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JOSEPH ALEXANDER -- Revolutionary War Soldier

Birth: 1756 in County Tyrone, Ireland

Death: 19 Nov 1839 in Coal Creek Twp., Montgomery Co., IN

-- thanks soooo much to Tom for almost all of this information - Tom sends me to his ancestry files for Montgomery information - so greatly appreciated :) kbz


Declaration in order to obtain the act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832. State of Indiana, County of Montgomery On this 19th day of March 1833 personally appears in open court before the Judge of the Circit Court of said County and said State, Joseph Alexander a resident of Coal Creek Township in said County of Montgomery and State of Indiana aged seventy seven years who being first duly sworn according to law do this in his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by this act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 - That he enlisted in the army of the United States about Christmas in the year 1777 as a volunteer private under Captain Hugh White in the Regiment of Pennsylvania militia, at Sunbury in Northumberland County State of Pennsylvania and marched thence to Philadelphia, Thence to Trenton and Princeton and Piscatagner and near to Amboy where the British then was, and was discharged deponent thinks at Springfield about the 1st of April 1778 and marched to Philadelphia for this pay - deponent was in ten skirmishes during this tour among which were the skirmish of the Ash Swamp, Camrow's Hills Piscatagner and one at a place called Crow as Deponent thinks in New Jersey - Durring this tour Deponent was elected an ensign of said company - Deponent recollects to have been on this tour (?). Putnam and Mansfield of the regular army, and Col. Cook with his regulars cooperated at the Battle of Ash Swamp. This tour was three months or more. Deponent having enlisted at Sunbury in the fall 1778 for a three month tour (having been ordered out for (?) under Capt James McMahan of the Pennsylvania Militia being under the commission of Col. Frederick Antis was first Llietenant said company, and marched to the west branch of the Susquahanna span the Big Island where they remained guarding the frontier during the winter and were discharged in the spring of 1779 at Pine Creek - Upon this campaighn we fell in with no regulars and had no skirmishes, and were (?) three months. Deponent had a commission as such (?) immedially after being discharged from that service. Deponent got from this as departamental a Captains Commission in the Susquehanna boat service under Commandor Frederick Antis with the privilage of raising 50 men for a five months tour, wich he did about the first of April 1779 and they went up the Susquehanna and Tiaga rivers in this boat to Newtown point. Commandor Antis went no farther General Sullivan commanded this expedition at Newtown Point they were met by General Clinton and his army: which two armies marched them by land (Deponent going with them) to Seneca Lake and thence to the Ginapee County and cut off the supplies of the enemy then and returned to Newtown point, and then Deponent and them with him reembarked and went down the river and was discharged at Cox's town about November 1779 - Durring this Service Deponent acted as an Captain as above stated - Deponent never received a written discharge - Deponent at the time of said several enlistments resided within one mile of (?) town of Northumberland in Pennsylvania - His commission as Captain as aforesaid was burnt with his fathers house in 1780. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity, except the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any other state. JOSEPH ALEXANDER Sworn to and Subscribed the day year aforesaid John Wilson CLK Source: Website: Revolutionary War Veterans of New Jersey, donated by 4th Great-Granddaughter, Leslie Malone.


Having the impress of the seal of this court over the place where atached by (), to wit in the outside of the sheet upon wich this certificate begins. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand affixed the seal of said court at the place where this sheet is atached to the one above, this 10th day of october A.D. 1833. James Cunningham Clerk State of Indiana On the 8th of October 1833 personally appeared in open court Warren county PA In the Circuit Court of said County of Warren now sitting before a court of (?) having unlimited common law and (?) jurisdiction) before judges thereof, Leslie Malone aged sixty eight years, who being duly sworn (?) says that he was living with his fathers family at the comencment of the revolutionary war about seven miles from sunbury five miles from northumberland, Northumberland County in the state of Pennsylvania continued to reside there during the first few years of the war untill he was taken a prisoner by the Indians as hereinafter named - That he was during that time before, well aquainted with Joseph Alexander now of Montgomery County, State of Indiana, whose declaration for a pension is hereto annexed, of the date of 19th March 1833, supplemental declaration of 17th september 1833, both of wich Depondent has heard was, and from personal recollection from (?) information he states his behalf of facts to be as therein set forth and has no doupt that said Joseph Alexander served in the revolutionary war for the terms in the manner as stated by him - he recollects at the time to have heard that said Alexander was out under the officers he has named to wit Captains White McMahan Commandor Antis all of whom was personolly known to Depondent. Depondent knew his () in that service and has heard from them at the time the same statements - he lived about two a half miles from said Alexander although he does not now recollect actually to have seen him in the ranks he knows that he was absent for the terms wich he has stated from his fathers hous'e that it was the current statement of the family of said Alexander of the neighborhood that he was in the military service of the United States as above stated - From deponents recollection of the periods of said Alexanders absent his supports believes the term of his service to have been as in his said declaration as set forth - he remembers about the time and afterwards in his return from Indian captivity to have heard of the boat service campaign to the Ginapee County frequently mentioned in wich said Alexander served as Captain - he knows of the burning of his fahers house as he has stated saw the smoke of the building in conflagation - shortly after said house was burnt deponent was herding cattle for his father about 25 miles from Northumberland was then there taken prisoner by the Indians to the quinnipee country thence to Catterange in lake Erie - On his return from captivity deponents father had had removed to Centre County Pennsylvania within he followed - deponent has been aquainted with said Alexander ever since that time - he knows him to a () man states that he has always been reported in the several neyghborhood when he has resided to have been a revolutionary soldier as he states - Deponent now resides in Fountain County Indiana about ten miles from Williamsport the place where he now lives further said the Francis Malone (whose deposition is hereto annexed) was in the service of the United States in the revolutionary war. Leslie Malone

2nd Battalion:

April 24th 1785 , Northumberland Co., PA Pennsylvania Archives By Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania State Library:A Return of the Company Officers Elected in the second Battalion dated April 24th 1785:Northumberland County Militia, Commanded by Lieutenant Col. James Morrow. Captains - Joseph Alexander - John Wheeler - Wm. Montgomery - John Nilson - John Martin - Charles Clark - Richard Martin - Robert Smiili Lieutenants - George Headman - Daniel Goodman - James Lemon - George Hammond - John Clark - Alexander Dickson - Hamilton Armstrong - John Eason Ensigns - Francis Malone - Garrit Vancamp - Andrew Cochran - Aaron Hemrod - John McMahon - Willm. Case - Thomas Pollock - Daniel Vincent

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