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To my embarrassment I was born in bed with a lady.
~~ Wilson Mizner

This index is a copy of the WPA Birth Index located in the Adams Public Library System at Decatur. Please use this as a tool to locate birth records for individuals. You should not, however, cite this index as a source for your research. There were many errors in the original creation of the WPA indexes. This is intended to be an exact copy of the original compilation.

You should not depend on any search routines to find names you are looking for. There were variations in spelling names during this time period. In addition, there were many transcription errors made when the Indiana Works Progress Administration compiled the index. To search for a surname, select the letter where the surname should be and scan page.

Placing this index at the Adams Co. web site would not have been possible without the generous support of the staff of the Adams Public Library System at Decatur.

1882 - 1920 INCLUSIVE

Book Numbers Indicate Location of Record: 


updated 6/6/2023
WPA Birth Index - A
Abbott Betty Pauline Edgar Nellie Stalter F W 10/08/1919 CH-16 117
Aber E J Mary M Harkless M W 09/18/1907 H-9 27
Able Otto --- F W 07/05/1899 H-6 23
Able S M Etta Lynch M W 10/09/1899 H-6 29
Ables Sam --- Lynde F W 09/12/1893 H-3 14
Abnet Jacob Rebecca Barr F W 08/09/1882 H-1 30
Abnet Jacob Rebecca Barr F W 01/01/1884 H-1 110
Abnet Jacob Rebecca J Barr F W 04/19/1890 H-2 13
Abnet Jacob Rebecca Barr F W 08/12/1891 H-2 28
Abnet Chas Tillie Buffenbarger M W 08/19/1906 H-9 5
Abnet Frank Grace Burley F W 08/27/1906 H-9 6
Abnet Chas C Dora E Brewster M W 08/14/1919 H-18 14
Abrams Benj H Jess Jerola Smith M W 10/19/1888 H-1 300
Abrum Rudolph Mary Amstutz F W 10/17/1883 H-1 94
Achleman Arnold Marie Meyer M W 03/15/1885 H-1 158
Acker Alice D Floyd Lona Suman F W 04/18/1914 CH-16 43
Acker Mary J Albert Maude Mumma F W 02/21/1909 CH-12 14
Acker Mary Virginia Albert A Maude C Mumma F W 02/23/1911 CH-12 31
Acker Mildred V Russell Vivian Dawson F W 08/11/1916 CH-16 79
Acker Vivian G Floyd Iona Suman F W 01/18/1912 H-15 15
Acker Wellington James Norman Grace Morehead M W 06/27/1909 H-11 50
Acker A W Edna Faust M W 06/18/1886 H-1 210
Acker A Edna Foss M W 06/19/1886 H-1 208
Acker Alpheus Edna Foust M W 06/05/1892 H-3 6
Acker Samuel --- M W 12/01/1898 H-6 14
Acker S Fannie Tupalt M W 05/16/1901 H-7 10
Acker Samuel Fannie Triplet F W 10/01/1903 H-8 5
Acker Albert Maude Mumma M W 03/29/1907 H-9 18
Adams Chester S Charles H Mary E DeBolt M W 11/27/1911 H-15 12
Adams Glenn W Charles Mary DeBolt M W 02/25/1918 H-17 84
Adams J R J R S A Grass F W 09/18/1905 H-8 40
Adams Rob't Rexford Lemuel D Elizabeth Peterson M W 04/15/1883 H-1 70
Adams Ruth Donal J Pearl Baumgartner F W 12/29/1916 CH-16 85
Adams Ruth D Guy R Effie M Bucky F W 03/31/1917 H-17 61
Adams James --- Potter M W 07/07/1902 H-7 35
Adams Josie B G G Ross F W 05/18/1904 H-8 17
Adams Guy Effie Bucker M W 09/16/1905 H-8 40
Adams Earl B Mina E Failing F W 09/25/1906 CH-10 10
Adams Guy --- Bucky F W 09/04/1907 H-4 22
Adams Raleigh Nora Shaffer F W 10/08/1911 H-15 9
Adder Wm Valentine M W 03/01/1893 H-3 9
Addie J W Mary Andress F W 09/07/1899 H-6 27
Addington Cornelius M E Walker M W 10/20/1885 H-1 176
Addington Sylvester Eliza A Walker F W 08/27/1884 H-1 132
Addison C Ben Myrtle Ice M W 07/30/1915 H-17 15
Addlespurger W R Henry Dora Ginter M W 06/12/1883 H-1 78
Addy Glen D Jefferson Pearl Johnson M W 04/15/1912 H-15 22
Addy Jeff Johnson F W 12/13/1905 H-8 32
Adelsperger John W Dianah Good F W 01/19/1883 H-1 58
Adington E M Mary Walker M W 09/03/1889 H-2 4
Adler Bryce Henry Cordelia Lehman M W 06/24/1917 CH-16 93
Adler Dale E Fred Iva Olwine M W 04/09/1918 H-17 89
Adler Dorothy L O Estella Klopfenstein F W 10/02/1919 H-18 17
Adler Junior Lewis O Stella Kloffenstein M W 06/30/1915 H-17 13
