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This index is a copy of the WPA Birth Index located in the Adams Public Library System at Decatur. Please use this as a tool to locate birth records for individuals. You should not, however, cite this index as a source for your research. There were many errors in the original creation of the WPA indexes. This is intended to be an exact copy of the original compilation.

You should not depend on any search routines to find names you are looking for. There were variations in spelling names during this time period. In addition, there were many transcription errors made when the Indiana Works Progress Administration compiled the index. To search for a surname, select the letter where the surname should be and scan page.

Placing this index at the Adams Co. web site would not have been possible without the generous support of the staff of the Adams Public Library System at Decatur.

1882 - 1920 INCLUSIVE

Book Numbers Indicate Location of Record: 


updated 6/6/2023
WPA Birth Index - Z
Zehr C.H Jacob Cora E.Rumple M W 04/05/08 H-11 16
Zehr L.L Amos B Emma Berrow M W 08/19/11 H-15 5
Zehr L.R Simon Sylvia Schlatter F W 06/21/19 H-18 11
Zehr M.I Arthur Rena Macklin F W 04/06/18 H-17 86
Zehr W.L Amos B Emma Berrow M W 01/23/10 H-11 63
Zehr Chris Emma Amstutz M W 10/10/99 H-6 29
Zehr Christian Emma Amstutz F W 05/04/01 H-7 9
Zehr Jacob H Cora E.Rumple F W 09/30/01 H-7 19
Zehr David Erwin M W 05/16/03 H-7 49
Zehr Christian Amsters M W 06/18/03 H-7 49
Zehr Jack H Rumple M W 04/16/04 H-8 15
Zehr Arthur Rena Macklin F W 10/15/19 H-18 18
Zehr Amos B Emma C.Berron M W 09/30/20 H-18 39
Zerachart John Emma Zchnor M W 07/18/06 H-9 4
Zercher John Aldeen Abonet F W 07/15/18 H-17 94
Zerkel M.V Hubert Mary Shilling F W 11/30/17 H-17 78
Zerkel Theodore B Lydia S.Hower M W 11/05/83 H-1 100
Zerkel J.A Oceano Bell M W 08/01/86 H-1 216
Zerkle J.M Herbert E Mary G.Shilling F W 07/28/10 CH-12 28
Zerkle S Hubert E Mary G.Shilling M W 01/20/13 CH-16 19
Zerkle Wm Mowery M W 09/19/03 H-8 3
Zerkle Cary O Effie Studebaker F W 03/31/20 H-18 27
Zeser A. Andrew M.A.Warenment M W 10/22/10 CH-12 29
Zeser C.E Chas J Cathrine Schafer F W 03/24/11 CH-12 32
Zeser M.E Andy P Martha Waremmat F W 08/16/08 CH-12 9
Zeser M.M Charles K Schafer F W 01/04/13 CH-16 19
Zeser Peter Elizabeth Lichtty M W 12/24/91 H-2 32
Zeser Charles Chatherine Shaffer F W 06/23/06 CH-10 8
Zezula W.G Martin Leota Trim M W 11/30/14 CH-16 53
Ziegler H.E Ernest Inez Engle M W 07/10/19 H-18 13
Zigler Aron Ella Pollock M W 04/09/88 H-1 284
Zimmerman A.W Noah Laura Wiegard M W 01/03/13 H-15 41
Zimmerman C.M Milton Opal Landis F W 12/30/18 H-18 1
Zimmerman C. Christ Della Fry F W 06/01/10 H-11 74
Zimmerman E. D.C. Della Fry F W 04/09/20 H-18 29
Zimmerman E.H Albert Gertie G.North F W 10/28/19 H-18 18
Zimmerman F.E Milton Opel Landis F W 12/30/07 H-11 7
Zimmerman G.A Chris Alta Birrie M W 12/28/16 H-17 54
Zimmerman H Milton Opal Landis M W 01/23/10 H-11 62
Zimmerman H.S Sim Lillie Schindler M W 12/02/15 H-17 26
Zimmerman H Clint Della Fry M W 11/21/14 H-15 92
Zimmerman H.L Fred Lela I.Brown M W 08/05/20 H-18 38
Zimmerman I Milton Opal Landis F W 01/21/12 H-15 15
Zimmerman L Amos Salome Moser M W 03/03/19 H-18 6
Zimmerman M.J James Viola Yager F W 04/19/14 H-15 76
Zimmerman M.E Chas G.Kreig M W 12/17/15 H-17 25
Zimmerman M.J John Mary Schyndler M W 02/23/09 H-11 42
Zimmerman R Albert Gertrude North F W 12/26/08 H-11 34
Zimmerman V.M Milt Opal Landis F W 05/12/14 H-15 78
