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February - November 1942 Scrapbook

Started and completed October 2023. Many thanks to our transcriber, Janice Vasilovski!

We are concentrating on births, marriages and deaths in order to proceed more rapidly
through the 75 scrapbooks that we scanned in 2012.
Note: dates are approxiamate.
Articles were glued onto the pages where ever they fit.
Name listing is not all inclusive.

While the scrapbook pages are not numbered, the image number roughly corresponds to where the page is in the scrapbook.
Click on the image number to read the articles.

Posted 10/22/2023


Hamrick, Mann, Miller, Pickford, Yoder
Deaths: Miller

November 1942


Grawcock, Hubbard, Lauer, Trowbridge
Deaths: Lauer, Trowbridge

November 1942


Beavers, Burdge, Burns, Coverdale, Dillenbeck, Ellis, Matteson, Siegrist, Smith, Teeple
Deaths: Ellis, Siegrist

April, August 1942


Burns, Doeden, Ellis, Elzey, Foss, Gilpin, Michaels, Reinking, Schwartz, Sellemeyer, Smith
Deaths: Burns

February, May 1942


Gebert, Sheets, Smitley, Voirol, Walchle, Yager
Deaths: Smitley

May, September 1942


Arthur, Baker, Barker, Becker, Brown, Colchin, Essex, Haggard, Lehman, Lindquist, Smith, Tumbleson
Deaths: Colchin, Lehman

March, May, June, November 1942


Hilty, Hofstetter, Lord, Minger, Muth, Neuenschwander, Rauch, Rickenbacker, Romey, Schueler, Schwartzentruber, Shoemaker, Steiner, Tumbleson, Yager
Deaths: Minger, Muth, Romey; 1941 Deaths: Ahr, Amstutz, Bartley, Brown, Hammond, Hendricks, Hudson, Ivetich, Kirchhofer, Lehman, Main, Miller, Myers, Rozich, Sommers, Velez, Wiley

January, February, April, May, September, October, December 1942


Baumgartner, Dibble, Ferber, Lindeman, Stuckey, Swygart, Vicks, Younger
Deaths: Baumgartner, Younger

April, October, November 1942

022, 027-028

Adams, Bates, Conrad, Felger, Fruchte, Gerber, Gilson, Koos, Leach, Liechty, Luginbill, McClure, Miller, Moellering, Muntes, Patterson, Riley, Schwartz, Sherman, Shoaf, Thieme, Tricker, Troyer
Deaths: McClure

December 1941, January, August 1942


Custer, Dolch, Hook, Luttman, Macy, Kring, Neadstine, Price, Schlickman, Wable, Youngquist
Deaths: Neadstine

September, October 1942


Boegli, Burkhalter, Franz, Fullenkamp, Hetrick, Holthouse, Kohler, Oetting, Painter, Poling, Schlatter, Schlunegger, Schwartz, Sellemeyer, Sprunger, Spurgeon, Vitz, Webb, Wingate, Yager, Zehr
Deaths: Boegli, Schlunegger, Sellemeyer, Sprunger

July, October, November, December 1942


Anderson, Beavers, Brewster, Burk, Denny, Habegger, Johnson, Linton, Tyndall, Weaver, Wheeler
Deaths: Johnson, Wheeler

April 1942


Blanchard, Ellenberger, Habegger, Lehman, Michaud, Neaderhouser, Neuenschwander, Ray, Romey, Schindler, Smith, Stucky, Sutter, Webb, Yoder
Deaths: Romey

April 1942


Blackwood, Cook, Durbin, Goodrich, Lehman, Leyse, Mitchell, Sprunger, Steury, Stucky
Deaths: Durbin, Stucky

April 1942


Bixler, Burkhalter, Ellenberger, Gerber, Habegger, Hindenlang, Leyse, Meshberger, Neuenschwander, Reed, Regier, Steury, Yoder
Deaths: Neuenschwander

February, March, April 1942


Buckmaster, Clapp, McClain, Nagel, Neuenschwander, Patterson, Rupert, Schwartz, Workinger