Adler Lester R Fred Iva Ovine M W 03/07/1915 H-17 8
Adler Ruth M Lewis O Estella Klopfenstein F W 06/06/1918 H-17 91
Adler Thos Wm Carl T Baltzell M W 11/21/1916 H-17 51
Adlesperger Henry Dora Guintner F W 09/09/1887 H-1 252
Adlespurger William J Ellen Boyle M W 06/02/1883 H-1 78
Adsit Hiram Clarence A Emma Barnes M W 06/12/1913 H-14 10
Aeschbacher Peter M A Lukabill M W 05/01/1883 H-1 76
Aeschelmann Emil Ina Eley M W 09/16/1914 H-13 21
Aeschelmann Emil Ina Eley F W 04/01/1916 H-13 26
Aeschliman Francis J Emil Ina S Eley F W 03/12/1919 H-13 35
Aeschliman Loren V John J Amelia Drayer M W 12/05/1908 H-11 33
Aeschliman Robert J Albert Hazel Kloffenstein M W 05/14/1915 H-17 9
Aeschliman Winnifred Emil Ira Eley F W 06/28/1909 H-13 6
Aeschbacher Peter P Mary Ann Lukabill M W 04/15/1884 H-1 138
Afaoron G C Barr F W 08/03/1893 H-3 13
Affolder John C Chas Mary B Hendricks M W 11/01/1918 H-17 103
Affolder Lewella L Martin Zella Goff F W 05/12/1909 H-11 45
Affolder Virgil Chas Mary Hendricks M W 08/06/1920 H-18 37
Affolder Ferdinand Anna E M W 08/24/1887 H-1 248
Affolder Fred Elizabeth Burke M W 03/19/1897 H-5 22
Affolder F Burkey M W 09/23/1899 H-6 28
Affolder Ferd Burke M W 11/05/1901 H-7 20
Affolder Fred Burke M W 04/09/1904 H-8 15
Agerbroot W L Anna Booker M W 04/12/1887 H-1 272
Agler H Agnes Glen A Ela Scales F W 08/29/1914 H-15 85
Agler Wilis Majors F W 05/07/1895 H-3 35
Agler H Foreman M W 01/06/1906 H-8 47
Agler Glen Eva Scoles F W 01/19/1917 H-17 56
Agler Glen Elva Scoles M W 01/17/1920 H-18 23
Ahr Fread Mary Witmer F W 11/27/1895 H-5 4
Ahr T H Lydia Smith F W 02/27/1897 H-5 21
Ahr Ed J Mary M Harkless M W 12/01/1901 H-7 21
Albe Sam Etta Lynch M W 09/27/1901 H-7 17
Alberding Edw Jos John G Rosa V Ulm M W 03/20/1909 H-11 40
Alberding Florence M John Rosa Ulm F W 10/26/1910 H-11 82
Alberding Herman C John Rosa V Ulm M W 05/15/1913 H-15 51
Alberding Jno Henry John Rosa Ulm M W 10/19/1907 H-11 1
Alberding John Ulm F W 12/04/1905 CH-10 7
Albers Arthur W P R Emma Pilbury M W 06/10/1885 H-1 166
Albers Rudy Emma Siberry F W 10/12/1882 H-1 40
Albers Edward Eniza Carter F W 03/10/1886 H-1 200
Alberson Joseph P Lida Bunch F W 10/17/1897 H-5 32
Alberson L P Lydia Bunch F W 03/05/1899 H-6 17
Albertson Joseph Emma Taylor F W 01/08/1886 H-1 190
Alexander Gordon S Wilber H Edith Cowan M W 01/07/1910 H-11 63
Alexander Anton C Pfifer F W 10/26/1898 H-6 11
Allen David Alice Trunell F W 07/09/1882 H-1 26
Allen Ben J --- F W 12/14/1883 H-1 102
Allen J W Baker M W 09/28/1888 H-1 292
Allen Francis M Bettie Baker M W 08/10/1889 H-2 3
Allen Wm Victoria A Baker F W 02/20/1891 H-2 22
Allen E A E Selbion M W 11/19/1892 H-3 5
Allen Frank M Betsy Allen F W 02/20/1894 H-3 21
Allen J W V A Baker M W 07/04/1895 H-3 36
Allen Frank Ba Baker M W 01/02/1897 H-5 19
Allen B N Julia Baker F W 12/24/1897 H-5 34
Allen Ben Baker M W 12/19/1901 H-7 22
Allen Will Lizzie Bush M W 02/13/1902 H-7 25
Allen Frank Sidney Mursy F W 10/12/1905 H-8 44
Allen Elza Nora Ault F W 11/01/1906 CH-10 11
Alligor Chas Hattie Coverdale F W 08/10/1891 H-2 28
Allison R K Viola Foster F W 07/11/1891 H-2 27
Allison Andrew Hazel Allison M W 12/22/1914 H-15 95
Allspaw Harold E Orval Lavina Meyer M W 04/10/1920 H-13 38
Allwein Cathrine M Franklin G Mary G Peterson F W 03/06/1909 CH-12 14
Almer Rudolph Mary Amstutz F W 02/23/1885 H-1 154
Alspaugh Raymond L --- Marie Alspaugh M W 08/19/1919 H-13 35
Alt John T C J Geirhart M W 09/12/1888 H-1 306
Altenwetter Donald Frank Rosay Sorg M W 04/29/1913 CH-13 23
Altes Chas E Fanny Shafferly M W 09/04/1884 H-1 140
Amacher Marg G John Louisa Baumgartner F W 05/13/1915 H-17 11
Amacher Walter John Baumgartner M W 09/22/1905 H-8 43
Amacher John Baumgartner M W 09/25/1903 H-8 4
Amacher Chris M Bishoff F W 03/30/1904 H-8 14
Amecher Christ Maria Bishop F W 07/11/1897 H-5 27
Amerine Ena M Wm H Rose E McClure F W 03/05/1919 CH-16 111
