, Delaware Line 1 year - in battles of Guilford Ct. house, Camden and Eutaw Springs - Pension Claim S 36691


m. Mary DAWSON April 17, 1794

(thanks to Richard Wills, R6, Crawfordsville for this informatioj)

* Children:

Eliza ( b. 1807, m. ? d. ?)

Jefferson (b. 1810)

Polly (b. 1815)

Malin Jackson (b. 1816)

Margaret (b. 1818)

Wilson Campbell (b. 1821)


William ( b. ? m. Nancy Lambert)



* d. Montgomery Co Ind prob. 1846

(last pension paid 9-8-1846 - bur. "Old Town Cem, Crawfordsville) - marked by Indiana SAR Note: he does not appear in the 1830 or 40 census as a head of household

Note: In Richard's continual search for Montgomery's Revolutionary SOldiers, he now finds that Thomas Mason was born December 16, 1760 in Delaware (does not give source but found in the Genealogy Club of Montgomery County, IN February 2010) - he goes on to state that he was in the battles of Guilford Court House, Camden and Eutaw Springs. Pension claim filed Madison Co KY. Don't know exactly when he came to Montgomery County Indiana but possibly just before his death which was October 4, 1846 age 74. Buried in the Old Town Cemetery in Crawfordsville at the top of Covington Hill. His gravestone is nearly new, placed by the old stone on the north side and he is also listed on the large War Memorial stone in the middle of this cemetery.


* b. 1755 Va.

* Loudon Co, Va 1781 -

Pvt Capt. Abraham Kirkpatrick, Col. Thomas Posey's Va. Regt. At Yorktown - Ga. -

Pension #W 9569

* m. Hannah Ingram

* Children:

John (b ? d. 1844)

George (b. ? d. 1846)

Isaac (b abt 1796 died after 1820)

Mary b. 10 December 1794 -- married William Wilhite (see application of their grandson below)

Teny (b. abt 1798 - died after 1820)

Eliza (youngest b abt 1807 d. after 1820 census)

William (bur. beside father in Old Masonic Cem, Crawfordsville)

m. Hannah INFRAM.

William built the first cabin in Crawfordsville. He also was one of the first 7 Founders of the Presbyterian Church there.

(according to Diana Harlan Wells

* d. July 25, 1839 - bur Masonic Cem, Crawfordsville. Stone.

1830 Montgomery Co census pg. 2 Jacob Miller 1 m. 20-30; 1 m. 30-40; l m 70-80; 1 fem 60-70. Living next to Jeremiah Miller 1 m. age 30-40, etc. There is an Isaac Miller nearby same age group as Jeremiah.

Jacob rec'd an orig. land grant (W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 18 Twp 18 Rg 4 of 75 acres on 7-5-1822 (a very early one_ Bk 117 p 319 and 118 p 297 - Recorder's Office)

See Sons of the American Revolution application of his descendant Charles Orth Wilhite - thanks so much to Marsha E for this ! It's very helpful to help fill-out info on this soldier - thanks from KBZ and all our Montgomery GenWeb users !!

MONTGOMERY, Hugh -- NE of Greensburg Decatur Co IN 72 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p. -Serial: ; Volume: not sure this one belongs to Montgomery County but KNOW there was a Montgomery Revolutionary soldier here as Martha Montgomery was in DAR on a Montgomery from our county.

MONTGOMERY, Samuel -- Benson Cemetery, Owensville, Gibson Co IN 64 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p. -Serial: 12671; Volume: 4 -- not sure this one belongs to Montgomery County but KNOW there was a Montgomery Revolutionary soldier here as Martha Montgomery was in DAR on a Montgomery from our county.