Zimmerman W.R Milt Opal Landis M W 05/08/16 H-17 37
Zimmerman William Eliza McWhirter F W 01/01/86 H-1 188
Zimmerman James L Ethel A.Beavers M W 07/26/91 H-2 27
Zimmerman Louis Ethel Beavers M W 08/30/93 H-3 14
Zimmerman David Saterez M W 01/05/95 H-3 30
Zimmerman Isaac W Etta J.Mullen M W 02/17/95 H-3 33
Zimmerman John Schindler F W 11/22/01 H-7 20
Zimmerman Ike Schlegal F W 06/05/03 H-7 52
Zimmerman Lew Ethel Beavers M W 09/05/03 H-8 5
Zimmerman Amos Zehr F W 09/24/03 H-8 4
Zimmerman Clint Della Fry F W 03/24/04 H-8 13
Zimmerman Milton Opha Landis F W 05/05/04 H-8 16
Zimmerman Lewis Ethel Beavers M W 04/04/06 H-8 52
Zimmerman Milton Landis F W 05/08/06 H-8 52
Zimmerman Albert Gerty North M W 04/15/07 H-9 19
Zimmerman Aaron Zehr M W 11/25/06 H-9 11
Zimmerman John Mary Shindler M W 04/18/07 H-9 19
Zimmerman Amos Mary Zehr M W 12/26/09 H-11 60
Zimmerman Clint Della Fry F W 07/25/12 H-15 29
Zimmerman Amos Saloma Moser F W 07/12/13 H-15 56
Zimmerman John Mary Schindler M W 03/08/16 H-17 32
Zimmerman John Mary Schindler M W 09/07/17 H-17 73
Zizola M.E Martin Leota Trim F W 02/25/16 CH-16 71
Zoeroher E.M John Aldine Ebnet F W 08/27/20 H-18 38
Zokosh R Michiel Rosa O.Zokosh F W 01/03/15 H-17 1
Zook M Arren Mary Schwartz F W 09/01/09 H-11 56
Zook Aaron Salwarz F W 06/26/97 H-5 26
Zook Aaron Schwartz M W 05/30/99 H-6 21
Zook Aaron Mary Sohnenig F W 10/29/00 H-6 49
Zook Aaron Mary Schwarz F W 12/14/02 H-7 41
Zook --- Schwarz M W 06/12/05 H-8 37
Zook Aaron Mary Swartz M W 07/23/07 H-9 23
Zorenbaugh Chas Annie Westerfeld F W 07/13/91 H-2 7
Zougg A. Jacob Helen Henschman F W 10/23/16 H-17 50
Zougg Phillip Bauman F W 10/05/98 H-6 10
Zougg Philip Maggie Bauman F W 08/05/01 H-7 17
Zuercher G Meyer F W 02/11/99 H-6 16
Zuercher John Aldine Ebnet M W 11/05/19 H-18 20
Zug Aaron Schwartz M W 07/21/98 H-6 7
Zugle Geo --- M W 03/01/94 H-3 21
Zurcher B. Christ Martha Abnet F W 05/19/20 H-18 32
Zurcher E. Albert S Irene Falk F W 06/07/13 H-15 54
Zurcher H.J John Aldine Abnit M W 06/20/17 H-17 66
Zurcher H.A Albert Verena Falls F W 01/08/19 H-18 3
Zurcher I.H Albert Verena Falb M W 07/08/15 H-17 15
Zurcher K. Noah Rena Sprunger M W 10/17/18 H-17 101
Zurcher L Fred D Viola Musser M W 12/15/18 H-17 105
Zurcher V Fred D. Viola Moser M W 05/11/20 H-18 31
Zurcher Gottleib Meyer F W 12/24/91 H-2 32
Zurcher G Meyers M W 02/16/93 H-3 8
Zurcher Daniel Rosina Augspurger F W 10/24/96 H-5 16
Zurcher Gottlieb Marian Myer M W 08/16/97 H-5 29
Zurcher Sam Amstutz M W 02/12/04 H-8 11
Zurcher )T Danial Aughburger M W 05/10/05 H-8 35
Zurcher )T Danial Aughburger F W 05/10/05 H-8 35
Zurcher Albert Vernan Falk F W 06/11/12 H-15 26
Zurcher Fred D Viola Musser M W 03/21/17 H-17 60
Zureiacher L. John Emma Lahmon F W 07/26/10 H-13 10
Zurkovick M Vinko Fari F W 04/16/13 H-15 49
Zweiacker F John Emme Lehman F W 02/15/09 H-11 39
Zweiacker John Lehman M W 12/09/00 H-7 1
Zweiacher John Emma Lehman F W 08/10/07 H-9 24
Zwick E Edward Anna Trier M W 10/09/16 H-17 51
Zwick G.L Chas Alvena Pooh Pook F W 05/12/16 H-17 37
Zwick H William Clara Wischmeyer M W 10/11/09 CH-12 20
Zwick J.R William H Clara Wishmeyer M W 05/17/08 CH-12 6
Zwick L.A.M Chas Alvena Pook F W 06/12/18 H-17 91
Zwick T.W Charles Alvena Pook M W 05/22/14 CH-16 45
Zwick Henry Mary Reeves F W 03/03/83 H-1 70
Zwick Wm H Clara Wischmeyer F W 11/03/04 CH-10 3
Zwick Wm H Clara Wisshmeyer F W 04/04/06 CH-10 8
Zwick Edward Anna E. Trier M W 12/26/18 H-17 105

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