Amerine Margaret J Earl Jennie M Venis F W 07/12/1920 CH-16 127
Amerine Mary Bell Wm H Rosa E. McClure F W 10/09/1914 CH-16 51
Amerine Ben Russell M W 10/19/1899 H-6 30
Amerine Ben Cora Russell M W 09/23/1901 H-7 16
Amerine Ben F Carrie Russell M W 06/17/1904 CH-10 1
Amicher Fred Martha Richards M W 07/16/1898 H-6 6
Amspaugh E P Archbold F W 04/19/1899 H-6 19
Amspaugh Peter July Archbold M W 11/03/1901 H-7 20
Amstetz Sam John C Maria Ruenbuhl M W 05/08/1909 H-11 47
Amstutz Agnes C Jac V Verena Habagger F W 01/12/1912 H-15 16
Amstutz Albert Dave Emma Steiner M W 09/05/1920 H-18 40
Amstutz Anna E Jacob Laura Ertner F W 06/08/1908 H-11 19
Amstutz Anna Marie Franklin B Neoma Sprunger F W 03/03/1919 H-13 35
Amstutz Bertha S Jac J Laura Baumgartner F W 11/19/1915 H-17 24
Amstutz Clifton Jacob W Fanny Habegger M W 02/22/1908 H-11 11
Amstutz Elmer David Emma Steiner M W 02/25/1918 H-17 83
Amstutz Everett Wm Sophia Clinders M W 08/21/1908 H-11 24
Amstutz Herald D Hiram H Elizabeth Rupp M W 04/16/1909 H-13 5
Amstutz Jacob L Jacob J Lora P Baumgartner M W 05/26/1910 H-11 73
Amstutz Lena John C Mary --- F W 09/28/1907 H-9 27
Amstutz Loren John O Lydia Newhouser M W 08/08/1914 H-15 86
Amstutz Martha L Jacob Laura Baumgartner F W 10/27/1917 H-17 76
Amstutz Martha W John J Marianna Nussbaum F W 09/03/1908 H-11 27
Amstutz Noa Abraham Anna Baumgartner M W 05/21/1885 H-1 164
Amstutz Osa V Jacob W Fannie Habegger M W 10/03/1910 H-11 81
Amstutz Rachel L J Jac J L Baumgartner F W 07/06/1912 H-12 27
Amstutz Ralph W Frank Neomi Sprunger M W 10/26/1910 H-13 11
Amstutz Reuben John O Lydia Neusbaum M W 09/08/1909 H-11 55
Amstutz Walter E John M M Schwartz M W 07/16/1909 H-13 6
Amstutz John J Mina Nusbaum F W 08/31/1891 H-2 28
Amstutz John A Lydia Muhuser M W 10/03/1891 H-2 30
Amstutz Joseph A Lydia Newhouser M W 08/30/1894 H-3 26
Amstutz Jaspbeth Anna Killias M W 01/01/1896 H-5 5
Amstutz Amos Stettler M W 07/22/1898 H-6 7
Amstutz Abr Richard F W 09/07/1898 H-6 9
Amstutz John J Nussbaum F W 03/06/1899 H-6 17
Amstutz John A Newhauser F W 03/29/1899 H-6 18
Amstutz Abr Rickard M W 10/15/1899 H-6 30
Amstutz Bill --- F W 11/13/1899 H-6 31
Amstutz Isaac Lydia Swartz F W 05/19/1900 H-6 40
Amstutz John C Newhauser M W 05/19/1901 H-7 9
Amstutz Amos McBride F W 06/25/1901 H-7 11
Amstutz ) Twins Abe Mary Richard M W 07/03/1901 H-7 16
Amstutz ) Twins Abe Mary Richard M W 07/03/1901 H-7 16
Amstutz John J Nussbaum M W 08/11/1901 H-7 14
Amstutz John A Neuhouser M W 10/15/1902 H-7 38
Amstutz Jac J Baumgartner F W 12/09/1902 H-7 41
Amstutz Frank Sprunger F W 11/05/1903 H-4 15
Amstutz Wm Binden M W 03/08/1904 H-8 12
Amstutz John C Kneubuhler M W 04/05/1904 H-8 14
Amstutz Jack J Baumgartner F W 04/24/1904 H-8 15
Amstutz John M Tillie Schwartz M W 07/17/1904 H-4 16
Amstutz Isaac Schwartz M W 10/04/1904 H-8 24
Amstutz John A Neuhauser M W 04/26/1905 H-8 34
Amstutz John C Kuenbuhler M W 08/02/1905 H-8 41
Amstutz J Baumgartner F W 01/03/1906 H-8 47
Amstutz John M Schwartz M W 01/09/1906 H-4 19
Amstutz Amos Gehrig M W 02/26/1906 H-4 19
Amstutz John M Schwarz F W 06/18/1907 H-9 21
Amstutz John A Neuhauser F W 06/20/1907 H-9 21
Amstutz Frank N Sprunger F W 03/22/1914 H-13 20
Amstutz Jacob J Laura Baumgartner F W 02/29/1920 H-18 26
Anderson C Wm Ruth Miller M W 10/20/1913 H-15 64
Anderson Dessie M Wm H Pearl Lawson F W 01/27/1912 H-15 16
Anderson Edward Wm M Rosa Miller M W 05/09/1908 H-11 16
Anderson Florence N James E Bessie M Ramciller F W 10/24/1911 CH-12 38
Anderson G LeRoy John B A Frauhiger M W 05/12/1916 H-17 38
Anderson Helen Wm M Rosa Miller F W 03/07/1910 H-11 67
Anderson Ina May James E Bessie M Raennells F W 08/01/1914 CH-16 47
Anderson Irvin Dale J B Aldula Frauhiger M W 04/15/1919 H-18 8
Anderson Robert J William C Edna F Gibson M W 06/09/1910 H-11 75
Anderson Trucy B Wm Laura Eckrote F W 03/14/1885 H-1 158
Anderson Joseph May Anderson F W 01/15/1885 H-1 152