NEWELL, Samuel

Born: 11-4-1754

Died: 9-21-1841 - 87 years old

Burial: Unknown

Service: Enlisted 1776 Washington Co, Va. under Capt. Shelby

Ref: Pension R 7617 a - List p 184 Pen Roll of Tenn 3-2-1810

Bowen's History Vol. I

p 180 Waters: Rev Soldiers in Indiana

p 28 1840 Census of pensions

Mills, Early Days in a College Town

#19240 DAR Vol. I


Born: 1767 Md



Buried: Pottenger Cemetery/Brown Twp. on Richard Ead's farm South of New Market - no stone visible

Reference: Oak Hill Cemetery List of Soldiers p 21

Waters: Rev. Soldiers in Indiana p 27

American Legion List

List of Soldiers Dead of Montgomery Co IN

1941 Ed.

p 17 1840 Census of Pensions List

SIMMS, Presley

* b. 1753 Stafford Co, Va.

* Pvt Va. Co commanded by Capt. Williams reg't of Col. Montroy -

Pension S 32546

* m. Nancy Bridwell

* Children:

Presley, Jr.

Charles prob. one who marr. Belinda Trader Mont Co 1-29-1831 Bk 1 p 84 (found in 1840 census near his father 1 m. -5; 1 m. 20-30; 3 fem -5; 1 20-30) there is also a Burress Sims 1 m. 2030; and Presley Jr. 1 m -5; 1 m 20-30; 2 fem -5; 1 fem 5-10 1 fem 20-30 * d. ? bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem, Montgomery Co (Stone) Orig. Land Grant entered 2-5-1834 SW NW 1/4 Sec 31 Twp 20 Rg 4 (Madison Twp) (not returned) - same time frame as George Simms and Jesse Simms

1830 Montgomery Co Census p 21 Presley Sims 1 m. 15-20;. l m 70-80; 1 fem. 20-30 listed in 1840 Census p 261 Presley Sims Sen. "Pension, age 90" No male Simms in 1850 Mont. Co. census

Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.4, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


* b. 1753 Pittsylvania Co, Va

* Va. Continental Line

* m. Josephine ?

* Children:












* d. 1833 Montgomery County

No John Stilwell in 1830 Mont. Co. census or Orig. Land Records


* b. 1757 near Philadelphia

* Pvt Col. Elder's Pa. Regt, Lancaster Co -

Pension #S 32540

* m. Susan Yeagly

* Children:


Mary (m. ? Watson)

Catherine (m. George Fruits - see above)

Christina (m. ? Smith)





* d. July 6, 1836 bur. Bunker Hill Cem, near Alamo; stone.

(Cemetery is also known as Bunker Hill. I do not find him in 1830 census (could be living with a child) Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 5


* b. 3-6-1753 Prince George Co, Md.

* Ensign;

commissioned 8-11-1779

Montgomery Co Md -

DAR #70799;

Md. State Militia 1778 p 28

* m. Ruth Lewis (1753-1810)


* Children:

Hezekiah (b. 1792 m. Christina Whitaker, d. )

Otho (b. 2-14-1780 m. Elizabeth Barnes)


* d. 3-10-1797 Montgomery Co Ind

(this is 99% sure incorrect as Montgomery Co. was not in existence until 1823) so, this soldier may not be here, but since he was in the DAR listing, I did include him)

I do not find him in any early Montgomery Co records, but AGAIN, this does NOT mean he was never here, but it is highly unlikely.


* b. about 1757 Sussex Co, NJ

* Mont Co Hist., pg 486-487;

Hist. of Brown Co Ohio 1883 p 531;

DAR #517541;

Patriot, p 719

* m. about 1785 Azula Robbins (also found as Azuba)

#2 9-13-1834 Eleanor Tongue Rankins, widow of Daniel Rankins, a Rev. Soldier

* Children:

Cornelius (b 1785 Sussex County, NJ d 1821 Brown County, Ohio)

Jeremiah (b. 1 Feb 1786 d. 1863 m. Nancy McDaniels - find a grave says he died 6 June 1859 in Marshall Co IN buried Reicter Cem, Fulton Co IN)

