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This index is a copy of the WPA Birth Index located in the Adams Public Library System at Decatur. Please use this as a tool to locate birth records for individuals. You should not, however, cite this index as a source for your research. There were many errors in the original creation of the WPA indexes. This is intended to be an exact copy of the original compilation.

You should not depend on any search routines to find names you are looking for. There were variations in spelling names during this time period. In addition, there were many transcription errors made when the Indiana Works Progress Administration compiled the index. To search for a surname, select the letter where the surname should be and scan page.

Placing this index at the Adams Co. web site would not have been possible without the generous support of the staff of the Adams Public Library System at Decatur.

1882 - 1920 INCLUSIVE

Book Numbers Indicate Location of Record: 


updated 6/6/2023
WPA Birth Index - I
Ichner Mary Chas Martha Bonecht F W Sept 10 1912 H-15 32
Idlemin Chas Cook M W Feb 3 1906 H-8 51
Idlewine Andrew Rebecca Shudler M W Aug 9 1883 H-1 94
Iliff D H Mary Shot M W Nov 24 1882 H-1 48
Iliff John Anne Laisure F W Oct 25 1892 H-3 4
Ineichen Majeska Henry Nellie Kerr F W Mar 2 1919 H-18 7
Ineichen Ruth C Albert Clara Lybarger F W Jan 1 1918 H-17 82
Ingle Iva Henry --- F W Aug 18 1882 H-1 38
Ingle John D Frank Nora Hoffman M W Nov 8 1909 H-11 58
Ingle John Emma Snider M W Jan 24 1886 H-1 188
Inmigor John Eliz Irenthardt F W May 22 1889 H-2 1
Inmijar John Eliz Irenthardt F W May 22 1889 H-2 1
Innige F Alec Sarah Schwartz F W Aprl 22 1914 H-15 77
Inniger Homer Chas Katie Leichty M W Aug 18 1914 H-15 86
Inniger Irene Chr Katy Leichty F W July 1 1917 H-17 67
Inniger Wilma Chr Katie Inniger F W Feb 1 1911 H-11 91
Inniger Chr Katy Lichty F W Mar 2 1897 H-5 21
Inniger John Elisa Trenthart F W Dec 8 1897 H-5 34
Inniger Abr Swartz F W Mar 9 1902 H-4 12
Inniger Gilgian Liechty F W Oct 17 1903 H-8 5
Inniger Chr Liechty F W Nov 16 1903 H-8 6
Inniger Abe Sarah Schwartz M W May 17 1904 H-8 17
Inniger Gilgian Leichty F W Aug 23 1905 H-8 42
Inniger Chas Kate Leichty M W July 8 1907 H-9 23
Inniger Peter Anna Mazelin M W July 19 1907 H-9 23
Inniger Ezra) T Gilgian Fanny Liechty M W Sept 23 1907 H-9 27
Inniger Ruth) T Gilgian Fanny Liechty F W Sept 23 1907 H-9 27
Inninger Rosalie Allen Sarah Schwartz F W Aprl 22 1909 H-11 45
Inninger Christ Katie Lichty F W Oct 14 1901 H-7 18
Ireland Gladys M Chas E Rachel E McClure F W Oct 4 1911 H-15 9
Ireland John P James Bertha Reinke M W Sept 4 1912 H-14 9
Irland Paul James Bertha Rinke M W Mar 5 1908 H-11 12
Ireland Thelma A John N Mary M Lawson F W Mar 11 1917 H-13 29
Ireland John H Mary Lawson M W May 3 1913 H-15 53
Irwin Dora W Manly P Orpha Tumbleson M W Oct 19 1912 H-12 37
Irwin Floyde R Manly O Orpha Tumbleson M W Jan 26 1911 H-11 90
Irwin Helen R Clyde C Agnes I Murray F W July 4 1917 CH-16 93
Irwin Mary C Manley B Orpha Tumbleson F W Feb 18 1909 H-11 38
Irwin Manley Tumbleson M W Mar 2 1905 H-8 31
Irwin Manley Orpha Tumbleson M W Sept 4 1914 H-15 87
Irwin Manly P Orpha Tumbleson F W Nov 5 1915 H-17 23
Irwin Manly P Orpha Tumbleson M W Feb 26 1918 H-17 84
Isch Elmer Ernest Lizzie Mills M W Aprl 2 1908 H-11 15
Isch Glen R Jas Minnie Aschlemann M W July 16 1917 H-17 69
Isch Ralph Fred J Lizzie Kahr M W Jan 28 1909 H-11 37
Isch Ernest Elisa Mesis F W Dec 28 1906 H-9 13
Isch Ernest Alice Meiss F W Jan 30 1914 H-15 70
Isch Jos R Minnie Aschliman M W June 2 1914 H-15 79
Isch Fred Emma Aschliman M W Sept 3 1914 H-15 87
Isch Jas Mina Aschliman M W Oct 7 1915 H-17 21
Isch Allen Lizzie Ballinger F W May 30 1916 H-17 39
Isch Alfred Eliz Bollinger M W Jan 30 1919 H-18 3
Ish Fred Emma Aschliman F W Dec 30 1912 H-15 41

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