Anderson Wm Laura Eckrote F W 01/05/1886 H-1 190
Anderson S H Dida F Fink M W 05/18/1886 H-1 204
Anderson Jam Jane Beinker M W 05/24/1886 H-1 204
Anderson Wm Laura Eckrote F W 08/29/1888 H-1 292
Anderson Wm Laura Eckrote M W 02/10/1890 H-2 11
Anderson L B Mary E Pusey M W 11/05/1893 H-3 17
Anderson O E Bierie M W 02/16/1895 H-3 32
Anderson L B Mary E Pusey M W 05/13/1895 H-3 35
Anderson William Rosie Miller M W 04/03/1897 H-5 23
Anderson Newton Helen Kintz M W 12/22/1899 H-6 32
Anderson O E Beerie F W 05/09/1900 H-6 41
Anderson Wm Miller F W 04/21/1901 H-7 8
Anderson Wm M Miller F W 12/13/1903 H-8 7
Anderson John Clare Hale M W 01/02/1904 H-8 9
Anderson John A Clara Hale F W 10/12/1905 H-8 43
Anderson Wm Miller M W 01/01/1906 H-8 47
Anderson Newton C Helen Kintz F W 01/01/1907 H-9 13
Anderson Wm Rosa A Miller M W 09/12/1916 H-17 46
Anderson Wm Rosa Miller M W 01/21/1920 H-18 24
Andews C W Ora Peters M W 10/13/1901 H-7 18
Andres J Catharine Rineker F W 09/20/1887 H-1 252
Andrews Alvin L Ora Dessie Wolf M W 12/17/1909 H-11 61
Andrews Anet I Russell Cecelia May Elzey F W 07/28/1910 CH-12 28
Andrews Annes G Russell May C Elzy F W 04/16/1909 CH-12 15
Andrews Carlos A Cornelious Gladys Smith M W 05/13/1912 CH-16 7
Andrews Cecil G Ed Carie Brown F W 09/06/1907 H-9 26
Andrews Charles J Forest Ollie Rawers M W 03/12/1911 H-11 93
Andrews Cleo Robert Nela Baker M W 06/29/1913 H-15 55
Andrews Ellen C Thos W Lucile Gessinger F W 02/06/1912 CH-16 3
Andrews Elma John Hattie Crist F W 07/12/1909 H-11 49
Andrews Francis L Caleb B Addie F Magner M W 08/10/1908 H-11 32
Andrews Jannette Charles Sadie Christ F W 03/15/1908 H-11 36
Andrews John F Harry C Mary E Wiseley M W 03/13/1918 H-17 85
Andrews Jonathan Jeremiah Lillian King M W 06/24/1909 H-11 49
Andrews Julia Chas Estella Barber F W 11/29/1917 H-17 78
Andrews Kendall M Morton Ed Margaret R Taylor M W 01/12/1920 CH-16 121
Andrews Lawrence Russell May Elzey M W 07/27/1914 CH-16 47
Andrews Luella Cash Mary Pease F W 10/25/1908 H-11 30
Andrews Mary Christ Marg Thatcher F W 07/12/1916 H-17 41
Andrews Mary M James Ethel M Wolfe F W 09/27/1920 H-18 39
Andrews Niles B Charles Rosa A Baker M W 09/19/1912 H-15 33
Andrews Noel T W Mary L Gessinger M W 01/16/1915 CH-16 57
Andrews Richard W Harry C Mary E Wisely M W 02/28/1918 H-18 4
Andrews Roger --- --- M W 05/08/1913 H-15 51
Andrews Russell A Russell May Elzey M W 04/26/1918 CH-16 101
Andrews Russell V Russell May C Elzey M W 02/18/1912 CH-16 3
Andrews Thomas Jerry Rachel Russle M W 04/21/1883 H-1 70
Andrews Thomas F Harry C Mary E Wiseley M W 08/07/1920 H-18 36
Andrews Thomas J Thomas W Mary L Gessinger M W 01/17/1910 CH-12 25
Andrews Wilma Homer H Bessie A Steele F W 12/17/1916 CH-16 85
Andrews Hazel C S A Smith F W 03/08/1882 H-1 6
Andrews Robert A Mercy A Blossom M W 03/22/1882 H-1 10
Andrews John D Theresa Ball M W 09/03/1883 H-1 90
Andrews Lewis M Malinda Lovel M W 09/06/1883 H-1 92
Andrews Johnathan --- M W 04/30/1884 H-1 118
Andrews P M Maggie Reynolds M W 02/24/1885 H-1 156
Andrews Robert A Mercy Blossom M W 10/07/1885 H-1 176
Andrews P M Maggie Reynolds F W 09/11/1886 H-1 220
Andrews Hazel Samantha A Smith F W 07/25/1887 H-1 242
Andrews Lewis Malinda Good F W 09/05/1887 H-1 254
Andrews R A Mercy Bloosom M W 12/07/1887 H-1 262
Andrews Joe Russell M W 12/14/1887 H-1 264
Andrews Nathan Mary Kidwell M W 08/08/1888 H-1 292
Andrews --- Lizzie Andrews M W 04/06/1889 H-1 316
Andrews Perry Matilda Schearer M W 04/17/1889 H-1 318
Andrews Roberta Mary Blossom F W 09/14/1889 H-2 4
Andrews W W Linnie Ball M W 10/31/1889 H-2 7
Andrews Nathan Kidwell F W 12/18/1889 H-2 8
Andrews J H Jane Russell F W 03/14/1890 H-2 12
Andrews C M Mary Pease F W 04/25/1891 H-2 25
Andrews )Twins Perry Schearer M W 07/13/1891 H-2 27
Andrews )Twins Perry Schearer M W 07/13/1891 H-2 27
Andrews H C Smith F W 12/11/1891 H-2 32
Andrews R A Mercy A Blossom M W 11/13/1891 H-2 31