Isaac (b. about 1787 d. 1826 m. 10-9-1806 Rachel Laycock)

Sarah (b. ? m. James Holmes in 1817)

Rebecca ( b. 20 Feb 1794 d 10 Aug 1889 Brown County, Ohio m. John Stansberry 1792-1880)

Rachel (b. ? m. Samuel G. Sperry)

Azula (b. ? m. 2-5-1821 James Hass)

Phoebe (b. 2-18-1804 d. 20 Sept 1879 Cass County, Indiana m. 6-1-1821 William Grant 1790-1879)

Nancy (b. 1807 d 17 Feb 1861 Fulton Co IN m. Andrew Londerback (1806-1864)) buried Fulton Cemetery

Note: * d. 3-9-1850 Montgomery Co Ind bur. Round Hill Cem. (also known as Wilson/Killen Cemetery). Source: Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 4

Source: Revolutionary War Soldiers Montgomery County Indiana

George Washburn was born about 1766 (1755) Sussex County, New Jersey. He died 9 Mar 1850 Montgomery County, Indiana and buried in the Round Hill Cemetery. He married first about 1785 to Azula Robins and second 13 Sep1834 Eleanor (Tong/Tonguel) Rankins, widow of Daniel Rankins, a Revolutionary War Soldier. Children: Jeremiah born 1786 died 1863 married Nancy McDaniels; Isaac born about 1787 died 1826 married 9 Oct 1806 Rachel Laycock born 9 May 1886; Cornelius married 23 Mar 1809 Susan Dunn; Sarah married James Holmes; Rebecca married john Stansberry; Rachel married Samuel G. Sperry; Azula married 5 Feb 1821 James Hass; Phoebe born 18 Feb 1804 married 1 Jun 1821 William Grant; Nancy married Andrew Londerback. Source Page 50, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1980


Although Jacob Westfall (with the George Rogers Clark Expedition according to his grandson, Frank Mill's autobiography) is buried just over into Putnam County, (he was born in February 1776 - see note below) served in the 8th Va. Regiment and died in 1835, buried in the family graveyard of his son-in-law, David Swank on the banks of the Raccoon).  Note: he was a Capt.  

Frank considered him to be one of ours and he along with the DAR dedicated a granite stone in Oak Hill Cemetery (Crawfordsville) to his memory.  It is pretty amazing. - there are several photos here.  

NOTE from KZ -- I question his birth of Feb 1776 and think that is more likely when he served.  He was born I'm fairly sure in 1755 (making him the perfect to go off to war) - buried Skillman Cemetery in Putnam County.  Both Putnam and Montgomery count him as one of their soldiers.  

WILLIS, Benjamin, Sr.

(thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wills, 2002 for this information)

*Born: 1765 Ohio - moved to Montgomery Co in 1820s

*Died: July 19, 1833 - 68 years old Note from: Richard Wills, Rt 6, Crawfordsville, IN

Buried: William Cemetery - several years only one stone only was found in Cemetery on Fred McMutrie's farm.

Stone was moved to Alamo Cem, near the Elmore family Plot. They are related

Service: Enlisted April 30, 1778 at 17 years of age. Was paid $120,l00 bounty Sept 11, 1778 Lancaster Co Pa

Ref: Oak Hill List of Soldiers, in Montgomery Co. p 23.

CDPL Cemetery Records, Vol. 5 p 164 DAR Cemetery Records - Vol. I p 124 PA Archives 5th Series, Vol. 3.

Revolutionary Soldier Benjamin Willis - some information from

Born 19 November 1763

Died 19 July 1833 buried Alamo Cemetery

Married Jane Coapstick (30 Nov 1784 - 31 July 1866

buried Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Carroll County)



David D.

Mary "Polly" married John Sutton

Phebe married Samuel Freeman


Penina married James Madison Bennett

Jane married John Coapstick

Elizabeth Sarah married McKinney Thomas

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