February 1942

059, 062

Baker, Basinger, Duer, Hendricks, Hilty, Johnson, Lehman, Mertz, Miller, Newton, Schwartz, Sprunger
Deaths: Duer

January, February 1942


Barkhurst, Brodbeck, Buechner, Clauser, Drake, Freese, Howard, Hower, Hummer, Klepper, Kline, Rathert, Schug, Schwartz, Siebert, Williams
Deaths: Drake, Freese

February, March 1942


Albaugh, Archbold, Baumgartner, Beery, Burkhalter, Craig, Grossnickle, Harkless, Hirschy, Hower, Myers, Neaderhouser, Nichols, Spahr, Steiner
Deaths: Nichols, Steiner

February, March 1942


Cadle, Eicher, Schmidt, Schwartz
Deaths: Cadle

April, May, December 1942


Dubach, Moser, Myers, Patrick, Rediger, Schlotzhauer, Schwartz, Sommer, Sprunger, Stucky

February, March 1942


Aeschliman, Armstrong, Corson, Davidson, Essex, Gade, Gerber, Harb, Roop, Smith, Thornhill, Tulley
Deaths: Thornhill

February, December 1942


Augsburger, Bagley, Beavers, Burkhalter, Eicher, Gilliom, Habegger, Lehman, Merillat, Pyle, Stauffer, Waggoner, Wall
Deaths: Bagley

January, February 1942


Braun, Clive, Habegger, Hocker, Irmscher, Isgrigg, Liechty, Martz, Rohrer, Schrock, Suckau, Tabler
Deaths: Martz

February, March 1942


Bagley, Centlivre, Fiechter, Frauhiger, Gerber, Isch, Neuenschwander, Ringger, Stager, Stauffer, Steffen, Stewart, Yager
Deaths: Centlivre, Neuenschwander

February, March, December 1942

117, 119

Christy, Cline, Davis, Frenchy, Leistner, Liechty, Matchy, Reusser, Schlunegger, Stauffer, Stewart
Deaths: Frenchy/Schlunegger, Liechty

December 1942


Fox, Gleason, Hirschy, Moser, Neuhauser, Parr, Price, Shroyer, Zimmerman
Deaths: Hirschy

December 1942


Bierie, Boice, Hirschy, Ireland, Lines, Neusbaum, Reiff, Runyon, Walker
Deaths: Lines

June, July, December 1942

127, 129

Bailey, Burkholder, Campbell, Carnes, Christner, Martin, Meacham, Miller, Myers, O'Byre, Schwartz, Studler, Timmons

May 1942

130, 132

Balsiger, Bauman, Baumgartner, Birkey, Deeds, DeVore, Foreman, Fox, Gerber, Girod, Habegger, Harmon, Hilty, Huser, Kirkpatrick, Lehman, Lindsey, McCullough, Meyer, Miller, Moser, Newcomer, Nussbaum, Ralston, Raymond, Reynolds, Roth, Schmucker, Schwartz, Shepherd, Steiner, Tinkham, Wulliman, Yoder
Deaths: Habegger, Schumacher, Steiner, Tinkham

May, July 1942

133, 135

Amstutz, Foreman, Gottschalk, Habegger, Inniger, Liechty, Luginbill, Meyer, Moser, Neuenschwander, Nussbaum, Robb, Schenkel, Smith, Stauffer

July 1942


Baumgartner, Bonifas, Carrel, Cole, Heinrich, Hook, Knodle, Kruetzmann, Sauer

July, September, October 1942

140, 142

Bice, Brady, Burk, Colestock, Farnham, Frisinger, Garberson, Heiser, Hilgemann, Hirschy, Huth, Klausing, Lamison, Littell, Nelligan, Newton, Peters, Reppert, Risepter, Smith, Wildt
Deaths: Bice, Brady, Colestock, Lamison, Nelligan, Newton, Peters, Risepter, Wildt

August, September, October 1942


Bischoff, Burkhead, Everett, Fox, Gehrig, Habegger, Hart, Hartman, Merriman, Miller, Olson, Potts, Roth, Siegrist, Steiner, Wetter
Deaths: Potts, Siegrist

August, September, October 1942

Note: Missing image numbers are a result of renamed, duplicate or illegible scans.

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