Andrews M F Ranier F W 10/13/1892 H-3 6
Andrews Jonathan Renaker F W 04/15/1892 H-2 36
Andrews Perry Sherer M W 07/17/1892 H-2 39
Andrews Joe H Russell M W 07/18/1892 H-2 39
Andrews L M Good F W 08/23/1892 H-3 2
Andrews H C Smith F W 02/10/1893 H-3 8
Andrews C M Pease F W 03/07/1893 H-3 9
Andrews C M Pease F W 03/25/1895 H-3 33
Andrews R A Mercy A Blossom M W 11/30/1896 H-5 17
Andrews Zeph Sily King M W 06/10/1897 H-5 27
Andrews Allison Liza Lital M W 07/07/1897 H-5 27
Andrews Lewis Olive Drummond M W 07/26/1897 H-5 29
Andrews Wade Ella Schwigart F W 12/26/1897 H-5 35
Andrews John Hattie Christ F W 06/03/1898 H-6 4
Andrews Forest Alice Rainier M W 08/22/1898 H-6 10
Andrews Wade Swagard F W 12/25/1898 H-6 14
Andrews Hazel Smith M W 01/05/1899 H-6 19
Andrews Ed Brown M W 01/30/1900 H-6 34
Andrews Mort Anna Gunsett F W 06/14/1900 H-6 42
Andrews John Crist M W 09/26/1900 H-6 47
Andrews L M Malinda Good F W 10/09/1900 H-6 48
Andrews Franklin Jessie D Sanders M W 12/08/1900 H-7 2
Andrews Louis Olive Drummond M W 02/04/1900 H-6 34
Andrews Allison Lydie Lytle M W 03/11/1901 H-7 6
Andrews Jeph Lillian King M W 07/02/1901 H-7 16
Andrews H C Simantha C Smith F W 10/06/1901 H-7 17
Andrews M E A Gunsepp M W 05/26/1902 H-7 30
Andrews C W Cabel M W 06/16/1903 H-7 49
Andrews H C Samantha Smith M W 03/28/1904 H-8 14
Andrews A F Ray F W 03/29/1904 H-8 13
Andrews James Hattie Mills M W 10/26/1904 H-8 25
Andrews Hazel Frances Shafer M W 06/16/1905 H-8 37
Andrews Caleb Wagner F W 03/02/1906 H-9 2
Andrews A F Sylvia Roy M W 09/17/1906 CH-10 10
Andrews Calab D Adda Wagner F W 03/30/1910 H-11 68
Andrews Chas A Ella Barber F W 11/22/1912 H-15 38
Andrews Mart Anna Gunsett F W 09/13/1915 H-17 19
Andrews Tory Adda Kline M W 01/22/1917 H-17 57
Andrews Wm Minnie E Baumgartner F W 2/30/1917 H-13 28
Andrews W Arlie Naoma Derrickson M W 02/08/1919 H-18 3
Andrewson B Rinehart F W 08/18/1904 H-8 21
Anen Donald F Franklin D M A Case M W 08/05/20 CH-16 127
Anker John H Rebeca Clay M W 01/25/1897 H-5 20
Ann Fred'k Dinah Wittmer F W 07/30/1891 H-2 27
Anspaoh Virgil E Edwin L Sarah Wendall M W 04/21/1917 H-17 63
Anspaugh Earl W Wesley D Emma Lutz M W 07/27/1915 H-13 24
Anspaugh Evelen D George Dorothy E Crowe F W 04/21/1914 CH-16 43
Anspaugh Geo A Geo W Dorothy Crow M W 02/22/1916 H-17 30
Anspaugh Henry R Edward S Sarah C Wendel M W 05/23/1913 CH-16 25
Anspaugh Laurence E Elmer J Minnie H Fleetwood M W 07/29/1919 CH-16 117
Anspaugh Mearrel Theodore Alta Mann M W 01/11/1908 H-11 9
Anspaugh Osea Jane Edward Sarah Wendel F W 02/26/1909 H-11 40
Anspaugh Viola M Samuel Fay Schwartz F W 05/15/1912 H-15 52
Anspaugh Virgil E Edwin S Sarah Wendell M W - - 1917 H-13 29
Anspaugh Theodore Alta Mann M W 01/06/1906 H-8 46
Anspaugh )Twins Ed S Wendel M W 06/11/1907 H-9 21
Anspaugh )Twins Ed S Wendel M W 06/11/1907 H-9 21
Anspaw N Casce F W 08/09/1893 H-3 14
Appleman Blanch C Geo Rosie Miller F W 05/17/1909 CH-12 16
Appleman Mary I Geo M Rosa Miller F W 02/21/1914 CH-16 41
Appleman Theodore J Geo M Rosa A Miller M W 01/16/1918 CH-16 97
Appleman Andrew Anna M Crethbaugh F W 12/09/1883 H-1 114
Appleman Geo Rosa Miller M W 02/07/1902 H-7 25
Appleman Geo Rosa Miller M W 10/07/1903 H-8 5
Appleman Geo Lizzie Miller M W 03/15/1906 CH-10 9
Archbold Beatrice Jason Vine Merriman F W 08/23/1914 H-15 84
Archbold Frances Marion Edna Pershing F W 11/06/1919 CH-16 119
Archbold J T Jonathan Mary E Mallonee M W 06/12/1884 H-1 126
Archbold Josephine W Roy Vola J Nachtrieb F W 07/24/1911 CH-12 35
Archbold M V B Jennie L Edge M W 05/09/1894 H-3 23
Archbold Albert Spade M W 09/04/1899 H-6 27
Archbold Wm Isora Mann M W 11/28/1901 H-7 21
Archbold Roy Nola J Nachtrede M W 12/25/1901 H-7 22
Archbold Chas Irene Boba M W 10/01/1902 H-7 37
Archbold Will Zora Mann F W 03/23/1905 CH-10 4
Archbold Louise C Wm J Izora J Mann F W 08/12/1912 CH-16 11
Archer Edgar L Sherman Maude Ayres M W 02/08/1917 H-17 57
