Obituaries & Death Notices
Appearing In
Various Grant County Newspapers

compiled by Judy Matlock

These articles appeared in the News Paper concerning deaths that occurred in and around Fairmount and other Grant County areas. They report the deaths of citizens, former citizens and relatives of citizens. They are fascinating reading for the historical prospective they provide. Murders, suicide, illness and deaths of great men and small infants, all were noted in the newspaper.

We are indebted to Judy Matlock for the tremendous work she did to make this information available to us here. These articles may provide insight into our families that might not be available from other sources.

These articles can be read in chronological order or accessed through the indexes which are provided for each year.

Year & Decedent Names mentioned in Obituary
1895    Mary Vernon 1895 Index   of names
1909    Samuel Pulley 1909 Index  of names
1910    William S. Tudor 1910 Index  of names
1918    Flora Ellen Swincher Loten Scott, J.F.Swincher
1926    Tazewell Shoemaker 1926 Index  of names
1936    Lydia Ansley 1936 Index  of names
1941    Various 1941 Index  of names
1965    Hubert Brown 1965 Index  of names
1971    Various 1971 Index  of names
1985 A    Various 1985 Index  of names
1985 B    Various 1985 Index  of names
1990 A    Various 1990 Index  of names
1990 B    Various 1990 Index  of names
1994 A    Various 1994 Index  of names
1994 B    Various 1994 Index  of names
1995    Various 1995 Index  of names
1997    Various 1997 Index  of names

Below are listed the Family Obituaries of Judy Matlock. They cover the years of 1869 to 1995. They include the following names and many more.
Allen, Beck, Brinkman, Cheek, Cloud, Crawford, Dillman, Duckwall, Gardner, George, Herring,
James, Manning, Murphy, Parson, Ruble, Sanders, Sanger, Shelley, Shideler, Snyder, Westfall etc.

Family Obits
of Judy Matlock
Family Index
Family Obits
of Judy Matlock
2nd Addition
Family Index
2nd Additon

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