Archer Elton D Sherman Maude M Ayres M W 03/05/1915 H-17 5
Archer Harvey David Evaline Archbold M W 03/01/1883 H-1 68
Archer Mary E Carl Agnes Shaffer F W 05/16/1916 H-17 37
Archer Rose Mary J W Mary M Hendricks F W 09/29/1916 CH-16 81
Archer Henry Kate Billman F W 08/10/1889 H-2 3
Archer David Eva Archibold F W 07/18/1890 H-2 16
Archer David Eva Archbold M W 03/02/1893 H-3 9
Archer John Catharine Hawks M W 04/27/1893 H-3 12
Archer David Archibold F W 07/21/1895 H-5 2
Archer Elmer Elizan Roe M W 02/19/1896 H-5 6
Archer Elmer E Elezan Roe F W 09/20/1903 H-8 4
Archibald Florence E B Sidney Sipes F W 03/13/1882 H-1 8
Archibald James Mary Summers F W 09/09/1887 H-1 252
Archibold Thos A Cory N Spade M W 03/14/1896 H-5 -
Ardner John Lose May Ardner M W 04/17/1897 H-5 23
Armantrout Beulah Chas W Nora Kraner F W 01/31/1911 H-11 88
Armantrout Marjorie G Sherman Bernice Callihan F W - - - H-14 15
Armantrout J W Ada Geirhart F W 03/26/1902 H-7 28
Armantrout C W Krause M W 02/21/1903 H-8 12
Armentrout Chas Nora Kraner F W 09/13/1915 H-17 19
Armo P S M S Van Camp F W 03/20/1898 H-5 38
Armole P S Margaretta S Vance M W 07/30/1887 H-1 242
Armstrong Jno Thos Sarah E Tellus F W 10/22/1883 H-1 96
Armstrong J H E J Beader M W 06/18/1898 H-6 10
Armstrong J H E S Bender M W 06/10/1901 H-7 12
Armstrong F S M F Rupert F W 11/01/1906 H-9 10
Arnett Dasie Viola Chas Milton Mollie I Spilless F W 07/02/1911 H-15 1
Arnhoff Jno --- F W 01/12/1898 H-5 36
Arnold Almond Chas Susie Am Paugh M W 10/07/1907 H-11 1
Arnold Alta Winifred James Alta Jane Ford F W 09/13/1909 H-14 3
Arnold Audrey J Homer Lula Byerly F W 07/19/1919 H-18 12
Arnold Donald W Floyd Mary Arnold M W 08/29/1919 H-18 15
Arnold Dwight R Earl Gladys Kline M W 06/08/1920 H-18 31
Arnold Garfield J S --- M W 03/31/1885 H-1 158
Arnold Geo Marion E C Martha Howe M W 02/21/1919 H-14 17
Arnold Herbert L Edward Grace Miller M W 07/04/1908 H-11 21
Arnold Joseph T James Alta Ford M W 12/14/1912 H-14 9
Arnold Kenneth Herbert E Janie I Irwin M W 07/27/1920 H-18 36
Arnold Louis Edward L Eliza P Johnson M W 04/12/1910 H-11 71
Arnold Luther T Chas Lulu Johnson M W 07/10/1909 H-11 49
Arnold Margaret L Chas Susie Amsbaugh F W 02/20/1912 H-15 18
Arnold Robert James Alta Ford M W 06/30/1916 CH-16 77
Arnold Stanley D Homer Lola Byerly M W 06/24/1920 H-18 33
Arnold Preston S Mag S France F W 02/17/1890 H-2 13
Arnold Arnold Whitney M W 03/04/1897 H-5 21
Arnold William Anna Hower M W 03/11/1898 H-6 1
Arnold E C Huber F W 07/14/1899 H-6 24
Arnold Chas C Susan Johnson M W 12/05/1899 H-6 31
Arnold Wm Annie Hower F W 03/15/1900 H-6 36
Arnold C C S B Johnson M W 11/30/1902 H-7 40
Arnold Wm Sadie Jackson F W 01/05/1902 H-7 23
Arnold Geo Ida Baugg M W 03/08/1903 H-7 45
Arnold Geo Ida Sonk M W 01/21/1905 H-8 29
Arnold - Sara Jackson F W 11/08/1905 CH-10 7
Arnold Chas Susie Anspaugh M W 12/02/1905 H-8 45
Arnold Wm F Sarah Jonson M W 04/25/1907 H-9 23
Arnold Ed Lydia Johnson M W 04/02/1918 H-17 86
Arnold Earl Gladys Kline F W 05/21/1918 H-17 90
Arnt Joshua Nelson - - 12/20/1888 H-1 306
Artman James G James M Martha Tribolet M W 01/04/1912 CH-16 1
Aschbaucher Ed May Hayes F W 01/17/1906 CH-10 8
Aschelman Florence E Emil Ina Eley F W 08/02/1910 H-13 10
Aschleman Donald E Albert Hazel Klopfenstein M W 08/13/1917 CH-16 93
Aschleman Fred'k John C Anneva Drayer F W 07/19/1910 H-11 76
Aschleman J A Lena Mosure M W 07/26/1919 H-18 13
Aschliman Harry Wm Lydia Reinhard M W 02/27/1917 H-17 59
Aschliman Margaret B John J Amelia Drayer F W 07/08/1913 H-15 56
Aschliman Rachel E Joseph Lena Moser F W 03/14/1918 H-17 85
Aschliman Roy E Joe Lena Mosier M W 07/29/1916 H-17 43
Aschliman Wm Lydia Rheinhart M W 09/09/1914 H-15 87
Aschliman Will W Lidia Reinhard M W 08/18/1915 H-17 17
Aschliman Wm Lydia Aschliman F W 09/09/1918 H-17 98
Aschliman Wm Lydia Reinhart M W 05/17/1920 H18 31
Ashbacher Peter Momamma Lukabill F W 06/19/1892 H-2 38
Ashbacher Peter Mary Lukabill F W 02/22/1886 H-1 192
Ashbaucher Rob't H Alfred R Bertha Knapp M W 03/07/1918 CH-16 99
Ashbaucher Peter Mary Ann Lukabill F W 07/18/1887 H-1 242
Ashbaucher P P Mina Longebill F W 12/01/1889 H-2 8
Ashbauscher Ed Hoyer F W 01/17/1906 H-8 53
Ashleman Homer Joseph Lena Moser M W 10/26/1911 H-15 10
Aspy Chas F Floyd B Cathrine Cook M W 05/05/1918 H-14 15
Aspy Dale L Wm Roy Mearl Burris M W 02/24/1915 H-14 12
Aspy Don Zack Hattie Pine M W 09/05/1913 H-14 10
Aspy Gerald Leon Mead Edna Whiteman M W 02/25/1918 H-14 16
Aspy Robert Leon Floyd B Katherine Cook M W 04/14/1915 H-14 13
Aspy William Zack Hattie Pine M W 12/02/1910 H-14 5
Aspy Jonah L Mary Barr M W 02/02/1882 H-1 2
Aspy Hiram M Phoeby Burke F W 07/07/1882 H-1 26
Aspy B F Frances Hotzenpillar F W 07/23/1883 H-1 82
Aspy J L Mary Barr F W 03/08/1888 H-1 278
Aspy H M Burk F W 05/09/1888 H-1 284
Aspy H M Phebe E Burke M W 12/03/1890 H-2 20
Aspy W A Nettie Pyle M W 08/17/1891 H-2 28
Aspy Zac Rosa Krouse F W 02/23/1897 H-5 21
Aspy M F Custer M W 10/17/1903 H-8 5
Aspy Marshall Custer F W 06/25/1907 H-9 22
Atherton Ola F Herbert Carrie Hank F W 08/29/1908 H-14 2
Atwood M F Moore M W 02/15/1897 H-5 20
Atz Gretchen B Levi Lillian Marshbarger F W 02/07/1912 H-15 17
Atz Margaret B Jacob Anna E Kunard F W 01/08/1908 H-11 7
Atz Jac Anna E Kunrad F W 05/11/1894 H-3 23
Atz J B A E Rumad F W 05/11/1894 H-4 1
Atz Jacob Libbie Kumderd M W 01/23/1897 H-4 3
Atz Jacob Libbie Kumler M W 01/23/1897 H-5 19
Atz Levi Lillian Aeshbacher F W 04/12/1897 H-4 4
Atz Jacob --- M W 08/28/1898 H-6 10
Atz Jacob Annie Kundert M W 01/06/1901 H-7 3
Atz Levi Aschbaucher M W 03/16/1902 H-7 27
Atz Levi Moschbarger F W 01/10/1905 H-8 29
Augburn Gerald A Manuel Cora Barr M W 05/10/1909 H-11 45
Augburn Gladis M Manuel Cory Barr F W 07/15/1911 H-15 2
Augburn A M Cora Barr M W 09/17/1904 H-8 22
Augenbaugh Helen M Everett Stella Gugle F W 12/22/1920 CH-16 133
Augenbaugh Myrtle J Edward L Amy L Burkhead F W 10/11/1913 CH-16 31
Aughenbaugh Daniel E Edwin Amy Burkhead M W 08/03/1908 CH-12 9
Aughenbaugh E L Burkhead F W 02/10/1897 H-5 20
Aughenbaugh Ed L Amy L Burkhead F W 05/14/1899 H-6 20
Aughenbaugh Ed L Amy L Burkhead F W 12/21/1910 CH-12 30
Auglesburger Palme Noah Caroline Baumgartner M W 10/23/1907 H-11 2
Auglum --- Ban M W 01/30/1897 H-5 20
Augsbarger Hommer John C Amonlia Augshbarger M W 07/20/1909 H-11 50
Augsberger Gordon Adam Fanny Stuckey M W 07/04/1917 H-17 68
Augsberger Velma Sam Leah Schwartz F W 07/30/1911 H-15 3
Augsberger Jeff Aschbacher M W 07/26/1907 H-9 23
Augsbeurger Noah Baumgartner M W 08/09/1905 H-8 41
Augsburger B Rodella Christian Ida Fox F W 10/16/1911 H-15 9
Augsburger Beulah M John C Amelia Aschbaucher F W 03/08/1918 H-17 86
Augsburger Chester E Noah Caroline Baumgartner M W 01/05/1919 H-18 2
Augsburger Clyde C Daniel Alice Stauffer M W 09/18/1911 H-15 7
Augsburger Daisy M John C Amelia Aschbaugher F W 04/13/1914 H-15 75
Augsburger Dan L Joel Ida Stuckey M W 12/13/1915 H-17 26
Augsburger Delbert L Albert Ella Biberstein M W 08/26/1912 H-15 31
Augsburger Florence N Christian Ida Fox F W 12/29/1909 H-11 60
Augsburger Gladys V Albert Ella Biberstein F W 04/19/1909 H-11 44
Augsburger Gorden M Albert Ella Biebertin M W 07/11/1911 H-15 2
Augsburger Gorman Eli Emma Wamer M W 12/28/1911 H-15 14
Augsburger Harriet J Edwin Arvada Lutz F W 01/30/1918 H-17 82
Augsburger Harry A Noah C Baumgartner M W 06/26/1912 H-15 27
Augsburger Iona L Elmer Sarah Roth F W 09/14/1909 H-11 55
Augsburger Ivan E Sam Leah Schertz M W 10/17/1917 H-17 76
Augsburger Joseph Jr Joseph Mary Stuckey M W 09/30/1909 H-11 55
Augsburger Kenneth E Charles Ida Fox M W 02/21/1920 H-18 26
Augsburger Leonard Eli Emma Wanner M W 11/09/1916 H-17 51
Augsburger Massallea Eli Emma Wausser F W 03/15/1908 H-11 14
Augsburger May Joseph Lama Stuckey F W 05/27/1911 H-11 98
Augsburger Merril D Elmer Sarah Roth M W 07/30/1911 H-15 3
Augsburger Sylvanus Joel Ida Stucky M W 07/24/1908 H-11 22
Augsburger Tillman Jacob D Cora Schindler M W 10/18/1910 H-11 82
Augsburger Violet R Chris Ida Fox F W 02/12/1916 H-17 29
Augsburger Walter J Joseph Ida Stuckey M W 12/09/1912 H-15 40
Augsburger John Hirschy M W 12/12/1884 H-1 148
Augsburger Christian Catharine Sommer M W 10/19/1888 H-1 300
Augsburger C A Kattie Sommers M W 10/25/1892 H-3 4
Augsburger C A Katharina Sommer M W 10/05/1895 H-5 2
Augsburger Austin Ida Gingrich F W 11/22/1895 H-5 4
Augsburger Aaron Cecella Shindler M W 07/27/1897 H-4 5
Augsburger AAC Cecil Shindler M W 10/08/1898 H-6 11
Augsburger C A Katie Cromers M W 11/08/1898 H-6 12
Augsburger J O Schindler M W 07/15/1899 H-6 24
Augsburger Moses Steiner M W 12/30/1900 H-7 2
Augsburger A Schindler M W 08/25/1902 H-7 34
Augsburger Eli Warner F W 08/18/1906 H-9 5
Augsburger Sam Leah Schertz F W 02/10/1919 H-18 5
Augsburger Joel Ida Stucky M W 03/28/1919 H-18 6
Augsburger Noah Caroline Baumgartner M W 05/19/1920 H-18 31
Augsburger John Hirschey M W 01/23/1887 H-1 230
Augsburger Eliz K Oscar Bessie E Rumple F W 07/19/1909 H-13 6
Augustus Clayton H C John J Bertha Ream M W 05/01/1908 CH-12 6
Augustus Samuel Laura Tywell M W 11/18/1900 H-6 50
Ault Ada V Martin A Dolly Overhulser F W 07/10/1914 CH-16 47
Ault Francis B Elmer W Eva M Williams M W 02/10/1910 CH-12 25
Ault James Albert Elmer Marie Williams M W 06/08/1908 CH-12 7
Ault Lillian Viola Charles Maggie Schlagel F W 03/06/1913 CH-16 21
Ault Mabel L Martin Dolly Overhulser F W 09/19/1912 CH-16 13
Ault Mary E Charles Maggie Schlegel F W 02/06/1911 CH-12 31
Ault Pauline E Charles Maggie Schlegel F W 09/16/1916 CH-16 81
Ault Sarrah Mildred Charles Maggie Schlegel F W 06/11/1908 CH-12 7
Ault Adam Mary Ann Bates M W 4/0/1884 H-1 118
Ault --- Margaret Ault F W 09/26/1889 H-2 5
Aumaker Fred Ritchard M W 05/23/1897 H-6 1
Aumann Alvena Mart Edna Bultemeier F W 05/17/1919 H-18 9
Auman Della Edward Frieda Droege F W 12/02/1920 H-18 45
Auman Marie Anna Martin Edith B Bultemier F W 10/08/1914 H-15 89
Auman Henry Mary Schinnew F W 10/02/1908 H-11 29
Aumiller Daniel George Pearl Lawson M W 01/23/1910 H-11 63
Aumiller Samuel Siewell Galluway F W 03/12/1889 H-1 314
Aumiller Samuel Sewell Gallway M W 02/19/1895 H-3 33
Aumiller Samuel Lu Gallaway F W 08/18/1898 H-6 8
Aumspaury Noa Mary A Brown F W 01/12/1887 H-1 270
Aumstutz Lucile H Frank Neomi Springer F W 09/05/1908 H-13 4
Aumstutz John M Mathelda Schwarz F W 06/18/1907 H-4 22
Aurand Catherine J Frank Annettie Gault F W 09/06/1911 CH-12 36
Aurand Elbert J Frank Nettie Gault M W 09/20/1908 CH-12 10
Aurand Joshua Bill Nillson M W 06/22/1887 H-1 248
Aurand Frank Nettie Gault F W 03/12/1905 CH-10 4
Aurand Frank Frank Nettie Gault M W 11/14/1906 H-9 13
Aurie Aaron Susie Liby M W 09/20/1901 H-7 16
Aut Philip Mumaugh F W 02/08/1905 H-8 32
Auth Philip Mumma F W 01/31/1904 H-8 11
Avery Fred L Verna McBarnes M W 09/29/1903 H-8 4
Awers Floyd W Frank W Laura B Ballard M W 05/14/1913 CH-16 25
Awker John H Rebecca Clay F W 11/23/1900 H-6 50
Ayers Billy Jr Wm Glenn Lake M W 12/02/1918 CH-16 107
Ayers Dorotha Ray Lilly Biery F W 10/01/1912 H-15 35
Ayers Tilford D Perry F Grace Buffenbarger M W 09/17/1909 H-11 57
Ayers W N Emma Lee M W 03/25/1882 H-1 10
Ayers Nathan Sarah Chatman F W 09/02/1882 H-1 34
Ayers Nathan Sarah J Chapin M W 10/23/1883 H-1 96
Ayers Walter D Sarah Peltz M W 09/27/1884 H-1 136
Ayers Nathan Sarah J Chapman F W 07/20/1887 H-1 244
Ayers Perry --- M W 04/19/1890 H-2 15
Ayers Walter D Sarah Pelz M W 04/29/1891 H-2 25
Ayers Clarence L Erwin M W 06/01/1900 H-6 41
Ayers Ben Grace Buffenbarger M W 09/06/1906 H-9 6
Ayers Buza Ella Buffenbarger F W 11/18/1907 H-11 4
Ayres Sheldon Benj Grace Buffenbarger M W 05/07/1911 H-13 12
Ayres Ben Buffenbarger M W 4/17/1905 H-8 34

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